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Traci calls out to a distracted Lily in Society. They make small talk about Christmas and then Traci asks what’s going on with her. Lily says she was thinking about Billy. Traci noticed they were off on Thanksgiving. Lily admits she was thrown by Billy wanting to leave Chancellor-Winters, but it was bad timing as Nate also left. A lot of things she thought she could count on have fallen apart. Traci asks if things are more than just a little bumpy with Billy. Lily replies, “You could say that.” Traci takes her hand. “I am so sorry.” So is Lily.

Lily tells Traci she and Billy aren’t in sync and his focus has shifted. Traci worries he’s gambling again. Lily assures her he’s not, but his new purpose has taken over. “We just keep going in circles.” She wants it to stop but doesn’t know how.
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At Noah’s club, Billy runs into Daniel and starts asking about his project. Daniel can’t say too much about it. Billy’s sure Lily will tell him eventually if she greenlights it. Daniel says it’s a shame he left the company, he’d probably appreciate the vision. Billy shrugs that if he was there, he’d probably screw it up. It was time for him to move on. Daniel asks what’s next for Billy Abbott. Billy wonders why his future would be of any concern to Daniel. It feels strange to be questioned by Daniel of all people. Daniel’s not sure how to take that.
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At Jabot, Ashley peers into Jack’s office as Tucker comes up behind her. He asks if she’s free and she says she is. She came to talk to Jack but he’s not in. Tucker guesses she wants to talk to him about Diane leaving. He explains he ran into her last night. Ashley says Jack already excoriated her last night. Tucker thought they made good progress yesterday and would like to invite her on a drive around the lake. Ashley’s intrigued to hear he has a pick-up truck and says she could use some fresh air. “Let’s do it.”

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At the Abbott house, Summer comes in with Harrison and Jack looks at the picture his grandson drew at school. He made if for Dee Dee and asks when she’ll be back. Jack tells the boy that his daddy had to go on a business trip, and Dee Dee had to go away too. He knows they have fun together and when she gets back, they’ll have extra fun. Summer suggests they call his daddy. Harrison asks, “Will Dee Dee be back for Christmas?”
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Phyllis enters Crimson Lights and joins Jeremy Stark on the patio. He asks her to call him Jeremy and admits he’s researched her a bit. He invites her to sit down and says the coffee’s on him — it’s the least he could do after her giving him the information to help him track down Diane. He lets her know he thinks she’s pretty. Phyllis denies making the call. Jeremy asks if it wasn’t her distinctive voice on the call, why then did she agree to meet him? Phyllis wants to know what he’s doing there. “What are your plans?”

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Jeremy says he came to Genoa City to catch up with an old friend. Phyllis asks why the urgency to connect with Diane. Jeremy says she’s special and has something that belongs to him that he needs back. He wanted to see her face-to-face so he could tell if she was lying to him. He can always tell, that’s why he asked Phyllis to have coffee with him.
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Jeremy wants to know where Phyllis got the information that Diane turned him in to the FBI. Phyllis again denies making the call. Jeremy admires her sticking to her story. He thinks that Phyllis could be very useful to him given she’s not bound by conventional morality, and says he’s very motivated to see Diane. Phyllis guesses he thinks she knows where Diane is and wants him to help him find her. “When you find her, you intend to make her pay for what she did to you, right?” Jeremy can’t imagine Phyllis would have a problem with that.

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In the park, Tucker has a romantic winter picnic set up for him and Ashley complete with a patio heater. They go over whether or not she hates him. She clarifies that she doesn’t trust him. He hopes to change her mind about that.
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At the Abbott house, Summer concludes a call with Kyle at the cabin and Jack recaps that only they know where Diane is hiding. They can’t risk Stark finding out. They’ll work on a plan to neutralize him, but until then, Diane will have to stay put. He reports it won’t be easy — he has a score to settle with her. Jack feels he might leave when he finds out she left to get away from him, but otherwise, everyone has an Achilles heel and he’ll find Stark’s.

