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At Society, Lily tells Daniel she’s fine, but he knows better. Lily’s reluctant to talk about her relationship issues with an ex. Daniel will pretend the conversation never happened afterward if she wants. What’s bigger than them being exes is their friendship. Lily relents and admits she feels she’s losing Billy… or maybe they’re losing each other.

Lily tells Daniel that she and Billy clash sometimes — they’re very different — but she feels something has changed. Daniel asks if it has to do with one of Billy’s destructive habits. Lily’s instincts are telling her so, but she’s unsure of her assessment. He asks if she thinks something is going on with Billy and the woman he’s helping. Lily says no, but he’s made her the center of his universe. “It’s almost like it’s imprinted on them and they have this weird dependency on each other.” Daniel thinks it sounds like a woman whose boyfriend is showing up for someone else and leaving her on the back burner. Lily groans about over-sharing. Daniel observes that Billy must have gotten his act together for her to be this involved with him. Lily goes on about how great he can be. Daniel wonders if he’s falling into old patterns. Lily feels it’s that exactly, and this is just a symptom.
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At Chelsea’s place, Billy tells her there’s nothing she needs to make amends for, but she has to do this. He’s not sure what they’re talking about. Chelsea says if he doesn’t want to hear it she won’t force him, but not giving him a choice back when they were strangers is something she is incredibly ashamed of. Billy nods. “So, we are talking about what happened in Myanmar.” Chelsea says, “The night Johnny was conceived.”

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Billy doesn’t understand why they need to talk about Myanmar — it’s ancient history and they’re different people now. Chelsea says what she did there was wrong and there’s no excusing it. “Please, let me do this.” Billy shrugs and then sits. Chelsea tells him he was just another mark to her. “We had sex.” Billy interrupts, “I know all this.” Chelsea says he got thrown into a godforsaken prison because of her and didn’t remember any of it. To her it was just a crazy night that went too far, but she realizes now that it wasn’t “wild”, and it wasn’t consensual because he was high out of his mind. She knows now how wrong it was.
Billy Chelsea Y&R

At Newman Media, Nate and Victoria discuss the trip to L.A. She tells him everyone is looking forward to meeting with him. Nate admits he added a meeting to their schedule with a kid who is burning up the internet right now. Victoria’s okay with it. Nate says Elena’s planning to come with them. Victoria’s surprised he’d bring her on his first business trip — it’s not a vacation. Just then, Nate gets a text from Elena that she can’t come. He tells Victoria. Just then, Devon knocks on the office door — he needs to talk to Nate alone.

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Victoria assures Nate they’re finished and leaves them to talk. Nate ask Devon, “What’s the emergency?” Devon tells Nate that after what he did at Chancellor-Winters, he’s lost the right to have an opinion on his professional or personal life. “Whatever happened between Amanda and me is none of your damn business.”

At Crimson Lights, Connor shouts goodbye to his dad and goes inside, where Sharon greets him and asks to hear one thing, he learned at school that was interesting. Connor gives her a bit of info on lichen as Johnny joins them. Sharon tells them to grab a seat and she’ll bring hot chocolate. The boys head to a table as Chance comes in looking for a black coffee. She asks about Abby and Chance says he hasn’t really seen her — he’s settling into his new place. Sharon reminds him she’s available as a sounding board before taking the boys their drinks. Johnny and Connor toast to hanging out a whole lot more.

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At Devon’s place, Abby lets herself in with Dom and talks to him about getting toasty warm. She promises him everything will be okay.

At Newman Media, Nate tells Devon he and Amanda are the last thing on his mind right at the moment, so he’s not sure why he barged in there all upset. Devon complains that he asked Lily about them and then called Imani to ask about them as well. Nate insists he called to ask about Naya and feels it’s natural for him to wonder about Amanda’s abrupt move back to Virginia. Devon tells him what’s natural if for one to let it go when you’ve been told something is none of your business. Nate muses, “This is quite the touchy subject for you, isn’t it? Makes me wonder what you could have done to mess things up with Amanda.”

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At Crimson Lights, Chance and Sharon watch Johnny and Connor. He admits he’s been trying to be amicable with Abby but has a lot going on inside. She says he need to find healthy ways to get those feelings out; like going to the gym. Chance says boxing reminds him of Victor. He worries about the trauma to Dominic. Sharon assures them they’re all doing everything they can to put him first. Chance wishes there was no tension, but he can’t just get rid of it. They go over him losing his dad and Ryan. He wanted it to be different for Dom and feels he failed. Sharon tells him to look at Connor and Johnny, who have been through a lot and are doing great. “That’s Dom’s future.” Chance smiles.
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At Society, Daniel tells Lily that whatever is going on with Billy isn’t because of her. Her head knows that, but her heart isn’t so sure. Daniel tells her she’s too nice and gives her some therapy speak. Lily tells him that was terrible. Daniel wonders if it’s possible that Billy is nobler than they’ve ever given him credit for, and that this woman genuinely needs the support he’s providing to make it through this difficult time.
Daniel Lily Y&R

