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At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Mariah help Sharon prepare for the Thanksgiving event. Nick brings a box out from the kitchen and says New Hope has them covered for food. Sharon will always be grateful for Ashland’s gift in Rey’s name. They talk about Noah doing an art project with Christian and Faith going home with her roommate for the holiday. Victoria and Johnny come in to help. As they’re joking, Chelsea appears with Connor and says they’d like to donate their time. Johnny and Victoria exchange a look. Chelsea explains that she is living upstairs now and Sharon starts doling out jobs. Victoria asks Johnny if he’s alright and he says he’s fine.

Crimson Lights Thanksgiving 2022 Y&R
Victoria next asks Nick about Sharon giving Chelsea the apartment upstairs — it seems like there’s more to it than just holiday spirit. On the patio, Connor warns Johnny not to be mean to his mom. Johnny was just going to avoid her and asks, “What’s going on?” Connor explains she got super depressed and had to go to a hospital. She seems okay but she takes a lot of deep breaths like she’s stressed out. Johnny recalls being total jerk to her — he didn’t mean for anything like this to happen. Connor assures him that his mom made it clear it wasn’t about them, but Johnny wonders if that’s really true.

At Society, Abby greets Nikki and her father, who is surprised she’s still there. Nikki explains they’re just relaxing a bit before going back to the ranch for dinner. Victor expects to see Abby there late with Chance and Dom. Abby stammers, “To be honest, Chance and I are having some problems, so we won’t be spending the day together.” Nikki and Victor are sorry to hear that. Devon walks in and Abby tells them she won’t get into the details. As she walks away, Victor confirms to Nikki that he had no clue about Abby’s marriage woes.
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Across the room, Abby tells Devon she wasn’t expecting to see him today. He explains that he’s meeting Tucker for a holiday meal. Abby feels calmer just seeing Devon’s face. He’s glad he could do something good for her. Devon asks about Chance and Abby says she’s pretty sure it’s over — he’s moved out of the house and she doesn’t even know where he’s staying. He only comes to see Dom when she’s out. Devon’s sorry.

At their table, Victor wonders what’s going on with Abby and Chance. Nikki reminds him that Abby didn’t want to have that conversation today.

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At Noah’s club, Phyllis arrives and looks all around. She squeals in delight when Daniel walks in and pulls him into a hug. She gushes about the great surprise of her baby boy coming to town and hugs him again.
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At the Abbott house, Traci and Jack smile as they take in the dining room table. Jack joins the others in the living room, where Allie says how thrilled she is to be spending her first holiday with them. Diane arrives and says, “Happy Thanksgiving everyone!” Summer, Ashley, and Allie pull faces.
Diane arrive Thanksgiving Y&R

Billy and Lily arrive at Crimson Lights to help, and Sharon sends them to Victoria, who asks if the twins are home. Lily says they’re not and spots Chelsea across the room. She excuses herself and Billy looks wary as she approaches the other woman. Lily tells Chelsea she hasn’t seen her since she heard the news and has some things to say.

At Noah’s club, Phyllis snaps selfies with Daniel and tells him it’s been way too long since he’s come home. Daniel notices she’s more sentimental than usual. She wants to get Chinese and go out to that place in Burlington. “Let’s go have fun and then maybe we can meet up with Summer after she does her thing with the Abbott family.” Daniel says it sounds perfect.

At Society, Abby asks how Devon is doing before Nikki and Victor interrupt to say goodbye. Abby walks them to the door and says she’ll be skipping the family dinner tonight. They’re welcome to stop and see Dom, who is with the nanny, on their way home. Nikki and Victor exit and pass Tucker, who assumes Nikki was pleased to get the information on Diane. She hopes it will encourage her to say goodbye to Genoa City. Victor suggests Tucker should get out of town. Tucker has some things to accomplish there. Victor warns he’s watching him.

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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley stomps around as Diane gushes about the pies. Diane whispers to Jack that she hopes his sister won’t ruin the day. Jack already warned Ashley, but tells Jenkins not to read too much into that. Just then, Traci walks in with Harrison and everyone fawns over him.

At Crimson Lights, Lily tells Chelsea she really hopes she’s doing better. Chels thanks her. Lily inquires as to how things are going, and Chelsea explains she’s taking it day by day. “I really can’t thank Billy enough. He truly saved my life.”

Across the room, Johnny tells his parents that he knows Chelsea went to the hospital because she was depressed. He thinks the way he treated her after finding out she was his bio mom might have hurt her. Billy reassures him, but Johnny feels bad and wants to talk to her. Victoria and Billy give their approval.

Johnny approaches Lily and Chelsea’s booth and asks to speak to Chelsea for a second. Her jaw nearly drops. Lily excuses herself and Johnny sits down. Chelsea smiles and asks what Johnny would like to talk about.

Across the room, Billy knows this comes as a shock to Victoria, who murmurs, “Poor, Chelsea. I had no idea she was in such a fragile state. How serious was it?” Billy explains it was as serious as it gets and they’re lucky to have her still with them. Victoria wonders why he didn’t tell her sooner. Billy says it wasn’t his story to tell — only he and Sharon knew. Victoria feels terrible for Chelsea but she’s concerned about Johnny and how this will affect things moving forward. Billy’s worried too but some of it is out of their control. They just have to be there for him as he processes this. They look over at Johnny and Chelsea and Billy says he’s handling it with maturity; maybe they should follow his lead.
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At their table, Johnny apologizes to Chelsea for going at her after he learned she was his biological mother. He’s sorry if it messed her up and hopes she’s okay now. Chelsea thanks him for saying that but assures him he’s not to blame. She apologizes for putting him in an awkward position and explains what happened to her was about a rough patch and she’s doing better now. She hopes going forward they can be friends. They clasp hands. Across the room, Connor watches and smiles, as does Sharon.

