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At Jabot, Jack closes the office door and says, “Stark!” Jeremy tells Abbott it’s good to see him again. Jack wishes he could say the same thing. “What exactly is going on here?” Jeremy says they’re two old friends catching up. Jack knows the nature of their past and informs Stark that he’s not welcome there. Stark is amused that Diane’s new friend has such gravitas. He wonders at the change from the warm welcome he received previously at the house and hopes Diane hasn’t been speaking ill of him. Jack says he read the article about him being released from prison. Stark informs Jack that he and Kyle are misinformed about his intentions where Diane is concerned. “You think I want to hurt Diane?”

Diane tells Jack that Jeremy got an anonymous tip that she helped put him away, but it’s not true. Jeremy says he doesn’t care one way or the other. Jack raises an eyebrow. Stark sits on the desk and tells Diane that even if she cooperated with the authorities, he couldn’t blame her. “I hold no animosity, and frankly, you should know that.” He points out that she’s free and wasn’t implicated because he never mentioned her name to the FBI — not once. She’s here and reunited with her family because of his goodwill. “Now, there is a financial situation that we need to discuss, but that’s between you and me.” Jack blusters, “How much? How much will it cost for you to leave Diane alone?”
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Diane tells Jack, “No,” and informs Stark there is nothing to pay off. “I don’t owe you a thing!” Stark’s amused by this take and says they’ll have to agree to disagree. Jack tells him to leave the building and adds, “And don’t come back here or to my home.” Stark smirks. “Okay. Have a nice day.” Once alone, Diane tells Jack she’s convinced she’s in danger. Jack agrees. If he only wanted money, he’d have taken his offer. “No, he’s here to settle a score.”

At Society, Ashley joins Tucker, who tells her she looks lovely. She warns she may not be great company today — Kyle was really upset with her earlier because Jeremy Stark’s in town. Kyle and Jack blame her. Tucker asks her not to take this the wrong way, but he thinks she’s in way over her head with this Jeremy Stark business. “I think it would be wise to distance yourself from Nikki and Phyllis.” Ashley notes, “So, you’ve done a 180.” Tucker has changed his mind about a couple of things. Tucker thinks what they’re doing to Diane is a bit heavy-handed. Ashley gawps, “Wow, now you’re defending Diane!” Tucker denies it but wonders if Ashley’s hatred of Diane is linked to him cheating on her with the woman. “I’m the one you ought to be made at.” Ashley asks if he’s for real. Tucker gets where Ashley is coming from in a way that Jack and Kyle cannot, but Jeremy Stark is trouble, so it’s his advice that she redirect her anger to him and separate herself from Nikki and Phyllis.
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Ashley clarifies that she never wanted things to escalate to this point with Diane — she only wanted her out of town. Tucker points out that means separating her from the only family she has left. Ashley never wanted to hurt Kyle, but Diane is fair game. “She devastated that little boy to save her own skin. I have no sympathy for her” Tucker muses that given what Dina did to Ashley he can appreciate why she’d feel that way. Ashley reminds him she also faked her death and people were arrested for it. She also doesn’t want her sinking her teeth into her brother again, and yes, she’s angry that she slept with Tucker. He urges her to let go of the anger. He’s learned to take responsibility and has changed. They should let the past stop dictating their future. Ashley loves that he wants her to let go of the anger when it’s his past actions that need letting go of. Tucker grins, “God, I love you.” He loves that they’re equally matched. “You see me, and I see you too.” Tucker recalls her telling him that love isn’t enough. Looking back, he understands why it wasn’t. But time passes and people evolve and come to have a deeper understanding of one another — isn’t that enough to build a foundation? He makes a pitch for her to give them one more chance.
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Nate walks into Society, where Lily is sitting by herself. She says his name and he tells her, “I hope this won’t be a problem.” He thanks Lily for agreeing to let Elena return to Newman Media. Lily doesn’t want to force her to stay with them if she’d rather work with Nate. “I think people do their best work where they’re happiest.” Nate couldn’t agree more. Lily tells her cousin that Devon is really angry, and she is too, but she’s also hurt and confused. “I just don’t understand how you could betray us like that.” Nate sits down and says he’s sorry it all fell apart. His hope is that one day they’ll come together again as a family. Lily informs him he broke their trust, and trust is everything when it comes to family. Nate insists that Devon played a part, and he thinks deep down she knows that. At least she has a forgiving heart.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance watches Abby with Dom, and then tells her, “I’m ready.” He takes Dom to say goodbye to him and tells him to be good to his mommy. Abby, shedding a tear, turns away. She listens as Chance tells Dom he knows he doesn’t understand what’s going on right now, but sometimes parents live separately. He’s going to live in a different house like his other daddy. He assures the boy he is lucky because he has so many people that love him.
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After the nanny has taken Dom to the park, Chance tells Abby he should get going now. She wants to talk about schedules for visitation and assures him he’s welcome to come by and see Dom any time he likes. Chance will call first. He promises to make spending time with him a priority. Abby is glad because she wouldn’t want him to feel abandoned. Chance tells her, “Take care, I’ll see you guys soon.” Abby cries, “Chance, I’m sorry!” He grimaces. Abby tells him, “I’m so sorry. Can you believe that?” Chance says he’s sorry too and reiterates that he doesn’t think only one thing led to this — it was an accumulation of a lot of things. He believes they’re just two different people who can’t make each other happy. She and Devon were just the breaking point. Abby cries that the love they have for each other is still there under all this pain. Chance is disconnected from those feelings — too much has happened. He’s accepted that it’s over and hopes she can too so they can move on with their lives. He walks out of the room, pausing in the hallway as Abby cries into her hands in the living room.
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At Jabot, Jack asks Diane if they should be involving the police — Stark must be violating his parole with these visits. Diane points out he hasn’t threatened her outright; that’s how Jeremy works; it’s all innuendo. Jack asks what’s in her immunity deal. Diane doesn’t want him to know she lied and informed on him. Jack suggests maybe she should go into the witness protection program. Diane didn’t fight this hard to get back to Kyle, Harrison… and him, just to start over with a new identity. She won’t be intimidated into going back to that lonely life and insists they have to figure this out on their own. Jack is seriously concerned about her safety — he thought offering him money would be a slam dunk. Diane says there may be another way out of this.

