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Chance shows up at Crimson Lights for his volunteer duties. He quickly realizes he’s late and Sharon explains the kids have already packed things up. She asks if he got the chance to spend some time with Dom. He saw him on Christmas Eve. Sharon says she could use some help cleaning up and offers him coffee in return. He’ll take it. After he gets his jacket off, they tidy up and she goes on about how gratifying public service is. The cop assumes she needs to get back to her kids but she’s in no hurry. They are all busy and Noah is keeping the club open for people who have no families. She adds that Tessa and Mariah have some encouraging news on the baby front. Chance thinks they deserve all kinds of happiness. Sharon thinks he does too.

Chance and Sharon at Crimson Lights Y&R

Once they sit down, she notices he’s been quiet. He doesn’t think today is the day to dump his problems on her. “Friends don’t take a day off,” Sharon says. She decides to share and admits she’s been keeping herself busy because she misses Rey. They had a special Christmas last year and she had no idea she’d have nothing but memories by the following year. She’s been keeping busy and proud that she has the strength to push on with her life. The cop can understand her struggling to come to terms with things. It’s weird not living with Abby and their son and it’s hard to figure out how to be a good father.

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Abby runs into Elena and Nate in the hallway outside the penthouse. They fuss over Dom and discuss their plans for the day. When Elena asks about Chance, Abby breaks the news that they are getting a divorce. Nate hopes she’s doing okay with all that sad news. Devon opens his door and abruptly asks her in, snubbing the other two.

Abby bumps into Nate and Elena Y&R

Once Abby and her son go inside the penthouse, Devon put him to bed right after he’s opened his gifts. They talk about what he did last night. She explains that he saw Chance last night and Dom knows the holiday is all about family. Abby’s not so sure that Devon knows that given what she saw when she arrived. He doesn’t see why she should think that he and his cousin ought to be getting along again. He’s sure that Nate is looking for something to use against him. If there’s anyone who doesn’t know the meaning of the holiday, it is his cousin. Abby thinks he needs to fix things in his family. He doesn’t think now is the time and this conversation is killing the mood. She reminds him of all the good in his life. He worries that his cousin would try to exploit any potential drama. She reminds him that he and Neil betrayed each other over the years, but they found ways to forgive each other. What would he think of him being so disconnected from his cousin?

Abby and Devon holidays Y&R

In their penthouse, Elena finds Nate staring into the fire, distracted. He’s been thinking about what happened to Chance and Abby. It must have been something pretty intense. He has a theory this is connected to Devon and Amanda’s break-up. She thinks he’s jumping to a huge conclusion and tries to think of alternative explanations before insisting that this is none of their business. Why is he even concerned? Nate complains that his cousin has gone out of his way to condemn him, but maybe Devon did something pretty bad himself. She thinks he should drop this and stop projecting his guilt onto Devon. He assures her that this is not consuming him and she reminds him they split up because of all his negativity. Now that they are doing well, that’s what they should focus on rather than Devon’s potential hypocrisy. He should be looking for a way to heal things with his family.

Elena and Nate suspicions Y&R

Abby sends Elena a text, asking if the four of them could have a drink together. They agree to try to sort it out.

Back in his penthouse, Abby asks Devon to do her a big favor. Soon, Nate and Elena join them. The four of them share a toast and then the women make awkward small talk. Nate and Devon start telling a story about Dru and Olivia and the dresses they wore as kids. They talk about how pictures of them in those dresses became treasured memories. The women look at each other and smile.

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At the Abbott estate, Ashley and Traci talk about how great it was to see Dom. It looks like Abby is holding things together well. It’s a shame they had to leave before Kyle, Harrison, and Summer got back. Traci is sure they are having a blast on their Santa-scouting mission. Ashly asks Jack what’s keeping his son. Traci wonders if they are avoiding the place because they must be upset since Diane is gone. Jack takes the opportunity to get in a stab about how Jeremy’s arrival has ruined everything.

Traci and Ashley discuss holidays Y&R

Tucker shows up with his Santa hat on and a bag of gifts for everyone. He starts handing them out and asks Ashley if she’s free for lunch. She’d love to get out of the house, so they take off giggling. Jack shakes his head. Traci tells her brother the house is feeling very empty. He’s sorry she was caught up in all the tension surrounding Diane and wishes things could go back to the way they were. His sister decides to go bathe in peppermint bath oil and wishes him Merry Christmas.

Tucker crashes Abbott Christmas Y&R

Ashley and Tucker head to Society. It’s locked up for the holidays, but Abby gave her the keys, so they sneak in.

In the kitchen, they chop stuff up and he reminds her that being in synch has never been a problem for them. She impresses him with her flavor skills, and he tells her all he learned about the essence of food when he was in a monastery. This lunch could be a spiritual experience if they do it right.

After they eat, she tells him it was fabulous. He doesn’t see how it could be otherwise and adds this is only a taste of what they could make together. McCall pitches them going into business again and says it could be a dream come true. She’ll admit it’s not totally unappealing. Tucker claims they are in “fine tune.” Sipping her wine, she says she sometimes feels like she knows him. At other times, she feels like she doesn’t at all. He insists she knows him better than anyone.

Tucker walks Ashley back to the Abbott estate. She’s not about to commit to leaving Jabot. Tucker repeats they could have a great new company. They kiss and she heads inside. When she goes inside, she assumes Jack saw what just happened. He remarks that she keeps making one mistake after another. His sister wishes he’d have some faith.

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In the cabin, Kyle and Summer remind Harrison that this trip needs to be kept a secret. Diane tells them all that their trip to see her has been the greatest gift she could have asked for. Harrison wants to build a snowman. Once they find a carrot for the nose, Kyle and his son head out to get building. Diane thanks Summer for making this happen. She tells her they are a family; they should be sticking together and lectures her for putting Kyle in a horrible position because of Stark. Diane appreciates what a hard position she is in, especially given who her mother is. Summer concedes her mom crossed a line, but she won’t turn her back on her. She makes it clear that she won’t share anything with Phyllis that could put her in danger. But if Diane puts Kyle in a dangerous position again, they will have a problem. Apologizing, Diane says she can see why her son loves and respects her so much.

Summer lectures Diane Y&R

Jack calls his son, who tells him that things are great. He just built a snowman with Harrison and isn’t sure when they will get back. It will be when Harrison falls asleep. His father warns him that he’s not sure Stark will leave after he gets his second payment. Diane returns from pinecone collecting in time to hear this.

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When she and Harrison go into the other room, Kyle tells his wife that his hopes that his mom could come home soon have been dashed. When Diane returns, she says they need to find another way to neutralize Jeremy. They can’t do that while she’s there. “I have another idea for how we can handle Jeremy Stark,” she announces.

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