In Chelsea’s apartment, she recaps that she drugged Billy, who was in no shape to consent to anything. Billy says that when he thinks back on that night, it was a perfect storm of “why the hell not?” Chelsea tells him to stop making excuses for her because he thinks it’s too much for her to handle. Billy doesn’t understand where this is coming from. Chelsea says Johnny will want to know how she met his dad. It breaks her heart for him and for Billy too. It doesn’t matter what he said at the time, there was no consent. Billy says his son was created that night with someone he barely knew, but he exists, and he loves him. “Because of him, I wouldn’t change a thing. But if anything like that ever happened to him…” Chelsea chokes, “I know. I know, Billy. And I am so sorry.”
Billy Chelsea Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Chance he’s seen him overcome all kinds of things in the past, this will be no different. Chance feels wallowing isn’t the answer. He needs to add a little of Johnny and Connor’s ‘que sera sera’ to his vibe. Sharon teases, “Maybe we should ask them for advice.”

At Devon’s place, Abby shows Dom a photo of Grandpa Neil and explains that he and Grandpa Victor were really good friends, “Just like me and your dad.” She flashes to them having sex and worries, “Now, I don’t know what is going to happen.”

At Newman Media, Nate knows Amanda didn’t walk away from Devon because of Naya’s condition as that hasn’t changed. This leads him to believe something big happened between them. Devon wonders why he’s so obsessed with the family he betrayed. Nate tells Devon that Amanda stopped by his apartment and was trying to help find a way to bring them back together. “She was trying to help you because she knows how much family means to you.” Devon counters that it means nothing to Nate, which is why it’s none of his business what went on. Nate continues that the last time he saw Amanda she was with Chance in the hall. “They were headed to your place. The next thing I know, you and Amanda were done. Makes me wonder, ‘What did I miss’?”

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Devon wonders why Nate expects him to believe his caring is genuine. Nate is sad that the two of them work out, but it’s more than that now given how invasive Devon is being. “It truly would be a shock to learn that you’ve been acting all holier-than-thou with me when you’ve got your own mistakes to answer for.” Devon snaps, “Oh, we’re calling what you did a mistake now.” Nate has apologized repeatedly and sincerely. Now, he’s at his place of business getting into his face. “What did you do that’s so incendiary that you’re afraid I’ll find out?” Nate says he admitted to what he planned to do, but you don’t have the guts to own up to whatever you actually did to Amanda.
Nate Devon Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Connor and Johnny set themselves up to be able to play a game together even when they’re apart. Johnny asks if Chelsea is strict and Connor lands her at a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Johnny thinks that’s not so bad. Across the room, Sharon tells Chance they should find out what’s putting a smile on the boys’ faces. He hopes it’s not one of those dance videos. Sharon says, “There’s one way to find out.”

At Society, Lily tells Daniel it feels there’s an addictive component to Billy helping this friend. Daniel mutters about white knight syndrome. Lily says, “Yeah, it’s his sole focus in life.” She’s the bad guy when she points it out. Daniel trusts her gut. “You are smart and sympathetic and thoughtful. I mean, if you’re seeing red flags…” He tells her Billy is Billy and she can’t change him. “So where does that leave you?”

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At Crimson Lights, Chance listens as Johnny and Connor tell him all about their vampire game. Sharon looks on and smiles as Chance asks them to teach him how to play.

At Devon’s place, Abby tells Dom that things are pretty weird right now and she’s sorry about that, but maybe that’s how things were meant for them. She recalls she had a second dad too. “His name was Brad and he was wonderful.” Abby had a lot of love around her just like he has. She knows things have been different since Chance moved out but things will get better.

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At Newman Media, Devon informs Nate he doesn’t owe him anything at all. Nate understands and since they’re not friends or colleagues, there’s no reason for him to show up there again. Devon tells him, “Don’t give me a reason to show up here again. Mind your business and stay out of my life, how about that?!”

At Society, Lily tells Daniel he’s a good friend and she’s glad they’ve been able to maintain their relationship. Daniel asks if she feels better. She does. “Thank you.” Lily says in spite of everything, she really wants to believe she and Billy will work through this. Daniel wants her to be happy; it’s what she deserves.

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In Chelsea’s place, Billy appreciates her apology. Chelsea explains this has forced her to look at the things she’s done and not let them control her. Billy has moved on, Johnny is thriving, and Chelsea can move on too. “You’re not the same person. And what you just did was incredibly brave.” He tells her she’s made her amends and he appreciates it. She won’t ask for forgiveness because what she did was unforgivable. The kindness he’s shown her is more than she deserves.

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