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Phyllis follows Summer into Society and hollers at her to stop. She wants an answer as to what she thinks about Jack saying she could fire her. They walk inside and Phyllis notices Adam at the bar. Summer sits down and Phyllis joins her. She demands to know, “What do you think? Are you firing me?”

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea tells Sharon that Connor’s gone to the park to play soccer despite the cold. Sharon wonders why she didn’t go for some fresh air. “Why do you look so uncomfortable?” Chelsea insists she’s fine but then admits it’s strange to be out in the world again; it’s intimidating. The coffee house is the only place she feels safe as it’s close to her apartment. Sharon’s glad she feels it might be time for her to step outside her comfort zone. Chelsea agrees but she’s not sure she’s ready.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki and Nick discuss covering for Victoria while she’s out of town. Nikki wants Nick to run the meetings and demonstrate some leadership. Down the line she’d love to see him step up and take her position, but has concerns about his personal life. Nick tells his mother it’s called a personal life for a reason and it’s not up for discussion. Nikki says Victor is concerned about his relationship with Sally and worries it could make the tension with Adam even worse. Nick says if it wasn’t that, it would be something else… that’s the nature of their relationship. Nikki tells him that Sally faked a terminal illness and asks if he really wants to bring another Ashland Locke into the family. Nick snarls that they are nothing alike, and says Sally’s not the same person she was in L.A. Nikki reminds him she tried to ruin Summer’s life. Nick argues the trip to Milan turned out to be one of the best things in Summer’s life. He can see both sides and has made peace with it. Whoever he chooses to spend his time with is nobody’s business but his own. Nikki asks if he’s not concerned it will affect his relationship with Summer. Nick says he’s not because she loves him. Just then, Sally appears and asks if she’s interrupting something.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon keeps coaxing Chelsea to see the world in a new light. Chelsea says her therapist agrees with her. She explains the conversations she’s had making amends has been helpful. Sharon is proud of her. Sharon finds it rewarding to see people escape their demons. Chelsea still has to make amends to all the people she’s wronged. Just then, Victoria walks in. She asks Chelsea how things are going. Chelsea says it’s a process and wonders if she could take a minute of her time. Victoria’s leaving on a business trip but has a few minutes.
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At Society, Phyllis tells Summer she shot Jeremy Stark down when he asked her to help find Diane. “This is not my responsibility. This is what Diane did. I didn’t do it, Ashley didn’t do it, Nikki didn’t do it, nobody did it but Diane.” She argues that Stark wouldn’t even be there if not for her. Summer wonders if nobody deserves a second chance. Phyllis thinks her daughter is taking Jack’s lead. Summer fumes that she’s defended her to Jack but she makes it really difficult. Phyllis knows Summer hasn’t trusted Diane from the minute she arrived in town.

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At Newman, Nikki has left and Sally muses to Nick that she seemed to walk in on something pretty intense. Nick shrugs it off and asks to what does he owe this surprise visit? Sally has the numbers for her new business plan and would like him to take a look and share his expertise. Nick glances at her and muses, “I like what I see… on the tablet.” She watches him as he talks numbers. He turns to her and says he admires her attention to detail. “I love the smile but what’s it for.” Sally tells him she doesn’t want to cross any lines, “But you are very sexy when you talk business.”
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In Chelsea’s apartment, she explains to Victoria that she asked her there to make amends. “I owe you an apology and it’s long overdue.” She says it all started in Myanmar. She apologized to him earlier. When she came to Genoa City she tried to destroy Victoria’s marriage and it was shameful and unacceptable. “And more recently, the way I disrupted your family with Johnny.” She says it was selfish of her and she’s sorry for any pain and turmoil she caused.

At Society, Phyllis knows Summer must have seen how Diane has affected her husband. A cocktail is delivered, and Adam calls over, “If your conversation is private you might want to consider keeping it down.” Phyllis hollers, “Why should I be punished when the inevitable is going to happen?” Summer hushes her mother and asks her if she’s ever considered there might be more at play than she knows? Has Phyllis even stopped to think about how many people would be hurt by this; how it would feel for Harrison to have his grandmother ran out of town?! Phyllis rolls her eyes and says Diane isn’t that important to Harrison. Summer exclaims that he’s already asking when she’ll be back. “Did you ever consider what the stress of this would do to my marriage?” Nevermind, that as long as Stark’s in town they could all be targeted.
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Phyllis says it’s all Diane’s fault and adds that she helped the woman out by shutting him down. “It’s over and I told him to go back to Los Angeles.” Summer fumes that she’s taken zero accountability for the repercussions of her actions. Phyllis replies, “Oh wow, I guess I didn’t how high the stakes were.” Summer’s agog. “You don’t even care!” She asks if her mother even wants to know what she and Kyle are thinking. Phyllis sarcastically asks her to be nice. Summer informs her that they agree with Jack and her employment at Marchetti will be terminated effective immediately.

