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In their office at Newman, Nick tells his sister how great Christmas was with Christian. He wonders how she is dealing with the Johnny and Chelsea situation. Before Victoria can explain, their father wanders in. They sense he’s not happy about how the holidays went. He admits he didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas. Crossing his arms, he grouchily complains that Adam has gone back to being belligerent. His daughter chuckles and is hardly surprised by this. How many times has he threatened to change his name and leave town? Nick points out his transformations never last. He can’t change, no matter how much they want to believe it. Grimacing at his son, Victor demands to know when he will stop “cavorting around” with Sally. Trying to turn the topic back to Adam, Nick complains that his brother is always throwing away every opportunity he gets. Victoria is not standing up for her brother’s taste in women. Victor asks if his son even bothered to read the dossier he compiled on Spectra. Nick refuses to look at it. He vents about his father’s constant need to manipulate the lives of everyone in the family and stomps out.

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Once he is gone, Victor asks his daughter if she is still planning to go after Chancellor-Winters. She doesn’t know what to do now that Nate is out of there. He tells her she needs to let it go. When she asks if he would do that in her place, he smirks. He won’t tell her how to run the company. Urging her to step back and look at what she’s accomplished, he’s sure her next move will reveal itself. She shouldn’t allow restlessness to prompt foolish decisions.

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Sally sips her coffee at Crimson Lights and thinks of chatting with Nick on Christmas Eve about their gifts. Adam shows up and asks if she can handle some company. Once he sits down, he tells her about spending the day with his family and biting his tongue the whole time. She admits her holiday was quiet, so he wonders what is going on with her. Seeing that she’s drinking herbal tea, he assumes something is wrong. Sally makes a face and doesn’t explain. They chat about her plans for her new business with Chloe, who suddenly pops up and announces they have work to do.

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Adam promptly takes off. Chloe immediately complains about the Newman. Once she orders a plate load of sweets and starts stuffing her face, Sally gets nauseous and waves it away. Tugging at her sweater, she looks uncomfortable as Chloe goes on about the mockup they can make to show and tell how their company can reinvent any environment. Sally looks like she has a headache as her friend goes on about vanilla and honey colors. Chloe wonders if she is having second thoughts about their company and assumes Adam has thrown her off her game. Sally jogs off to the bathroom. When she returns, Chloe asks how sick she is and if there is a possibility she is… “Don’t be ridiculous!” Sally snaps, changing the subject to the supply chain.

Summer joins her mother at Society and apologizes since they didn’t spend any time together over Christmas. She and Kyle had to make it special for Harrison at the Abbotts. Her mom explains that special things have been happening. Danny came in to see Daniel. Summer says “wow” when Phyllis announces that Daniel offered her a job with his new gaming team. This is a dream come true for her. She’s tentatively agreed but wanted to talk to her daughter first in case she wanted to reconsider firing her from Marchetti. Summer hates how tense things are between them, but she still thinks firing her was for the best. Her mom is confused but Summer thinks that her working with Daniel is a good thing. Tearing up, Phyllis assumes she’s lost her. Summer insists she hasn’t, but her mother is sure she has. It’s impossible for Phyllis to understand why she is blaming her for what happened with Diane. She tells her Diane was chased out for her past alone and that has nothing to do with her. “You turned your back on me. You break my heart!” Phyllis declares, storming out.

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At the Abbott estate, Diane tells Jack that they need to get the upper hand with Stark now. He wishes she had discussed this with him before coming back to Genoa City considering how much work they did to make it look like she was gone. She suggests they make Stark come after her. Jack doesn’t like how dangerous this could be but Kyle sides with his mother, who is confident that she can set a trap for Jeremy. She asks her ex to trust her with this. He is willing to go along with her, but they have to do it together.

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She calls Stark. After he taunts her for a minute, she tells him that seeing him again brought back a lot of memories and she ran away in fear. She doesn’t want to discuss this on the phone but thinks they should meet. He asks her to his hotel room but that’s too risky for her. She suggests Society. Once she gets off the line, she tells Jack and Kyle that the meeting is on. It has to be one on one and she’s sure it won’t end soon.

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Later, Summer arrives and mopes her way into Kyle’s arms. She tells him her mom hates her. Summer explains that Phyllis already got a job with Daniel but still expected them to give her job back. Kyle thinks Phyllis needs to learn to face the consequences for her own actions. It’s not like she was let go for no reason. She still feels responsible, but he thinks she has nothing to feel bad about. That her mom is trying to make her feel that way only proves they made the right decision.

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Nick plops down at the bar in Society. Adam is already sitting there and his brother stays anyway. Nick admits he may be looking for a fight and complains about work. Adam admits that he feels like he might never fit in at Jabot. Reluctantly, Nick concedes that his brother did an excellent job at Newman Media. Adam wonders what happened to prompt him to say something like that. Humming and hawing, Nick starts complaining about their father putting his fingerprints on everything. He’s starting to understand why he got fed up and walked away. Adam guesses he asked Nick to cut Sally loose. As the brothers drink, Adam admits he actually agrees with Victor. His brother will never love Sally the way he does. Nick claims he’s sorry with how things worked out between them, but Sally made her choice, and he likes spending time with her. Adam’s instincts tell him that his brother will break her heart. Nick insists he’s not with her to get back at him. Mocking him, Adam accuses him of being void of passion. He likes Sally like he likes his doctor. She’ll never be “the one” for him. Nick is surprised he’s not bringing up his history with Sharon. “I didn’t have to,” Adam points out.

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Diane wanders in and sits with Stark. After he admires how she enters a room, she hopes he will be as enthusiastic about what she has to say. She offers him something to settle her debt and wipe the slate clean. “Something I would find desirable?” he asks. Jack eavesdrops from around the corner.

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Sally heads back to her suite and sighs before taking out her phone to check her calendar. Nick shows up and reminds her they had a date. She says she’s under the weather. He knows just the thing to make her feel better.

Adam walks in the park and recalls his last fight with Victor.

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