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At Society, Adam snarks about being lucky enough to be there when Sally and Adam are meeting up for drinks… are they fueling up for another round of hot sex? Sally tells him he’s out of line and Nick warns him to watch his mouth. Sally knows he has a lot on his plate but that’s no excuse to be crude. She thought they could be friends. Adam tells her, “You know what you are to me,” and assures her that whatever she thinks his brother has to offer, she’s bound to be disappointed in every possible way. Sally reminds him this was his own doing and suggests he stop blaming everyone but himself.

At Crimson Lights, Allie spots Noah and pauses before approaching him. He asks how her day’s been. She admits, “Not as expected.” She reveals that went to the club earlier and saw him with his ex in his arms. Noah didn’t know she was there. Allie thinks it was an intimate moment. Noah will explain, but not there.

In her new apartment above the coffee house, Chelsea answers her door to Sharon and Billy. They’ve brought her things from the hotel, and she doesn’t even need to think about that place anymore. Chelsea’s grateful. Sharon hands over the keys. Chelsea marvels that she’s pulling up stakes yet again and admits she’s juggling a lot of emotions right now. It’s hard to believe at this phase of her life she doesn’t have a safe haven. Sharon hopes this place will become that for her. Billy suggests she look at it as the beginning of a healthy future. Chelsea wants to tell Connor about what happened today and says her therapist agreed with her. She’s worried about how he’ll react but determined to be strong for her son. Chelsea hopes Adam understands because they need to be a united front. Billy’s not a fan of him, but knows he loves his son and will do what’s right for his son and her. Sharon agrees. Billy gets a text from Lily to meet and takes off. Chelsea asks Sharon to stay a little longer. Sharon thinks there’s something they need to do right away.
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At Society, Sally complains about Adam acting like the wounded party. “It doesn’t work like that!” Nick says it does for a narcissist. Adam warns Sally not to get her hopes up about Nick loving her. “He can’t. The only woman he’s ever loved is Sharon. You’re just the latest substitute.” Sally tells Nick, “Let’s go. He isn’t worth it.”

Noah and Allie enter his club and she asks for the truth. Noah explains that Audra told him that back in London she was pregnant with their baby and had a miscarriage. It was the first he’d heard of it. Allie is struck by how awful it must have been for her to go through that alone and tells Noah, “I’m so sorry.” She wonders why Audra didn’t say anything until now. Noah explains that when she got pregnant, they were in a bad place, better times never came and he moved out without telling her. It happened the first night he didn’t come home. Audra being in Genoa City and seeing him brought it all back for her. Noah says it killed him that she had to suffer through all that alone, so he hugged her. “I wanted to comfort her and that’s what you walked in on.”
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Billy meets Lily in the park and she asks how Chelsea is doing. She assumes he’s spent most of the day with her since she seems to be his main focus lately. Billy knows it’s been frustrating and he hopes to clear the air a little back. Chelsea gave him the go-ahead to talk to her about this and maybe once he does, Lily will understand why he’s devoted so much time to helping her. Lily asks, “Okay, what happened?” Billy states, “Chelsea tried to take her own life.”

At Chelsea’s place, she and Sharon have put her things away, so she feels like she’s settling in. Sharon pulls out a photo of Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea agrees it’s the most important item and reveals that Connor is coming after practice. “I guess I should talk to Adam now.”

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Adam’s still stewing at Society when Chelsea calls. He asks her to give him a moment and walks outside, eyeballing Sally and Nick as he goes. Chelsea assures Adam she’s okay and explains she’s renting the apartment above the coffee house from Sharon. He’s glad she decided to take her up on that and offers to pick up groceries. Chelsea asks him to bring Connor by and reveals she hasn’t changed her mind. “I’m ready to tell Connor the truth and I hope you can support my decision. Can you please do that for me?” Adam would like to discuss it further, but Chelsea can’t risk the boy finding out some other way. He has to know what happened, that she’s getting help, and that she’ll be alright. Adam’s still worried he’ll blame himself and wonders how honest they’ll be. Chelsea explains they’ll use language he can understand and asks Adam if they can do this together as a family. Adam agrees, disconnects, and glances in at Nick and Sally.

