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In Devon’s penthouse, he and Abby passionately make out.

Outside, Amanda is about to use her key when Nate appears in the hall, welcomes her back, and asks about her mom and Imani. Amanda says Naya is still recovering and her sister is with her. She asks if they can speak for a moment, so Nate lets her into his place.

At Society, Chance leaves Abby a voicemail apologizing for not coming home last night — he just has a lot of things swimming around in his mind right now and doesn’t know what the next step should be, but he wants to fix what’s wrong between them.
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At Devon’s place, he and Abby start ripping their clothes off while still kissing.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Lily leaves Devon a voicemail. She doesn’t know where he is, but they’re down two COOs and she could really use his help. As she disconnects, Esther asks if everything is okay. Lily asks her to tell Devon to come to her office if she sees him. Esther heads back to the reception desk. The elevator opens and Jill emerges. She’s stunned to see Esther, who declares she’s the new receptionist and asks, “What can I do for you Ms. Co-Owner?”
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At Society, Victoria joins Billy and informs him that Johnny’s conversation with Connor at the sleepover seems to have changed things. Billy thinks they may have realized they’re the only two people who can understand how they feel. Victoria and Billy are both put out that their son isn’t talking to them about it, but he told her the whole Chelsea thing was “cool” now. Billy asks how she’s feeling about it. Victoria still thinks she made the right decision by telling Chelsea it’s up to Johnny to decide how he wants to interact with her. Billy agreed with that too, but his negative reaction really threw Chelsea. Victoria’s sorry, but she’ll protect their son and feels Chelsea went to far when she approached their son. Billy nods, “You’re right.” Victoria wonders if he expects her to feel guilty about Chelsea. Billy thinks maybe he feels guilty; that they’re could have been a different way he could have handled this.
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At the facility, Chelsea meets Dr. Malone (played Anna Khaja), who asks if she’s ready for her first therapy session. Chelsea asks how they start. Malone wants to be completely honest and hopes Chelsea won’t hold back. The doctor asks what’s on her mind. Chelsea, feeling she has nothing left to lose, explains she’s feeling self-conscious and embarrassed. Malone is feeling open and ready to connect. She says when she first started seeing people who had made a suicide attempt, she was on edge, but she’s since learned that talking about what happened directly can be constructive, rather than shying away from it. Chelsea cries when she points out that she survived and balks at discussing what brought her to the rooftop.
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Chelsea feels she’s been running on empty for what feels like years. She’s run from her emotions since she was young. Chelsea recalls having unpredictable feelings she’d have to fend off by keeping busy running cons and getting into relationships with drama. It wasn’t until she had her stroke that she couldn’t escape herself and recently it’s felt like no matter how fast she runs, the pain and darkness is faster. “The other night I just couldn’t run anymore.” She’s just so tired. “I couldn’t take the pain any longer.”

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At Nate’s place, Amanda confronts him about his plan to undermine Lily, Devon and the company. Nate isn’t up for another lecture and says he has to get going. She has other business to discuss. She wonders if he even considered the legal consequences he set himself up for by talking to Victoria. Nate never said he was talking to Victoria and reminds her nothing came of it. Amanda asks if he’s aware how deeply he hurt Devon. Is he planning to try and make things right with him?
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At Chancellor-Winters, Jill wants to see Billy. Esther says he’s not there. Jill will see Lily and Devon then. Esther explains that only Lily is in. Jill busts into the office demanding to know why the entire C-suite is out at lunch. She thought it would be all hands on deck right now. Lily assures her everything is being handled. Jill fumes, “By you, and you alone.” Esther interjects that Devon works from home sometimes because of the baby. Jill sends her to go check the phones. She then asks Lily, “Where’s Billy?” He’s not returning her calls and should be there day and night as the remaining COO. Lily suggests she ask her son. Jill is asking Lily as her CEO. Lily informs her that Billy has resigned.
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Jill is infuriated and rants about his timing. Lily knows it’s frustrating, but as someone who loves Billy, she sees it’s clearly what he needs. “He’s not passionate about his work here.” Jill fumes that may be but they’re down two COOs and Lily tries to convince her Billy’s not as flaky as it seems. She urged him to go because his head and heart weren’t in it. Jill is ashamed of her son. She thought the company would give him a sense of purpose. “What’s he going to do with his time now?”
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At the facility, Billy checks in with Dr. Malone to get advice on how to help. She urges him not to be supportive without judging. He’s just really glad she didn’t die. Malone suggests he tell her; she shouldn’t hide from what happened. Knowing people care about her will offer her the glimmer of hope she needs right now.

