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At the door of Tucker’s suite, Ashley says, “It looks like I caught you at a bad time.” Tucker says he was just about to jump in the shower and invites her to wait. Ashley muses that when she talked to him a couple of hours ago, he was just getting out of the shower.
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At Jabot, Summer and Kyle tell Jack that they’ll be packed up to leave as soon as he gives them words. Jack hopes to give them enough time to get away without Stark following them. He thinks they have to deal with Stark directly and forcefully. “As soon as I give you the word, you get Harrison up to the cabin and into his grandmother’s arms as quickly as possible.” He’ll see them Christmas Day and with any luck, by then, Stark will be out of their lives.
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Allie arrives at the club to see Noah, who is cleaning up. He thinks a lot of people will come in on Christmas Eve, maybe it will become a holiday tradition. “No charge; food and drink specials all night.” Allie thinks it’s a good way to give back. Noah’s pleased that she came and she shrugs, “Why wouldn’t I?” She explains everything is quiet at the Abbott house. Noah tells her she looks like absolute perfection tonight.
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In the washroom in Tucker’s suite, Audra listens as he lies to Ashley that he did a workout at the gym after his shower earlier. He invites her to come in and join him in the shower, and she says she’s going to go. Tucker apologizes and asks her to stay for a drink. Audra fumes in the bathroom.
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Ashley decides she doesn’t want to have a drink in Tucker’s suite. He says he’ll meet her upstairs at the club after his shower. Ashley hints she could use a little advice. He hopes he can help out. After he closes the door, Audra emerges and reminds him it’s not in her job description to hide in bathrooms… but then again neither is their colleagues with benefits arrangement. After seeing how he handled Ashley Abbott she has to concede he may be closer to achieving his goals than she thought. Tucker urges her, “Stick with me. If you do, I’ll get you that reward you deserve.”

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle tells Summer that Harrison is very excited for their Christmas Eve mystery adventure. Summer loves that he’s making this fun for the boy. Kyle warns they can’t let him get a whiff that there’s danger. Summer says they have to stick with their story with everyone — they’re going on a Santa tracking adventure and will be home in time for Christmas dinner. She teases about gifts she has hidden upstairs, and they flirt. Kyle says it will be nice to give their presents to his mother in person. He just wishes it didn’t have to be like this. They’ll make it work for Harrison’s sake. Summer believes they’ll pull this off without a hitch. Kyle’s still worried about his dad, who has the most dangerous job of all.
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Jack takes a deep breath and knocks on Jeremy Stark’s door. Jeremy asks if there’s any word about the disappearing Diane. Jack says not a word. Jeremy wonders why he’s always in his face. Jack says if it really bothers him, he has a way of making this end once and for all. With that, Jack sets a briefcase on the table.
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At Crimson Lights, Audra greets Sharon, who recognizes her as Noah’s ex. Audra says Noah told her all about this place — everything is so delicious. Sharon informs her there’s no reason to butter her up since she and Noah aren’t seeing each other anymore. Audra genuinely loves it there. Sharon wants to know if she’s doing a temporary consulting job. Audra asks, “Is that a clever way of asking how long I’m going to be in tow?” Sharon says, “Exactly.”

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At the club, Noah tells Allie she’s been a rock for him. He wants her to know this is a two-way street. If there’s something on her mind she shouldn’t hold back. “The last time we talked, you asked me if you should be worried about Audra.” Allie doesn’t think it’s the right time to talk about it, but Noah doesn’t want it weighing on her. Allie admits she doesn’t like the idea of Audra kissing him and she’s concerned she won’t give up on getting him back. Just then, Ashley appears and says she’ll be meeting Tucker. Allie won’t judge and Noah goes off to grab her a seat. Ashley tells Allie they’re such a cute happy couple. “You are happy, aren’t you?” Allie thinks they are.
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle hides something in a duffle bag when Summer’s not looking. He then teases her about how many gifts she got Harrison. Summer asks, “Did you just sneak a can of Mrs. Martinez’s cookies into our travel bag?” Kyle protests that he can’t have Christmas without cookies. They hope to hear from Jack soon. Summer assumes he always knows what he’s doing. She decides to distract Kyle by letting him open a gift early.
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In Jeremy’s suite, he asks, “What’s in there, Jack?” Jack opens the briefcase and reveals $500,000 — double what he lost when Dane kept his money. “This is a one-time offer. Take it or leave it. And if you take it… pack your bags, get on a plane and don’t look back.”