At the park, Lily gasps, “Poor Chelsea!” She didn’t think it was this bad. Billy thinks it just compounded after Rey passed away. “She was leaning on him a little too much.” After he died, she had no one to turn to and the only thing she could focus on was her pain and despair. Lily questions why knowing Connor needed her couldn’t pull her out of her grief. Billy says she couldn’t see a way out of the pain and wanted it to end. Lily recalls being depressed and overwhelmed with guilt in prison, but Neil moved upstate to be closer and proved to be a lifeline. She wasn’t suicidal, but for Chelsea to be in that place, is serious. Billy’s grateful she understands. Lily feels it must have been overwhelming for him to help her through a crisis that severe and taken an emotional toll. Billy nods. Lily asks, “Why wouldn’t you have told me this from the beginning? Why wouldn’t you have let me be the person you turned to?”

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At the apartment, Chelsea tells Sharon that Adam really heard her. Sharon is glad and urges her to take a breath, relax, and trust her instincts as a mother. Chelsea thanks her again as she heads out.
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At the park, Billy tells Lily it wasn’t his story to share with her. It’s delicate and extremely personal. She didn’t even tell Adam until today, and insisted he tell Lily the truth. He explains she’s been in a psychiatric facility and is now in the apartment over the coffee house as Mariah and Tessa moved to the tack house. Lily thinks it sounds like he and Sharon are covering all the bases. He senses an edge in her voice like she’s upset. “Lily, just tell me what’s wrong.”

At the club, Noah confides in Allie that he feels guilty about not being there for Audra and worries the stress of their relationship caused the miscarriage. Allie muses it must be like seeing an alternate universe unfold in which he became a dad. “Has the news made you see her in a different way?”

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In Society, Nick and Sally jokingly battle over their appetizers. She is unsurprised to hear he went to a boarding school in Switzerland. Nick reveals he snuck away and flew home at 16. “I really love my family. I like being around them.” Sally finds this the perfect segue into him revealing what he wants out of life, since the last time she told him what she wants. Nick has everything he wants… almost. He goes over settling at Newman, having four kids he loves, and solid relationships with Phyllis and Sharon. Nick assures Sally he’s not pining for Sharon as Adam suggested. Sally asks, “Where are you, emotionally speaking?”

At Crimson Lights, Adam and Connor walk in and Sharon greets them. The boy asks if his mom is meeting them there. Sharon explains she’s moved into the apartment upstairs. They all agree it’s a better place for her than the hotel. Connor goes to get Chelsea a treat at the counter and Adam thanks Sharon for coming through for Chelsea. Sharon tells him she thinks Chelsea is ready for the talk with Connor today. Adam appreciates that, but it won’t make it any easier. He texts Chelsea that they’ll be up in a minute.

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Upstairs, Chelsea reads Adam’s text and responds that she’s ready.

At the club, Noah tells Allie nothing has changed about the way he sees Audra. What happened doesn’t change that their relationship was toxic. It’s painful for him to think about their past, but it’s the past and his future is right there with her. They kiss as Audra walks in. They embrace, and Noah sees Audra over Allie’s shoulder. Audra stalks out. Allie tells Noah she’s glad they talked this through. He says he is too.
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At Society, Nick meant it when he said he has everything he wants… except someone to share it with. Sally raises her eyebrows and Nick assures her he has no expectations when it comes to them. “I just wanted to be honest with you, like you were with me.” Sally thanks him and they smile at each other.

At the park, Lily asks Billy if Chelsea’s okay and if he fears she’ll try something like that again. Billy explains that she seems better. He still wants to know if him supporting Chelsea will be a problem for her. Lily realizes that 72 hours ago was when Adam found him on the roof with Chelsea. Billy nods. He literally talked her off the ledge. Lily observes, “You haven’t just supported her through this time, you saved her life.”

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Adam and Connor arrive at Chelsea’s apartment. Connor throws his arms around his mom when she says she’s so happy to see him. Connor says he’s missed her so much and was scared — he didn’t know why she was avoiding him.
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