Billy joins Chelsea, who tells him he doesn’t have to visit. He’s not going anywhere and if she kicks him out, he’ll wait on the other side of the door. Chelsea smiles. She’s sorry he got dragged into her mess. Billy is glad he found her on the roof. He’d never haven forgiven herself if he hadn’t. Chelsea doesn’t want him to feel guilty. Billy is just really glad she didn’t die and that she’s still there. There are so many people who love her, most importantly Connor. She asks how her son is. Billy saw him today and he seemed fine. She realizes he must be wondering where she is and hates worrying her little boy.
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At Nate’s place, he fumes about Amanda casting judgment on him after only hearing Devon’s side of things. Amanda’s heart is broken that the feud between him and Devon has escalated since she’s been gone. “Is there some way I can bridge the gap between the two of you?”

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At Society, the nanny tells Chance that Abby took Dom to see Devon.

At Devon’s place, he throws Abby up against the wall in a fit of passion and kisses her all over. They end up on the stairs and then on the sofa as the intimate interlude continues. Abby rolls her head back in ecstasy as Devon makes love to her.
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Across the hall at Nate’s, he tells Amanda he knows he made a mistake, but it came after months of Devon blocking his ideas. He got frustrated and thought he found a solution that would help them all thrive. Amanda questions that. Nate repeats that he knows he was wrong. He’s tried to help things through with Devon but they keep hitting an impasse. He believes part of the reason Devon’s being so antagonistic with him is because he’s hanging onto memories of working with his father. He won’t continue to sit there arguing with her. Nate wishes he could fix it, but right now he doesn’t think that’s possible.

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At Chancellor, Lily tells Jill that she’s not the only one concerned about what Billy will do next. He quit the podcast so he wouldn’t let her or Jill down. Jill says if letting her down was part of his calculations, he’d be there now. She fumes that this is just his pattern. Jill wants her son to be happy, but she was praying this restless phase of his was done. There’s no excuse for this anymore. She tells Lily it’s not easy for her to say this as Billy’s mother but, “Honey, you deserve better.”
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Lily appreciates her concern for her, and she knows Billy has his flaws, but she doesn’t have the time or energy to fix them, she has too much to do there. Jill wonders if she wants to wait around until Billy finds what he’s looking for. Lily loves Billy and she really hopes he finds what makes him happy. She is grateful to Jill for trusting her with the company and is confident that things will work out as they should.

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At Devon’s place, he and Abby are out of breath from sex. He asks if she’s okay. She is, and wants to hang onto whatever this is for a little longer. “Feeling seen and cared for.”

In the hallway, Amanda tells Nate she’ll put aside her personal feelings about what he did to help. Nate wonders why she wants him and Devon to make up. Amanda knows it’s hurting her boyfriend more than he realizes. “Trust me, Nate. I know how complicated family dynamics can be, but I also know how precious it is to have those people in your life.” Nate thinks it’s pointless to push until Devon’s ready, but thinks Devon is damn lucky to have her on his side. As Nate leaves in the elevator, Chance appears. He explains to Amanda that he’s looking for Abby. Amanda smiles and tells him, “Come on, we’ll surprise them.”
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At the facility, Billy feels Connor deserves to know where Chelsea is. He can talk to him, or Sharon can, but Chelsea should just focus on healing. She promises to take care of herself but says she needs to talk to Adam. She has to be the one to tell them what happened.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nate tells Victoria it’s the last chance to rescind her offer. She is thrilled to have him coming on and senses something is going on with him. Nate finds it refreshing to have a boss who wants to know what’s on his mind.

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At Devon’s penthouse, Chance and Amanda walk in and are floored to see Abby and Devon wrapped up naked together in a blanket on the sofa. Abby and Devon sit up and stare at them in shock.
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