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At the park, Nick thanks Sally for meeting him. He’s sorry he could only fit in coffee today. She understands he has a lot going on. Nick reports Christian is starting to ask some big questions about Santa. He told him it was magical. “Sometimes you just have to believe in the magic.” Nick talks about his kids being everything to him and missing Faith on the holiday. If you do your job right as a parent, they’re not around much. If you get lucky they come back. Sally remarks on the age ranges of his kids. Nick laughs, “Are you calling me out?” Sally reassures him. Nick says each of his kids is an incredible gift and being a parent is the best thing he’ll ever do. Sally’s never seen it up close — a parent who actually loves being a parent.
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Nick asks what Sally means by that. She says she’s never really told him about her childhood and advises him to brace himself for a very different kind of Christmas story. She recalls a Christmas Eve with nothing happening except the carnies drinking and carrying on. “My parents were legit carnival workers… We were nomads traveling from one small town to the next.” Nick asks if she went to school. Sally says no, but she learned a lot about engineering from the Tilt-a-Whirl being torn down and reassembled. She had no friends her own age and used to sit behind the concession booth with her sister Coco to watch the other girls and wonder what their lives were like. When it came to the holidays, “Suffice it to say that when Coco and I were tucked into bed it wasn’t with visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads.” They slept in tents and shoveled up after horses and elephants. “Our idea of a Christmas miracle was not finding a clown passed out in our bunk.” Nick finds this interesting… and alarming.

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Sally explains her parents were always getting into trouble, and not the fun kind. One day it caught up with them and they took off. Nick husks, “So they just abandoned you.” Sally assures him she’s made peace with it, but that’s where her unique perspective on parenthood comes from. Nick is sorry she went through that and says everyone deserves parents who see bringing a child into the world for the miracle it is.
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Chelsea opens her door to Billy and Johnny. She shouts to Connor, who is in the bedroom, before turning back to her guests. Johnny hands her a gift for her and one for Connor. She gives Johnny his gift and they wish each other a Merry Christmas.
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Summer welcomes Daniel into the Abbott house and they marvel at how long it’s been since they spent Christmas Eve together. Kyle appears and they joke back and forth before the Abbott tells his brother-in-law that he’s been missed. Kyle mentions they’re about to head out and then talk turns to work. Daniel reveals that he’s working on a gaming platform for Chancellor-Winters and asks where they’re going. Kyle smiles at Summer and says it’s a secret.
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Summer explains they’re taking Harrison on a Christmas adventure but will be back tomorrow. Kyle heads upstairs to make sure the boy has everything he needs. Summer tells Daniel that it must be difficult to be away from Lucy and Heather on the holidays. He’s been vague about the tension, so she asks if he wants to tell her anything more about what happened.

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At Chelsea’s place, the boys go off into the bedroom to play video games and Billy chats with Chelsea, Just then, Adam appears in the open doorway and remarks, “This is the very picture of the Christmas spirit.” Billy explains about Chelsea and Johnny’s gift exchange. Chelsea tells Billy that Adam is taking her and Connor to dinner. Adam thinks it’s great the boys are getting along so well. The boys appear, and Connor asks if Johnny can join them for dinner. Adam says it’s fine with him if it’s okay with Johnny’s dad. Chelsea suggests Johnny and Billy join them, but Billy passes. Johnny asks, “But I can go, right?” Connor and Johnny make a pitch and Billy agrees. He assures Chelsea that he’ll explain this to Victoria. Adam finds it hard to believe she’ll be okay with this. Billy says he’ll talk to her and asks Adam to drop Johnny at his place after. Adam agrees and Chelsea thanks them. This is a great way to kick off the holiday.

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At the Abbott mansion, Daniel tells Summer to have fun with her family and not to worry about him. Right now, he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be. The project will change the trajectory of his life. Summer hopes everything goes well for him. Kyle reappears and Daniel hugs Summer goodbye. He shakes Kyle’s hand and goes.
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Once alone, Summer asks Kyle if he’s ready for their big adventure. He says he sure is and he thinks Harrison will be thrilled. “Let’s do this.”

