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At Crimson Lights, Sharon turns the sign to ‘closed’ as she, Mariah and Tessa get out the boxes of holiday decorations. Mariah and Sharon debate over the light-up television ornament her daughter thinks is an eyesore. Sharon explains Nick gave it to her when they were first dating. Tessa and Mariah take to debating about a tree-topper. Mariah feels Noah will agree with her, but Tessa disagrees. Sharon asks if this is their first official fight as a married couple. It is, so they’re pretty lucky. Mariah wants to call and get Faith’s opinion, but she’s in Switzerland with a roommate’s family and it’s the middle of the night there. Sharon explains she had to let her daughter be free.
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Chloe surprises Chelsea with a visit to bring over Esther’s Christmas kringle. Chelsea figures she’s checking in on her and says Chloe should be with her family. Chloe insists she needs some time away from the tots. Chels lets her in so they can eat some of Esther’s delicious pastry. They laugh over tea and Chloe asks if she wants to talk about anything. Chelsea has been revisiting her past behaviors and making amends and explains it’s been helpful and cathartic. She’s hoping to do it again now, with Chloe.
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At Noah’s club, he greets his dad and teases him about looking spiffy for someone flying solo Just then, Sally appears in a hot red sequined number. They sit and Noah gives them the seasonal special drinks. Sally and Noah tease Nick and he’s impressed that she got a smile out of his son. Sally feels she’s in a really good place and has a clear vision of her professional and personal paths. She admits she likes the whole going slow thing. Nick likes it too. “I like it a lot.” They toast.
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Nick turns the conversation to Sally’s Christmas Day plans. He knows they’re taking it slow, but he’d really, really like to include her. She has complicated feelings surrounding holiday celebrations and wishes to invite him back to her suite for a nightcap to discuss it further. Nick agrees.

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Adam arrives at the ranch and greets Victor with, “Father.” Victor replies, “Son.” Adam explains he’s there to pick up Connor. Victor muses that the last time they talked he wanted nothing to do with his family. “What’s changed?” Adam was hoping to discuss Christmas Day and would like to bring Connor to the ranch for the festivities. Victor tells him he’s always welcome there and he loves the idea that both of them will come. Adam would like Chelsea to come as well. Victor asks whose idea this was, “Connor’s or hers?”
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Adam tells his father that it was his idea to include Chelsea. His son deserves to be with the people he loves without bouncing around locations. Victor feels for the boy but he can’t forget that she threw a wrench into Victoria’s life with the Johnny stuff. Adam argues the point. Victor asks how he’d know she’s not using the opportunity to get closer to Johnny and says he doesn’t want her there.

At Chelsea’s place, Chloe tells her friend that she is the one who needs to make amends for blowing up the cabin with Adam in it and for making off with Connor all those years ago. Chelsea is making amends for what happened between them this year. She didn’t listen and accused her of being a bad friend, when really, she saw the warning signs before anybody. Chloe was worried about her. Chelsea knows that now. She apologizes for everything she put her through and is grateful she still cares. Chloe accepts her apology and wants them to let go of the past and focus on the present and future. “I am here for whatever you need.” They hug.
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At Crimson Lights, Noah joins Sharon, Mariah, and Tessa. He compliments the decorating and the tree-topper. Mariah asks if he brought any of the Glam Club’s special holiday cocktails. He doesn’t. Tessa blurts, “Well we’re meeting with a pregnant woman after New Year’s to discuss the possibility of adoption.” Sharon enthuses, “Wow, really? That’s amazing!” Mariah walks away and Tessa realizes she blew it — they’d agreed not to say anything.
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In her suite, Sally tells Nick that gathering with his family for the holidays is not in the ‘taking it slow’ manual. Nick would love to bring her to the ranch for Christmas, but his sister and parents have trust issues where she’s concerned. Sally knows she never really won Victor over. Nick informs her it’s worse than that — his father had a dossier made up on her to try and scare him off.

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At the ranch, Adam insists to Victor that Chelsea’s not a threat and calls him out for forcing her to fake a mental breakdown over Rey. Victor reminds him he did that for her benefit to prevent her from being criminally prosecuted. Adam is there to make an appeal regarding his family, which is something Victor claims to care about. He reports that Johnny and Connor have gotten closer since finding out they’re brothers. It would be good for them to spend holiday time together. “Connor would like to be around all of his family on Christmas.” Victor warns Adam to watch his tone and agrees Chelsea can tag along. Adam appreciates it. Victor barks, “You should.”

