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At Chelsea’s, Connor and his mom talk about his school project. He says that Billy is cool. His mom confirms that he can be. Adam shows up and sees they are covered in bubble wrap as his son tries to figure out how not to break an egg. Connor says that Billy has been making his mom smile. The adults look at each other uncomfortably. Joining them, Adam suggests his son put some more effort into his project. He wishes them a happy New Year and says 2023 will be great. The kid rushes off to watch a video. Adam asks if Billy will be back to do more homework. His ex insists it was just a diversion.

Billy and Lily meet in the park. He tells her she’s just in time to celebrate the New Year. They could have gone the traditional route and made a big deal out of it, but it didn’t feel like the right thing to do this year. He says they can get a different perspective on the fireworks from where they are. She thinks the different perspective they need has nothing to do with the view. Billy knows the Chelsea ordeal has thrown them off balance. Her issue isn’t with the other woman but with him. They were supposed to plan something special and instead he brought her to a freezing field hours before the fireworks. Their problems started months before his involvement with Chelsea. He points out they are starting couples therapy next week. Lily thinks that should have been a wake-up call to change his behavior, but it hasn’t. It sounds to him like she thinks they are too far gone. Lily admits it. What they had in common was work and that’s gone. The spark is gone, as much as she hates saying that. Without that glue, they are two very different people with very different goals. He knows they are different, but he doesn’t see it as a negative or want to give up. Sobbing, she suggests they take some time apart. She won’t commit to it being the end but thinks they need some time to see what’s left between them.

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Billy goes to the patio of Crimson Lights, where Adam shows up to harass him for hovering over Chelsea. Billy isn’t in the mood for this. Adam tells him to leave Chelsea to have some one-on-one time with Connor. Once the Neman takes off, Chelsea and Connor come in for hot chocolate. The kid asks him about his egg-dropping device and urges him to convince his mom to let him turn it in as his own work. He invites him upstairs. Billy agrees.

Sally stares into space in her suite until Nick interrupts with a bag of soup and a heating pad. She tells him he didn’t need to go to all that trouble. He even brought ginger ale for their midnight toast. He’s fine spending the night with her rather than at his son’s club. She reminds him they are taking things slow and he doesn’t need to see her dribbling. Nick reminds her of how many children he’s raised. But he agrees to respect her wishes and leave her alone. He wishes her a happy New Year and takes off.

Once he’s gone, Chloe shows up and her friend admits she’s caught up in the insane possibility that she might be pregnant. Chloe wasn’t being serious. Sally checked her calendar and it’s not out of the question. Normally Sally is diligent about taking the pill, but she forgot a couple of times because she’s been stressed out. Her friend asks if she forgot on purpose. “That’s not my style… not anymore,” Sally says. They have both tried things like that in the past. Chloe suggests she calm down and enjoy her soup. Besides, having Nick’s kid wouldn’t be the worst thing. Sally points out Nick wasn’t the only one she slept with. The baby could also be Adam’s. They had some goodbye sex and agreed to go their own ways. Chloe is appalled. The redhead says it ended things for both of them… unless it hasn’t. She asks her to get a pregnancy test.

Sally Chloe talk pregnancy Y&R

Nick visits Sharon at Crimson Lights. He knows today is her and Rey’s wedding anniversary. She doesn’t want to dwell on that and asks why he isn’t out celebrating. He explains Sally has a stomach bug and that put a damper on his plans. He didn’t even tell her it’s his birthday. His ex can see how he lights up when he talks about her. Nick thinks she’s fun. Sharon hopes they all smile like him in 2023.

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Diane is having wine with Stark at Society. He tells her that the only way for them to settle things is for her to pay back what she took from him. She reminds him the money is gone. They need to lay their cards on the table. Jack eavesdrops as Jeremy grills Diane about turning to the FBI to put him away. She swears she would never betray him like that. Plus, the last thing she wanted was to draw attention from the authorities. After he was arrested, she missed all the excitement he brought to her life.

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Being back with her family has her climbing the walls. Jeremy admits that he’s been thinking of her too and they haven’t only been angry thoughts. When she tells him how thrilling he is, she suggests they get back to that. He thinks that would be a huge risk. Diane thinks risks are what make life worth living. When he mentions Jack trying to buy him off, she claims it’s news to her. Stark thinks this is all too convenient. She would hate to see any of the Abbotts get hurt but she can’t stop thinking about him and their unbreakable bond. Genoa City is so boring it’s killing her. They can have all the risks and rewards again. “This is a very interesting proposition,” he says, caught off-guard. She’s not pretending it’s love but she misses the spark. Jeremy says he’s better as a friend than an enemy. This year could at least be more lucrative than his past six. He’ll consider it and get back to her.

Diane and Stark at Society Y&R

After Stark has exited, Jack comes out from around the corner, admitting he was there the whole time. She should be angry with him, but she’s grateful he was there to look out for her. She feels like she needs a shower. Jack thinks she gave a wonderful performance. Diane says that with Stark, anything is possible.

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In the lobby of the Grand Phoenix, Traci is thrilled to see Danny and tells him what a surprise it is. He says he spent the holidays with Phyllis and Daniel. They sit down and Danny tells Traci how fabulous she is looking. He wants to know all about her life. She marvels at seeing him. Lauren pops up and asks if they are getting the band back together without her. They sit around and discuss all Lauren’s latest business ventures. When she suggests he do a duet with Tessa, Traci tells her to stop working him. Lauren jokes that she must still be president of his fan club. Michael shows up and asks Danny about his kidney. They hug and chuckle.

Danny and Traci at the Phoenix Y&R

Danny offers to get them all tickets to his concert in Chicago in a couple of months. He’s writing music for Daniel’s new project and is pretty excited about it. They wonder if he’ll be sticking around to see Christine. He’d like to see Cricket if she’s back in time.

Traci, Danny and Lauren ring in New year Y&R

The group rings in the New Year together. After kissing Traci, Danny sings “Auld Lang Syne” with Lauren joining in.

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Lily sits alone in the park. Daniel sends her a text wishing her Happy New Year.

Billy somberly leaves Chelsea’s at New Year’s.

Adam drinks alone at Society.

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Sharon sit together eating cake and grinning. They toast to the New Year.

Jack and Diane go to the Abbott estate. She thanks him for how supportive he has been without coddling her or treating her like a horrible person. Being with Jeremy reminded her of who she was. She likes who she is when she’s with Jack. Stepping closer, he says he likes who he is when he’s with her too. Wishing her a Happy New Year, he leans in and they kiss.

Jack and Diane kiss Y&R

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