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At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis knocks on a suite door and calls out, “It’s Phyllis, Amanda!” Amanda lets her in and shuts the door behind her. Phyllis says she got there as fast as she could and didn’t even know she was in town. Amanda reveals that she came to surprise Devon, but it was she who got a surprise. “Because he was naked on the couch with Abby!” Phyllis is stunned speechless.
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“You saw Devon with Abby?!?” Phyllis finally exclaims. She asks if they were actually… Amanda interjects, “Having sex? Yes! There is no doubt. I saw what I saw, and Devon admitted it.” Phyllis exclaims, “What?!? Why Abby?” Amanda rants that Devon said it just happened. Phyllis can’t get over this — she thought Devon was a good guy and that he and Amanda were together! Amanda never saw it coming but thinks maybe she should have. Phyllis asks if Chance knows. Amanda laughs and says he showed up at Devon’s at the same time as her so they walked in together. “It was a special moment for us all,” she snarks. When Amanda expresses feelings of insecurity, Phyllis holds her head and tells Amanda this is on him and not her. She wonders if perhaps it’s just a colossal mistake they could all move past.

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After raiding the mini bar, Amanda explains she’s not one of the people who can overlook cheating. Phyllis isn’t either, she understands. Amanda won’t forgive Devon and isn’t even going to try. Phyllis is distressed to hear that she plans to leave Genoa City for good and protests, “No, no, no, no, no!” Phyllis reminds Amanda she’s built a life here and is a power player at Chancellor-Winters. Amanda cracks up at the idea of staying with the company and working with Devon every single day. Phyllis urges her to think this through. Amanda’s family needs her. She was only going to be here a couple of days anyway. Amanda’s bonded with her family despite Naya’s health crisis and is keen to put hundreds of miles between her and Devon.
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Devon opens his door to Abby, who asks, “Is, uh, Dom ready?” Devon doesn’t have the boy ready yet and thinks she should come in so they can talk. Once he’s made her tea, he asks if she’s okay. She says, “No. Are you?” Devon doesn’t even know what’s real life. He asks if she caught up with Chance. Abby reveals they talked and he’s questioning their whole relationship and believes the cheating is a symptom of a larger problem in their marriage. Devon’s surprised to hear that Chance doesn’t think he’s the right person for her; that he can’t give her what she wants or needs. Devon’s irritated that he wants to give up on their marriage. Abby asks if it went any better for him with Amanda.

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Devon tells Abby things did not go better with Amanda. She came back home looking for support only to walk in on them. No matter what he says or does, she’ll never forget that image. Abby is so sorry. Devon tells her it’s not her fault. Devon couldn’t leave Dom, so he had to let her go. Abby wonders if Amanda and Chance just need a little space. Devon explains Amanda’s going back to Virginia to be with her family. Abby asks if there’s any possible way for them to salvage this.
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At the Abbott mansion, Diane sadly sits on the couch and thinks about kissing Jack. He snaps her out of her reverie and asks, “What’s wrong?” Diane assures him everything is fine. He asks what the doctor said about Harrison. Diane relays the test results came back normal and the doctor said it must have just been a virus. Jack’s relieved. He offers her a lift to Jabot. Diane first has something to ask him. She asks to move past her connection with Tucker and start fresh. They were on the verge of something good when she ruined it with her confession. Jack is only concerned with how Kyle feels. Diane says Kyle understands why she felt compelled to keep it buried. She guesses Jack has his own opinions and asks to hear them.
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At Jabot, Tucker spots Ashley and sneaks up behind her with an envelope wrapped in a red ribbon. He declares it’s day one of “challenge accepted” and the envelope will go a long way to proving his intentions are pure and whose side he’s on. “Yours.” Ashley remarks on him adding a little pizzaz to everything he does. She opens the envelope and finds a report on Jeremy Stark being released from jail four years early. He explains that article is the key to understanding the rest of Diane’s odyssey in Los Angeles.

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Once in the elevator, Ashley pulls the emergency stop button, and has Tucker explain why the Jeremy Stark should be of concern to her. Tucker reveals that he and Stark had a friend in common in California — Diane Jenkins. He explains that her connection to Jeremy is the piece of the puzzle she neglected to share with Jack and Kyle… or if she did, they chose to keep Ashley out of the loop. Ashley asks about Diane and Jeremy’s relationship. Tucker says it was romantic at first, but then he was using Diane to launder cash all over the world. Ash marvels at him having this information when even Victor didn’t find it. Tucker says the point is if she wants to put the fear of God into Diane and get her away from her family, that’s the way to do it.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack worries Diane’s hiding another secret that will come out and hurt Kyle and Harrison. Diane tells him how important they are to her. She doesn’t want any of them to suffer and wouldn’t allow any more heartbreak into Kyle’s life.

In her suite, Amanda explains to Phyllis that she wants to leave for her own mental health. Phyllis wonders what she’ll tell Lily. Amanda knows she’ll be leaving her in a lurch, but perhaps Imani will stay on. Phyllis blurts, “I’ll miss you.”

