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In Sally’s suite, Nick is blown away by how sexy Sally looks in her dress and is raring to go out to celebrate. She wonders what they’re celebrating, and he tells her it’s nothing to do with work. “This is about us.” They kiss.

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Lily arrive and he lets Sharon know that his girlfriend knows about Chelsea. Lily thinks she’s an angel for helping. Billy asks how she is, and Sharon tell remarks that she’s been upstairs with Connor and Adam for a while. Billy hopes Adam doesn’t screw up the delicate conversation. Just then, Adam appears. Billy walks over and asks if he told Connor. Adam says yes, and it wasn’t easy, but he seemed to understand. “He’s going to stay with her tonight.” Billy seems concerned and Adam tells him Chelsea can handle this on her own and doesn’t need his support. “Just leave them alone.”

At Newman Media, Nate finishes up a work phone call as Elena comes in. She thinks he looks like he belongs behind that desk. Nate says she’s a sight for sore eyes and goes over to kiss her. Elena hands over a good luck gift to show she supports him 100%. It’s a framed photo of them to put on his desk. He loves it. Elena asks him to go to dinner, but he has a meeting with Victoria. He’ll meet her at Society after. Elena heads out but stops to tell him it’s nice to see him happy. It’s what was missing at Chancellor-Winters. She doesn’t like how he got here but loves that he’s here. Nate can’t tell her what her support means to him. He looks forward to celebrating with her tonight.
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Sally and Nick arrive at Noah’s club and the redhead gushes that the place looks great. They notice his son isn’t there, which is fine by Sally — they won’t have to keep things PG. They’re kissing when Adam appears.
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At Crimson Lights, Lily and Sharon discuss Chelsea’s conversation with Connor going well. Billy’s unconvinced; they have to take Adam’s word for it. Sharon doesn’t think he’d lie about something like that. Billy’s never trusted him. Lily agrees with Sharon. Billy still thinks he should go up and check on her. Sharon asks him not to interrupt Chelsea’s time with her son. Lily advises him to trust Sharon’s expert advice. She suggests dinner. Billy asks Sharon to keep him updated and they go.

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Noah arrives at the coffee house and Sharon asks him what it felt like for him when she was spiraling out with her bipolar disorder. Noah finds the question unexpected and tells her it was hard, but she got help and came back stronger, which was reassuring. He feels it was harder for Faith, though they did their best to shield her. Sharon worried one of her children would inherit her condition. Noah asks her not to worry. Sharon says it’s a parent thing — he’ll understand when he has his own kids. Noah suddenly looks downcast but doesn’t want to talk about it. Sharon coaxes and he reveals he was almost a parent. Noah opens up about Audra and the miscarriage. His mom is sorry he’s going through this. Noah can’t help but wonder, “What if?” He can’t know what it would be like if he found out at the time but it feels like a big loss. Sharon takes his hand and says she’s sorry again. “I know what it’s like to want a child that never was and how long you can carry the pain with you.” Noah marvels that it would have been a few months old by now — Sharon would have had her first grandchild.
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At Society, Elena runs finds Devon stewing over a beer, and he admits he’s distracted today by something he’s having trouble figuring out. Elena offers help, but he has to do it on his own. She suggests that when Nate gets there, they all sit down together for a drink, but Devon replies, “The last thing I’d ever want to do is sit down for a drink with a traitor.”
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Nate joins Victoria in her office, and she thanks him for staying late. He asks if he screwed something up but she reassures him she just wanted to check in. Nate thinks it’s going great. He reveals that Sally had a lot going on. Every time he makes a suggestion, the staff tells him Sally was already on it. “I think Sally was doing a really good job.” He’s grateful for the opportunity but isn’t sure why she brought him in to take Sally’s place. Victoria denies it was personal but admits she didn’t like her enough. She feels he has far more to offer than Sally ever could and wants to discuss the future. Nate is excited and lays out his thoughts on how to build their audience without cutting corners. Victoria doles out some advice and encourages him to draw up a list of his dream projects.
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At Noah’s club, Sally and Nick receive drinks that they didn’t order. Nick looks over and sees Adam, who raises his glass to them. Sally thinks he seems in the mood to cause another scene.
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At Society, Elena pressures Devon to have a drink with Nate. He grits, “I don’t like him, Elena,” and asks if she’s taken him back. Elena thinks he’s learned from this. Devon wonders if that’s why he’s still protecting the CEO who was going after their company and may still go after it. The only reason he came clean was because Elena showed up that day. “He’s changed, Elena. He’s not the same person he used to be. Hell, maybe he never was that guy.” Elena decides they’ll agree to disagree about Nate. She asks about Amanda. “Is she planning to stay for a while?” Devon says she’s not. Elena waxes on about long-distance relationships and thinks they’re strong enough to make it through. Devon begins, “Well…” Just then, Lily and Billy come in. Billy asks if they should all grab a table. Devon reveals that Elena’s meeting Nate, so he’ll stay at the bar. Lily doesn’t want to sit with their cousin either and Billy adds, “Separate tables it is.”
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At their table, Lily tells Billy that Elena doesn’t deserve to be dragged into their family issues. Billy senses something is wrong. Lily can’t understand why he didn’t tell him about Chelsea from the beginning. “Do you not trust me? If that’s the case, what does that say about our relationship?” Billy argues that it had nothing to do with them and isn’t a commentary on the state of their relationship. He needed Chelsea to give him the go-ahead to share it. Lily argues that she wouldn’t have told a soul. Billy has been improvising since he saw her standing on that ledge. Lily asks him to take a step back; she has other people now who are much better suited to help her. Billy won’t leave her high and dry. Lily argues he’s done more than enough. Billy gets a text from Chelsea, who wants to talk. Lily tells him, “You should go.” Billy vows to come back and will let her know he’ll be pulling back.

