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At the Abbott house, Diane tells Jack that on second thought, she’d love to spend the night in one of his guest rooms. She tears up, “I am just so tired. I feel like these last few months have been such a journey.” Every time she overcomes an obstacle there’s another boulder thrown in her face. Jack admires her and says she’s made giant strides. He feels she’s faced all of her many challenges with grace and elegance. Diane gives Jack the credit — it’s been so long since she’s had someone looking out for her. She breaks down. “I just can’t tell you how much it means to be not to be alone anymore.” Jack holds her. He gets a text and tells Diane this is something he has to deal with. “I promise you I will be right back.” Diane is stunned that he has to leave and asks, “What happened?”
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Tucker lets Audra into his suite and tells her that Jeremy Stark is in Genoa City. He’s sure he wants to make Diane squirm. Audra feels he must be looking for a little revenge, but wonders, “What about you?” Should you strap on a bullet-proof vest in case Stark comes looking for you?” Tucker shrugs that he’s never even spoken to him; why would he have anything to fear? Audra assumed they’d crossed paths at some point. Tucker says they have mutual friends and that’s how he found out about Diane. Audra asks how he got the friend to talk. Tucker says everyone has their price. He gave the information to Ashley, in hopes that she, Nikki, and Phyllis would lure Stark to town. Audra asks why. “What’s your plan?”

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At Noah’s club, he walks in and greets Adam, who muses, “Nephew. It’s been a while.” He assures him that he doesn’t have to worry about him getting into another round of sibling rivalry with his father. “I saw him earlier and I’m pretty sure he’s otherwise occupied.” Noah says, “Okay then.” He agrees to send a server over and walks away.

At Crimson Lights, Lily asks Daniel, “This is your post-dinner surprise.” He knew she’d want dessert from there. She orders a red velvet cupcake and a cappuccino. Daniel’s surprised to hear she still has to get back to work. They spar about whether they’ll share their cupcakes and Billy walks in to find them laughing together. He walks over, and Daniel asks if he wants to join them. Lily’s sure that Billy’s got other things to do. Sharon appears and is thrilled to see Daniel. They share a hug and walk over to the counter together. Billy asks Lily about being with Daniel instead of burning the midnight oil at work. She questions him about being out. He confesses he brought movies and snacks to cheer up Chelsea. He wants to get dessert together but she plans to rejoin Daniel. Billy will see her at home later and wants to talk about her conversation with Chelsea. He knows she feels that Chelsea is too dependent on him but he can’t imagine she’d say those exact words to someone in such a fragile emotional state.
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Lily insists she handled things with Chelsea very carefully. Billy tells Lily that Chelsea took it as she’s become a burden. Lily’s sorry she took it that way but that was not her intention. Billy wants to talk about it when she gets home. Lily doesn’t know how late she’ll be and suggests he not wait up for her. Billy walks out.

At the counter, Sharon tells Daniel to go take a seat and she’ll bring out his order. He joins Lily at a table and asks, “Truth or dare?” She chooses truth. Daniel asks if their impromptu dinner is causing problems with Lily. She assures him, “No. Everything is fine.”

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At the Abbott house, Jack has to send some numbers to an associate from a file at work. “I won’t be gone long,” he assures. Diane frets that the house is so quiet. Jack reminds her if Jeremy shows up at the door, they have a sophisticated security system that is on. He urges her to relax and get some rest. Diane just can’t believe what Phyllis, Ashley, and Nikki have done. Jack assures her they’ll deal with them later.

Audra walks into Noah’s club and greets him. Noah asks how she is and says he was wondering when he would see her again after the whole uh… She asks, “You mean the other day when I walked in here and overheard you telling Allie how I lost your baby?” Noah says, “Yeah.” He admits he can’t stop kicking himself over the situation but he’s glad he knows now. Noah’s not really sure what’s supposed to happen next. Is there anything he can do to help her heal or move on. Audra says, “You, Noah. I want you.”

