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At the Abbott mansion, Jack comes upon Ashley sitting in deep thought on the sofa. He asks if something is troubling her and she wonders why he’s talking to her. Jack would hope that what she’s feeling right now has something to do with regret regarding Diane. Ashley tells him, “No, not even a little bit.” She argues that Jack’s the one who should be repentant for letting Diane back into their lives. Jack rants about the women luring a convicted felon to town to come after her. Ashley isn’t stupid and notes that Kyle left town “for business” the same day that Diane left for parts unknown. Jack says, “Don’t assume the two are connected.” Ashley asks why she’d leave Kyle without saying goodbye. “Maybe there wasn’t a long emotional goodbye because she didn’t really leave. Is that what you’re doing, Jack? You’re riding to Diane’s rescue so you can save the day again?”

Jack thinks Ashley should consider the possibility that Diane was so terrified she actually left town. “You did the wrong thing. Admit you were wrong and apologize.” Ashley retorts, “Except I’m not wrong.” She knows Diane has created a cocoon with him, Kyle, and Harrison and she won’t walk away from that easily. She’ll keep that going as long as she can. Ashley understands that Kyle just wants a mother, but Jack just wants Diane’s adoration, which is particularly disgusting. She thinks Kyle and Jack have created this little disappearing act for Diane so they can continue to keep rewarding her duplicitous behavior in secret.
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Tucker walks into Crimson Lights, greets Sharon, and can’t believe he hasn’t run into her before now. She heard he’s picked up right where he left off and recalls when he manipulated her into being his puppet. Tucker tells her she had a great mind for business; it’s a shame she’s refilling sugar packets. Sharon is satisfied with the coffee house and wonders if he’s going to suck Ashley back in again. Tucker says it hasn’t been easy but he’s trying to convince her he’s a changed man. Sharon, incredulous, asks, “Are you?!?” She reveals that she’s a therapist now and it’s given her very good insight into people. Sharon expresses skepticism that he’s done the work required to change. Tucker says he went to an ashram. He plans to make Ashley’s dreams come true. Sharon thinks he’s hoping that she will be willing to make his dreams come true.
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Elena arrives at the penthouse to find Nate waiting with a hug. He just got back from California and says the business trip was amazing — he got the star treatment everywhere he and Victoria went. Elena feels he’s in the right place doing the right thing and wishes she could have been there to see it. She thinks if anyone can make the connection happen with the K-Pop star it will be her brilliant boyfriend. Elena reports she’s recorded her podcasts to complete her obligation to Lily and then covered a shift at the hospital — she needs to sleep. They express their love as she heads upstairs.
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At Jabot, Kyle tells Summer he’s tying up loose ends so he can send everyone home early. Summer has something they need to discuss right away. She knows how badly he wants to spend Christmas with his mom after all these years, but her Christmas dream is them spending the holiday with Harrison, who deserves to spend it with both of his parents.
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At Newman Enterprises, Billy comes into Victoria’s office, and she asks if everything is okay. He wanted to give her a heads-up that Chelsea got Johnny a Christmas gift. He wants her to hear him out before she makes a decision. Victoria says she already has — it’s out of the question. She’s sure her intentions are good but requesting to spend Christmas with their son is going too far. Billy argues that she just wants to give them a gift for him. Victoria doesn’t think it’s a good idea and worries she’s regressing. Billy reminds her that Johnny has expressed interest in spending more time with Chelsea. Victoria snaps that it’s their job to set boundaries and limits. Billy says she has a point. “Maybe you and I shouldn’t be the ones to give Johnny the gift. Chelsea should give it to him.” Victoria’s stunned.
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At Society, Nate runs into Audra and tells her it’s a whole new world for him over at Newman Media. She wants to get together so he can fill her in on everything he’s been up to. Nate tells her about the business trip he was just on, which confirmed he made the right choice. Audra toast to him making the right move and says it’s Chancellor-Winters’ loss. He notes she hasn’t held a grudge, and Audra explains that she thinks the IPO will still go forward and that what he did wasn’t personal for her. Mixing business and family often leads to problems.

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At Newman, Billy tells Victoria if she doesn’t want Johnny spending time alone with Chelsea, they’ll invite Connor. Victoria argues that she’s his mother and gets to make the decisions. “We have to set some boundaries here before things get out of hand. There’s too much at stake!” Billy argues they won’t lose Johnny because his family gets extended. Victoria insists Johnny shouldn’t have to worry about adult-level problems. Billy thinks Chelsea is ready for this. He believes they should ask Johnny and respect his choice. Victoria nods.

