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At Chelsea’s place, Connor tells him mom her new apartment is really cool, but the best part is that she’s back. They talk about decorating his room and doing movie nights. Connor asks her to promise she won’t disappear on him again. Chelsea wants to tell him where she’s been the past few days and asks if he remembers when she was in the hospital last year. He does. Chelsea asks if he remembers why she was there. Connor worries, “Are you sick again? Is that what you need to tell me?”

Adam urges Connor to give his mom time to explain. Chelsea explains that last year she was having trouble telling what was real, but she recovered. Over the past few days, she could feel herself slipping again, but this time it felt different, and worse. She asks if he knows what depression is. Connor thinks it’s like being sad and asks if that’s why she went to the hospital. Chelsea says it was one of the reasons. Connor cries — he didn’t mean to make her sad over Johnny or anything else, he was just scared!

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley opens the door to an upset Abby, who croaks, “Mom it’s bad. It’s really bad.” They sit and Abby tells her mother that her marriage might be over. Ashley gasps, “What are you talking about?” Abby says Chance doesn’t think he’s the right person for her, and worse, he doesn’t think he wants to be. Ashley doesn’t understand him leaving the marriage without provocation. Abby cries, “But he was provoked.” She explains, “It was me. I cheated on him.” Ashley assumes that Abby’s cheating was a one-time meaningless mistake and she’ll never see the person again. Abby sniffles that the person will always be in their lives… or at least Dom’s. Ashley winces, “You slept with Devon.” Abby cries that it just happened. Ashley holds her.
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At Jabot, Diane enters Jack’s office to ask why he’s not responding to her messages. He’s at work and doesn’t have time for interruptions. She closes the door and insists she has an urgent matter to discuss. He doesn’t have time for her drama right now. Diane blurts that he doesn’t have to speak to her, but he at least needs to listen to what she has to say.

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Diane warns Jack he needs to watch out for Tucker. He asks, “Why?” Diane says there’s one last thing about the deal she made with him that she hasn’t told him yet. Jack fumes, “Of course there is.” Diane reveals that Tucker wanted her to find financials on Jabot that he could use to exploit the company. Jack throws his papers down in a temper. Diane protests, “I never gave him anything!” She would never do that to him or Kyle. Jack hollers, “One more lie! One more secret, one more deceit! One more shoe dropping right on schedule! If you were so loyal, if it was so important for me to have this critical information, why did you hold onto it for so long? Why is it coming out just now?!?”
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Diane pleads that she wanted to tell him before but didn’t want to cause any more problems for the family than necessary. Jack reminds her, “How many times did I ask you if there was more to your arrangement with McCall.” Diane claims she was trying to uncover his true intentions and catch him red-handed. She reminds him how dangerous he is. Jack counters that she has plenty of dangerous people in her life as well. Diane knows he means Jeremy Stark and tells Jack that Tucker is threatening to use Jeremy as a way to get revenge on her. He’s already told Ashley about her connection to Stark. The man is about to be released from prison and he will not come out reformed. Diane exclaims that Nikki, Ashley and Phyllis are threatening to plant the idea in Jeremy’s head that she helped send put him away. If they’re successful, he’s going to want payback!

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At Sally’s suite at the Grand Phoenix, she asks Nick if he’d like to join her for a drink. She warns she still doesn’t want to talk about his loan offer. He assures her they can discuss or not discuss whatever she wants to. Once they have drinks, Sally asks how he thinks things will go at Newman Media. Nick questions if Nate’s the right man for the job… and his integrity. He was a real big fan of the last regime. Sally thanks him for not pressing the issue but lets him know she’s grateful for the offer he made. She wants to be clear that she’s not manipulating a romantic situation. If there’s any doubt about that, then she doesn’t want his money.

Nick tells Sally he doesn’t think she’s manipulating him due to their relationship. He doesn’t want her to feel uncomfortable with his motivation in offering her the loan. Sally says many believed Adam hired her for personal reasons and she doesn’t want it happening again. Nick tells her the relationship means a lot to him and none of that has to do with the loan. He finds her and Chloe to be a formidable team and if they want to start another fashion label, why wouldn’t he want to help them with that? Sally says there’s one problem — she doesn’t want to start another fashion line.
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Sally tells Nick that running Newman Media gave her a taste for something bigger. She still loves the fashion world but doesn’t want to take a step backward. Nick argues sometimes you have to do that to propel yourself forward. Sally may just want to try something new. “I thought about maybe putting my fashion sense into interior design or an event-planning business. I don’t know yet.” Nick thinks she’d be successful with either. He urges her to take it one step at a time. If she wants, he’ll be right by her side to help her figure it all out.

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At Society, Phyllis asks Tucker to let her buy him a drink. He declines but she insists.