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At Devon’s place, he asks Abby why she thinks they lost control like that. She doesn’t know. Devon didn’t intend for anything like that to happen. Abby counters that Chance insists he could see this coming since he got home from Spain. He could see her relying on Devon more and more and it was inevitable. Devon is puzzled that Chance could see this coming but they couldn’t. Abby only knows they were both in pain, acted on impulse, and made a big mistake that may have ruined both their lives.

In the elevator, Tucker explains to Ashley how Jeremy would stash cash in Diane’s suitcase and remove it before she figured it out. In the end, he blackmailed her. After he went to jail, Tucker leveraged the information about her crimes to convince her to work with him. “We had a mutually beneficial arrangement.” Diane’s no victim. Ashley knows exactly who Diane is, and knows they don’t have the full story, but she wants to know about him. What’s behind his big push to get her out of Genoa City. “What is in it for you?” Tucker understands he’s been a bit of an opportunist in the past but he’s trying to prove himself worthy of her. Hers is the only opinion that matters to her. He becomes emotional as he protests that whatever alliance he had with Diane is over, he’s simply trying to find his way back to a place of trust in her heart. “I want you to tell me what you want. I want you to tell me what you need. Because I would move heaven and earth to give it to you.”

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At Devon’s place, he tells Abby all they can do is their best to make things right with Chance and Amanda. She thinks that would take a miracle. Devon counters that miracles have been known to happen. Abby says they also have to think about themselves and their friendship. “Are things going to be weird and uncomfortable forever?” Devon asks if she feels that way now. She laughs, “No.” He doesn’t either. Devon thinks they just got carried away in a vulnerable moment. She’s still his best friend and the mother of his son. Abby wonders if things ever really just happen… especially things like sleeping together. “Personally, I don’t know if I really buy that.”
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Ashley and Tucker walk out of the elevator into Jabot where Jack is arriving with Diane. Jack wonders if they’ve been out for lunch. Tucker invites Ashley for dinner tonight so they can continue their conversation about Los Angeles. Diane looks taken aback. Ashley says to Tucker, “Dinner, huh? I’d like that.” Tucker walks off and Diane asks Ashley if she’s considering moving to Los Angeles or something. Ash says she just likes to know all the major players in such a prominent city. Jack asks to speak to his sister alone. They go off into the office and Diane sighs.

In Amanda’s suite, Phyllis doesn’t want to lose her friend. Amanda says they can video chat and send funny memes. Phyllis tears up. “I don’t want you to go. I don’t want to visit. So many things are going on with me right now, it’s crazy, and I’m losing a friendship. I’m losing you.” She laughs that her enemies are her friends right now, she’s such a loser. Amanda starts crying. Phyllis slings an arm around her. “I love you, Amanda, I really love you. I know you deserve so much better than this.” They embrace.
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At Devon’s place, he wonders if Abby thinks that deep down, they wanted this to happen. She doesn’t know. They aren’t kids and know what betrayal feels like, and yet they still kissed and still had sex. When they finished, they didn’t get up, she laid there in his arms. Devon doesn’t think they’re malicious people; they didn’t do it to get back at their partners. He asks if she regrets what happened. She replies, “Do you?” Devon says, “Part of me doesn’t.” Abby tells him, “You can’t say that. We have to regret what happened because we hurt people. People we love and want to build a future with.” Devon knows that and is sorry. Abby replies, “No, I’m sorry.” She has feelings too. Abby wonders if they didn’t get caught so soon, would they feel this guilty or would they still be laying on that couch wrapped in each other’s arms. She’s not proud of what they did, and they can’t do it again. They need to find a way to undo the pain they caused.

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In Amanda’s suite, she tells Phyllis she thought Devon was her safe haven and kindred soul. She thought if the worst happened and she lost her mom, he would be the one person… she could find solace in his arms. “He went and he blew it all up. How could he do it? How could he do that to me?” Was a romp in the sheets with Abby really worth losing me?!?”

In Jack’s office, he asks Ashley what’s going on with her and McCall. She thinks whatever they were discussing has to do with Diane. She reminds him their secrets are intertwined. Ashley fumes, “There you go again protecting Diane. She lies and lies and lies, and you want me to look away when I find out more of her misdeeds.” Jack argues but then admits there may be more to this. Ashley says Tucker just gave her all sorts of juicy information and there are probably more secrets he can reveal. “Did you know that she has…” Jack interrupts. He won’t let Ashley destroy Kyle’s relationship with his mother and that’s exactly where this is headed. He doesn’t care if she has a hundred more secrets, he doesn’t want to know. “Back off! Leave the poor woman alone.” Ashley storms out and slams the door.
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Tucker arrives at Society, with Diane on his heels. “What the hell are you and Ashley up to?” Tucker informs her she gave up her right to question him when she spilled her guts to Jack. Diane retorts, “I didn’t tell him everything and you know it.” Tucker says it she’s smart, she’ll keep her mouth shut about the rest of it. Diane asks, “Is that a threat?” Tucker tells her their business has concluded. “Go live your life.” After pausing, he reminds her, “Oh, and in case it’s not already crystal clear to you, you stay the hell out of my way.”
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