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At the penthouse, Amanda and Chance walk in on Abby and Devon making out naked in a blanket. Amanda fumes, “What the hell?!” and Chance walks out in disgust. Abby calls, “Chance. Chance!” as she grabs for her clothes. Amanda stares daggers at Devon.
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At Society, Nick watches as Jack and Adam walk in together laughing about people in the HR department at work. Jack spots Nick and nods before picking up on the tension between the brothers. They approach Nick’s table and Jack and Nick make small talk about Kyle and Summer being back from their honeymoon. Adam and Nick trade barbs and Nick walks out. Jack asks what that was all about. Adam says it’s the usual Newman nonsense and wants to get to the point of their lunch.

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Outside the Newman Media office, Nate thanks Victoria for the opportunity. She gushes that she’s looking forward to him taking it to new heights as she opens the door. Startled, Victoria realizes Sally’s behind the desk packing up. Sally muses, “You must be my replacement.” Victoria learns Nick told her she could take her time. Sally welcomes Nate, who confesses he’s excited to get started. Sally knows the feeling all too well. Victoria offers to call security to help the redhead with her boxes. Nate tells Sally it’s nothing personal. She knows this and wishes him nothing but success. Victoria takes Nate to meet the rest of his staff and trusts Sally will be gone when they return.
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Outside Devon’s door, Chance punches the wall.

Inside the apartment, Amanda grits that Devon should help the lady find her top. Abby says she’s so sorry as she scrambles to gather the last of her things and heads out the door. She makes it to the elevator too late to stop Chance.
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Amanda slams the door closed and stomps across the room. “Really, Devon? That’s what you want? The tall blonde?” Devon protests, “It just happened, okay?” He didn’t plan this and didn’t know she was coming home. Amanda knows that — her presence was clearly unexpected and unwanted! Devon wishes he could explain this to her. Amanda screams she wishes SHE knew what the hell was going on!! Devon wants to talk. She picks up his shirt and whips it at him. “First, put the rest of your damn clothes on!”
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At Society, Jack just wants to see how Adam’s settling in at Jabot. Adam says it’s been rejuvenating. Jack notes his performance has been brilliant, but he’s noticed he’s been distracted lately. Adam explains it started with Chelsea telling Connor about Johnny’s paternity. There’s also something going on with her — she’s been erratic and unsteady and stopped communicating with anyone but Billy. Jack finds that strange but assures Adam he’s not making things worse and is just trying to help. Jack advises Adam to give it some time and focus on Connor. “Be patient.” Adam’s not too great at that. He says waiting isn’t always the best idea. Waiting is how he lost Sally.

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At Newman Media, Sally shakes her head as she looks at her nameplate. She smiles at a positive note from Nick and then sobers over an encouraging message from Adam. Looking between the two, she sighs before taking her box and leaving.

At home, Chance paces the living room and looks at a photo of him, Abby, and Dom. Abby appears and is so glad he’s there. She wants to explain.

At Devon’s, he asks Amanda, “Why did you come home early?” She slams down a glass and asks, “What does that matter?!” Devon just wants to know if something happened to Naya. Amanda rants that her mother is still alive if that’s what he wants to know. She’s regained consciousness but isn’t recovering from her stroke with the progress the doctors had hoped for. Devon is sorry. Amanda asks, “Is that why you were running around naked with Abby.” Amanda’s sorry too, because she’ll have to spend a lot more time in Virginia — that’s why she came home, to tell him in person, because she felt like she owed him that much. She fumes, “Because you have been so incredibly patient!”
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Amanda grits, “I cannot believe how clueless I’ve been.” Devon insists he and Abby have only been friends until today, when they were leaning on each other for support. Amanda wonders if that’s supposed to make her feel better. “Be honest, Devon. How many times did this ‘just happen’?” Devon swears it was the first and only time. Amanda intones, “How could you do this to me? How could you do this to me again?!?”
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At Newman Media, Victoria apologizes to Nate for their earlier run-in with Sally. She’s impressed with the way he handled things and also the way he introduced himself to his team without being overbearing. Nate doesn’t want to make his staff feel dismissed and has done his homework. Victoria crows that he’s batting a thousand today. Elena arrives as they compliment one another.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick is leaving with his coffee when he runs into Sally. She admits she’s had a hell of a day. He learns she crossed paths with Victoria and her replacement and is sorry about that. She doesn’t blame him for what happened. Sally wishes she was as decisive as Victoria, especially when it comes to her romantic life. She’s still a little confused. Nick guesses she misses Adam. Sally replies, “I miss you.”
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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby cries that she’s sick to her stomach over what happened. It was a mistake and neither of them meant for it to happen. She and Devon were supporting each other the way they’d done hundreds of times and it turned into something neither of them was expecting. Abby begs him to please just say something. Chance levels, “This didn’t come out of nowhere.” He believes all this was oddly inevitable.
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At Newman Media, Victoria tells Elena she’s just getting Nate set up in his new office. Elena congratulates him. Victoria excuses herself to go to a budget meeting and leaves. Nate tells Elena he’s glad she stopped by. “I’m happy to see you. Unless I misread the situation.”

