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At the Abbott mansion, Summer and Kyle arrive, alarmed about Harrison’s fever. Diane says the pediatrician is with him now. Kyle and Summer head upstairs.
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At Society, Lauren snarkily asks Michael if he finally wants to rethink his support of Diane. He needs more information. Lauren argues that she lied, and no context will change the truth. Michael thinks there are grey areas. Lauren just doesn’t get his support of the woman. Phyllis appears, “Neither do I.” Lauren wonders what kind of context could absolve Diane of colluding with Tucker. Michael argues the fact she came clean is the context. Phyllis and Lauren see a pattern with her and wonder how much clearer it needs to be. Michael gets a text and takes off. Phyllis complains to Lauren that they now have two troublemakers back in their lives.
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At his penthouse, Devon glances at Neil’s photo and flashes to telling him he wanted a career in music and his father being supportive. He muses that Neil supported him from day one and has another memory. Devon wonders if he was wrong not to give Nate the same support that his dad gave him. He looks back on their relationship again.

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Devon answers a knock at the door — it’s Abby with Dominic. She heard he was looking for her earlier. Devon thinks it’s best he didn’t find her; he would have just unloaded all his problems. Abby asks how she and Dom can help. Once Dom’s in the playpen and Abby has tea, they sit to talk. Abby asks Devon about his argument with Nate. Devon tells her she was right to get him to consider whether his relationship with Neil was impacting his dealings with Nate. He can’t stop thinking about how supportive Neil was, and he didn’t give any of that to Nate. Devon wonders if he has an issue sharing his dad’s legacy.
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At the ranch, Victor asks about Nikki’s meeting with Ashley and Phyllis and comments on the “unholy alliance”. Nikki says it’s only because of their shared hatred of Diane. Talk turns to Tucker’s connection with Diane in Los Angeles and his obsession with Ashley. Nikki says he’ll use that to discover his true motives. Victor knows him well enough to know he’s after something bigger.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack arrives, and Summer and Kyle explain that they have to take Harrison to the hospital for testing — he may have contracted something while they were away. Kyle takes Harrison to the kitchen and Diane wants to explain herself to Summer, who tells her it’s not the time and place for the conversation. Jack agrees, and informs Diane they’ll update her on Harrison. As she prepares to leave, Kyle and Harrison reappear. Diane tells her grandson the doctor will make him feel much better. The boy moans, “I want Dee Dee to come.” Kyle asks his mother if she’s free to go, and suggests Summer go back to the office. Summer agrees, and Jack offers her a ride. Diane thanks Summer for letting her be there for Harrison. Summer walks away from her.
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At Society, Lauren tells Phyllis she’s always supported her efforts to oust Diane and complains that Michael has a soft spot for her. Phyllis worries she’s winning Jack over. “Diane is in it for the long game.” Phyllis is starting to wonder if she’s here for Jack and not so much Kyle. She wants to be an Abbott and won’t be happy until she has a rock on her finger and is standing at the altar saying, “I do.”

At the ranch, Nikki grumbles about Diane and Tucker. Victor suggests she let it go and leave it to him and his team. Nikki can’t and complains that Jack wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. Victor couldn’t care less who Abbott gets involved with, but if Jenkins affects the lives of Summer and Harrison, he’ll step in. In the meantime, he’s going to find out what Tucker is up to.

At the penthouse, Abby doesn’t see anything wrong with Devon holding onto the memories he had with Neil. The connection they shared was powerful. Keeping his spirit alive is a strength and not a weakness. Neil helped him become the man he is today, just like Brad informed the woman she is today. Devon appreciates her for saying that and understanding his heart. Abby clasps his hand.

When Dom is up, Devon tells the boy he’s grateful they came to visit; his mommy has been getting him through hard times for years. Abby muses that Dom’s daddy has been there for her too. Abby and Devon smile at each other. Devon never imagined building a family in this way but it’s easily the best thing that’s ever happened to him.
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At Society, Lauren tells Phyllis to stop fighting and try to put herself in Diane’s position with one of her kids. Phyllis asks what is happening here. Lauren insists she has to stop this for her own sanity.

