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At the facility, Adam arrives in Chelsea’s room and asks how she is — she’s looking stronger. Chelsea reveals that Dr. Malone is authorizing her release today. She’ll be joining a support group and seeing her on an out-patient basis. Adam doesn’t want her to go back to the Grand Phoenix and offers to help her find a place to live. Chelsea is focused on seeing Connor. She knows it won’t be an easy conversation, explaining to him what happened and why she was there. Adam says they don’t have to worry about that now, but Chelsea disagrees. “Actually, we do.”

Adam doesn’t think she should be taking that on so soon after what happened. Chelsea accuses him of making excuses, but he points out she’s barely started working through this herself. Chelsea argues he’s smart and will no there’s more to the story. Adam asks her to think about Connor and what’s best for him.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Billy discuss Chelsea being released from the facility. Billy doesn’t want her back at the hotel. Sharon agrees and says she’s already come up with a solution.

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At the park, Sally remarks on Chloe meeting her to brainstorm in the park with a bucket. Chloe says Myles left it in the sandbox, but they’ll fill it with positive things until it’s overflowing with good ideas. They put items in to represent the money they’ll make, the expertise they have, and the people who have worked for them. They have to figure out which direction to choose next. Chloe thinks the sky is the limit. They just need to summon their positive energy and create their own opportunity. Sally wonders what they do in the meantime. Chloe feels they need to walk into a room and act like they own the place. They high five and Chloe muses it wouldn’t hurt if she’d accept Nick’s offer to help them out. Just as she says this, he appears.
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Nick settles on the bench as Chloe informs him that her friend and former boss is too proud to ask him for a favor, but she is more practical. “We need work.” She makes a speech about their passion for fashion and making waves. Nick encourages her to continue.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Billy that Tessa and Mariah are relocating to the tack house, so Chelsea can take the apartment upstairs if she’s on board. Billy tells her she’s gone above and beyond for someone she’s had a challenging relationship with in the past. Sharon knows Rey would approve, and feels in her heart it’s the right thing to do. She hopes Chelsea feels the same way.
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At the facility, Chelsea relents and agrees they don’t have to tell Connor the details, but insists he has to know what happened. “We have to arm him with the truth.” Adam wonders if perhaps they could run this by her therapist. Chelsea thinks he’s made up his mind about not telling their son the truth. Adam says he’s been beating himself up for pushing her away over the Johnny thing and he doesn’t for one second want him thinking he pushed her too far. “It worries me.” Dr. Malone joins them and asks if Chelsea is ready. Chelsea asks Adam to respect her decision on this. He offers to come back later to pick her up, but she tells him Sharon and Billy are coming. Adam’s glad people are stepping up to help her and asks her to consider what he said as he leaves.
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Chelsea’s therapist notices she seems unsettled. Chelsea explains that he doesn’t think they should tell Connor the truth. She was so confident about her decision. She also knows Adam is a great father. Malone asks if she thinks she’s strong enough to have this conversation with Connor. Chelsea does. She wants to show him she’s okay and make sure he understands this is no one’s fault, especially his. Malone tells her the conversation they should be having is about what is the best way to do that.
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At Crimson Lights, Billy can’t assume Chelsea will accept Sharon’s offer. Sharon thinks it’s a delicate time and she has more obstacles to navigate — she doesn’t want to add to that. Adam appears and says he just saw Chelsea. He knows they’re releasing her today and would like to discuss it with Sharon when she’s free. Sharon reminds him they agreed to work together as a team. Billy thinks they’re all on the same page. Adam expresses his concern about Chelsea’s plan to tell Connor what happened immediately. “Nothing in her life is settled. She doesn’t even have a place to live.” Sharon reveals she was going to offer her upstairs. Adam finds this generous but is concerned about Connor having to deal with more on top of the confusion of finding out that Chelsea is Johnny’s biological mother. He wants to wait but would like to get Sharon’s take. Sharon says if Chelsea feels ready, they should support that choice. Connor will take his cues from Adam as to how to react, so they should remain positive and consistent. Billy agrees. Adam asks to speak to Billy alone.
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In the park, Chloe recaps to Nick that Sally regrets getting off on the wrong foot with Summer and has learned to focus her energy for good. She thinks he should convince Summer that Sally deserves a second chance. Sally gawps, “Chloe! Dial it back to zero. Now!” She apologizes for Chloe angling to get them a job at Marchetti. She also apologizes for being awful to Summer and Kyle. Nick knows she does. Chloe argues her case some more, but Nick says he doesn’t interfere in Summer’s business. He instead offers them a loan to start their own label.
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At the facility, the therapist thinks it’s important to talk to a child Connor’s age and make him understand what happened. He may be creating scenarios in his head. Chelsea explains that Adam is worried he’ll blame himself. Malone tells her she needs to make it clear to Connor he’s not at fault; no one is. She thinks it’s important to open the dialogue in a safe environment so he can express the emotions he has… even if it’s anger.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Adam tells Billy he’s grateful to him for saving Connor’s mother’s life. Billy thinks it sounds like there’s a ‘but’ coming. Adam wants to know the reason for Billy’s continued involvement in Chelsea’s recovery. “What are you after, Billy?” Billy wants Chelsea to be better… and happy. When he helped her off the ledge, he pledged to be there for her. Adam wonders how Lily feels. Billy says that’s none of his business — his only concern is Connor. He understands Adam wants to be cautious with Connor, and how he and Chelsea deal with that isn’t his business, but he feels they should take their cues from the professional — Dr. Malone.