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At Crimson Lights, Tucker tells Sharon she’s right; reuniting with Ashley is his dream, he just hopes it’s mutual. He crabs about Sharon seeing the worst in him. Sharon wonders if he wants to marry Ashley again. Tucker muses that there are other ways to forge a lasting bond with someone. Sharon learns Ashley hasn’t given him any reason to believe that’s what she wants. Tucker thinks she’ll let her guard down eventually and he’ll prove Sharon and all the other doubters wrong.
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At Society, Nate listens to Audra order salad and muses that she knows what she likes. He realizes there’s a lot he doesn’t know about her and asks, “Who is Audra Charles? What do you want out of life?” Audra wants more… of everything. Nate asks what her goals are. Just then, she gets a text from Tucker summoning her to his suite. Nate asks if she’ll stay in Genoa City or go after the IPO. Audra initially planned to leave but the town is growing on her. Nate hopes she stays — they need more players who understand the game. He’d hire her at Newman Media.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack tells Ashley to believe what she wants and chews her out for setting this all in motion. Now, Kyle and Harrison are spending the holidays without Diane. Ashley points out Kyle hasn’t spent Christmas with Diane in years. Jack fumes, “We’re talking about his mother!” Ashley hollers, “Why is she his mother?!? Because she gave birth to him? It doesn’t make her a good mother does it?” If she gave a damn about him she would have been there for every holiday. She chose not to do that year after year. Ashley has done what she can to protect him and Kyle from her. “Your judgment is wrecked. It’s just completely off!” Jack tells her that her hatred for Diane has made her small and spiteful. “I’ve heard enough of this,” he fumes and walks out.
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At Jabot, Kyle tells Summer that the three of them will spend Christmas at home. After the boy has ripped open his presents Christmas morning, he’ll go to the cabin to see his mother. Summer says he had her up to that last part. Kyle points out his mother has been alone for so many holidays. Summer isn’t saying she doesn’t want him to go, she’s saying she and Harrison are coming with him.
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Tucker opens his suite door to Audra, and she senses she’s distracted. Audra asks what he needed to talk about. Tucker says the plan is evolving — he offered to help Ashley start her own company and saw a little glimmer in her eye. Audra is beyond thrilled that he called her over to tell her the woman he’s obsessed with didn’t turn him down. She taunts that he hasn’t taken a single step to making any of his plans reality.
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Victoria and Billy bring Johnny to Crimson Lights and tell him Chelsea has a gift she’s hoping to give him. Victoria says, “We’re wondering if you want it.” Johnny thinks it sounds like fun to hang out with Chelsea and Connor. Victoria grimaces.

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At Jabot, Kyle worries to Summer about Harrison telling people he saw Dee Dee on Christmas. He doesn’t like the idea of asking him to keep a secret. Summer says they just have to frame it the right way. Kyle would love to have Summer and Harrison come with him, but they have to make sure Stark is distracted — they can’t risk him following them. Summer asks Kyle if he thinks Stark is watching them. Kyle doesn’t have a handle on how far he’s willing to go to settle a score. Summer worries that he could follow him to the cabin and wait until Kyle’s gone and go after Diane. Kyle agrees; it’s a liability they can’t afford.
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At Newman Media, Elena is waiting for Nate. She now has energy to celebrate his successful trip to L.A. Nate marvels at her recovery. She wants to get lunch, but he says he grabbed with Audra when he ran into her.

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In Tucker’s suite, Audra asks if he has an endgame or if he’s just jerking around everyone for fun. Tucker knows what he promised her. Audra accuses him of stalling. She won’t play the long game without knowing more about what the payoff is and says, “Perhaps it’s time for me to make my own plans.” Tucker, deflated, says, “Okay. Sure. I wouldn’t want to stand between you and your destiny.” He helps her on with her coat and embraces her from behind, nuzzling her neck. Audra sighs, “You’re such an insufferable sonofabitch.” He knows and he’s sorry. With that, he kisses her deeply and removes her coat again before leading her to the bed.
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Jack finds Summer and Kyle in his office and asks why they both look like Christmas was canceled. Summer says it was and Kyle explains that they can’t find a way to safely take a trip to the cabin. “I can’t risk it. It isn’t worth it.” Summer says they need to neutralize Stark. Jack replies, “Leave him to me.”

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At Crimson Lights, Johnny tells Victoria he doesn’t have to see Chelsea if she doesn’t want him to. He knows it must be weird for her and doesn’t want to upset her. Victoria assures him she’s fine with him hanging out with Chelsea and Connor. Billy will check and see if she’s upstairs. He texts Chelsea to see if she and Connor want to come down. Johnny worries about getting a gift for Chelsea. Billy gets a text back that Chelsea has an appointment and isn’t available, so they have time to go get her a gift. Johnny asks what his dad thinks she’d like. Billy feels she’d like anything Johnny gave her. Johnny asks if she likes jewelry, perfume, and what her hobbies are. Billy assures him they’ll figure it out. Victoria stews.
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At Newman Media, Elena thinks it’s strange that Nate is hanging out with Audra. “There’s something about her that doesn’t sit right with me.” She senses she’s always working an angle. “I don’t trust her.”

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At Tucker’s suite, he and Audra are getting dressed when Ashley knocks on the door and calls out, “Tucker are you there? Open up.” Tucker hustles Audra off to the washroom and hollers that he just has to get decent. When he finally opens the door, Ashley says, “Looks like I caught you at a bad time.”
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Tucker causes conflict between Ashley and Jack, Sharon bonds with Chance, and Kyle and Summer find a way to save Christmas for their family.

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