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At Society, Jack asks Adam about the end of his relationship with Sally. Adam screwed up and then waited too long to fix things. By the time he tried, she had moved on. The hilarious part is that she moved on to Nick. Jack muses, “Thus, the tension I saw earlier.” He’s been in the same position with Billy and is sorry Adam is dealing with that.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick would be lying if he told Sally he wasn’t missing her too. Sally muses, “So, we miss each other.” Nick wants her but it has to be all of her; he has zero interest in being in some triangle with his brother. Sally says, “I see.” Nick adds it won’t end well for anyone. Sally asks, “So where does that leave us?” Nick thinks she needs to figure out what she wants both personally and professionally and she has to be 100% sure. Sally knows what she wants.

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At the Chancellor house, Chance has seen the deep closeness between Abby and Devon several times since he got back from Spain. Abby protests that they’re just friends. Chance argues she depends on him more than she does on him. Abby says he’s always there for her and Dominic and never tells her that work matters more.
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At the penthouse, Amanda believed Devon would never do this again, but clearly, that was a huge mistake. Devon is trying to figure out why this happened. It’s not the same as before. “It doesn’t matter, I’m not going to insult you by making up excuses.” Amanda decides she’s relieved things happened this way. “I now know exactly what you are capable of, and I can leave town without a backward glance.”
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At Newman Media, Elena tells Nate she hates that they’re in a stalemate. She doesn’t know how they’re going to get past this conflict. Nate feels they both have to be willing to try. Elena came to congratulate him. She knows she has to let go of her suspicions about his motives. “I want to believe you’re back on the right path.” Nate will show her. “Let me show you I’m still the man you fell in love with.” Elena answers by rushing into his arms for a kiss.
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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby has no explanation for what happened with Devon. She was upset and Devon was hurting too… they just found each other, but it wasn’t revenge. Chance saw this coming. It’s always been Devon to the rescue. He was always there when he wasn’t. This whole time they’ve been growing closer and closer. Abby asks, “What are your expectations?” Chance wanted to come home and try and fix things. Abby’s sorry. His wants haven’t changed, but his expectations have. He wants to make somebody happy. He wants to be able to be himself and have that be enough. “That’s not what we have. I think it’s time we face that reality.”
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At the penthouse, Devon asks if Amanda is just going to end the relationship. Amanda walked in there with her bag already packed and is going to walk right back out with it. Devon doesn’t want her walking out of anywhere. Amanda will march out then… away from him and his phony good guy act. She wonders if he cheated on her sister too. Devon says he never did. Amanda fumes that she must be the unlucky sister. She has a family who needs her now and it’s very clear he does not need her, so she won’t waste her time. Amanda adds that before she walked in there she was across the hall defending him to Nate; supporting him while he was rolling around with Abby like two teenagers in the backseat of a car. She won’t give him any more energy and intends to focus on her family. Devon insists she loves her and that’s the truth. Amanda believes he loves her in his own warped way, but if this is his love, she doesn’t want it!
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At Society, Jack asks Adam how he can help. Adam appreciates him listening, especially considering his opinion of Sally. Jack demurs that his experience with her was very different — he thinks she and Adam had something special. Adam tells Jack that he left her so Victoria would give her the job at Newman Media. He hurt Sally and it’s a really big mistake to have to fix. Jack muses, “You really do love her, don’t you?” Adam replies, “More than I ever thought I could love anybody, Jack.” Jack only has one piece of advice then: “Find some way to let her know that.”

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At Crimson Lights, Nick wonders if Sally will share with him what she wants. Sally just wants to word it right, so no feelings get hurt. She wants a drama-free romance with someone who sees her as their equal. She wants a sense of purpose and to show the world she can succeed and that she has a sense of purpose. Sally has had time to think, and she can see that Adam represents nothing but conflict. “I have grown out of that phase, and I do not want that in my life anymore.” Love is about independence and synergy. “Does that make any sense?” Nick smiles. “It makes perfect sense.”
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby loves Chance and knows he still loves her too. He tells her there’s no resolution to this right now. He needs time and space. “Please give me that.” Abby agrees and he walks out. Abby cries.

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At the penthouse, Amanda informs Devon she’ll send for the rest of her things. Devon loves her and doesn’t want her going. Dominic starts crying. Amanda tells him to go to his son… if he goes to his son’s mother that’s okay with her too, because she has a life to get back to. “Goodbye, Devon.” He protests but she closes the door. Devon goes upstairs.

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