At the counter, Lily and Sharon agree it’s great that everyone is rallying around Chelsea. Sharon tells Lily she deserves credit for hanging in there with Billy, who has spent a lot of time and energy helping Chelsea. Lily hopes things will be calmer from here on out.

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At the Abbott manse, everyone crows over Harrison’s holiday cards. There’s one for Phyllis, so Diane asks where she is at. Summer explains she’s with Daniel and she’ll meet up with them later. Ashley explains that Abby isn’t coming, and she’ll spend time with her and Dom later. “That’s what a mother does; a good mother.” Diane knows this is aimed at her as does Jack, who interrupts to ask Allie if Noah will be dropping by. She says he’ll be over after he’s done at the Newman’s.
Abbott Thanksgiving 2022 Y&R

Ashley whispers to Traci that someone should tell Diane there’s not enough room at the table. Jack gets a text from Billy, who explains he and Lily are helping at the coffee house and are running late. Jack calls, “Dinner is served!” Ashley frowns as everyone makes their way to the table.
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At the club, Daniel asks about Phyllis working with Summer at Marchetti. She mutters, “Oh yeah, it’s super fun,” then changes the subject to what’s going on with him. Phyllis asks where Heather and Lucy are right now. Daniel explains Heather got a short-term gig in Portugal and took Lucy with her. Phyllis notes he didn’t go with them. Daniel thought it would be a good experience for Lucy and says he had a ton of things to take care of that couldn’t wait. Phyllis snaps, “Yeah, like what?”

Daniel had a feeling he wouldn’t be able to hide anything from his mother and admits things with Heather have been a bit rocky… they have been for a while. Phyllis thought everything was okay in June when she saw them. Daniel makes a face that suggests otherwise. Phyllis says she’s there for him, and his sister is too. “Whatever you need, just call me, okay?” She asks about his big plans. Daniel’s thinking of starting a new chapter in his life and channeling his talents in a new direction. Phyllis likes hearing this even though he hasn’t told her anything. She offers up a toast to celebrate.
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At Society, Tucker tells Devon he was surprised that he accepted his dinner invitation. He figured he and Lily would have had plans. Devon says she’ll come by the penthouse later. Tucker would like to be a more regular part of his life. Devon smiles, but then notices Nate and Elena arrive at the door.

Abby suggests a table for Nate and Elena, who wonders if they should go somewhere else. Nate doesn’t want to play it that way and walks over to greet Devon and Tucker, who tells him what he did to his family was reprehensible and demands he leave Devon alone now.
Devon Nate Tucker Y&R

At the Abbott mansion, Jack wants to go around the table and have everyone say what they’re thankful for. Ash volunteers to go first. She’s grateful for her family and how unified they all are. Traci is so blessed by all of them who love her and support her every day. Allie is thankful for finding this wonderful family after losing her dad. Kyle is grateful for Summer and Harrison. Summer is thankful for Kyle and Harrison, and Harrison is thankful for mashed potatoes.
Abbott Thanksgiving 2022 Y&R

Jack prompts Diane to take a turn. She’s grateful for Kyle, Harrison, and for being allowed to be part of this family. Ashley glares. Jack reminds her he asked for no conflict today. She suggests he tell Diane not to get too comfy there.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick announces the line is down the block and everyone gives themselves applause. Lily goes off to help Nick with a task and Mariah and Tessa ask Sharon what else she needs from them. Sharon says, “How about an update? That woman, Joss, who was considering you as parents for her baby… what’s the latest?” Tessa relays that they’ve learned her cousin will be taking the baby. They’re all disappointed but Mariah’s encouraged that she told them if it had been anyone but family, she would have chosen them. They knew adoption would be a tough road. Tessa says when they finally bring home their baby, it will all have been worth it.
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Across the room, Johnny updates his mother on his talk with Chelsea. Victoria’s proud of him for being compassionate and following his heart.

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On the patio, Billy asks Chelsea about her conversation with Johnny. She says he was so sweet and she assured him he wasn’t to blame for any of this. Billy asks how much she thinks he knows. She says only that he was in the hospital. Billy asks about her plans and she says she’s having dinner with Connor and Adam. Lily opens the door in time to hear him inviting Chelsea to join them after for dessert.
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At Society, Elena is concerned about the way Tucker spoke to Nate. She wonders how worried she should be. Nate assures her he can handle Tucker McCall. Elena feels he had no right to speak to him the way he did and she doesn’t like it. “I don’t care that he’s Devon’s father, he hasn’t been a real father to him in ages. You and Devon need to figure this out on your own without his interference.” Nate beams. He loves her being so supportive.
Nate Elena Y&R

At their table, Devon tells Tucker he can fight his own battles. Tucker spots Ashley arriving and leaps up to go outside and greet her. She says she’s looking for Abby and complains that she was forced to share a meal with Diane and can’t take it anymore. “It’s time to bring that bitch down.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack makes a final toast. He muses about John and Dina smiling down n them because there’s another generation sitting at the table — their great-grandchildren. Jack tears up toasting to family, love, loyalty, compassion, and mostly to loyalty and many more family holidays and gatherings to come.
Jack toast Thanksgiving Y&R

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