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At Crimson Lights, Summer greets Daniel with a hug — she’s so glad he’s home! He teases her about fitting him into her busy schedule. She wants the real story behind his return now that their mom’s not around. Daniel admits he’s thinking about sticking around Genoa City and has a meeting set up with Billy, Lily, and Devon. He’s thinking of a new career that just might be a game-changer. Summer presses to find out more about his idea. He thinks it could be big. She was hoping he’d work with her about Marchetti. It would be amazing for Harrison to grow up with his older cousin Lucy. Daniel reminds her that Lucy is with Heather in Portugal for the foreseeable future. They laugh about making Phyllis a grandmother twice and picture her as a granny.
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Lily arrives at Devon’s to return his pie plate and asks to chat about how miserable he seemed at dinner yesterday. She wants to help with the Amanda break-up. He tells his sister she won’t be able to help this situation. Lily says, “Try me.” Devon tells her she won’t want to hear this at all, then reveals, “Abby and I slept together.”
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Lily makes a face and exclaims, “You and Abby were having an affair?!?” Devon says it happened only once, but Amanda walked in and caught them together. Lily marvels, “Poor Amanda!” Now she understands why she left town and resigned so quickly. Devon doesn’t blame her for wanting to get the hell away from him. It’s the second time he cheated on her and all she ever did was support him. Lily asks if Chance knows. Devon says he does; he was with Amanda when she walked in. “Abby’s pretty sure their marriage is over.” Lily now understands why he’s been so miserable and asks what he and Abby were thinking. Devon says they weren’t; it just happened and they can’t take it back.
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Lily wonders if Devon and Amanda could work their way back to each other and urges him to fly to Virginia. Devon says she’s made it clear she doesn’t want him to do that and admits he isn’t even sure how he feels about the whole thing other than he regrets hurting someone he loves. He’s lost his grip on how to maintain relationships that matter to him. Lily sighs. She feels like she’s losing her grip on her own relationship with Billy.

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At Noah’s club, Phyllis and Nikki meet with Talia Morgan, who asks, “What was so urgent?” Nikki tells her there’s a new twist in the Diane Jenkins’ saga. They tell her about Diane’s connection to Jeremy Stark. Morgan needs proof. They’re working on it. Talia says she’s sorry, but she doesn’t like where they’re taking things. It looks like all they’re interested in is hearsay that could hurt Diane. “Enough is enough. I’m a journalist, not a hatchet woman. Unless you have something solid, please don’t contact me again.”
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Diane arrives at the Abbott mansion and Jack tells her Harrison’s gone on a playdate. Diane is glad for the opportunity to thank him for including her in Thanksgiving. Jack knows her being there meant a lot to Kyle and Harrison. She hopes he doesn’t hold her responsible for Ashely’s abrupt departure. Jack assures her he doesn’t but warns that Ashley will never accept her as an Abbott. Diane says it’s her determination to destroy her that is the problem — they’ve forced her to declare war. Jack cautions her against using that language. Jack feels non-engagement is sometimes the best defense but wonders if that’s out of her skill set. Diane fumes that she’s not the one driving this — they are! She’s tried to warn Ashley and Tucker how dangerous Jeremy Stark can be but they won’t listen — Stark can lash out in ways that no one can control!
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Diane tells Jack that Jeremy often alluded to dark acts when they were together and what happened to the people who crossed him. Jack wonders if this would make any difference to Ashley. Diane doubts it — her hatred has blinded her. She worries that her loved ones could be targets. Jack gawps — does she think Stark would come after Kyle and Harrison? Diane adds, “Or Summer, or you!” He even has the resources to attack Jabot. Ashley will put the entire family at risk if she reaches out to that man.