At the ranch, Nikki shows Michael in and leaves him to talk with Victor alone. Victor asks what he’s found out. Michael says Tucker covers his tracks well, but he’s been able to uncover a connection with Audra Charles. Victor knows this is the woman Jill hired to oversee the IPO at Chancellor-Winters. Michael says his guy feels the relationship is strictly professional. Victor pronounces that as “bull” as nothing is that coincidental. “Tucker McCall is up to something.” Michael guesses Victor thinks he’s placed Audra there because he’s planning to make a move on the company.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle and Diane discuss Harrison being tired after the hospital and the test results being due later that afternoon. Kyle worries it could be something life-threatening. Diane reassures him. Kyle recalls when he got mono at age 12 and ended up in the hospital. He never wants his son to go through something scary like that. Diane is sorry he did and feels terrible she wasn’t there for him. Kyle wasn’t trying to make her feel bad, his mind has been on Harrison. Diane recaps that she did what she did in L.A. because she missed him so much. She insists she’s a different person and becomes emotional as she implores that her love for him and Harrison is the most real thing about her. “Please tell me you know that by now.”

At the ranch, Victor muses that Tucker must want to take over Chancellor-Winters and if he’s smart, he’ll run it together with Devon. He knows he made a deal with Diane to get information on Ashley. Michael says it sounds innocuous to him. Victor informs him there’s nothing innocuous to anything Tucker does. “He’s up to something.”

At Devon’s penthouse, Dom is down for a nap, so he asks Abby about what’s bugging her. She wishes she understood her husband’s heart half as well as she understands Devon’s. They gotten past outside threats, but this time the trouble is between them. “He didn’t come home last night.” They had a huge soul-shaking conversation about the future of their marriage and then he didn’t come home. He sent a text saying he needed time alone. She was up all night and her mind went to the worst. Is this how her marriage ends?
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Devon reassures Abby about her marriage. Abby admits she was up all night going over the things he said to her. She wonders if he’s right — maybe he’s not giving her everything she wants and needs. “As much as it kills me to say it, maybe we aren’t just that compatible.” Devon soothes, “I don’t know about that.” He asks what she wants from her husband that he’s not giving her. She can’t put it into words but there’s a wall between them and they both know it.

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In his suite at the Grand Phoenix, Tucker opens the door to Audra, who questions his move from the GCAC. Tucker says Devon sold it and Chancellor owns the Grand Phoenix now. He wonders what’s going on with the company and when they can make a move.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle rants that he was blindsided by the things his mother did in L.A. The more he thinks about it, however, he realizes that Jeremy and Tucker had her boxed in — all she wanted was to get back to them. It hit home when he heard Harrison call out for his Dee Dee. “I don’t want to take you away from him.” Whatever she did in L.A. he’s willing to let it go because it brought her back to him and to Harrison. Diane exhales. She’s so grateful. She worries about Summer being convinced. Kyle will get her to see his point of view because he doesn’t want to lose his mother again. He warns this better be everything because if he finds out she’s hiding anything else, he won’t be able to forgive her again. They embrace.
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At the ranch, Michael asks if Victor has any theories about what Tucker might be up to. Victor is certain Ashley will tell him what she finds out, but he’s certain McCall wants to take over not only Chancellor-Winters but Jabot as well. He’ll merge them and put Ashley in charge of Jabot while he and Devon run the empire. Michael muses that too much can go wrong. Victor figures he’ll try to convince Ashley and Devon he wants to build not only an empire but a family.

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In Tucker’s suite, Audra complains that Nate’s confession put everything on hold, but the good news is that Jill seems intent on proceeding with the IPO. Tucker figures they still have a chance. She asks what he’s thinking. Tucker grins. “It might be time to turn brother against sister.”

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At Devon’s, Abby doesn’t think she and Chance want the same thing. He sees work and family as being equal, but she wants more. Devon feels she shouldn’t apologize for that. He doesn’t think anyone’s at fault; they just see the world differently. He will say that Chance is a fool for not putting her and Dominic first. “For you, for both of you, I would move heaven and earth.” Suddenly, Abby and Devon fall into a passionate kiss.
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Outside the penthouse door, Amanda steps out of the elevator, smiling.
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