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Nick runs into Sally outside of Society and asks if it’s a problem for her that he’s there. She teases, “Not if you behave yourself.” Nick flirts, “No promises.”
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They walk in together, and Lauren, who is sitting with Michael, purses her lips. Nick tells Sally there’s no reason they shouldn’t have breakfast together. They walk over to exchange pleasantries with Lauren and Michael before getting their own table. Lauren asks Michael if he thinks something’s going on between them. Michael has no interest in whether or not they’re dating. At their table, Sally tells Nick they don’t have the excuse of working together anymore. She asks Nick, “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”
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At Lauren and Michael’s table, she thinks it seems like Sally and Nick are up to something. Michael’s response is to muse about the breakfast frittata. She wonders if the redhead is moving on from Nick’s brother. Michael declares he’s ordering the Crabcake Benedict. Lauren warns her husband that this possible relationship could affect his job if Victor decides to meddle. Michael points out that love is unpredictable — if Nick and Sally are falling for one another, he won’t stand in their way. Lauren scoffs, “Love?!?” Michael recalls how quickly they fell in love with each other, and Lauren doesn’t think Nick and Sally are a similar match. “In fact, I’m concerned about Nick. I hope Sally’s intentions are good.”

At their table, Sally guesses that Lauren’s still staring at her. Nick is used to scrutiny being a Newman and wonders if it bothers her. Sally is used to people talking about her too. She’s sure he’s aware of that from everything Victor’s guys dug up on her. She admits she’s been involved in some shady stuff in the past… some he may know about, and some he may not. Sally insists she’s learned from all of it and grown. If he needs to ask her something, he should do it now so it doesn’t come up down the line. “If there is a down the line.” Nick is surprised she’d want to share her worst moments. They hold hands as Sally tells him she’s willing to tell him everything, “Because I think you’re worth it.” Summer walks in and sees them gazing into each other’s eyes.
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Jack finds Diane on the sofa when he comes downstairs. She thanks him for letting her spend the night and will head into work on her own. Diane doesn’t want anyone at Jabot to get the wrong impression. Ashley appears and fumes, “The wrong impression about what?!” Jack explains that he invited Diane to spend the night there. She didn’t feel safe with Jeremy Stark in town. “That man came to our front door. What if Harrison had been the one to greet him and not Diane? Ashley asks, “So, Diane. What was it like reuniting with your ex-lover?” Diane snarks, “Why? Are you concerned for my safety?” Jack wants to know if Ashley or her cohorts had anything to do with Stark’s arrival in town. Diane excuses herself and Ashley rolls her eyes as Jack asks her to text him to let her know she got there safely.
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Once alone, Jack asks Ashley again if she had anything to do with Stark showing up at their home. Ashley wants him to answer this first: “Is Diane using Stark’s arrival as an excuse to jump back into your bed?!” Jack informs her it’s not her business and goes back to Jeremy Stark. Ashley didn’t even know he was in town. Kyle appears and says he still is. “I confronted him last night.”

Kyle reveals that he visited Stark on the fourth floor of the Grand Phoenix to warn him to leave his mother alone. Jack says that’s not a coincidence — Diane’s on the fourth floor. He pulls out his phone to arrange for security escorts for the woman. Kyle relays that Stark told him he’s just wanted to reconnect with an old flame now that he’s out of prison. Ashley says that’s good — then he’s not threatening anybody. Kyle retorts that he was lying — his mere presence is a threat. Jack got the same menacing feeling from him and shares that Diane got a text from him warning her about letting the Abbotts fight her battles for her. Kyle tells Ashley, “There’s your evidence right there and now I’m even more worried about my mother. And I’m furious at whoever put her in this situation.”
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At Crimson Lights, Victoria tells her mother what a great job Nate is doing with his division. She complains that there’s only one problem — Nick is taking Sally’s firing very seriously. Nikki reminds her she won’t take advice from her about his love life. Jeremy Stark walks in and Nikki gasps, “Oh my God!” She tells Victoria that man is a whole lot of trouble and whispers, “It’s Jeremy Stark.”
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Victoria asks if the money launderer came for Diane. “Mom, what did you do? Are you responsible for bringing a criminal to town?” Nikki rushes Victoria out the door to talk about it somewhere else as Jeremy watches with amusement.
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At Jabot, Diane tells Phyllis that Jack’s not in his office. Phyllis will wait for him, she has a few things to clear up. She accuses Diane of riling him all up with her damsel act. Diane says she really is in danger and lets Phyllis know she was the last person Jack saw last night, and the first one he saw this morning. “At the Abbott house. I spent the night there.” Phyllis shakes her head and asks, “Are you meaning to tell me you took your little victim act right into Jack’s bed last night?” Diane asks if she has to be so vulgar. Phyllis guesses she didn’t have sex with Jack, or she’d be screaming it from the rooftops. Diane concedes she slept in the guest room. Phyllis asks why she was sleeping there at all. Diane has Phyllis to thank for that, since Jack was concerned about Jeremy Stark and that was her doing. “Jack wanted me safe last night. He was so strong and protective. So, you think you’re hurting me but you are actually strengthening the bond between us. Thanks, Phyllis.” Phyllis reminds her that bond isn’t unbreakable. Just then, the elevator opens and Stark steps out. “Diane! I was hoping I’d find you here.”