Noah pulls Audra aside and informs her that he’s sorry things ended the way they did, but this conversation cannot happen. Audra tells him, “It’s happening. Noah replies, “No, it can’t. I have a girlfriend.” Audra never got over him; she can’t stop closing her eyes and seeing how happy they were before things went wrong. “We were fire.” Noah replies, “We got burned.” Audra argues they have the kind of love that lasts forever. He says it was chaos. Audra feels love is chaos. “We’re not finished with each other. Not by a long shot. I can see it every time I look into your eyes. Every time we’re in the same room together.” She caresses his chest and pulls him into a kiss. Noah eventually pulls back and says, “No. This isn’t going to happen.”
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Billy walks into Noah’s club, notices Adam, and says it’s really not his day. Adam remarks on him being alone and wonders if Lily’s dumped him because it’s the Billy and Chelsea show all the time now.

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At Jabot, Phyllis walks into Jack’s office. He wonders if she’s behind on work since she’s been so busy making trouble. Phyllis complains about Diane getting in her face at Society, making accusations and screaming at her at the top of her lungs. “Seriously? She was just the picture of restraint and elegance.” Jack thinks she was well within her rights to respond that way, and Phyllis sneers about him defending her again. Jack wonders who is the victim here and tells Phyllis, “It’s certainly not you.” He demands to know if she reached out to Jeremy Stark. “Yes or no?” Phyllis hands over her phone. Jack knows she covers her tracks. He needs her to look him in the eye and answer the question. “Did you tell Jeremy Stark where he could find Diane? Yes or no?”
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Phyllis snarks about Jack’s office becoming an interrogation room and complains about Diane turning him and Summer against her. She’s 100% right about Diane! Jack informs her Stark showed up at his front door, but she must know this. Phyllis asks how she’d know that and tells him to stop accusing her. Jack asks, “Did you give him my address?!” Phyllis reminds Abbott that Stark is a criminal and could find out where Diane is on his own. Jack informs her that he stopped by to remark on Diane being a grandmother. “He brought Harrison into this!” Phyllis is taken aback by this news and asks if he threatened her. Jack says he’s smoother than that, but if someone brought him there, they should take responsibility. Phyllis declares that person is Diane Jenkins. “That’s why he’s here!” Phyllis can’t believe she’s being painted as the villain again while Diane gets away scot-free. “Scot-free!!” Phyllis screams that she’s sick of having this conversation with him and yells, “Jack! Do. The. Math!” If Diane hadn’t ruined their lives all of these years ago, she wouldn’t have gone to Los Angeles and met Jeremy Stark, and if she’d left Genoa City when Phyllis told her to, this guy wouldn’t be here now! Jack hollers at her to stop. Phyllis shouts, “No! I’m not stopping!” Jack yells, “I am done with this! I. Am. done!”
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At the Abbott mansion, Diane sits on the sofa and startles when she hears a noise. She paces and looks out the door nervously.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon brings Lily and Daniel free cupcakes and welcomes him home. After she walks away, Lily tells Daniel she’s more productive at night when it’s quieter. Daniel’s a night owl too but that’s when things can get dicey. He admits he has huge dreams for his future and sometimes can’t stop working on them even when he’s going on fumes. Lily asks to hear his craziest 4 AM idea. Daniel talks about a service where you could hire an entourage to cheer you on or announce the birth of your baby. “Celebrations and memory makers.” They agree it’s not cost-effective but fun, and laugh over his weird idea.