In Chelsea’s apartment, Adam holds Connor and tells him none of this is his fault. Chelsea repeats that sentiment and tells her son she was struggling with some stuff with her work and then they lost Rey suddenly. Connor misses him. Chelsea explains it was also hard for her when Johnny didn’t embrace the news that she’s his biological mom. Giving birth to them was the best thing that happened to her. She tells Connor that she’s her whole world. Chelsea is working hard with her doctors to figure out how she can get better. Connor asks, “Is it over now?”
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At Society, Phyllis proposes a toast to Tucker and to the information he gave to Ashley on Diane and Jeremy Stark. Tucker grunts that he’s sure she’ll put it to good use. Phyllis stretches and smiles with satisfaction and alludes to leaving “No stone unturned.” She still wants to know why he’s there. “What are you doing back in this town? What do you plan to get out of all of this?”
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At Chelsea’s place, she tells her son she wants the sadness to stop but it’s an illness — a mental one — so she needs help from her doctors to learn how to manage it and make it go away. It takes time. Connor asks how bad it had to be for her to know she had to go to the hospital. Chelsea tears up. “It was very bad. It hurt very intensely on the inside.” She says the pain was unbearable and she just wanted it to stop. Connor asks, “Was it so bad you wanted to die?” He knows what it means to “unalive” themselves and heard about it online. Chelsea and Adam are taken aback, but she admits it was like that. “It was a scary, terrible time for me.” She promises to work hard so she never feels that way again. Connor says, “I’ll help you mom,” and hugs her.

At the hotel, Sally tells Nick that his belief in her means everything… which is why she’s going to turn down his generous offer. She wants her success to come because she did it herself and she and Chloe are just that good. Nick understands. He cannot wait to see her rise to the top. Sally muses that maybe he can be by her side in a different way. “If that’s what you want.” Nick murmurs that every time he’s with her, it never fails to make him want to spend more time with her. He takes her hand. Sally asks if they’re just friends or if this is going somewhere. Nick replies, “I sure hope so,” and kisses her.
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At Jabot, Jack appreciates Diane telling him the truth, it gives the company time to prepare for whatever’s coming. She reveals that Kyle has vowed to protect her, but she didn’t tell him about Tucker’s demands for financials because she didn’t want her son to confront him. Jack agrees; he doesn’t want to put his son in a dangerous situation. Jack asks Diane if she had a hand in putting Stark behind bars. Diane nods. She made a deal for immunity in return for turning him in anonymously. Diane stresses that nobody else can know and Ashley’s a problem. Jack’s told her to back off. Diane levels, “Well, obviously, she didn’t listen.”

In the hotel suite, Nick and Sally kiss in bed and make love. Later, she tells him, “This feels right.” Nick asks how she’d feel about going out to celebrate. She smiles. It depends on what they’re celebrating. Nick says a new chapter for them, a new business venture for her. He’ll go shower… which is also an invitation. Once alone, Sally grabs the tablet and starts working.
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At Society, Tucker tells Phyllis his sole focus is Ashley. Breaking her heart is his biggest mistake. Phyllis snarks, “Hmm. You’ve done some soul-searching, have you?” Tucker noticed how easily Diane slipped back into the Abbotts and figured maybe he could do it too. Phyllis muses, “Uh huh.”

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley tells Abby if she and Chance are going to get past this, she’ll have to change her relationship with Devon. Abby cries, “So now I have to lose Devon as well?” Ashley thinks Chance would have every right to not want them to be so close. Just then, Jack comes in and barks that he wants to speak to Ashley alone. Ashley says she’s in the middle of something. Abby has to go home to Dom and clears out. Ashley snarks, “Oh what? Are you riding to Diane’s rescue again?” Jack thought he made it clear that she was to leave Diane alone. Ashley retorts, “Just because you said it, doesn’t mean I’m going to do it.”

At Chelsea’s place, she regrets keeping it a secret that she was Johnny’s mom and promises no more secrets from Connor. Adam says they’ll do this as a family and if he needs to, he can talk to Sharon or a teacher. Chelsea has to face this head-on to get through it. She has an illness, she is getting treatment, and she is getting better.
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In Sally’s suite, Nick emerges from the shower and asks why she didn’t come into the shower. She had an idea for a new business model and shows him what she’s been working on. He thinks it’s great and can’t wait to see her and Chloe run with it. Sally states, “This is where I want to be.”

At Chelsea’s place, Connor asks Adam if he can stay with his mom so she’s not alone. Adam will go to the ranch and bring back some things. After her goes, Chelsea assures her son that he doesn’t have to worry about anything happening to her. Making her feel less alone is not his job, it’s her job to take care of him. She promises to work hard to get better because they have a lifetime of things to do together. They hug.

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At Society, Diane finds Phyllis with Tucker and warns, “You’re not going to win.” She tells them that Jack and Kyle are in her corner, so no matter what they throw at her, they have her back. She informs Tucker and Phyllis that they, along with Ashley and Nikki, are no match for her, Jack and Kyle. “So you better be prepared to come with everything you’ve got, because this has officially turned into a war.”
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In the Abbott living room, Jack throws down his jacket and snarls, “I can’t believe your audacity!” This is about protecting a relationship that means the world to Kyle. Ashley retorts, “Means the world to Kyle or to you?” Jack eyerolls, “Oh, come on.” Ashley reminds him that he knows who Diane is and what she’s capable of. Time and time again they find out more things that she’s done, she runs to Jack and plays the victim, and worms her way back into his good graces, and he goes out of his way to protect her again. Jack thinks she has a nerve considering how Tucker is using her right now. “Did you know that he asked Diane to pass along Jabot financial information? Yeah, and he turned on her when didn’t comply. That’s what this is about Ashley! I guess your considerable charms didn’t extricate that particular secret from Tucker.” He fumes that Tucker is looking for weaknesses in Jabot so he can exploit them, the same way he’s exploiting her hatred of Diane. “Whatever Tucker McCall is really after it appears you are his unwitting accomplice.”
Ashley Jack Y&R

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