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At Society, Sally spots Adam and notes, “You’re up bright and early.” They go over her being unemployed. She’d enjoy the time off if she had something else lined up. Adam’s sure something will turn up. He still thinks letting her go was a dreadful mistake and he’d like to see her get the job she most deserves. Sally asks if everything is alright with him. Adam still hasn’t heard from Chelsea and is hoping she’s alright.

At the facility, Chelsea tells Dr. Malone she just keeps thinking about how she got here and what she’s going to do next.

On the coffee house patio, Sharon updates Billy that Chelsea’s therapist thinks things are moving along in a positive direction — she might be ready to tell Adam and Connor what’s going on and where she is. She thinks the more people she has in her support network the better. Sharon senses Billy still has reservations about bringing Adam into the picture.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Jill tells Lily they need to decide what to do about the IPO. Lily sighs. Devon’s completely opposed to it. Jill snarks about Billy not being there to give his input and says he’s avoiding her. Lily alludes to him doing something important. “He’s helping a friend through a traumatic episode.” Jill asks what friend. Lily says, “Chelsea.” Jill muses, “Uh huh. And how worried should we be about that situation?”
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In Crimson Lights, Allie and Noah canoodle. Audra appears in the doorway and watches them tease each other and make out. As Noah leaves for the club, Audra steps forward and says, “Hey.” He walks around her and out. She follows.

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On the patio, Billy doesn’t care how this affects Adam except that he’s taking care of Connor. Sharon feels they need to be honest and truthful with the boy about what’s going on with Chelsea. Billy agrees. Sharon says they’ll work with Adam to put it to him appropriately.
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At Society, Adam tells Sally he has a really bad feeling about Chelsea, and he thinks Sharon and Billy know what’s going on and are keeping it from him. Just then, he gets a text from Billy asking to meet. Sally hopes he gets the answers he’s looking for. She turns to walk away, but Adam calls out, “Sally?” She asks, “Yes?” He says, “Thank you.”

Adam joins Sharon and Billy on Crimson Lights’ patio and gets snarky. Billy tells him this is about Chelsea, not their grievances. Adam nods, “Okay. Where’s Chelsea? Is she okay?” Sharon tells him his instincts were right. Chelsea had some setbacks emotionally and she’s getting care in a facility. Adam’s irked that he’s just finding out now as it’s been difficult to explain her absence to Connor. Billy says this isn’t ideal for anyone, especially Chelsea. Adam asks about seeing her. Billy says the therapist feels she’s ready and she wants to be the one to tell Adam what happened. Adam doesn’t need Billy acting as an intermediary. Sharon informs him Billy is the one person Chelsea trusts right now and says they’re all trying to work together here.

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Noah arrives at his club and is moving candles around when Audra walks in and asks, “When will you stop punishing me?” Noah wonders why she keeps showing up and insinuating herself into his life. Their relationship was toxic, that’s why it ended. Audra complains about him using a mean tone and being intense and combative when they’re around each other. Noah thinks they should keep their distance. Audra remarks on his relationship with Allie — he doesn’t seem truly excited or euphoric. “You’re just… there.” Noah tells her, “Don’t do that.” He barks, “Will you just tell me what you want? I’m happy now, Audra, I don’t want to do this with you anymore!”
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At Chancellor, Lily explains to Jill that Chelsea has become a mission for Billy. Jill wants to discuss the IPO and wonders what’s the best way forward given the nightmare situation with Nate and Billy’s genius decision to step down. They can’t have a whiff of instability. That’s why Lily told him to leave. Billy shows up and apologizes to his mother for not returning her calls — he’s been busy. Jill calls him out for abandoning the company and Lily for no good reason. Billy counters that Lily knows his reasons. Lily leaves them to talk. Jill fumes to Billy, “I want to know what the hell is going on with you!”

Jill and Billy go over his past transgressions. He’s grateful she gave him a soft place to land and brought Lily back into his life. Jill reminds him that this place is his legacy as well as Lily and Devon’s. Billy needs to feel passionate about what he’s doing. He knows he’s letting her and Lily down, but he can’t stay in a job that doesn’t fill him up anymore just to appease everything else. Jill looks sad.
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In the facility, Chelsea is taking deep breaths when Adam arrives. He looks at her with question and concern in his expression. She tears up and goes into his arms. He holds her and tears up as well.
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Chelsea and Adam sit down across from one another and she asks how Connor is doing. Adam says he misses her but he’s taking care of everything. Chelsea knew he would look after their son. He thinks it might be easier if he knew more about why she is there. Chelsea uses an analogy to explain the waves were crashing in on her and she was drowning day by day. She believes that after Rey died… “I really miss him.” Adam knows they were close. Chelsea recalls that he always saw the good in her. She goes over everything that happened after that. She felt really lost and just wanted it to go away. “The pain! My problems. Everything.” Adam asks about her being on the roof. She nods and cries. “I know what you’re thinking.” Adam is only thinking thank God that Billy was there for her. “I’m sorry, Chelsea. If I had known, if I’d seen…” He tells her it’s not about him. She is all that matters and if he hasn’t told her that enough, he’s so sorry. Adam is so glad she’s still there and is getting the help she needs.

