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Adam arrives at Noah’s club, and flashes back to being in bed with Sally, who told him it’s time for them to move on. He spots Chance, who is furiously swigging a beer. Chance says, “It looks like you had a rough night.” Adam sits down with him, and notes it’s been a while since they were on drinking buddy terms. He apologizes for being rough on him with the whole Locke investigation. Chance shrugs, “Case closed.” He asks Adam what his deal is. Adam confesses he’s facing the fact that he’s lost Sally for good.

At Sally’s suite, she tells Nick, “I’m really sorry you had to see this.” He replies, “Me too.” He supposes he finally has an answer to his question about how she really feels about Adam’s proposal. Nick turns to go, but Sally stops him. He needs to have all the information before he decides to walk away.

Sally explains that after Adam declared his love and proposed she had a lot of feelings, including angry and confused. Her feelings for Nick are very real, but there was also doubt because she was in love with Adam. “I’ve been very honest with you about that from the beginning.” Nick concedes, “Yeah, you have.” Sally says that Adam’s proposal got to her in a way. Earlier today he apologized for everything and stood by his proposal. She couldn’t help but wonder if he was right that they were meant to be. Glancing at the bed, Sally tells Nick, “I just had to know for sure.”
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Sally goes on to tell Nick she can’t blame Adam for what happened there — they needed to know if there was anything left for them to salvage. She’s certain now that there isn’t. What he walked in on was the end. “It’s over. And Adam realized it too.” Nick asks if she’s sure about that. Sally is positive. “What we once had, we’ve lost.” She won’t apologize for what happened because she feels like a huge weight has been lifted. “Adam and I can now finally and fully move on.”

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In her apartment, Chelsea concludes a phone call with Connor, who is having a great time at a sleepover. There’s a knock at her door — it’s Billy, who asks, “Who’s ready for movie night?!” Chelsea’s not too enthusiastic and he wants to know what’s going on. Chelsea tells him about Connor’s fight at school. Billy offers to call the school and she tells him he’s starting to sound like Adam. Billy says she’s insulting him, but admits he agrees with his take. Chelsea hates the fact that he’s getting bullied because of her. Billy wonders why she didn’t mention it to him — is there something else going on? He feels she’s been avoiding him.

At Society, Lily tells Daniel she just ordered takeout and has a hot date with work. Daniel is doing the same thing and suggests they take a break and have dinner together instead.
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They sit down and Daniel tells Lily his dad’s still touring and Lucy is amazing. She’s at the age where she’s starting to give him a hard time over everything. They laugh. Daniel marvels that she’s brilliant and some of their talks led him to the gaming platform idea. He asks about the twins and Lily says they’re seniors in college. Lily asks about Heather and Daniel grimaces. “I’d rather not talk about Heather right now.” He changes the topic to the gaming platform. Lily finds him very passionate about it. She’s very confident about him leading this division. Daniel wants to make sure every detail of the game is right. “The way I see it, some things are worth being done perfectly, or don’t do them at all.” He says Lucy deserves for this to be perfect. This is about bettering himself and setting himself up for success. “It means everything.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack embraces Diane and assures her everything will be alright. She gets a text and exclaims, “Oh no!” She tells Jack that Jeremy just texted her and shows him: “Big mistake, getting the Abbotts to fight your battle.” Diane reels that this is giving her flashbacks and warns he’ll seek his own justice if he even thinks it’s true. Jack vows to protect the family but Diane is unhinged. Jack grabs her and asks her, “Tell me what you think he wants.” Diane knows exactly what he wants — payback.

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Diane explains that she had some of Jeremy’s money ready for transport when he got arrested and she kept it. Jack realizes she didn’t come forward to the Feds because they’d realize she was living under an assumed identity. Diane wasn’t ready for anyone to know she was alive. Jack thinks they should hand back the money. Diane can’t do that. “The money’s gone.”
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At Chelsea’s place, she tells Billy she’s been leaning on him too much. Billy asks where this is coming from, and Chelsea says Lily reminded her that she can’t possibly expect him to be there 24/7. Billy nods. Chelsea doesn’t want to be a burden to him.

