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At the Abbott mansion, Nikki and Phyllis want to know why Ashley called them together. Ashley explains that getting to Tucker was a good idea — he revealed that Diane was committing crimes in Los Angeles with Jeremy Stark. Phyllis knew it! Nikki wonders why the name Jeremy Stark sounds so familiar. Ash figures she heard it on the news — he’s being released from prison very soon.

Nikki reads the news release and muses that this is what Tucker was holding over Diane’s head — she’d be willing to do anything to regain her wealth. Phyllis never believed her story of a modest life in Los Angeles. Nikki wants to call Talia, but Phyllis worries that Tucker is setting some kind of trap. Ashley reports that she tried to take it to Jack but he defended Diane. He refuses to see her for what she is. “We have to nail her this time.”
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At Jabot, Diane reads the news that Jeremy Stark is being released from prison with a look of dread on her face. Kyle appears and she asks to talk. He wonders, “Is something wrong?”

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At Society, Jack asks Summer about Harrison, who is feeling better. He invites her to join him and says she’s really shining at Marchetti. Summer gives part of the credit to Kyle. Jack loves to see them in sync. She muses that there are a few things they disagree on. He guesses a sticking point is Diane. She asks how he feels about the latest revelation. Jack replies, “In a word — exhausted.” He’s tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but given the latest revelations, it’s become increasingly difficult. Summer can’t trust her anymore. “I’ve hit a wall with her.” Jack thinks they’re all tired of it, including Diane. Summer worries her criminal misdeeds will catch up with her… and that they’ll pose a danger to Kyle.
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At home, Devon arrives to find Amanda packing up her things. He doesn’t like seeing the suitcases. She’s not happy about it either and tells him if she forgets anything, she’ll send for it. Devon feels she’s moving too fast. Amanda doesn’t see any point in sticking around and lets him know she’ll be resigning from Chancellor-Winters. Devon wants an opportunity to talk this out.

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby’s alone with Dom when a cheerful Mariah stops in with a gift and updates her friend that she and Tessa are waiting to hear back from a young pregnant mom who wants to give her baby up for adoption. Abby mutters about how exciting that is but paces and watches the door. Mariah notices she hasn’t opened the gift she brought and asks what’s wrong. Abby finally tells her Chance didn’t come home last night.
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Abby tells Mariah that Chance was on a stakeout. Mariah asks, “Another one?” She hoped things would calm down and he’d start working more regular hours, but points out that at least he’s not gone for months on end. He must love his job, like Rey did. Mariah admits that it was hard when Tessa was on tour, part of her has enjoyed having her around more. She feels awful for thinking that when it was canceled. Abby thinks it’s understandable. Mariah knows it sucks that Chance prioritizes his job over her and Dom. Abby nods, “It is hard and it’s causing problems in our marriage.”

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At Jabot, Kyle follows Diane into an office and asks, “What now?” The way he’s talking to her, like he’s waiting for the other shoe to drop, upsets her. Kyle thinks she should expect them to have a little less trust in her right now. Diane grimaces. She’s not sure she can live with this undercurrent of suspicion. Diane thinks maybe it’s time for her to go. “Maybe I never should have returned!” Kyle wonders if this is a calculated move to get him to beg her to stay. Diane asks how he’d feel if he was always under scrutiny. To make matters worse, there are adversaries working to run her out of town!
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At Devon’s place, Amanda doesn’t think there’s anything to talk about. She’s taken time to process what she and Chance walked in on, and she believes it was spontaneous and unexpected. Devon appreciates that, since it’s the truth. Amanda adds that they didn’t stop themselves at any point. The only possible conclusion, because he’s a good man, is that there were true feelings involved. She has to face the fact that there’s more of a connection between him and Abby than he’s willing to admit. Devon insists he and Abby are just friends, but Amanda’s not buying it. Maybe her absence paved the way for this. “I was completely blindsided, but now that I think about it and I see it, it makes perfect sense.” Devon argues it doesn’t make sense to him. Amanda reminds him they share a child now. “How could I possibly compete with that?”
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At Crimson Lights, Chance tells Sharon it was a long night. She joins him in the booth and recalls how long some of Rey’s nights were when they first got together. She would get jealous of the job. Chance says Abby feels the same way sometimes. Sharon saw the tail end of an argument between them the other night. “It seems like maybe your work is what’s causing tension for Abby.”

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At the Abbott mansion, Nikki feels they need proof of Diane’s connection to Stark. Phyllis points out that if Tucker’s using it to pressure Diane, he must have proof. Ashley says he told her to prove he was loyal to her. “I’ve got him eating out of the palm of my hand.” She suggests they get Victor’s team involved, but Phyllis says they’re useless. Nikki turns to shoot her a look. Phyllis says they need to confront Diane themselves and put the fear of God in that bitch. Ashley nods.