At her table, Elena sends Nate a reminder text with drink emojis and asks if he’s on his way.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nate continues his chat with Victoria over drinks. He reads Elena’s text and Victoria asks if it’s something he needs to deal with. He says he and Elena are meeting for a late dinner. He texts her back that the meeting is going long, and he’ll be there soon.

At Society, Lily joins Devon, who asks if Billy’s figured out what he’s doing with his life yet. She cryptically replies, “I hope not.” Devon wonders if she wants to talk about it but she declines. Devon decides to head home, gives her a hug, and leaves.
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At Crimson Lights, Noah realizes he didn’t even let his mother know that Audra was in town. Sharon says Mariah told her. Noah tells Sharon that Allie’s the only other person who knows about the miscarriage and he’d like to keep it between them. Sharon asks how she took it. Noah thinks it was hard for her to understand that he had no idea that Audra was even pregnant. Sharon asks if they were trying to have a baby. Noah says, “No,” but beats himself up for not seeing it. Sharon reminds him he’s a kind and loving person. Noah says there was nothing kind about the way he left Audra. “It’s no wonder she didn’t let me know she was pregnant.” Sharon says it’s not like him to leave a relationship without having a conversation. Noah says she created so much drama he couldn’t take it anymore. Apparently, she lost the baby the night he left. Sharon assures it wasn’t his fault, but Noah continues feeling bad. His mother counsels that he can’t change the past and shouldn’t beat himself up.
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At the club, Nick and Sally debate whether or not to leave because of Adam. Sally thinks they should stay and have their evening. Nick shrugs, “Well, let’s drink his wine.” He pours as Adam watches.

Later, Sally remarks to Nick that it was a fun night. He thinks they handled the awkwardness with Adam as well as they could. They stand up to leave and Adam jumps up. “Did you two enjoy the wine?” Sally says it was a little too sweet for her. Adam asks to speak to Sally alone. “I have something I want to say to you, please.” Sally glances at Nick before telling Adam he has two minutes. He thanks her and they head to a corner.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nate are still having drinks and talking about what her climb to the top. She knows her last name gave her the opportunity, but she knows the company inside and out. Nate tells her how excited he is to work for her. “I want to learn from you.” That was what interested him about the idea of having Chancellor-Winters under the Newman umbrella. Sitting there like this — trading ideas — is the kind of personal leadership he was looking for. Victoria warns she won’t always be agreeable and won’t sugarcoat things. Victoria asks about his dinner with Elena. Nate shrugs that she’ll be fine. He doesn’t want to interrupt their momentum. Victoria smiles.
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At the club, Sally asks Adam, “How much have you had to drink?” Adam avoids the question and thanks her for taking a minute to talk to him. He apologizes for earlier and insists he came there to relax and didn’t expect to see her and Nick but it’s eating away at him. She deserves better. Sally says it’s none of his concern. Adam feels responsible for driving her into his arms and regrets every foolish thing he did to drive her away. “We belong together. Marry me, Sally.”
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At Society, Elena gives up on Nate, grabs her coat and purse, finishes her drink, and walks over to Lily. “I’m giving up and going home. I hope your night ends better than mine.” Lily tells her they’ll catch up soon.
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Elena exits, bumping into someone on her way out. Lily looks up and gawps. “Daniel?!” Daniel smiles. “Lily!”
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