Noah and Allie arrive at Crimson Lights, where he tells his mother that his girlfriend is a genius. Allie talks about her research and Sharon has no idea what she’s talking about. Allie gets a call from Mariah and steps away to take it.
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At Newman, Nick teases Sally about her getting turned on by business talk and pretends to be a CEO. Sally jokes, “I think I was wrong about the whole sexy thing.” Nick pulls her to him and says he likes spending time with her, working with her, laughing, and spending time with her. “I already said that part,” he chuckles before asking her to pencil him in for a dinner or something. Sally and Nick canoodle. She tells him this feels good and it’s all new to her — planning dates, taking things slow. Nick says they can just enjoy the journey. Sally agrees, “We have all the time in the world. Nick goes to kiss her, and she pulls back, “Except now.” She has to go pick up her order at Society. “But I will pencil you in.”
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At Crimson Lights, Allie’s still on the phone on the patio and Noah raves to Sharon about his girlfriend. Sharon explains that Audra was there earlier looking for him. Allie overhears.

At Chelsea’s apartment, Victoria feels it must have been difficult for her to apologize, and she wants the best for her recovery, but she still has concerns. Chelsea guesses she’s worried that she’ll still push for a deeper relationship with Johnny. Victoria does want to know what her intentions are with regard to Johnny. Chelsea assures Victoria that she’s not going after Johnny; she was reaching out to him to fill some kind of void inside, which wasn’t fair to her or him. She tells Victoria she’s raised a wonderful boy. “Thank you for all you’ve done for him.” Victoria loves him more than words can say. She’s glad Chelsea wants what’s best for the boy because that’s all she wants.

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At Society, Phyllis can’t believe Summer is firing her and complains that even when she’s not in town Diane is pulling the strings. Summer warned her mother what the consequences would be if the thing with Diane got out of control, and she still contacted Stark. She hopes this is a learning experience for Phyllis. Summer walks out as Sally walks in. She and Adam exchange a glance. Phyllis rolls her eyes. Sally and Adam greet one another, and he admits he’s surprised she joined him. She thinks they came to a natural resolution and is just there to pick up her takeout. She teases him about the need to show up at Jabot once in a while and tells him Newman’s loss is definitely Jabot’s gain. Adam asks how she’s spending her time these days.

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Lauren and Michael arrive at Society and greet Phyllis, who tells Lauren that her advice to just let Diane be and move on was wrong. Diane’s level of evil has affected all of them. Michael wonders if they should have a drink before she tears his wife to shreds. Phyllis wonders if Michael didn’t notice the huge skeleton in Diane’s L.A closet? Thanks to his negligence, Jack is thinking of going head-to-head with Jeremy Stark, one of the most dangerous men she’s ever met in her life. Michael explains to Lauren that Stark is an ex-con Diane got involved with — he did actually know who the skeleton was. He tells Phyllis he warned her early on to let this go because it could bite her in the ass. “Which seems to be the case.”
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon leaves Noah and Allie to talk. She says she’s really impressed with Audra’s level of confidence and entitlement. Noah says that’s how she’s always been. Allie doesn’t see how she can still think there’s something between them when he’s told her repeatedly told her it’s over. “You can’t think of anything you could have said or done that might have led her on in any way?” Noah says, “Not really,” but Allie senses there’s something he hasn’t told her. “What is it?”

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Noah admits, “There is something that I need to tell you.” Allie assures him she can handle it. Noah tells her Audra came to see him at the club. He figured she wanted to talk more about the miscarriage, but that wasn’t it… not by a longshot. She made it clear that what she really wanted was him. “Before I knew what was happening, she kissed me.” Allie asks, “She what?!” Noah insists he pulled away but Allie asks, “Did you respond to her? Noah, did you kiss her back?” Noah doesn’t know; it was confusing, and all happened very fast. Allie says, “Tell me Noah, do I need to be worried?”
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At Society, Sally tells Adam she’s starting an interior design business. She and Chloe are hoping to partner with Chancellor-Winters and design for their hotels and offices. “My company will be a success.” He’s impressed and wishes her nothing but good fortune and success. “Believe it or not, I hope Nick brings you the happiness you deserve.” Sally grabs her takeout and tells Adams he appreciates that. “Nick and I have decided to officially start seeing each other. But we’re going slow.” Adam asks her not to go slow on his account. “I wish you both well.”

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Across the room, Phyllis is irked by Michael telling her, “I told you so.” She grabs her coat and complains about seeing Adam skulking around at bars, but Jack doesn’t fire him. All she’s trying to do is save the Abbott family and her daughter and she gets fired. Sally approaches, greets Lauren and Michael, and tells Phyllis that pretty soon, she is going to be her biggest competitor. Phyllis rolls her eyes. “What fantasy are you spinning, Sally?” Sally says she and Chloe are launching an interior design business and will be probably be going head-to-head with Marchetti Home. She walks out and Michael calls for a bottle of scotch with two straws. Phyllis gasps, “Everyone’s lost their damn mind.”
Phyllis Sally Lauren Michael Y&R

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