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In the park, Sally tells Nick they need to decline his generous offer. Chloe interjects that they need to speak about this internally and then circle back around. She gets a text from her sitter and warns Sally not to make any decisions without consulting her before leaving. Nick tells Sally he feels like he needs to apologize for offering to do her a favor. Sally isn’t used to offers like this and apologizes for her awkwardness. “So, what is this?” Nick says it would be a loan; the kind where he gives her money and she gives it back… not in kisses or hugs, just cash. Sally thinks it sounds like a colossally bad idea. Nick counters that all of the best adventures of his life have started with those very words. He decides to ask her for a drink instead. Nick thinks it’s time he told her what he’s been thinking. Sally would like that very much.
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At the facility, Chelsea thanks Dr. Malone and assures her she’s thinking more clearly. She was in turmoil for so long and regrets taking out on her friend Chloe. She should tell her the truth too. Malone thinks she should be proud of her progress. “You’re strong enough to make it through.” Chelsea promises to call after she’s spoken to Connor. Sharon arrives, followed shortly by Billy. Malone urges Chelsea to rely on her friends and exits. Chelsea tells Billy and Sharon she’s ready to go… but she has nowhere to go. Maybe they can take her somewhere with internet so she can find a place to stay. Sharon and Billy exchange a look and a smile.

At the park, Chloe rejoins Sally and Nick, who urges them to reconsider his offer before leaving. Chloe tells Sally that Nick wants them to succeed. Sally doesn’t want to be in anyone’s debt and things between her and Nick are still a little blurry. She worries, “What if it doesn’t work out?” Chloe says there are no guarantees and urges her to look at it as a business transaction. Sally argues it’s not that simple. “No. I have to keep my personal life separate from our professional future.” Chloe grabs her arm. “Work with me here. This kind of opportunity comes once in a lifetime.” She urges her to promise to just think about it.

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At the facility, Adam returns to see Chelsea and Dr. Malone says she left with Sharon and Billy. “She’s lucky to have so much support, she’ll need it in the coming months.” Adam assures her she’ll get it.

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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea is focused on finding a place to rent, so Sharon tells her that Tessa and Mariah have moved to the tack house for more space since they’ve begun the adoption process so the apartment upstairs is available. She jokes, “I happen to think it’s a fabulous location.” Chelsea can’t understand why she’d offer this after everything she did to her. Sharon wants to do it for Connor too. Billy jokes, “Do it for the cinnamon buns.” Sharon adds, “Do it for yourself.” Chelsea says, “Yes,” and embraces Sharon. “Thank you so much.”
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In the park, Adam flashes through his recent conflicts with Chelsea, Sally, Chloe, Nick, and his failed attempt to woo Sally back on the rooftop. Stewing, he walks out of the park.

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In Chelsea’s new apartment, Billy tells her it just needs some personal touches. Chelsea remarks on how kind Sharon and Billy have been there. He assures her they’re there for her now and into the future. Sharon needs to get over to the tack house but takes Chelsea’s hands and says, “Welcome home.” After she leaves, Chelsea doesn’t know what to say. Billy teases that was never a problem when they were podcasting. She worries about taking Billy’s time from Lily. He assures her she understands. Chelsea learns she doesn’t know the whole truth and urges him to tell her.

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At Society, Nick arrives to find Adam sitting at the bar. Adam tells the bartender, “Drinks are on him.” Nick sighs, “I’m meeting someone.” Adam notes the uneasy look in his eyes and fumes, “Let me guess who it is.” Just then, Sally arrives.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Lily feels suspicious of Billy’s behavior, Chelsea begins a new chapter, and Adam loses his cool with Nick.

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