At Society, Summer walks up to Sally and Nick’s table and asks, “So, this is still a thing?” She points out her father told her Sally didn’t want anything to do with him. Nick says things have changed. They’re just sharing a meal, but he’d like to think that if anything were happening between them, she’d be okay with it… or happy for them. Summer turns to Sally, “Can we get a moment alone, please.” Nick asks if that’s necessary, but Sally has to check in with Chloe anyway.
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Summer sits down and Nick tells his daughter that was rude. “She doesn’t deserve to be treated like that.” Summer informs her father she can’t get on board with this. “Because Sally is using you, somehow, some way. I’m sure of it.” She reminds her father that Sally blackmailed her. Nick argues she participated in Tara Locke’s plan, she didn’t orchestrate it. He tells Summer they’ve all done things they’re not proud of and reminds her of her scheme to pressure Kyle into marrying her, so she’d save Lola’s life. Summer isn’t that person anymore and doesn’t wish to be reminded of that. Nick says Sally feels the same way about her past. Nick reminds Summer her mother has done some pretty despicable things too — doesn’t Sally deserve the same shot at redemption that she and her mom got? Summer asks, “Is that a serious question?”

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Across the room, Lauren tells Sally she’s sorry about what happened at Newman Media. Sally thanks her. She’s proud of what she accomplished there and has something new percolating. Lauren guesses she’s heard that Chelsea is no longer designing for Fenmore’s or Marchetti. Sally wonders if she’s telling her casually or officially. “Does this mean you’ve gotten to the point where you could maybe forgive my past mistakes and consider trusting me again?”

At Jabot, Diane asks Jeremy, “How did you get in here?” Jeremy replies, “Oh, you know me. I’ve got my ways.” He looks around and muses, “Nice digs. I get the overhead is brutal.” He notices Phyllis and says, “Hello, there.” He asks Diane, “Friend of yours?” They both say, “No.” Diane thinks Jeremy already knows Phyllis Summers — they’ve been in contact, probably through some anonymous phone call. Phyllis blurts, “What are you talking about?” Diane says she’s the one who told him where to find her. Phyllis says that’s absurd. Jeremy thinks Phyllis’ voice does sound familiar.
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At Newman, Victoria tells Nikki she seems nervous that someone has followed them. Is Jeremy Stark looking for her? Nikki explains that she, Phyllis, and Ashley talked about bringing him there to scare Diane out of town. Phyllis contacted him and told him where to find Diane. Victoria isn’t a fan of Diane but thinks this sounds extreme. Nikki says she and Ashley felt the same way, but Phyllis went ahead. Victoria asks how they fix this. Just then, Victor comes in. He’s heard Jeremy Stark is in town and has taken steps to ensure he can’t get in there or onto the ranch. “You know the guy’s dangerous. The threat is real.”
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Victor’s convinced this is Phyllis’ doing and suggests Nikki and Ashley distance themselves from her. Nikki wouldn’t feel right leaving her twisting in the wind. Victor’s assigned security to Ashley, Summer, and Harrison, but the rest of the Abbotts can fend for themselves. He has a feeling they’ll rally around Diane as though she’s the victim now. Nikki sneers, “They’ll pay dearly for that.” Victor warns his wife she has to stay out of this now.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Kyle discuss getting extra security. Jack will take care of it but he’s going to check on Diane right now. After he leaves, Kyle tells Ashley he doesn’t have proof that she, Nikki, and Phyllis led this dangerous man here, but he has a feeling. His aunt has put his entire family in danger. “Is that what you wanted, Ashley? Are you happy with how things have turned out?”
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At Society, Summer says she hears what Nick is trying to say about second chances, but she wonders if Sally really regrets her actions. Nick thinks Sally is sincere and he knows she regrets the way she acted toward her. Summer maintains that Sally’s using him — she jumped from one rich Newman to another pretty quickly. Nick assures his daughter that Sally’s not after his money — he offered her some and she turned him down. “She won’t even take a loan from me because she wants to do it on her own.” Summer muses, “Interesting.” Nick tells her that whatever goes on with him and Sally is his decision. He hopes she’ll change her mind about her.