At Chelsea’s place, Chloe tells Chelsea that she can see she’s doing better. Chelsea is feeling stronger. What she went through was a wake-up call and figuring out her purpose is part of her new journey. She needs a personal and professional makeover. “This time I’m going to get it right.”
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At Crimson Lights, Tessa apologizes to Mariah, who just doesn’t want to get everyone’s hopes up only to have them dashed again. Sharon guesses she doesn’t want to get her own hopes up and urges her to hang in. Mariah gets choked up about all the maternal instincts she has — even the idea of a baby is making its way into her heart. Tessa explains that’s why she wanted to share it. There have been disappointments, but that’s part of the journey. Sharon agrees; this is the story of how they get their child. The idea that they’re a step closer to bringing a baby into the family makes the holiday that much brighter.
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Chloe and Chelsea come into the coffee house to say hello and Sharon invites them to stay. Chloe whispers to Chelsea that she didn’t realize how close they’ve become. Chelsea says Sharon has really been there for her. Chelsea steps out to the patio to take a call from Adam, who tells her Connor wants to stay at the ranch tonight. He’s worried about her being alone but she assures him she’ll be fine. She walks back into the coffee house and seems emotional as she watches Sharon with her kids.
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At the ranch, Nikki and Victor chuckle over Connor and she asks him if Adam’s visit troubled him. Victor says it made him curious. “I think he wants to reconnect with his family and doesn’t know how.” He tells her that he wants to bring Connor for Christmas, but also wants to bring Chelsea. Nikki thinks she knows what that’s all about.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon calls Chelsea over to help her with a taste test. Chelsea declares that she needs to get out and take a walk. Chloe offers to go with her, but she is fine alone. “I just want to get a little air. I’ll call if I need anything.” Chloe and Sharon exchange a look as she walks out.

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At Sally’s suite, Nick tells her he didn’t even bother to read the dossier on her. Sally wishes he had — he deserves to know who she is and what she’s capable of. He has a pretty good idea who she is. Sally nods, “But not who I used to be.” She’s not proud of it and admits she faked a terminal illness like Ashland. Nick tells her to stop. “I don’t want to hear anymore about it.”
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Sally guesses he doesn’t want to hear about her past because it’s so horrifying. Nick says some of what she told her is pretty extreme, and he wants to know everything about her, but the things that interest him are her childhood memories and her preferences. All the other stuff… he promises he’s done just as bad or worse and so has everyone else in town. “I know who you are now, that’s enough for me.” Sally takes his hand and leads him to the sofa, where she tells him some tidbits. “Thank you, Nick, for caring about who I am.” She’s really excited to see where this is going. They kiss.

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In the park, Adam comes upon Chelsea smiling as she listens to carolers singing. He asks to join her.
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Chelsea assures him she’s fine. Adam says he was lonely without Connor tonight and she’s the only other person who would understand. Chelsea reflects that the holidays can be joyous but also hard. Adam tells her they’re all set for Christmas at the ranch if she’s up for it. Chelsea wants to go. “It’s important for Connor.” Adam hasn’t told Victor or Nikki about her hospitalization; she can decide what to say and when. Chelsea appreciates it. Adam assures her if she wants to get out of there, they’ll leave. Chelsea thanks him for the support; she knows it hasn’t been easy for him, especially with Billy involved.
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At the ranch, Nikki tells Victor that Victoria told her Chelsea’s been in a bad place. Victor heard that Johnny and Connor have become close. Nikki thinks so too. She feels all family should be together on the holidays, so it’s good Adam wants to be with them. “I know how happy you would be if you were able to bring him back into the family fold.” Victor says that’s up to Adam. “If he wants to be back in the fold, let him make the move.” Nikki thinks Adam choosing to be with them on Christmas is a first step. Victor says, “Yeah,” and kisses her.

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In Sally’s suite, in bed after sex, she says to Nick, “Well, so much for taking it slow.” She really doesn’t want to interfere with his family plans for Christmas. “It’s one day, I’ll be fine.” Nick is willing to change his plans for her. He’ll spend some time with the family for Christian’s sake and then they’ll do something special. “Just the two of us.” Sally says that sounds perfect and they kiss.
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In the park, Adam assures Chelsea that he has no problem with Billy helping her. He admires how she’s handled this whole thing. She thanks him and asks about his breakup with Sally. “How are you feeling about all that?” Adam has moments of self-pity and loneliness, but he has a wonderful son with a caring mother. They should both just focus on their family. They stand up and Chelsea holds his arm as they take in the carolers singing The First Noel.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon and her family decorate and smile.

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At the ranch, Nikki and Victor slow dance and share a kiss.
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