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Adam enters Society and spots Victor at the bar. He sits and they exchange pleasantries about Christmas at the ranch. Adam says he appreciated his father not being overbearing with Chelsea and Connor. Victor muses that she seemed fragile — maybe it’s not such a good idea for Connor to be spending too much time with her while she’s dealing with her issues. Adam promises Victor that Chelsea is doing just fine. Victor argues she’s very good at covering up what’s bothering her. Adam thinks the best thing for both of them is to be together. Victor tells his son that he thinks Connor should spend some more time at the ranch because then he’d visit more often.

In her apartment, Chelsea paces and then calls Billy to see if he has time to get together.

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At Noah’s club, Phyllis takes a photo of Danny and Daniel. Danny’s thankful he could free up his schedule to be with family on the holidays. Daniel is thankful too — family is everything right now. Phyllis asks if he called Heather and Lucy. Daniel says unfortunately, no. He hasn’t had a chance.

At home, Christine sees a post about Danny having returned to town and flashes back to a Christmas when they were together.

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Lily arrives at Devon’s place and coos over Dominic, who is sleeping in the bassinet. Devon tells her she’ll never guess who he spent Christmas Day with — Nate. He explains it wasn’t his idea. Abby and Elena tried to force them into a holiday truce. He admits it was nice to spend a day not getting into a fight with him. He reflects that they thought that they’d both gotten over what happened with Elena, but clearly not.

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Lily is glad they put their differences aside for the holiday. Talk turns to work and Lily says Jill wants to move forward with the IPO. Devon groans, “Why?” He doesn’t want to give up control or answer to a board of people they don’t know. Lily learns he discussed it with Tucker and questions if he has a say in their business decisions now.

Abby jogs into the park and stops short when she spots Chance sitting on a bench. She tells him she got the divorce papers this morning.

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Chance tells her he’s sorry; he requested they not be sent until after the holidays. He asks what she and Dom did over the holidays, and she describes their time at the Abbot house and then the ranch. Chance guesses she also got together with Devon.

At Noah’s club, Danny wants to know what’s going on with Daniel’s family. Daniel confirms that Lucy means the world to him and always will. Danny counsels that things sometimes don’t work out with a partner, but that should never be the case with a parent and child. Phyllis and Danny assure their son he can tell them anything. She presses, “Daniel, you’re obviously troubled. Talk to us.”

Daniel tries to assure his parents that everything is fine. Phyllis says he’s clearly having problems with Heather, “But you didn’t talk to your daughter on Christmas. What is going on?!?” Daniel supposes he has to come to grips with failing as a partner and a father. Phyllis doesn’t buy that. Daniel explains he hit a bit of a rough patch recently. He hid it from her when she visited because he was too upset with himself. Danny asks what happened. Daniel says he got bitter when his artistic career stalled and got jealous of Heather’s success. Phyllis thinks that’s human. Daniel confesses he got really angry at stupid things; little things, and sometimes nothing. “I made their lives so miserable that they couldn’t take it anymore.” Heather took a job and Lucy got into a great boarding school right nearby. “I pushed them to the brink and let them slip away.”

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Phyllis assures Daniel he’s not a failure; they all go through rough patches. Danny doesn’t want to coddle him. He failed at being the partner and father he wanted to be, but he knows it now. Daniel reveals things got bad after they left — he was drinking and partying too much. He finally bottomed out. One day he was digging through a box and found a video game he used to play with Lucy when she was younger. He became obsessed with it. Phyllis understands using video games to de-stress. Daniel says it had a message about finding hope by using your inner strength. It was like a light switch going on for him and set him on a new path. Phyllis gets that; it’s what the Grand Phoenix did for her. Daniel explains Princess Louisa will be the debut title of the gaming platform for Chancellor-Winters. Danny asks if he’s hoping this will bring Heather and Lucy back to him. Daniel says this is way back up from rock bottom. He can’t control Heather and Lucy. It’s got to start with him.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea tells Billy she feels safe there. She admits Christmas at the ranch was a bit overwhelming. She assures him everything went great, and Johnny and Connor are closer than ever. Billy is proud of the boys but tells her she’s glossing over the elephant in the room —Victor.