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At Jabot, Diane tells Kyle that Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley are driving her crazy. “I can’t take it anymore. I’m ready to throw in the towel. I’m done,” she pouts. Kyle muses that she’s not a quitter and asks, “Did those ladies do something? Did Tucker?”

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby tells Mariah she thought things would be perfect when Chance came home. Mariah asks, “So what is it that’s really going on?” Abby complains he prioritizes his cases over her and Dominic. Mariah wonders if she’s asking him not to care about his job. Abby knows it’s important to him, it’s just his priorities. Mariah doesn’t know if he could give up his oath and his code even if he wanted to. It all depends on how Abby feels about the real man she married compared to the perfect one she imagined.

At Crimson Lights, Chance tells Sharon that Abby has an unrealistic fantasy of who she wants him to be and doesn’t get who he really is. Anytime work comes up she sees it as a betrayal. He doesn’t think he could give it up. Sharon balks, “Is that really what Abby wants? For you to give it up?” Chance thinks she would be happier. He doubts they can find any middle ground. “I don’t know if I want to be the man Abby says she wants.”
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Chance apologizes for unloading on Sharon, who advises, “Nobody can make somebody else change. I’ve seen so many relationships fail trying.” She hopes they can work things out, but staying and trying to change something that can’t be changed just leads to heartache. Sometimes people just want what someone else just can’t give them. Chance appreciates her candor — it’s refreshing.

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At Society, Jack tells Summer she’s handled this whole Diane thing with grace. He worries she’s taken on too much of the burden of keeping Kyle safe. “His eyes are wide open.” Summer wants to believe that but she can see how much Diane’s return means to him. She’s concerned those feelings will blind him to an oncoming threat. Jack vows that they’ll have his back.
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At Jabot, Diane hands Kyle the news on Jeremy Stark. This is the man she told him about from L.A.. Kyle can’t understand why she’s concerned if she wasn’t implicated. Diane is worried the evil trifecta will find out and use it against her. Kyle questions how they could connect her to Stark. She exclaims, “Tucker!” Kyle still doesn’t see what the big deal is. “What can they do? What can this guy do?” Diane worries the dangerous Stark will think she helped put him away and come after her. Kyle asks, “Did you?” She gawps, “What?” Kyle asks, “Did you help put Stark in jail?”
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At Devon’s place, Amanda tells him something happened when he became Dominic’s father. “That connects you to Abby forever. No matter how much you say that you love me, I will never be enough to fill that space in your heart.” Devon says this isn’t about her not being enough. Amanda snaps, “Well, maybe you’re not enough for me!” His love for her wasn’t enough to keep him from betraying her with Abby.
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Chance arrives at the Chancellor mansion and Mariah takes off. Abby’s glad he’s home and says she’s been thinking. She’s expected a lot from him since he got home from Spain and only looked at the marriage from her perspective and not his. Abby’s hoping they can get past what happened with Devon and work this out.

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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley muses that if she were Stark, she’d wonder if Diane had anything to do with his conviction. Nikki and Phyllis agree that would be bad for Diane. If she’s made to believe he’s coming for her, it might motivate her to abandon this need she has to stay in Genoa City and leave. Phyllis muses, “This time for good.”
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At Jabot, Diane admits to Kyle that she sold out Stark to save herself and get back to Kyle. She worries he’s waiting for revenge and Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley will light the match. Kyle won’t let anything happen to her. Diane throws her arms around him as she assures, “The Abbotts protect their own.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Nikki thinks telling Diane they know about her history with Stark would be a good place to start. Phyllis warns that Diane has wormed her way out of worse things than this. Ashley agrees. She thinks they should get Victor’s team on trying to find something to tie Diane to Stark’s crimes. With both of those things, they’ve got her. Phyllis beams, “All agreed?” Nikki believes it is time for the three of them to have another heart-to-heart with Ms. Jenkins. They all smile.

At Jabot, Kyle asks if Jack knows she helped put Stark away. She hasn’t told him yet, but doesn’t want Summer to know in case she slips and tells Phyllis. Kyle won’t keep a secret from his wife. Diane hollers, “Kyle, please! Phyllis cannot know this!” This is her story to tell and he needs to trust her that this is the right way to handle it. Summer and Jack walk in. Diane leaves the office. Just then, she gets a text from Ashley to meet at the house — there’s something important they need to discuss.

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At Devon’s place, he implores Amanda to give it a couple of days, but she hollers that there’s no coming back from this! Devon hates that he hurts her. “I just hope you know how much I love you and nothing has changed about that.” Amanda replies, “But everything has. You’re just going to have to accept that.” He paces to the door, pauses to look back at her, and walks out. Outside the door, he shakes his head and looks emotional. Inside, Amanda cries and pounds the sofa.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance tells Abby it’s too late — they’re past working things out. Abby pleads, “No, no, how can you say that?!” He knows in his heart, and can say it without any bitterness, she belongs with Devon. He’s the guy who fits all her ideals. He will never be that. “It’s over, Abby.”
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