At Noah’s club, Billy tells Adam he is spending time with Chelsea because he’s her friend and he’s concerned. He’s also concerned about Connor, who is getting bullied. Adam informs him they discussed it as a family and handled it. Adam informs him that moving forward, Chelsea has enough people to lean on. Billy wonders if Adam thinks he should just abandon Chelsea. Adam knows what she needs; she’s the mother of his son. Billy says she’s also the biological mother of his son. Adam asks, “What’s your point?” Billy says they’re connected, like it or not, and while he’d like to think Chelsea could trust Adam, there are boundaries and limitations when it comes to him. Adam’s painfully aware of the mistakes he made with Chelsea, but he’s there now for whatever she needs. He’s eternally grateful for Billy’s help but thinks it’s time for him to take a big step back. Billy’s not going to do that. “I can’t do that.”
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In another area of the club, Audra tells Noah that she knows he’s with Allie, but he felt that kiss just now — she knows he did. Noah says he just got caught up in the moment. Chemistry wasn’t their problem. Nothing is going to change the reasons they broke up. Noah tells Audra, “There is no future for us. I need to you to accept that.” Audra fumes, “Message received.”

In their corner, Billy tells Adam he’ll be around for Chelsea as long as she needs him, and he thinks she’d resent the hell out of him for trying to dictate who can be around her. If she chooses to confide in him over Adam, he’ll have to accept that. Adam refuses to be shut out. Billy warns him to look inside himself and see what he is capable of. His lack of ability to connect with anyone on a human level makes it impossible for people to trust him. Adam fumes, “And you’re the rational human that’s going to bestow advice to who, Billy? To me? Why don’t you call me when you get your degree or when somebody clears you of your delusions of grandeur? If you’re looking for someone to insult or judge, why don’t you grab a mirror, because I’m not going to sit here and let myself be insulted by you or anyone else.” With that, Adam strides out the door, as Noah watches.

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At Jabot, Jack informs Phyllis that the only reason she’s working there is because he allowed it. Boy, has he come to regret giving Summer and Kyle his okay — her only motive to be in the building is to undermine Diane. Phyllis argues she missed working with her daughter and he knows that. Jack rants about her being incapable of giving Diane even a shred of kindness or compassion. Phyllis asks, “You’re kidding me? This was not my fault?” Jack says it’s never her fault. He’s stood by for months now and watched her abuse her position at Marchetti for her own twisted purposes. He stayed silent out of respect for Summer and Kyle, but, he roars, “No more! We’re done with that! You’ve gone too far.” Jack intones, “A word of warning. Marchetti is a subsidiary of Jabot. I am Jabot! If I find out you did reach out to Stark and if children or our grandchild or Diane are harmed in any way, I will throw you and that stupid smirk out of this building so fast your head will spin!” With that, Jack whips his jacket off the coat rack and storms out the door.
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At Crimson Lights, Daniel helps Lily on with her coat as Adam walks in. He finds it interesting that the two of them are together while Billy is all by his lonesome at the glam club. Lily wonders if he doesn’t have something better to do than annoy them. Adam feels it must bother Lily that Billy and Chelsea are joined at the hip now. Lily thinks Adam is the one with the problem. Adam muses that maybe she’s relieved she doesn’t have to put up with Billy’s antics and addictions now. Lily tells him that whatever this game is, she doesn’t want to play. “Goodnight.” She and Daniel walk out.

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At Noah’s club, he asks Billy how it’s going. Billy’s had better nights and complains about the over-abundance of Adam. “I think your uncle is slipping back into his dark prince ways, and I think it’s best we all keep an eye on him.”

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At the Grand Phoenix, Audra knocks on a suite door. Tucker answers in a robe and says, “Come in.” He asks, “Things not working out with Noah.” She muses, “Doesn’t matter at the moment, does it?” Tucker says no and admits he wasn’t expecting her — he thought his night was at an end. She removes her coat to reveal lingerie and asks, “Is that a complaint?” He murmurs, “Far from it,” as they kiss and fall onto the bed.
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Jack arrives at home, groaning and weary. He spots Diane sleeping on the sofa and reaches out. She jumps and admits the slightest noise has her on edge tonight. Diane waited up for him and asks how everything went at Jabot. Jack says, “Everything was fine.” He tells her again that she’s safe and they’ll do everything they can to protect her. Jack pulls Diane close. She tells him, “You don’t know what it means to me to hear that. Thank you,” as she nuzzles his chest.

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