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At Society, Ashley tells Tucker she hasn’t seen much evidence that he’s actually changed, and she isn’t prepared to give their romantic relationship another shot. She will say he’s certainly persistent. Tucker will take the compliment and tells her again that they’re meant to be. Ashley says, “Have a nice day,” and leaves.

In the restaurant, Nate tells Lily he’s been wondering what else is going on with Devon. He got a message from Imani that she and Amanda are staying in Virginia. He knows something upsetting happened and Amanda resigned. Lily informs him it’s a family matter and sadly, none of his concern now.
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At the Abbott mansion, Diane asks Jack if he thinks her plan will work. Jack hates being forced into this but agrees it makes sense. Jack says Kyle will take her to the cabin and come back here while she lays low there. Stark will think she’s fled in fear and will move on. Diane hates to disappear but her being there puts the whole family at risk. Let Jeremy think she’s left town, and maybe Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis will believe it too, and finally leave her alone. She remarks that Phyllis seemed nervous around Jeremy earlier — maybe she finally realized she was playing with fire. Jack asks what she’s talking about. Diane explains she was with Phyllis at Jabot when Jeremy showed up. He thought he recognized her voice as the person who called him. Jack sighs “Is this war between you two ever going to end or is that just too much to ask for?” Diane didn’t mean to upset him and is keen to put the plan in motion. Jack assures her that nothing will happen to her and holds her in his arms. Ashley walks in, makes a face, and rolls her eyes.
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Diane tells Jack she needs to go to the hotel and get her things. Jack walks her to the door and tells her security will accompany to her to the Grand Phoenix, wait for her and Kyle and then escort them to the cabin. Diane loudly thanks Jack for everything he’s done and informs him she can’t put his family in jeopardy. Jack shuts the door and fumes to Ashley, “I hope you’re happy! Diane is leaving town, running away from Jeremy Stark, who has made it very clear he is out to get her. Thanks to your friends, and you, she may never return!”

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon spots Chance ordering a coffee and notes his expression looks like it did right after Rey died. Chance says his marriage is over. He just moved out and said goodbye to Abby. Sharon’s sorry and knows how hard that can be. Chance marvels that his life doesn’t revolve around his family anymore and says he’s sad. He’s a bit relieved too though; he was trying to make something true that wasn’t. It’s just another reason why this divorce had to happen.

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Devon arrives at Society, and Nate asks him about Amanda staying in Virginia. Devon tells him it’s none of his business as he and Lily move to another table. Lily tells Devon that Jill wants to move forward with the IPO. She wonders if Devon still thinks Tucker is up to something. Devon has to say yes that Tucker poses a threat because they don’t know what his plan is. Lily asks how much time he needs to find out what’s going on in his head. Devon doesn’t know and asks what she and Nate were talking about. Lily sighs. “He wants to earn our forgiveness.” She asks if Nate betraying them is any worse than how he betrayed Amanda. Devon says it’s a completely different situation. Lily says he hurt Amanda and wants forgiveness. How is that any different than Nate wanting forgiveness?
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In the hallway at the Grand Phoenix, Diane passes Tucker and fumes, “I hope you’re happy. It’s all come to a head because of you!” She says Jeremy Stark has been breathing down her neck and now she has to leave. Tucker, amused, asks, “Are you leaving?” He can’t take all the credit because he’s not the one who smuggled cash out of the country. “That was you.” He asks if she needs money or anything and Diane smacks him across the face.
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Tucker tells her, “That was a good one.” Diane informs him he’ll never win Ashley back and will never outsmart Jack. She has half a mind to call Devon and warn him not to trust Tucker under any circumstances, but it wouldn’t really make a difference because whatever his plans are, they’re going to fail epically.

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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley thinks Diane leaving town is best for everybody. Jack fumes about her being forced out of town by Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis. “I couldn’t be more disappointed in you.” Ashley intones, “Sorry you feel that way.” Jack complains about them luring a criminal to town to harass her. “You could get her killed!” Ashley says she had nothing to do with Stark coming to town. Jack’s not buying it — they all wanted her out of town so badly they’d do anything. “You’ve gone too far, Ash. Much too far.”
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Abby, obviously upset, walks into Society, and Devon notices. He tells Lily that Nate’s betrayal was calculated. What he and Abby did wasn’t planned and they regret it. He leaves to check on her. Nate watches from across the room.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asks if Chance wants to talk some more. He says it’s still a little fresh. Once it settles down, he’d love to take her up on that offer. She says whenever he’s ready, she’ll be there. Chance smiles.
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Outside Society, Devon asks Abby if she’s alright. She says she’s been better. “Chance packed his things and left today. It’s really over.” Devon holds her as she cries. “I’m sorry.”
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At the Abbott house, Jack looks at a photo of Diane and Kyle on his phone, belts back his scotch, and agonizes.

In her hotel suite, Diane looks at her old photo with Jack and Kyle. She sits down on the bed looking worried and holding it.

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