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Chelsea tells Billy it was obvious Victor didn’t trust her, but Adam looked out for her. Billy is grateful for that. Chelsea teases him. She then says the day was great, but she had a though spiral at night. He gets her laughing again about Victor and tells her he’ll always be there if she feels herself slipping through the cracks. Billy asks what she wants to do today. She has a plan.

At Devon’s place, he assures her he’s not telling Tucker their plans but is just having conversations with him. Lily informs him that Jill wants to do this — it’s not a matter of if but when. Devon feels they’ll regret it.

In the park, Abby explains that she and Dom went by Devon’s place, but only so he could see the boy on Christmas. Chance says it’s none of his business and asks to see the boy today. Abby says he’s still at Devon’s. Chance muses that they’ll have to get used to this new dynamic.

At Society, Adam tells Victor his visit to the ranch was purely for Connor’s sake. Victor thinks he could have dropped him off — he missed spending time with family. Adam asks if he’s talking about the connection that’s tethered or severed depending on his mood. “There’s nothing I miss about that.”

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At Noah’s club, Danny tells Daniel he’s proud of him. Character is revealed though how they get back up and learn from their missteps. He’ll help any way he can. Daniel tells him the game he’s developing is going to need a score. Danny teases, “I don’t know if you can afford me.” Phyllis warns, “You better not charge him at all.” She then tells them the post she made already has over 5000 hits.

At home, Christine flashes to arguing with Danny about the pain he caused her when he divorced her. She asks if he had a baby with the pregnant woman (Phyllis) and whether he had a daughter or a son. He says he has son, and she tells him to get out. Next, Christine flashes to Danny visiting Genoa City and kissing her goodbye.

At the penthouse, Devon takes a call from Abby in the park. She says Chance wants to come over and see Dom. Devon will go and run an errand and have the nanny get dressed.

In the park, Abby tells Chance they can go whenever he’s ready.

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At Noah’s club, Daniel tells his parents they don’t have to worry about him. He feels empowered. He has to secure the right people around him and asks Phyllis, “What is your answer? Will you come work with me?”

At Society, Victor wants to know what it would take for him to come back to Newman — he doesn’t belong at Jabot. Adam says all it would have taken was for him to supply him with some actual loyalty and love.

Chelsea and Billy enter her apartment with shopping bags and start building an egg protector.

At Noah’s club, Phyllis is still holding out hope that Summer will come to her senses. Daniel can’t understand why she’d want to deal with Jack and Diane. Danny recalls that Diane was a sticking point for her in the past and urges her to come clean with them. Phyllis gets emotional talking about Diane worming her way into her daughter’s life. Ever since she’s come to town it’s been one lie after another, and she did horrible things in L.A., but they’re all just ignoring it and she’s the bad guy. She’s just trying to protect her family. Danny knows how frustrating this must be for her. “You deserve better.” Daniel is offering her a brand-new career and a job she was born to do with a family member who wants her there. Danny says Daniel is right; it sounds like the perfect venue for her.

At Devon’s penthouse, Abby apologizes for bringing him there. “It was too soon.” He thought he was ready, but he’s not. He is taking the stroller with Dom in it when the elevator opens and Devon steps out. Chance passes him without a word and the elevator door closes. Devon walks over to hug Abby.

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At Noah’s club, Lily joins Danny, Phyllis, and Daniel, who tells her his dad will be scoring Princess Louisa. He turns to Phyllis and asks if they have any other good news. She agrees to take the job. Phyllis and Danny head out of the club. Outside the door, Phyllis tells him as much as she hated him for taking Daniel away when he was young, he made a really great foundation for him. Danny says he never should have taken him away from her for so long but in spite of all that, she’s done an incredible job of raising him. Phyllis thanks him for saying that to her. Danny thinks Daniel deserves the credit for the man he’s become.

In the club, Lily asks Daniel if he thinks it’s a good idea to bring Phyllis on board. Daniel knows some people don’t trust her, but she needs this, and she’ll be good at it too. “I can’t tell you how much it’s going to mean to me to have her be a part of this project. Lily assures him he can staff his project as he sees fit.

At Society, Victor insists he loves Adam, who asks him to name one time he’s made him a priority and asks why he would take a job being Victoria and Nick’s subordinate. Victor sighs and tells him he’s his own worst enemy. “You have nothing, son. Nothing. And it’s your own damn fault!”

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