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In Crimson Lights, Billy walks up to Victoria, who asks, “Where’s Johnny?” Billy says he’s upstairs. Victoria exclaims, “Please don’t tell me you left him with Chelsea.” She says she’s been more than understanding about the gift exchange and letting Johnny give her something in person… Billy interrupts. He thinks she’d actually be really proud of her son. He gave Chelsea her gift and it meant the world to her. “I could tell he felt really good about it.” Billy explains that he didn’t just leave him with Chelsea, Connor and Adam are there too and they’re all going to dinner together. The boys wanted to be together, and he saw no reason to say no. Victoria fumes, “Are you serious right now?! Johnny is with Chelsea and Adam? What were you thinking?!”
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Billy tells Victoria, “Johnny wanted to join them for dinner, and we agreed we’d follow his lead.” Victoria argues that Christmas is supposed to be for family. Billy knows this is difficult for her but Chelsea, Connor, and Adam are Johnny’s family too. Victoria is trying to do that. She reminds Billy that his relationship with their son hasn’t changed, but hers has. Billy argues she’s still him mom. Victoria worries if he and Chelsea get closer the lines will get blurred. Billy just sees it as a big extended family. Victoria finds it an emotionally charged situation given Adam’s involvement. Billy isn’t a fan of Adam but is trying to be cordial. “They’re just going to go for dinner.” Billy tells her, “This is our son, and this is what he wants. We have to support him.” Victoria needs to see that for herself.
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Walking into Society, Adam asks if Chelsea is okay. “Are you ready for this?” Chelsea nods and leads them all to a table. Chelsea chit-chats with Johnny and Connor and smiles at Adam.
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At the Abbott cabin, Kyle, Summer, and Harrison arrive. Once inside, Kyle calls out, “Mom?!” After searching through the place, he exclaims, “She’s not here!”
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At the park, Sally tells Nick she grew up with love because she went to live with her grams, who took them in. Nick’s glad she has someone in her corner. Sally says she also idolized her Great Aunt Sally, her namesake, who was a famous designer. She thinks her upbringing taught her to be creative and made her into a scrapper. Growing up in an all-female household made her believe that there’s nothing a woman cannot do. “I’m happy with the way things turned out.” Nick says he is too. Sally wants to talk about the whole Christmas present thing. They’re taking it slow, so she wasn’t sure what was appropriate. Nick wonders if she’s hinting he shouldn’t go overboard. Sally asks, “You didn’t do that, right?” Nick feels real good about his gift choice for her. Sally teases he’ll love his coffee mug. Just then, it starts snowing. Nick thinks it’s perfect timing and puts his arm around her. “I’m choosing to believe in the magical.” They kiss.
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On the patio of Crimson Lights, Daniel frowns as he works and pauses to think back to Summer asking him about missing Heather and Lucy on the holidays and asking about the tension in his relationship. He closes his laptop.
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At the cabin, Diane comes through the door and squeezes Harrison. Kyle says they were worried. Diane explains she took a walk. She hugs Summer and then Kyle. “This is the best surprise. Merry Christmas!”
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Jack and a furious Jeremy walk into the hotel suite. Jack protests that he thought he knew where Diane would go but that wasn’t the case. Stark knows she’s a clever woman but would hate to think that Abbott led him on a wild goose chase! Jack complains that Jeremy is the one who made her flee — he just wants this to end. “You obviously want revenge and you want money.” He wishes the guy luck finding her. Jack offers him a million dollars to forget Diane. “Why waste any more of your time on Diane?”
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At the Abbott cabin, Kyle lights the Christmas tree that Harrison found. Summer and the boy go off to the kitchen and Diane asks Kyle if everything is okay back home. He assures her it will all work out. Summer and Harrison return and Diane helps her grandson hang an ornament on the tree. They continue trimming the tree and Kyle recalls the Christmases he and Diane spent together, just the two of them, and the big Abbott holidays. Summer always loved it there, though she loves Christmas at the ranch as well. They hug. Diane will keep trying to better her relationship with both families, and never imagined this would be possible. Kyle lifts Harrison up to put the star on the tree and Diane shouts, “Perfect!” She declares it’s the most wonderful Christmas she can imagine and everything she’s dreamed about for so long. She and Kyle embrace.
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At Society, Victoria and Billy walk in to find Johnny laughing with Chelsea, Connor, and Adam. Billy says, “See, it’s all good.” Chelsea notices them watching and looks concerned. Victoria and Billy walk over to the table and chat with the boys. Chelsea invites them to join them and Adam pulls up extra chairs. Billy says it’s starting to feel like Christmas and smiles at Chelsea.
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In Jeremy’s suite, he tells Jack he’ll keep the $500,000 he brought and stick around long enough to get the other half. Then he’ll be out of their lives. “Consider it an early Christmas present.” Jack alludes to him being smart enough to stay out of prison and then leaves. Jeremy smirks. Outside in the hall, Jack makes a face.
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In the park, Sally feels off after drinking her coffee. Nick asks what’s wrong. She’s not sure. He asks if she wants to get out of there. She says yeah and holds her stomach looking puzzled.
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Daniel arrives in his hotel suite, puts his things down, grabs a beer, and looks out the window at the snow falling. After a while, there’s a knock on his door. He opens it and gawps, “Dad!” Danny says, “Merry Christmas son!” They embrace.
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