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At Crimson Lights, Billy figures Adam’s presence made telling Connor the truth more difficult, but Chelsea insists that although he had reservations, Adam followed her lead. Billy’s glad to hear it. Chelsea relays that the conversation took a turn when her son figured out what happened on his own. Billy hopes that wasn’t too jarring for her. Chelsea thinks it helped them be more open and honest about it. Billy’s proud of her for making the hard choice to have a difficult conversation and not backing down. Chelsea thanks him for listening. Billy marvels at the peaceful shift in her. Chelsea feels like it’s going to be a great Thanksgiving. She clutches Billy’s hand. “I have a lot to be thankful for.” Billy smiles, “Yes, you do.”

At Noah’s club, Adam proposes to Sally, who tells him he’s a little drunk. Adam insists it’s what he wants. “It’s what we both want,” he implores. Sally asks, “Mr. and Mrs. Adam Newman — that makes sense to you?” Adam says it does; they should waste another second being apart. “We were meant to be.” Sally informs him that he played games and he lost and now he’s pulling out all the stops to keep her there, but she refuses to let him do this to her. She starts to walk away and Adam grabs her arm as he pleads with her not to go. Nick strides over and demands his brother let go of her… now!

Adam wonders if Nick is trying to imply that he was threatening Sally. Nick growls, “Do not grab her like that again.” Adam thinks Nick’s bothered by seeing them together. Sally asks Adam to stop this and walks off. Nick tells Adam, “Let it go,” and follows her.

Diane enters the Abbott mansion and calls out for Kyle. Ashley, sitting in the living room, marvels, “Oh my God, you don’t even bother knocking more.” She’s not surprised Diane is looking for her son; she’s scared and wants to her find her very last ally before her lies come crashing down around her. Diane thinks she’s making it sound like she’s about to be run out of town by an angry mob with pitchforks. Ashley muses, “No, I don’t think that happens very often these days.” She thinks they could find her a ride to the airport though. Diane’s not going anywhere and insists she has the truth, and Jack, on her side. Ashley mocks her for running to Jack about the three mean ladies. Diane accuses her of colluding with Tucker. Ashley’s just taking what he told her seriously and warns Diane that her whining and complaining isn’t effective on Jack as it once was — they’re all sick of her. She taunts that Kyle will one day see her for who she very is. “That poor guy just wanted a mom. He just wanted a nice normal mother, and he got you.” She adds that they both know there is no future… as soon as Jeremy Stark gets released from prison. Diane points her finger at Ash. “You’re the one who should be worried about that.”

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Tucker rolls his eyes when Jack hammers on his suite door and calls out, “Answer the door!” McCall lets him in and Jack warns, “Whatever you’re planning, it’s not going to work.” Tucker offers him a drink. Jack isn’t interested in social pleasantries and lets Tucker know he’s aware that he’s coming after his company. He informs McCall that there’s a flaw in his plan. He came back to win Ashley back and steal Jabot, but the problem is he can’t do both. “They are mutually exclusive, which I think you already know.” He guesses that what Tucker really wants is Jabot and that Ashley is being used to come after the company. Tucker finishes his drink and declares this is going to be a two-drink minimum conversation. Jack notes he’s not denying it. Tucker informs Jack that he, along with most of the population, is totally incapable of seeing the big picture.
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In Sally’s suite, Nick is sorry that Adam grabbed her arm like that. She tells him that wasn’t the most outrageous part of his performance. “He proposed to me.” Nick feels his brother would do anything to end their relationship and tells her, “It’s not going to work.” They embrace. Sally tells him, “I like this.” Nick does too. He’s going home to Christian but will be thinking about her all night. Sally will be thinking about him too. They kiss.

At Society, Lily and Daniel laugh and reminisce about the time they ran away together to California and dressed up as fruit. They marvel at how far they’ve come, as he notes all she’s accomplished. She remarks on him being a renowned artist. He admits he’s taking a bit of a break right now, though he’s still creating and has some ideas. He’ll tell her about them soon. Lily teases, “Does it have to do with a banana costume?”
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Daniel asks Lily about being in a relationship with Billy, and she tells him how they got together after Jill made them co-CEOs. She talks about their work dynamic and muses that they were a good combination even though they had their differences. “It worked.” Daniel hedges, “Until it didn’t.” Lily wonders why he said that. Daniel recalls remembering Billy having to write a retraction on a story before they lost Chance Comm. Lily says they got past that incident. Daniel asks, “Have there been more?” He admits he’s tried to keep tabs on what’s happening in Genoa City. He muses that the town has changed, but Lily, “You look…” Just then, Billy arrives. “Daniel, man! What a surprise!”

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In Tucker’s suite, he informs Jack that Ashley is way ahead of him and all the other Abbotts in both vision and intellect. Jack won’t argue her brilliance but tells McCall she’ll never fall in love with him again. Tucker muses, “Time will tell.” Jack snarks that she’s only spending time with him to uncover his real motive. Tucker’s aware of that and has nothing to hide. He guesses Diane’s been filling Jack’s head with tales of his sinister plans. Jack tells him they both know there’s more to this than wanting to win Ashley back. Tucker doesn’t think Jack has any idea what he knows. He accuses him of coming on a fishing expedition. Jack wonders why he didn’t just deny he’s coming after the company. Tucker thinks he’d just like to keep him guessing. “I’m having too much fun watching you sweat.”