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After taking Harrison upstairs, Jack laments that he’s an innocent victim in all this. He vows to ensure that he’s safe, and Diane as well. Summer notes they’ve grown close and questions why Jack was able to forgive Diane and not her mother. She’s furious with her mom right now but how many times did Diane say there were no more secrets and then, surprise, there was another one. Jack argues that Diane has gone to great lengths to prove she’s changed, and he understands her instinct to cover it up. He goes on that she’s made great strides and is defending herself from attacks while trying to prove herself as a mother and grandmother. Jack tells Summer that he and Phyllis have a deep connection and he never thought it would end, but he can’t sit back and say, “Oh, that’s who Phyllis is” anymore. She’s put them in real danger!
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At the coffee house, Jeremy says the woman who called him must have known how he’d react to knowing Diane betrayed him. He considers this woman an ally. Phyllis suddenly exhales and admits, “I called you. I was the one who called you.” She knew he would scare Diane out of town, but she has no proof that she went to the Feds. Jeremy intones, “So you lied to me.” Phyllis rails, “I needed her out of town. I needed this woman out of town, do you understand?” She knew if he came, she would leave. Phyllis says the people of Genoa City thank him so much for doing this. She apologizes for lying to him and inconveniencing him, but he can go back to where he came from now. “We’re done. I apologize. Just know, it all happened because of me.”
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In the park, Ashley tells Tucker the picnic was delicious. She remarks on him remembering what food she loves. He remembers everything and notices everything since his car wreck. He coos about her eyes sparkling and she rolls them, “Come on, really?” Tucker talks about missing out on love. Ashley’s skeptical. Tucker isn’t just talking about romantic love. He missed out with Devon and really wants to know him and their grandson. “I think I can start to create a bond with Devon.” He’s created a foundation since he’s been back and would love to work with him the way he did with Neil. Ashley asks, “Is that your intention? You want to get a piece of Chancellor-Winters so you can work with Devon?” She can’t help but draw a parallel between the two of them since he asked Diane to get Jabot’s financials. Tucker thought she dismissed that, but Ashley assures him she never would. “Are you going after Chancellor-Winters and Jabot?”
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At the Abbott mansion, Summer can understand why Jack is willing to give Diane the benefit of the doubt. “It comes down to Kyle, right?” Jack understands her supporting her mother as well, even though she’s angry at her right now. Summer always hoped they’d settle down together. Jack’s sorry to disappoint her. Summer wishes her mother would get out of her own way. “She’s her own worst enemy.”

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At Crimson Lights, Jeremy tells Phyllis their talk has been illuminating. She’s relieved she came clean. He feels terrible that he believed the worst of his old flame. Phyllis is sorry for inconveniencing him. Jeremy really needs to make things right with Diane and asks, “Where did you say she was again?” Phyllis sighs and says she truly doesn’t know. Jeremy leans in close, “But you can find out.” Phyllis insists no one will tell her. “She left without her grandson or her son, so she’s definitely scared.” Jeremy can’t imagine why. With that, he walks out.

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Jack arrives at Jabot with Summer and Phyllis comes in. Jack hollers to Summer that he won’t deal with her mother, but Phyllis says it’s about Jeremy Stark. “I met with him, and I need to tell you both what happened.” Jack grimaces.
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At Noah’s club, Billy can’t understand why Daniel’s interested in his career path. Daniel’s view of the world has expanded, and he thinks Billy of all people would understand that. “You’ve always been open to new opportunities.” Daniel thinks he’s lucky to have a supportive partner and hopes he’ll be supportive of Lily in return. Billy’s not sure what he’s thinking. “I’ve been nothing but supportive of Lily.” Daniel points out he abandoned Lily right when things at Chancellor-Winters got difficult. Billy wishes Daniel luck with his project and starts to walk away. Daniel blurts, “I can tell you this much… it’s a platform. To help people find their purpose.”
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At Society, Traci tells Lily that maybe she and Billy need an objective third party to help them navigate their difficulties. Lily asks, “Like a couple’s counselor?” She’s not sure if Billy would go; they’re so not on the same page. Traci urges her not to give up on her brother. “I can see how much the two of you love each other.” Lily feels it’s slipping through her fingers and she’s the only one who’s trying to hold it together. Traci urges her to tell him that and maybe he’ll realize he has some work to do.
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At the park, Tucker complains that Ashley and Devon both think his intentions are hostile. Ashley reminds him his career was built on hostility. Tucker says that was the old him. Any working relationship he entered into with Devon, he’d want to be mutually agreed upon. Same thing goes for the two of them. “I want to work side-by-side with you.” He tells her how smart and exciting she is. “Can you imagine what we could accomplish together.” Tucker proposes that she quit her family business and let him help her build her own empire. “What would you say to that?”

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At Jabot, Phyllis tells Jack and Summer that Jeremy Stark asked to meet with her, and she obliged. He was certain she knew Diane’s whereabouts and that she was the one who called him. She denied it at first and then decided to try something new. “I told him it was me.” She came clean about calling him to lure Diane out of town and suggested he go back to California. Jack wonders if she’s expecting a thank you. “We wouldn’t be in this situation if you hadn’t set all this in motion.” Phyllis didn’t get the feeling Stark would leave. He told her he needed to meet up with Diane because she has something he wants. Jack thinks it sounds like Phyllis made things worse. “I told you to stay away with him. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — I’m done with you!”
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Phyllis gawps, “As Jack Abbot or CEO of Jabot?” Jack says both. She looked him square in the eye and lied about calling him. “You never ever change,” he fumes. Phyllis asks if he’s firing her. Jack says she reports to Kyle and Summer. He hopes they’ll make the right decision. If it were up to him, he’d fire her right this second! Phyllis slowly turns to look at her daughter.

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