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At Chancellor, Jill tells Billy how much she loves him. He’s brilliant and clever but when in the name of heaven is he going to figure out who he really is? “What the hell are you doing with your life?!?” She warns the last part of it goes at lightning speed and that’s why she wants to take the company public — so she knows she made a commitment to do her very best. She wants the same for him. Billy says, “I’ll get there.” Jill tells him bright, shiny object fade. He has to learn to stay engaged. She reminds him of John’s word, “Sticktoitiveness.” Billy feels he’s doing what’s best for the company and it just happens to be what’s best for him too. Jill doesn’t want him to look back and realize he wasted time looking for something that doesn’t exist; it would break her heart. Lily returns and Jill pats Billy’s cheek before leaving. Billy tells Lily that went about as well as it could have. Lily was actually going to ask about Chelsea.

At Noah’s club, Audra wants him to see her and talk to her; not just push her away. “It has to have meant something.” Noah reminds her she thrives on chaos, and he can’t live that way any longer. Audra counters that it was good too. “Everything we did was new and exciting and we couldn’t get enough of each other. That kind of passion only happens once in a lifetime.” Noah says it was a long time ago. Audra replies, “Not to me.” She stops him from walking away and reminds him of the nights he told her nothing would ever keep them apart and the afternoons they spent tangled up with each other. He hollers, “Dammit, Audra, it wasn’t worth it!” She retorts, “Don’t say that! We mattered. We had to have mattered. Because of the baby.”

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Noah asks, “What are you talking about? What baby?” Audra never meant to tell him. Noah wants her to explain it to him. She explains that it was toward the end of their relationship, they were fighting more, she couldn’t eat — everything made her sick. She tried to ignore it but then she did the math. Something told her to take a pregnancy test and it was positive. He exhales. “Why didn’t you tell me?” She couldn’t with the way things were between them — it would look like she was using the pregnancy as emotional blackmail. She planned to tell him when they were in a better place again — they always made up — but then one day he just didn’t come home again. She doesn’t know if it was meant to be or what, but she miscarried. Noah groans, “Oh, Audra.” Eventually, she learned he’d moved in with a body. “You walked away and never turned back and I lost everything. I lost the baby, and I lost you.” Noah has tears in his eyes.
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At Chancellor, Billy tells Lily she deserves to know what’s going on with Chelsea. Lily can’t understand why this rough patch requires him to be there day and night. Billy hopes Adam will support her now, but he’s concerned he won’t follow through. Lily thinks he should stay away from their dysfunctional relationship. Billy can’t wash his hands of Chelsea when she’s in this vulnerable state. Lily accuses him of wanting to be the only one who can help her so he can rub it in Adam’s face. Billy asks if she really thinks he’d do something like that. Lily shrugs, “Maybe not intentionally.” Billy was the right guy at the right time, when she needed me. He knows what it feels like to feel you have no one to turn to; like you’re invisible. “It hurts. It hurts like hell.”
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At the facility, Chelsea admits she was afraid Adam would be angry. She almost did something that would have changed Connor’s life in horrible ways. Adam’s not angry — she must have been in so much pain. He knows she’d move heaven and earth for their son. Chelsea soon feels talked out and Adam assures her he’ll be wherever she needs him to be every step of the way. Chelsea smiles. “You have a lot of goodness in you.” She tells him his main job is to take care of their boy.

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At Society, Sally pretends to be on a call fielding a “spectacular” offer after she sees Jill walk in. Jill listens with an amused look. After Sally “hangs up” Jill asks if that was real or a terrific performance for her benefit. Sally admits it was her clumsy way of introducing herself because she knows who Jill is. Jill crows that Sally is every bit as brazen as she was led to believe. She invites the redhead to “Tell me how it happened.” It turns out Jill wants to know how Sally lasted as long as she did over at Newman Media. Sally grins. She considers her tenure there one of her greatest accomplishments. Jill nods, “As you should.” Jill assumes she has time to chat. Sally sure does.
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At Noah’s club, Audra tells Noah it was the most difficult thing she ever had to go through and she did it alone. Noah kneels in front of her. “If I had known…” She’s not blaming him, she just needs to know she didn’t go through all of that pain and sadness for someone who never even gave a damn about her. Noah embraces her as she cries and says he’s so sorry. As they cling to one another, Allie walks in and stops short.
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At Chancellor, Lily thinks Billy meant he felt alone before they got together. Billy knows she is there for him and would support him, but that doesn’t mean she can relate. What Chelsea is going through it’s like… “When you know, you know.” It’s an elite club of darkness that no one wants to be a part of. You feel a responsibility to help others in that position get to the other side. Lily nods that you have to let your light guide them. “I get it.”

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