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Adam walks into Society, spots Sally, and says hi. She doesn’t want a replay of their last encounter. Adam promise that won’t happen; this time he’s completely sober. He asks if she had a good Thanksgiving. She celebrated with takeout and an old movie. Adam relays he had a quiet meal with Connor and Chelsea. Sally politely says it sounds nice. He asks to join her but she’s expecting someone. Adam will keep it short and apologizes for coming to her suite to confront her. “Anger, heartache and booze are a dangerous combination. Can you forgive me?”

Sally thanks Adam for his apology, but she isn’t sure she can completely forgive or forget the other night. She hopes he had time over the holiday to reflect on why they’re not together. Adam has done a lot of thinking and regrets his behavior. He also regrets suggesting that Nick doesn’t have feelings for her — how could he not? The reason they should be together has nothing to do with Nick, it’s because of what they had. Adam isn’t taking back his proposal. He does want to marry her. “We belong together.”
Adam Sally Y&R

Adam insists she’s the only woman who has truly understood him and accepted him for who he is. Sally wants him to stop saying that because what she thought she knew about him turned out to be wrong. “You broke my heart!” she exclaims. “And you’re continuing to break my heart with this Hail Mary proposal. Do you really think I want to go into a marriage this way?” Adam concedes he screwed up. “I should have given you the grand romantic gesture that you deserve, Sally.” But he doesn’t regret asking her. Sally admits she thought about them getting married, but when they were together; not like this, and not now. “Why are you torturing me?!” she implores.
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Nick walks into Victoria’s office and asks, “You wanted to see me?” Victoria tells him he had no right to undermine her new CEO the way the did. She complains that if he had an issue with her hire, he should have come to her about it. Nick asks, “Are you kidding?” and reminds her he had several issues with it and he conveyed each and every one of them. Victoria argues that once the decision was made, as COO, he should have supported it or kept his concerns between them. Nick wanted to let Nate know he doesn’t trust him and warns his sister she needs to be very, very careful. “What’s going to happen when Nate decides he wants more power around here than you’re willing to give him?!”

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Victoria sees that side of Nate’s personality as a strength and isn’t threatened. Nick snarks about her having the same uber-confidence as their dad. “It’s a very dangerous game.” Victoria’s willing to take the risk with Nate and as her COO, she expects Nick to back her. Nick replies, “You said the same thing to me about Sally and look at how that turned out.” He complains what she did to her was unfair. Victoria wonders how serious things have gotten between the two of them. Nick says she’s not at Newman, so it doesn’t concern Victoria. Victoria sighs. She cares about him and doesn’t want him to see him get hurt.
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At home, Nate tells Elena she looks fantastic. She has a meeting with Lily to discuss the medical podcast and is nervous. She’s worried because of how Lily feels about him. Nate doesn’t see his family taking it out on her. Elena picked up on some judgment from Devon the last few times she ran into him — she may be guilty by association. Nate has the perfect solution and asks her to bring her podcast back to Newman Media. He reminds her that the whole reason she moved was so they could work together. Elena points out he also had to make up for his gaffe of promising 50 podcasts. She won’t go back on her word to Devon and Lily and feels a sense of loyalty to his cousins. Nate asks what about her sense of loyalty to him.

At Crimson Lights, Billy runs into Lily, and they go over their earlier argument. She points out that she was right — he’s there checking up on Chelsea again. Billy was just getting coffee and tells Lily he wants to fix things between them. “Can we talk?”
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They sit down and Billy tells Lily that he feels terrible about their argument and that his connection to Chelsea is causing tension. Lily hates it too. She cares about Chelsea and supports his involvement. It really hurt and it crossed a line when he called her petty for having concerns about his over-involvement. Billy apologizes. Lily feels anytime she questions his actions when it comes to Chelsea, she gets accused of not understanding, when he’s the one who is keeping her on the outside. “I just feel like Chelsea is the one who is making you feel special these days. She’s the one who occupies your thoughts and that used to be my role.” Billy tells Lily he loves her and when he gets Chelsea through this crisis, she’ll have his undivided attention and they can get back to being them.

Lily tells Billy she still thinks there’s more to this than just trying to help Chelsea. Billy insists he just wants her to be happy and healthy. Lily feels the bigger question is what is he searching for? Billy isn’t really sure yet. He hasn’t had time to… Lily interrupts, “I know, because of Chelsea.” She wants to help him find answers but feels he doesn’t really want her involved. Billy assures that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In her apartment, Chelsea is awakened from a nap by the voices in her head and sits upright with a jolt. She makes a tea and then sends a text to someone saying she wants to meet because she needs to talk.

In Crimson Lights, Lily gets a text from Chelsea that she wants to talk. She’s puzzled. Billy asks, “Do you want me to come with you?” and then apologizes; he’ll stay out of it.

