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At Jabot, Kyle rants to Summer that Phyllis, Ashley, and Nikki are going to put their entire family in danger. Summer’s not too happy with her mother either, but she’s really sick and tired of the drama and chaos that always seems to surround Diane. Before pointing the finger at her mother, they should hear both sides. Kyle isn’t sure he can listen to Phyllis objectively right now. Summer asks him to simmer down.

In her suite, Sally kisses Adam, and they begin to undress each other slowly before heading to bed to make love and gaze into one another’s eyes.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon brings a stressed Chance more coffee. He appreciates her checking on him. She knows he holds things close to the vest, and she’s no Rey Rosales, but she could listen. Chance doesn’t think he can talk about it yet. Sharon understands. He blurts, “It’s over with Abby. We’re getting a divorce!”

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Sitting down, Sharon says she had no idea things had gotten this bad; it seems fast. Chance feels things are just too far gone. He muses that he has to go so far back to look at the causes leading up to this collapse, that it makes him think maybe they never should have started a relationship in the first place.

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At the Abbott manse, Jeremy tells Diane he’s missed her. It would have been nice if she’d come to visit him inside. Diane stammers. Stark says he can’t blame her and holds out his hands, “Look at me now, good as new.” He tells her she looks great and takes a step toward her as he talks about their unfinished business. Diane doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He says, “Sure you do.” Just then, Jack walks in and asks, “Who’s this?!”
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Diane introduces Jack to Jeremy Stark, and they shake hands. Diane tells Stark he’s caught her at a bad time. Jack asks how they know each other. Jeremy says he was quite fond of Diane when she lived in Los Angeles. She went by Taylor back then — he’s still getting to know Diane. He mentions business brought him to town. Jack asks about his business. Stark shrugs, “A little of this, a little of that.” Jack wants to know how he found her there. Stark says he learned Diane was a grandmother and thought the Abbott mansion would be a good place to start. “We all know how much Diane loves her family.” Jeremy leaves and Diane gasps. She can’t believe he just came there and showed up. Jack holds her.
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At Jabot, Phyllis appears and wants to get dinner with Summer and Kyle. “Nothing is more important than family, right?!”

At Devon’s place, Tucker teaches Dom his music notes and Devon reflects that he loves to see them together. Tucker asks about work and Devon reminds him they decided not to talk about Chancellor-Winters business. He’d hate to think his father was only spending time with them to get information about his company. Tucker assures his son that’s not the case — there’s only a few topics they can connect on and business is one of them. He goes on about the family business being the dream and admits he’s entertained fantasies that the two of them could have something like that one day.
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There’s a knock at the door, so Devon passes Dom to Tucker. He’s holding the kid when Devon lets Abby in and she gawps, “What is he doing here?!?”
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At the Abbott mansion, Diane is still shaken up. Jack assures her no harm will come to any member of this family. Diane is enraged because someone tipped him off and told him about Harrison. She fumes that Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis have made good on their threats. “I’m sorry, but those bitches have gone too far!”

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At Society, Summer finds Nick at the bar and he admits he got into it with Victor earlier. Nick remarks on her having dinner with Kyle and Phyllis, and she tries to convince him to join them to be a buffer. Nick very reluctantly agrees. Once they’re all seated together, Nick asks if Phyllis and Summer are at each other’s throats at Marchetti yet. Phyllis notes he’s coming in hot and is offended. Nick points out they’re both strong-willed women. Phyllis says things are going great there. “It’s pretty much sunshine and roses.” Nick wonders if that’s the mood for everyone — including Diane. Phyllis says Diane is great and everything’s great at Marchetti. Nick finds that great. Phyllis asks how he’s getting along with everyone at Newman. Nick takes that as his cue to leave. Summer wonders to Phyllis if her dad is alright.
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Outside, Nick passes Jack and Diane, who takes off into the restaurant on a mission. Jack follows her. Inside, Diane storms up to Phyllis and fumes, “I know what you’re trying to do and it’s not going to work! You will never, ever drive me away from my own family! Do you understand?” Kyle leaps up, Phyllis looks wounded, and Jack declares, “Maybe we should get our own table.” He ushers Diane away. Summer asks, “What the hell was that all about?!”

Kyle joins Diane and Kyle at their table and asks what’s going on. Diane says Jeremy Stark is in Genoa City and Phyllis is the one who told him where to find her. Kyle asks, “Where is Stark now?” Diane doesn’t know but doesn’t want her son anywhere near him. Jack warns Kyle they won’t make a move until they discuss how to handle the man. He decides they should leave and ushers Diane out the door, pausing to glare at Phyllis as they go.