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At Noah’s club, Allie tells him she loves the holiday drink specials. Noah got a lot of the ideas from his dad’s bar The Underground. Noah wants to do something special for her and she tells him whatever he gets her will be perfect. “I get the feeling that you are trying to prove something to me… That even though Audra wants you back, you only have eyes for me.” She tells him it’s not necessary, she knows. They kiss.
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At Crimson Lights, Audra wonders if Sharon’s fishing for information on Noah’s behalf. Sharon says he’d never put her up to that. Audra agrees; he’s very straightforward. She tells Sharon she doesn’t have solid plans and notes she’s clearly concerned about Noah. Sharon recalls how he was when he came home from London and says Allie got him out of that funk. She doesn’t want to see that change. Audra assures her Noah wants nothing to do with her. “I’m not about to beg him for another chance. I wish Noah and Allie the best luck in the world.” Sharon learns she’ll stick around while she still has things to accomplish at work, and with so many opportunities in Genoa City, who knows what will be next for her? Just then, a beaming Chance comes in and says, “Sharon, I did it!” Audra eyeballs him.
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Audra goes to her seat but listens as Sharon tells Chance she has never seen him this excited and asks what he did. He says he cracked a case that has plagued the GCPD for years — Rey might have talked about it. Every year at this time there’s a rash of thefts at the mall and he realized that only Santa’s helpers have access to the mall during the holidays. He figured out the culprit was one of the elves. They couldn’t find his real name, so he had to put an APB out on his elf name — Merry McJingles. Audra smiles as Chance recounts arresting the guy, who had one elf ear still on his head flapping away. Sharon asks if Nina will be around for Christmas. He says she won’t, but he’s okay with that. Sharon asks what he’ll do when Dom’s not around. Chance will put in some extra hours and do some paperwork. Sharon concedes that sometimes work is the right answer. Chance is glad to hear her say that because right now work is his life preserver.

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At Noah’s club, Tucker arrives, sees Allie and Noah kissing, and goes to join Ashley, who is drinking a Candy Cane-Tini. They remark on what a cute couple Noah and Allie are and Tucker takes credit — they never would have met if not for him. Ashley thinks her introduction could have been done a lot better. Tucker concedes the point. He asks what she was churned up about when she came to the door. Ashley says it’s not what, it’s who. She and Jack got into it earlier and it got very ugly.
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In Jeremy’s suite, Jack tells him he’s not going to get a better offer than this. Jeremy informs him this compensation isn’t as valuable as he thinks it is. His time is worth much more than that. Jack says, “Fine. Name your price.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle opens his gift from Summer — a make your own ornament kit so he can make one with Harrison just as Jack once did with Dina. Kyle thanks her sincerely and they kiss.

At the club, Allie wants to focus on Noah’s big week and talks about the Abbott family Christmas traditions. They decide to meet up midday and visit their respective families. They marvel that the Abbotts and Newmans go all out for the holidays. Allie cannot wait. “I think this is going to be the best Christmas ever.”

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At Crimson Lights, Chance admires his massive free hot chocolate and laughs that he can’t wait to see Merry McJingles’ mugshot. Sharon invites him to come and volunteer Christmas morning. “We’d love to have you.” Chance says it sounds good. Sharon steps away to take a call from Faith and Audra chats to Chance. She overheard his story about arresting the elf. “It’s not so often you get to meet heroes. Thank you for your service.” Sharon eyeballs them from the patio.
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At Noah’s club, Ashley tells Tucker that Jack is furious with her about Diane having to leave town. Tucker thinks he’ll get over it and marvels that Diane really got her claws into him. He tells Ashley if her brother is going to turn his back on her, she should do something about it.

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In Jeremy’s suite, he notes Jack is there fighting with Diane… and quite valiantly too. Jack insists he is sick and tired of her lies and manipulations, but they share a son and a grandson. “That’s who I’m fighting for, so do we have a deal or not?” Jeremy will negotiate, but only with Diane. “She’s the one who took my money, and she needs to make it right.” Jack says Diane is gone. Jeremy thinks he knows where she is. “And you’re going to take me to her. Then we’ll talk business.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle gives Summer a necklace with an ‘H’ for Harrison on it. “I love it,” she says. Noticing she’s emotional, Summer recalls she got a similar one from her mother when she was young. She can’t believe they’re going to spend the holidays fighting. Kyle vows to give her the best Christmas — a loving special day she’ll never forget.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon interrupts Audra and Chance’s conversation, “Any refills here?” Chance excuses himself and joins Sharon at the counter and asks if Faith is okay. She says it’s just hard having her away. Chance says he should consider himself lucky that Dom’s on this continent. He thanks Sharon for always being there with good advice and coffee and muses that sometimes she must want to tell everyone to just suck it up. Sharon keeps a positive attitude because she’s grateful every day. They can take pain and grow from it and learn to love even deeper. At the table, Audra seems to consider this.
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At the club, Tucker asks Ashley why she’s obligated to be loyal to Jack. Just as he told her to distance herself from Nikki and Phyllis, she may also need some distance from her brother.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle tells Summer not to worry about Phyllis and to embrace the holiday. Summer’s sad they won’t be with her family this year, but wants as little stress as possible. Kyle can’t promise that, but it could be the last hurdle for all of them if they can get Stark out of town in time for the New Year.

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At Jeremy’s suite, he tells Jack if he’s not going to take him to see Diane, he can take his briefcase and get out of there. He wants to meet with Diane one last time… and then he’ll move on. “With the money of course.” Jack thinks he knows where he can find her. “Once I take you there, you have your little chat, you take your money and it’s over. None of us have to see you again.”

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Danny Romalotti returns home for the holidays, Nick makes Sally a promise, and Diane receives an unexpected Christmas gift.

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