At Nate’s place, he tells Elena that Victoria’s leadership is going to allow him to soar, unlike Devon’s. Elena hopes he’s right. He coaxes her to join him on the journey. “Let’s do it together.”
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Victoria walks into Crimson Lights and Billy sidles up to ask her how Johnny is doing. She says he seems fine. Billy wanted to talk about what she pulled with Nate. “That’s despicable to me.” Victoria rolls her eyes. She was under no obligation to keep Sally on and Nate will do a great job. Billy doesn’t care about that; what he’s talking about is her using him as a mole to infiltrate Chancellor-Winters. Victoria knows that’s what Devon believes. Billy tells her to cut the crap; it’s true. Victoria snarks that she didn’t know he cared so much about the company given he quit his job there. Billy tells her the company means a lot to Lily and to his mother, but she didn’t think about that, did she? And she didn’t think about Johnny and Katie either and what they’d think if they found out their mother tried to steal his father’s company. Victoria snaps, “Former company.” If she had done something like that, she’d have explained to the kids that she was doing it so they could all work together. Billy snarks that her father must be very proud. Victoria tells him, “You know who else would have approved? Katherine.” Billy asks, “Are you serious?” Victoria reminds him she left Chancellor to her father in her will. It’s the way business works and if he doesn’t like it, then it’s a good thing he left the corporate world.
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At Society, Sally gets up to leave and Adam gets close to tell her that he’s sorry for the pain he caused but the fact that she still has strong feelings about them gives him hope. Sally informs him they had their chance, and it didn’t work out. “I can’t go back. I won’t.” Adam can see through her trying to harden her heart to him. He can see all of her and knows she’d never trade passion for safety. “That’s not who you are,” he tells her, and it’s not what she deserves.
Adam Sally deserve Y&R

Lily visits Chelsea and asks how she’s doing. Chelsea is doing better every day since Billy stopped her from taking her life. She wanted to say she’s sorry for taking his time away. Chelsea realizes she didn’t know what was going on with her at the time and wants to be as open with her as possible. Chelsea doesn’t want Lily to misread anything going on between her and Billy and wants to be as transparent as possible. “If you have any questions for me, I’ll answer them as honestly as I can.”

Lily thanks Chelsea for being straightforward. Chelsea gushes about Billy giving her a second chance at life. “I truly owe him everything.” Lily reminds her she shouldn’t give him all the credit; she worked very hard to be there. She thinks it’s important to rely on a network rather than just Billy, who can’t be there for her 24/7. Chelsea thanks Lily for her candor. Lily reminds her of the support she has and tells her she’s rooting for you. She hopes she’ll continue to heal and build a wonderful new life for yourself.
Chelsea Y&R

In Crimson Lights, Sharon asks Billy if he’s there to see Chelsea. He’s actually waiting for Lily who is upstairs talking to Chelsea right now. He worries he’s been paying too much attention to her, but feels responsible, in a way. Sharon thinks that’s to be expected. Billy thanks Sharon for everything. Sharon got help and is paying it forward.

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At Society, Sally doesn’t know what else to say to Adam. She spots Nick arriving and says she has to go. She walks over to meet him at the door. He turns and sees Adam and nods knowingly.

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Sally and Nick sit down and she gabbers to him about her ideas for her interior design business. He makes enthusiastic comments while eyeballing Adam and then accuses her of trying to distract him with small talk. “What’s going on?” Just then, Adam walks over, thanks Sally for the talk and tells her he’s glad they were able to clear the air, before walking out.
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At Crimson Lights, Billy asks Sharon if she thinks he has a savior complex. Sharon doesn’t see it that way but warns he has to take care of himself. Billy has no intention of stepping back. Just then, Adam walks in and greets Sharon. He’s glad she’s there. Adam says he came to see Chelsea and asks if she’s upstairs. Billy informs him that she is, but she’s having a conversation with Lily and it’s best that he gives her space. Adam frowns.

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At Society, Nick asks Sally how exactly she and Adam cleared the air. She says he apologized for his behavior. Nick adds, “And his desperate proposal.” Sally wonders if he’s suggesting someone has to be desperate to propose to her. Nick says it was a bad choice of words — he should have gone with ‘jarring’. He knows she’s on edge over it and he doesn’t blame her, but she still hasn’t told him how she really feels about Adam’s proposal. Sally’s tired of thinking about it and just wants to move on. Nick assures if she ever wants to revisit it, he’s always there to listen to her. Sally thanks him and turns the topic to Thanksgiving. Nick points out that he DID invite her to dinner, but understood her party of one approach. He starts talking about the holiday event Sharon puts on, which New Hope is a part of. “It’s a really cool tradition with Sharon and the kids.”
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At the penthouse, Nate hopes Elena will give his idea some thought. She replies, “Of course I will.” Nate has the perfect place for her to do her thinking and suggests she join him on the business trip to California. “We do work really well together, we always have.” Elena wants things to go back to the way they used to be between them. Nate says, “I’ve been missing us.” They kiss passionately.
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At Crimson Lights, Lily appears so Sharon suggests to Adam that they give her and Billy some space. Billy asks her, “How’d it go?” Lily says it went well and that Chelsea wanted to let her know that his support meant a lot to her and that he saved her life. It was also about Chelsea checking to see if she’s been taking up too much of his time. Billy asks how Lily addressed that. Lily says she told Chelsea that she supports it, but she has other people to lean on as well. Billy thinks she said the right things and wants to take her to lunch. Lily would like that. They hug and kiss. Billy thanks her for being so forgiving. Lily says he’s doing a good thing by helping Chelsea and she understand that better now. Billy drove, so he’ll meet her over at Society.

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In her apartment, Chelsea sees an incoming call from Billy on the phone but decides to ignore it.

Outside Crimson Lights, Billy leaves Chelsea a voicemail telling her he’s just checking in and to give him a call when she has a second.

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