In Sally’s suite, after sex, Adam tells Sally this doesn’t have to be the end. She replies, “It doesn’t have to be, but it is.” He reminds her they came there today because they feel something powerful and meaningful for one another. Sally agrees; that’s why this happened… but that’s also why it won’t happen again. Sally points out the connection was different today; the emotion. “We lost something that we can’t get back.”
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Sally says she will always be thankful for Adam having faith in her when no one else did and for showing her kindness when everyone else was throwing daggers her way. It was their loss and his gain, Adam says. Sally says he helped her see herself in a whole new way and got things out of her she didn’t even know she had. Adam, fighting tears, says he doesn’t regret a moment they were together. Sally doesn’t either. She tells him he can be a loving and supportive man and is a spectacular father and can be a dedicated son and brother. Even though his actions were misguided, it was a sign of how amazing a partner he can be. Adam wants to be her partner. Sally cries that they loved each other with all they had, and nobody can question or deny that, but it’s time for them to move on. She feels he’ll make some woman very happy. “We have to let each other go so we can find our true happiness.”

At the coffee house, Sharon tells Chance that all relationships teach us something. Chance doesn’t regret his marriage, he’s just trying to cope with the failure of it. Sharon calls it the end of a chapter and urges him to focus on things that give him purpose in life. “Are you still planning on being involved in Dom’s life?” Chance says, “Absolutely. I love that kid, Sharon. That’s never going to change.”
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At Devon’s place, Abby has taken Dom from Tucker, who apologizes and hopes they can find a way to make peace. He wants to prove he’s no threat to her or her family. Abby isn’t sure he can but it hasn’t happened yet. Tucker says he’s in love with the little guy and talks about missing out on Devon’s growing up. He feels very fortunate to have him back in his life and to be in Dom’s now. “It feels like a blessing that I don’t want to squander this time. I don’t want to miss out on anymore than I already have.” Devon sees Tucker out and then apologizes to Abby; he thought she was okay with the idea of him seeing Dom. Abby was coming around but seeing him with the boy threw her. He makes her skin crawl but is Devon’s father and he seems to adore Dom, so who is she to keep them apart. Devon is glad she’s there. Abby says, “Me too.” He asks how she’s doing. Abby relays that Chance asked for a divorce. She’s trying to be brave because she can understand why he feels that way — she broke their vows.

Still in bed in Sally’s suite, Adam wanted it to work out. Sally thinks this was all they were meant to have. They establish that their feelings are still real. Sally says love changes and that’s alright. She strokes his chin. “We’re going to be okay.”

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At Crimson Lights, Chance tells Sharon she caught him off guard with the question about Dom. She wonders if they’ve discussed co-parenting. Chance says everything is too raw right now. He still loves her but they weren’t a good fit. Sharon suggests they go through Devon and use him as a buffer. Chance grits, “Yeah, that’s an idea.” Just then, Victor appears and stares at Chance. Chance walks over and tells Victor he spoke to Abby, and he won’t be pleased with the outcome. He then leaves and Victor greets Sharon, who noticed he was dismissive of Chance. Victor complains that Abby is heartbroken. “Chance did a lot of damage to her.” Sharon tells Victor there might be more to the story than he realizes. Victor asks, “What do you know?”

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At Society, Phyllis looks alternately mystified and amused as Kyle rants that her childish and reckless behavior has gone too far. “There is more at stake here than your delicate ego. You have put my family in legitimate danger and now I have to go fix it!” Kyle stalks out and Summer follows. He tells her Jeremy Stark flew into Genoa City and went straight to the home where their little boy sleeps. According to his mom, it was her mom who sent him there.
Summer Y&R

Outside Society, Summer tells Phyllis that Diane wasn’t freaking out over nothing. Phyllis says Diane is crazy. Summer fumes that she’s been going to bat for her and she’s starting to feel like her mother is making a fool out of her. “If what Kyle just told me is true then I don’t even know what to say to you!” She rants, “How could you do this to our family?!? How could you put Harrison in the line of fire?!?” Phyllis has no idea what she’s talking about. Summer is sick of her feigning innocence. “You told Jeremy Stark that he could find Diane at the Abbott house.”
Summer Phyllis Y&R

At the Abbott house, Diane apologizes to Jack for freaking out earlier and forcing him to double down on his support for her. She’s a basket case of nerves. Jack assures her she’ll bounce back. “Just like you always do.” She thanks him and nestles into his embrace.

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In Sally’s suite, she and Adam have dressed, and he tells her she deserves the world. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t give it to you.” He doesn’t ever want her to settle for anything less and hopes she never forgets that.
Adam Sally Y&R

Sally and Adam kiss deeply and tears roll down Sally’s face. Adam takes his coat and leaves. Sally turns away and cries. In the hall, Adam encounters Nick, who walks into Sally’s suite. She turns to face him, and he takes in her tears and the unmade bed. “I guess this is a bad time.”
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Tucker orders a scotch at Society and receives a text letting him know Jeremy Stark is in Genoa City.

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In his hotel suite, Jeremy reads something on his tablet and muses, “You have done your research, Talia.” A knock comes at his door — it’s Kyle, who declares, “I’m only going to say this once — leave Diane Jenkins alone!”
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