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At the Chancellor estate, Chance tells Abby that what happened with Devon was not just a mistake. She suggests they can work on this, but Chance insists they can’t. It’s too late and they need to face that. Her regrets don’t matter. Clearly, she and Devon had feelings for each other and would have acted on them eventually. “I knew this was coming,” he admits.

He buried himself in work to avoid having to face that. She refuses to accept this. He can’t understand why. His wife insists he’s not seeing things clearly but he can see how they have been unable to reconnect since he got back from Spain. PTSD may have divided them but that divide has only grown. He blames himself for this. “I hate that you are so noble and logical about this,” she says, insisting that she’s the one to blame.
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Chance thinks she needs to face the reality instead of prolonging the inevitable. Taking his hand, she tells him she’s not ready to give up on what they have left. He’s sure she needs someone else and he can’t be the man she desires. Sticking around to learn that all over again is only going to cause more pain. Pulling his hand away, he tells her they need to make a clean break. In tears, she asks him if he’s going to walk away from their son. He doesn’t want to lose the connection he made with him. They will still be a kind of family. Abby is appalled that he is taking all this so rationally and wishes he would yell or something. Chance can’t comfort her. “I am so sorry that I broke us,” she says. He walks out. Left alone, she sends her mom a text saying they need to talk.

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Audra arrives at Tucker’s suite. He’s eager to hear the latest about the IPO. She tells him Jill is still keen. He says she’s been a great mole. She prefers “liaison.” Warning that Nate has more insider information than she does, she points out Newman still has the upper hand. McCall realizes that something is wrong and wonders why their strategy isn’t all coming together by now. He’s observed that her focus seems split. She claims not to know what he means but he assumes Noah is becoming an issue. Audra points out she’s not the one whose personal life is getting in the way of his plans.

She accuses him of being too ambitious and wanting too much. As he sniffs and strokes his shirt, she points out how he wants to have his son and ex working for him. He claims he wants them to be bonded together so they can be the most powerful force on earth. He’s disappointed that she reacts to this cynically. Audra points out that to get what he wants, he will have to turn Ashley and Devon against their families. That doesn’t seem possible. He’s disappointed by her lack of faith and adds she doesn’t know him very well.

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Diane arrives at the Abbott estate after being summoned by Ashley. She quickly discovers that Nikki and Phyllis are also waiting for her. They claim they just want to have a pleasant conversation with her about Jeremy Stark. The trio confronts her about why she didn’t go to prison along with him. He must be wondering what happened to her now that he’s being released from prison. Diane almost needs to laugh about how absurd this is getting. She claims the only connection she had to Jeremy was that they had a couple of dates and assumes Tucker told them this. McCall no longer has a use for her so he fed them what they all wanted to hear and they were eager to gobble it up. This latest attempt to scare her is pathetic and she’s done. Phyllis claims they have proof of her crimes. If they had any proof, Diane points out, they would be using it. Dismissing them as gossipy busybodies, she taunts them to go after her if they dare. Shrugging, Phyllis says they don’t have to do anything because Stark will.

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The three of them continue taunting her and Diane points out she’s never sent a felon after any of them. They remind her she framed them with felonies. She thinks they are pathetic spending all their time going after revenge. As they continue bickering and trashing each other, Diane declares that she has left her pettiness in the past and reformed. This irritates Ashley who yells that Kyle and Jack may buy that but she doesn’t. Diane reminds them that they have all done despicable things. They claim they have only done them because of her. Diane complains she’s been forced to live with an unfair double standard and she’s tried to be good since she got back. She’ll admit that they’ve made her miserable and it would be easier for her to go away but she needs to stay for her son.

Phyllis admires the way she has kept her son on her side but eventually, they will find proof to end that. Kyle is part of their family and they will protect him. Furious, Diane reminds them that she’s better at playing dirty than the three of them put together and she will turn the tables on them so fast they won’t know what hit them. After she storms out and slams the door, Nikki says she thinks she must be sweating bullets. They are determined to apply more pressure. Nikki adds they need to make sure they don’t fall into one of Tucker’s traps.

Diane barges into Tucker’s suite and accuses him of feeding information to Ashley. She wonders if he is really that vindictive and cruel. He doesn’t care what happens to her and reminds her she reneged on their deal. Whether he told Ashley “the facts” or not doesn’t matter. He just wants to make her happy and the only way that will happen is if Diane goes away. When she tells him her enemies are threatening to send Jeremy after her, he suggests she go off the grid. Diane warns that everyone is underestimating her. The more she’s pushed, the more determined she is to fight.

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Once she leaves, he calls Ashley and tells her how entertaining Diane is when she’s riled up. He’s counting on her to be as predictable as ever.

Back at the Abbott estate, Ashley tells the rest of the trifecta about Diane flipping out to Tucker. Phyllis tells Ashley they need to find Jeremy so they can make good on their threats.

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Diane goes to Jabot. Seeing that Jack isn’t there, she sends him a text saying they need to talk.

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Devon paces the penthouse and sadly looks at a photo of Amanda before sending her a text, begging her not to leave and claiming they can fix this.

In her office at Chancellor-Winters, Lily calls someone about a contract when she suddenly receives a letter of resignation from Amanda. She calls Devon and demands to know what’s going on.

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When Devon shows up, his sister asks why he didn’t warn her. He didn’t think it would happen so fast. She vents that this couldn’t happen at a worse time. Lily understands things have been hard for her and she wants to be with her family. When she asks how they have been coping with the distance, he crosses the room and explains Amanda was adamant about leaving. Lily wonders if something else is going on. He’s not explaining so she asks what really happened. Devon claims she made a choice to be with her family and he has to accept it. His sister encourages him to be with Amanda in Virginia. He’s not going to consider relocating and has to wrap his head around parting ways with her. She can see he isn’t ready to talk about what’s happening but will be here when he needs to.

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Devon mopes his way to the park. Staring off, he recalls kissing Abby. Chance appears and glares at him before approaching. Devon is sure anything he could say would just sound insulting. He explains that it wasn’t planned and they never got close to doing something like that before. Chance disagrees and is sure it was a long time coming. Betrayal and infidelity don’t just happen. They had a choice and could have stopped. Devon admits he’s right and he knows exactly how he feels. His only hope is that they can live with this without it affecting Dominic. He hopes that Chance can forgive Abby and move forward with her. Chance tells him that whatever they decide is none of his business.

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Chance goes to Society and drinks alone.

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