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At Lauren and Michael’s table, Lauren tells Sally she always felt she had a keen eye for fashion. “Not everyone has that kind of flair.” Sally tells her that means a lot. Although she’s an amazing designer, she’s her own worst enemy. Sally finds that to be a fair assessment of her past actions, but she’s left that all behind. “No more self-sabotage and no more sabotaging anyone else for that matter.” Lauren thinks it’s always nice when people redeem themselves. Michael offers, “Lauren has moved past several troubling incidents in her past.” Lauren shoots him a look. Sally is glad to know she’s not alone but explains she doesn’t think she’ll be going back to the world of fashion. “I want to forge a new career path.” Lauren and Michael wish her luck. Sally and Lauren are glad they cleared the air. After Sally’s gone, Michael questions Lauren about her turnaround. Lauren believes they all deserve second chances. She was taking the advice she gave Phyllis — watching her with that grudge against Diane? It’s not healthy.” Just then, Michael gets an urgent call from Victor about lives being at risk. He takes off.
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Sally rejoins Nick and Summer, who assures her dad she’ll think about what he said. Summer leaves and Nick updates Sally on their conversation. “I made it very clear that I will be the one who decides who I date, and nobody, not even my amazing daughter, is going to tell me otherwise.”

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At Jabot, Phyllis excuses herself from Diane and Jeremy, but Diane asks her to wait a minute. “There’s something I need to talk to you about.” Phyllis says no — she’s very busy. She walks away and leaves them alone. Diane tells Jeremy he shouldn’t have come to her workplace. He reminds her their conversation got cut short and they need to finish it.
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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley swears to Kyle she never meant for this to escalate to this point. Kyle fumes that it doesn’t matter — the current situation is a direct result of her actions. They brought this monster to town and have put the entire family in jeopardy. “Do you not care how this affects Harrison?” Ashley assures him he won’t be harmed. Kyle shouts, “You can’t be sure of that.” He warns if anyone is hurt, he’ll find out who was behind this, and if she, Nikki, and Phyllis were at all responsible, he will hold all of them accountable.
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At Jabot, Jeremy gets comfy on the sofa as Diane protests that he can’t just hang out there. Looking around, she pulls him into Jack’s office to talk. “We have nothing more to discuss!” Jeremy warns her not to play games with him. “I heard you were instrumental in arranging my arrest and helping to put me in prison.” Diane denies it. She says Phyllis has played him because she’s holding a grudge against her. Jeremy steps toward her. “I don’t believe you.” Diane warns she could have security there in a minute. Jeremy asks why she’d do that. “Do you think I want to hurt you? You think I’m some violent criminal out for revenge? No, that doesn’t interest me.” There’s something else he wants that concerns him deeply. “I want something from you.” He reaches out to touch her. She cringes, “Jeremy, please.” Jeremy shouts, “I want my money!”
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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley frets and flashes to Phyllis saying that she was forced to do this, and Diane brought it on herself. She recalls herself warning them about Stark being unhappy when he finds out he’s been used. She gets a text from Tucker, who wants to meet for lunch. She tells him, “Yes.”

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria agrees with her dad that Nikki should cut ties with Ashley and Phyllis. Nikki can take care of herself. Just then, Victor gets a text and excuses himself to go meet with Michael.

Outside the door, Michael asks Victor what’s going on. Victor says Jeremy Stark, a recently released felon and dangerous man just turned up in town. “I need to know everything about him.”

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At Jabot, Jeremy tells Diane that he had everything taken away from him when he was in prison. One last shipment of cash didn’t make it to the islands and that’s all he has to start over. “You were in possession at that time. So, I’m only assuming you held onto it for me. Just give me my money and you’ll never see me again.” Diane doesn’t have it. “I used that money to rebuild my life after you went to prison.” He left her high and dry, and she lived in fear of the police knocking on her door to arrest her from crimes he made her commit. It was her right to use that money to survive. Jeremy smirks, “That’s not my problem. That’s my money. You owe me.” Just then, Jack walks in and stops short when he sees Diane with Jeremy.
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