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At Devon’s place, Lily feels Billy is slipping away. She recalls falling in love and says that now that their work relationship is gone, the closeness is too. Lily says he has a new focus now — wakes up in the morning and he’s already gone. It’s just becoming clear that she’s not a part of it. Devon’s sorry. She thanks her brother for not saying, “I told you so.” Devon has no place saying anything to anyone about relationships. Lily’s not ready to give up and will still try to work on things. Devon feels she should fight, but if he hurts her… Just then, there’s a knock at the door — it’s Daniel. Devon welcomes him back to town with a hug and he enters and hugs Lily too. They’re excited to hear about this big idea he has.
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They sit down and Daniel wonders if they’re going to wait for Billy. Devon explains he actually left the company a while ago. Daniel launches into his pitch. Art is still part of his gig; he just doesn’t want to do gallery shows. He wants to reach a much wider audience. His idea is the mega-universe gaming platform. Devon thinks it’s cool, but they don’t do gaming at Chancellor. Lily says they used to do it and Daniel interjects that it had a huge number of users. He’s talking about a game in which you could actually conquer fears and self-doubt; a universe from which you’ll come out a better person than when you entered. Lily and Devon can see how much he believes in it. Daniel knows that together they can make this happen.
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At Society, Tucker jumps up with Ashley arrives and tells her she looks lovely this morning. He also has a gift, but she informs him it’s not a date. “You know why I’m here.” Tucker asks, “Do I?” Ashley complains about Diane sitting at her family dinner table and explains she’s done — it’s time to lower the boom. Tucker tells Ashley he’s out — his involvement with Diane ends here. Ashley can’t believe he’s abandoning her when she needs him most. Tucker’s merely letting her take the lead. He thinks Ashley hates Diane more than anything or anyone he’s hated in his life. Ashley scoffs. Tucker’s sure that she and her merry band of co-conspirators can take care of business where Diane’s concerned. Ashley reminds them that their goals were aligned. Tucker admits his have shifted a bit. Ashley asks, “Uh oh, what are you after?” Tucker tells Ashley that his focus has switched to helping his son. Chancellor-Winters is in disarray and since he has more experience, he’s basically running it himself. Ashley thinks he’s selling Lily short and feels he’s making a mistake easing up on Diane. Tucker tells her that Jack showed up at his door warning him about coming after Diane. Ashley counters that Jack’s not the only Abbott he has to worry about and reminds him Diane is his enemy too.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack agrees with Diane that they need to take action to protect the family and the company. Ashley won’t listen to him so they have to involve those who will take it seriously. Kyle will have to be told everything, including that she was asked to give Jabot financials to Tucker. Diane wants to be the one to tell him. She’s committed to her son and her grandson. If she ran away now it would be heartbreaking for everyone involved. “I will never abandon my family again. It’s not an option.”

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At Society, Tucker doesn’t see Diane as a threat right now; she’s so weak. He’s sure Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis will deal with her in short order. Tucker’s surprised that she’s taking the news about him going after Jabot in stride. Ashley says Jack bought Diane’s story that he wanted the financials, but she doesn’t see Tucker being foolish and stupid enough to even try something like that. “There’s no way in hell it could actually happen.” Tucker explains that, nonetheless, Jack believes the worst about him. “No matter what you say, I sense, no scratch that, I believe that you’re starting to come around about me.” He leans across the table and says, “You’re shockingly close to giving me a second chance. You just don’t want to admit it, do you?”
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At Devon’s place, Lily finds Daniel’s proposal interesting but notes it’s a huge undertaking. Devon explains it would take a huge amount of research and development. Daniel thinks it’s doable and will let them see his numbers. Lily and Devon wonder why they would work with him rather than an established company. Daniel explains this is his whole focus and he already has a game with a princess patterned after his daughter. “50 million daily players. I’m telling you it can be done.” Lily likes it and is excited for all of them. “This could be a huge opportunity. Maybe Lucy is our good luck charm.” Daniel admits his daughter turned him onto gaming, which has given him a new direction and a new purpose.
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At Society, Tucker calls someone and says, “It’s time to make our move. See you later.”

At Noah’s club, Phyllis can’t believe Talia walked out on them. Nikki complains that Phyllis came on too strong. Phyllis gawps, “Me? I was trying to keep her around!” They need to find another reporter who gets it. Nikki says she had a point; they need to have proof or this could backfire. Phyllis can’t believe Diane has dodged every bullet they’ve thrown at her. Nikki is beginning to lose confidence. Phyllis says they need to take more drastic measures.
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At the Abbott mansion, Diane cries to Jack about the pain she caused Kyle. Nothing will pull her from her son or grandson ever again. Jack understands and he feels the same way. He adds, “Someone has to protect you.” He admits she’s right and inaction is no longer an option. Jack asks Diane to rely on him to keep this from turning into a full-on battle. Diane thanks him for standing up for her. Jack takes her in his arms. Just then, Ashley enters and slams the door. Jack and Diane jump apart.
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At Devon’s place, Daniel tells Devon and Lily he’s excited to start working with them. After Daniel’s gone, Devon says he made a great pitch. Lily asks, “Did he seem like himself to you?” She muses that maybe they just get more passionate about what matters as they get older.

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At Noah’s club, Phyllis tells Nikki that just the threat of Jeremy Stark being in town will be enough to send her packing. “It’s time we got in touch with Diane’s ex.” Nikki looks wary.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane thanks Jack for his support and says she should get going. Once she’s gone, Ashley asks her brother how in the world he became so completely irrational where that woman is concerned. Jack counters, “I could say the same to you. When did Tucker McCall’s word become gospel?” Ashley says when it comes to Tucker, she’s not the one being played. Jack fumes that she’s taken it too far — the family is in danger. Ashley hollers, “You are in danger right now of succumbing to Diane… again!” Jack grits, “If you go to war with Diane, you go to war with me. Is that what you want?”
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