At Noah’s club, Adam tells Chance he’s lucky; he has the perfect marriage. Chance stuns him by saying he and Abby are getting a divorce. Adam asks, “What went wrong?” Chance shakes his head, “Everything.” Adam doesn’t think he’s telling him the whole story. If he’s jumping to divorce, something really bad must have gone down. Chance confesses that’s true. It’s driving him crazy, and he needs to confide in someone. Adam’s listening. Chance says, “Abby slept with someone else.”
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Adam gawps, “Abby cheated on you?!?” Chance tells him to keep his mouth shut about it and relays that it only happened once — he believes that — but it was a wake-up call and there’s no sense dragging this thing out any longer. Adam knows exactly what he means.

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At Sally’s suite, she asks Nick what he’s feeling. Nick says it wasn’t easy seeing Adam leaving her room knowing what happened there, but he won’t act territorial — she doesn’t owe him anything. Sally’s sorry he found out this way. Nick hopes she got some closure. Sally says, “I did.” Nick notes she’ll have grieving and regrets now… moving on may be premature. Sally finally feels like it’s over and she knows she made the right decision. Nick doubts it will be that easy for his brother. Sally says he’ll be fine. She wants to focus on Nick now. “I said my piece. It’s your turn.”

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At Society, Daniel asks if Lily is happy and fulfilled. Lily says yes; this is the best job she’s ever had. She talks about Jill and Billy boosting her confidence and takes credit for the idea to merge Chancellor and Hamilton-Winters. Daniel asks, “How about personally?” Lily pauses, then says, “Good, you know. Billy keeps things interesting.” Daniel has to be honest — he found it hard to imagine the two of them making it long-term as a couple, and after seeing them as a couple, it still doesn’t make sense to him.
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At Chelsea’s place, Billy assures her he doesn’t want to be anywhere else right now. He wants to sit down, have snacks and watch a movie.

At the Abbott house, Jack learns that Diane spent Jeremy’s money. She protests that he owed it to her after what she put her through. She used it to rebuild her life, buy a home, get therapy, and get her real estate license. Diane says the money allowed her to do the hard work to put herself back together. She becomes emotional, “Jack that money bought be peace of mind that for one moment nobody could hurt me.” She felt free until Tucker McCall came poking around. She’s been trying to escape her past mistakes all over again ever since. Now, it feels like it’s all going to blow up. Jack offers to help her repay the money to Stark. Diane says, “No. Absolutely not.”

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In Sally’s suite, Nick tells her that under his calm exterior is a raging jealousy. He thinks it’s going to take her time to get past this and wonders, “What does it mean for us?” Sally wants them to date. She’s ready to get to know him more fully now that she doesn’t have to worry what Adam thinks. “That’s where I stand. The rest is up to you.”
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At Chelsea’s place, she and Billy are eating and watching a movie. She shuts it off because he’s heckling and thanks him for cheering her up. He admits he came because he needed this too.

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At the Abbott mansion, Diane tells Jack she refuses to take any money from him. The whole point of her transformation was so she wouldn’t have to rely on wealthy men. Jack asks her to consider it a loan. Diane argues that paying Jeremy back won’t be enough. If Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis have put it into his head that she sent him to jail, he’ll want to punish her. Jack questions her not going into witness protection when she had the chance. Diane wanted to get back to Kyle. Jack reiterates that he and Kyle won’t let that man do anything to her. “You’re safe.” Diane can’t tell him how grateful she is for his support. She puts her hands on Jack’s chest and it looks as though she’ll kiss him, but instead, she throws herself into his arms and thanks him for his support and for everything. She’s about to leave, but Jack thinks it would be safer if she stayed in one of the guest rooms. Diane isn’t sure about that since Ashley lives there. Jack will take care of Ashley. “This is my home, and I want you here.”
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At Society, Lily defends her relationship with Billy to Daniel. He recalls that many people had doubts about them. “We sure went through a lot together.” Lily marvels, “Look at us now. Stronger than ever.” Daniel says, “I’ll drink to that.” They toast.

At Noah’s club, Adam tells Chance that he and Sally tried one last time to reconnect but it was too late. “Everything was just different.” Chance thinks they could still find their way back together. Adam figures if Chance can’t work it out, there’s not much chance for him.
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At Sally’s suite, she tells Nick to take as much time as he needs to think about things. He figures they both need to do that — it’s a lot to process. He says goodnight and leaves. Sally leans on the door.

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