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At Noah’s club, he toasts the holiday along with his parents, Tessa, and Mariah. Mariah thanks him for the festive nightcap on Christmas Eve. Noah thinks they should make it a tradition. Nick thinks a lot can happen before next year and they should just enjoy it. Sharon admits she was feeling a little lonely tonight. They marvel at Faith being grown up and off in Europe. Talk turns to Christian and Nick says it was a cakewalk getting him to sleep tonight compared to Noah. Mariah hopes he doesn’t wake up extra early like his brother used to. Nick feels there’s nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child. Tessa and Mariah clasp hands.

Mariah pours more champagne and Noah teases he’ll run out before New Year’s Eve. Sharon is heading home soon to get ready for feeding the people from the shelters. Mariah assures her they’ll be there at dawn. Noah will help too. Sharon suggests to Nick that they all meet at her place at noon. Nick and Christian will do that and then go to the ranch. He teases Mariah that she is welcome to come and sit beside his dad. Mariah deadpans, “I’m busy.” Sharon offers the girls a ride, but Tessa reveals she has a plan for them — she’s booked them a suite for the very first Christmas as a couple. They’ll even have a rose petal bath. Mariah feels like a queen and enthuses about the cozy robes. Noah finds it all very romantic.

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Later, in their suite, Mariah and Tessa are lounging in their robes, sipping champagne. Mariah tells Tessa the tub was luxurious, and they really needed this. “We are officially a couple that exchanges one gift on Christmas Eve.” With that, she pulls out a present and hands it to Tessa. It’s a tree ornament that says, “Have yourself a “marry” little Christmas”. She says it’s perfect. They wonder if they’ll be moms next year. They’ll make sure their kid has the magical Christmas they didn’t have when they were young. Tessa notes their kid will have a big happy family to celebrate with. Mariah wants that more than anything, but for now, they have this beautiful night together. They kiss.
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Christmas morning, Mariah wishes Tessa a Merry Christmas as they wake up in their hotel bed. Tessa replies, “Merry Christmas my gorgeous wife.” Mariah realizes they’re running late and need to get to Crimson Lights. Tessa gushes that it snowed and Mariah crows, “Time to be Christmas elves!” They start getting ready.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa arrive and greet Sharon and Noah, who teases them for being late. Mariah admits they had a snowball fight on the way… and slept in. Sharon tells them there is tons of presents and food to pack up and deliver. “Let’s get to work! Go team!” they enthuse.
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Later, they load up the last bag and Sharon urges Noah to be careful; the roads are a mess. She thanks Mariah and Tessa for their help. A young woman comes in and says she needs a tow and her phone’s dead. She’s clearly in distress… and very pregnant. Mariah gets her a chair and asks if she’s okay. Tessa reveals that the tow trucks are all busy; she can try again later. Sharon urges Mariah and Tessa to young woman some space and introduces herself. She says her name is Sonja. Tessa asks where she was going. Sonja says she was just driving… away from her family. She and her parents don’t agree on much of anything. “I had to get out of there.”

Tessa and Mariah are sympathetic and glad to have her company. Sharon brings Sonja a muffin and she realizes she’s sitting with Tessa Porter. Sonja loves her music and wishes she could get a chance to see the world what she can do. Being a mom at 22 wasn’t part of the plan. Tessa asks, “So, you’re alone?” Sonja says the baby’s father isn’t in the picture and she’s supposed to go to grad school in the fall. Her parents have promised to help but they don’t get along and she doesn’t think she can be the mother the baby deserves. Mariah tells her it’s her story to write, no one else’s. Sonja asks for the bathroom and they all laugh.
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Once alone, Sharon marvels, “Poor thing. All alone on a day like this.” Mariah wonders if Sonja showing up there was a Christmas miracle. Suddenly, Sonja reappears and announces that she thinks her water just broke!

On the patio, Mariah calls an ambulance and then rejoins the others to report that the EMTs are having a hard time sending someone out — the roads are disasters. Sharon assures Sonja that the labor for first births usually takes longer. She suggests they walk around. Across the room, Tessa notices Mariah tearing up and realizes she’s thinking about when she went into labor with Dominic. Mariah recalls how frightened she was at the time. “I can still feel it.” Tessa soothes that it all worked out and tells Mariah that Sonja needs them. Mariah needs to let her know she’s not alone and that she came to the right place.

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Later, Mariah is walking Sonja around Crimson Lights and assures her that she and Tessa will help her get through this. She explains she was a surrogate. Sonja asks if she had a hard time giving up the baby. Mariah says the child wasn’t hers, but they see him all the time. Sonja asks if she wants children of her own. Mariah tells her they want to start a family as soon as possible. Sonja agonizes through a contraction. Sharon thinks they’re coming quicker and sends Tessa to get blankets from the back room. Sonja panics at the baby coming now. Sharon calls Elena for help and Mariah reassures the young woman.
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As Sharon, Mariah, and Tessa are coaching the screaming Sonja on breathing, Elena arrives and dons rubber gloves. She does an examination and declares they will be delivering a Christmas baby. Together, they all get Sonja through to the pushing stage and soon, the baby is born. Everyone is wiping away tears as Sonja learns she has a healthy baby girl.
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The ambulance arrives to take Sonja and the baby to the hospital. Elena steps aside with the EMT to tell them a few things and Sharon, Tessa, and Mariah admire the baby. Sonja says, “I don’t know what I would have done without you, Sharon.” Sharon steps away to take a call from Noah and Sonja tells Tessa and Mariah that the universe brought them together for a reason. They’ve been thinking the same thing. Sonja tells them, “You’re going to make such incredible mothers.” Mariah’s expression changes when she continues, “I hope I can be a good mother too.” Sonja declares, “You were right. This is my story and I’m writing it.” Holding her daughter like this, she feels she can do anything.
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In their hotel suite, Mariah looks pensive as Tessa dozes. She wakes up and Mariah tells her, “I just had the most intense dream.” Tessa replies, “Me too.” They embrace. Tessa marvels that they haven’t had a psychic connection like that since she was kidnapped. They had the same dream, and it was so realistic. Mariah wonders if the dream means they’re not going to get what they want. Tessa thinks it was a manifestation of their hopes and fears. She thinks it affirms they’re going to be kick-ass moms. They have to keep the faith. They express their love and kiss.

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa greet Sharon and Noah, who teases them. Sharon asks, “Is everything okay?” Mariah assures her they’re fine, just a little groggy. Tessa gets a text from Delphine, the potential birth mother. She sent a sonogram. “It’s a girl.” Mariah says she also included a message: “We can’t wait to meet you.” Mariah and Tessa cry and hug.
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