At the Abbott mansion, Diane warns Ashley that she’s the one perpetuating the lie that Diane had something to do with Stark going to prison. If he believes that, she has no idea how dangerous he could be. Ashley retorts, “I don’t think it’s a lie, Diane,” and questions why his release would be dangerous for her. Diane reminds her she’d be putting a target on her back and she’s a Jabot employee and a welcome guest in the Abbott home. If Stark causes problems for her, it will affect Ashley’s whole family, and she’ll be the one to blame. Ashley sneers, “You’re just so shameless, it’s gross. It really is. I mean, you’re basically using your own grandson as a human shield.” Ashley can see she’s scared and tells her, “You should be.” She urges Diane to run before it’s too late. Diane smirks and shakes her head.
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Sally opens her suite door to Adam and asks what he’s doing — is he crazy?!? She informs him that this isn’t romantic or endearing, it’s maddening and hurtful. She calls him out for proposing to her in public while drunk. “Why would you do that?” Adam tells her she knows why — they make sense, they’re magic. “I don’t understand why you would rob yourself of that.” Sally tells him, “You’ve had too much to drink.” Adam has never had more clarity about anything ever in his life. He reminds her how rare it is to have what they had. Sally argues, “That was before.” He sighs. He screwed things up for her. Adam wanted to have everything she deserved because she’s perfect. Sally wipes away a tear and scoffs, “Now I know for sure you’re drunk.” Adam tells her that with Nick it’s just about the sex. Sally is stunned that he thinks she’s using Nick and he’s using her right back. Adam doubles down. “That’s exactly what’s happening!”
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At Society, Daniel tells Billy that he’s sticking around for the holiday and maybe longer. Billy is sure Phyllis and Summer will be thrilled to see him… and Lucy. Lily updates Billy that Lucy and Heather are in Portugal. Daniel’s there by himself catching up with old friends. Lily asks Billy how Chelsea is doing. He says she seems good and is doing better. Daniel would like to run his new idea by the two of them at Chancellor-Winters. Lily would love it and will have her assistant email him. Daniel exits and Lily watches him, smiling, as Billy peruses the menu.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane tells Ashley she’s so focused on railroading her out of Genoa City, she’s putting everyone in jeopardy. “You’re buying into Tucker’s game. I refuse to do that.” She wonders if Ashley has asked herself why Tucker recently turned on her. Ashley thinks it’s advantageous to him — a lot of people will be grateful if he helps get rid of her — but she knows he’s out for himself. Diane explains that Tucker turned on her because she refused to give him information on Jabot’s financials. Ashley doesn’t find this all that noble considering she agreed to do it in the first place. “You’re just doing damage control.” Diane snaps, “You’re missing the point! Tucker was asking me for information about your family business and your love life. Ashley, he’s using you!” Jack slams the door. He can’t have this going on while Harrison’s here. Diane’s only goal is to protect the Abbotts and she needs Ashley to listen to her.
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In Sally’s suite, Adam is offering her sincere love. She’s wasting her time with someone who will never make her happy. Sally feels Adam can’t stand the idea of them together and is saying anything he can to end it. Adam knows Nick can make a woman feel like she’s the most important thing in the world, but he’s just looking for a replacement for Sharon. That’s why it didn’t work out with him and Phyllis — he couldn’t turn her into Sharon. “Same thing for Chelsea,” he adds before musing, “Poor Chelsea.” He alludes to his ex going through a lot and says, “It’s not wonder she…” Sally asks, “It’s no wonder what?” Adam steers the conversation back to their connection. “That’s what’s important.” He walks to the door and turns to ask Sally to think about the proposal. It was from the heart. “Just know that I love you.” With that, he exits.

At Crimson Lights, Nick runs into Chelsea, and they chat about her moving in upstairs. He asks what she’s doing for Thanksgiving. She says she and Adam will be together for Connor’s sake. Nick wishes her a great holiday. She returns the sentiment.

Later, Nick spots Daniel on the patio and greets him with a hug and slap on the back. He crows that Phyllis and Summer will be thrilled to see him and marvels, “It’s going to be a great holiday.” Nick asks after Heather and Lucy and Daniel says they’re great.

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At Society, Billy jokes about Daniel being his seat-filler and keeping Lily entertained until he got there. Lily turns the topic to Thanksgiving. She suggests they help Sharon at the coffee house. Billy agrees and they can go to the Abbotts’ after that. Lily adds they can go to Devon’s for dessert. They agree it sounds like a perfect day. Billy then adds, “Speaking of family and friends and the spirit of Thanksgiving, there’s something I want to run by you.” Lily asks, “Does it have to do with Chelsea?” Billy admits it does. She’s hoping to spend Thanksgiving with Connor and Adam, but in case that doesn’t happen, he doesn’t want her to be alone on the holiday. Lily asks, “So you want her to come with us?” Billy thinks it would be nice if Chelsea and Connor could spend Thanksgiving with them if need be. Lily is sensitive to Chelsea’s situation but he’s making assumptions and worrying about offering help she may not even need. Why don’t they just enjoy their holiday and see what happens. Billy nods, “Okay.”
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At the Abbott house, Ashley and Diane continue squabbling. Diane hollers at Ashley that Tucker is after Jabot. “You need to open your eyes and see that I’m not the enemy here!” Ashley warns Diane to stop telling her what to do. Jack interjects that he just had a very unpleasant meeting with Tucker, and he thinks Diane is right. “He’s coming after Jabot.” Diane says, “And what you need are allies to figure out what Tucker is planning and how to stop him, and you couldn’t ask for a better one in this situation than me.”

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