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At Noah’s club, Nick spots Summer and welcomes her back from her honeymoon. He notices she looks miserable, and Summer explains there’s been more drama from Diane. Nick offers to help, but she says she and Kyle can handle it. He’ll just wish her luck then. Summer feels they’ll need it.

At Jabot, Diane encounters Kyle and tells him they need to talk. He agrees but wants to do it in private at the house.
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At Society, Ashley flashes to her last conversation with Tucker about Diane. As she recalls him saying his connection to Diane was completely benevolent, he shows up. Ashley tells him she was thinking about him, and he clutches his heart. “What thought about me had you so captivated when I walked in.” Ashley was deciding whether or not to believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Tucker asks if she’s come to a conclusion. She has.
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Phyllis finds Jack in Crimson Lights and asks him to allow her a moment of having been right about Diane all along — she was lying about her time in Los Angeles. Jack is disappointed in Diane but also in Phyllis. “The last thing you should be is gleeful about this.” He rants that she didn’t think about what this would do to Kyle and Harrison. Phyllis stopped by the house and showed compassion to Kyle but the truth it out now and if they’d just listened to her, none of this would be happening.

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Jack reminds her she urged him to let Kyle make his own decisions about Diane. Phyllis knew this would happen and says she needs to leave town so they can all move forward. “We all know there are more secrets.” Jack scoffs, “You’ve got it all figured out, just like always.” Phyllis gawps, “Oh my God! Diane has you totally sucked in, doesn’t she?”
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At Noah’s club, Summer hopes Nick has ended things with Sally Spectra. He grimaces and reminds her he’s the parent and she doesn’t have to worry about him. Summer argues that Sally’s unpredictable. Nick tells her Sally and Chloe no longer work at Newman Media and he and Sally are on a break. “She doesn’t really want to hang out with me right now.” Summer exclaims, “That’s great!”
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At the Abbott house, Diane will tell Kyle what happened in Los Angeles and hopes he’ll understand why she had to keep it a secret. She fills him in on her connections to Jeremy Stark and Tucker. Diane protest that she had no option but to cooperate when Tucker blackmailed her. Kyle levels that he also dangled a pretty big carrot in front of her. Diane concedes that when she told him about Allie, he seemed to be giving her the perfect way to open the door to Jack and to him. Kyle complains that she colluded with Tucker and concealed it… even after they asked her if she had a connection to him in L.A. It’s a massive lie of omission. Diane hates that she wasn’t brave enough to confess earlier, but she had no bad intentions. Kyle only knows that she broke his trust. “I have no idea if we can ever get back to the way things were.”
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Kyle rants that he’s now questioning if it was a mistake to give her a chance. Diane reminds him that she came clean because she couldn’t live with it any longer. Kyle tells her it doesn’t count when she only confesses because she’s afraid that someone like Nikki or Phyllis will expose her.

At Crimson Lights, Jack rants that there’s no sense in him and Phyllis trying to discuss Diane. He suggests she take stock of her own behavior. From the moment Diane got here she got in her way and went digging into her past even when she promised her daughter she’d back off. Phyllis cannot believe she’s still being painted as the bad guy here and reminds him that she was getting close to finding Diane’s secret, that’s the reason she confessed. Jack mutters that they might all be better off if she hadn’t. Phyllis questions if they’ve stepped back through the looking glass. “I can’t believe that this is happening. I can’t believe that I’m being made to feel guilty because I want to help everyone.” Jack fumes that they both know there’s a helluva lot more to this than that. He tells Phyllis that heroes don’t gloat and informs her that if Diane takes off now, her absence will leave a giant hole in his son’s and his grandson’s life. Phyllis gets that, but if they suffer it’s not because of her, but because of Diane. She hopes Kyle will see things more clearly than his father does. Summer arrives and Jack dons his coat and leaves.
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In the Abbott living room, Diane claims she didn’t tell Jack the truth because of Nikki and Phyllis, it was much more complicated than that. Kyle can’t believe it wasn’t a defensive move on her part. He recalls that she promised not to hide anything from him ever again when she returned. Diane is so sorry she broke that promise but Tucker forced her to stay quiet. It was only now that she felt strong enough to break his hold over her. She realized she didn’t want Kyle or Jack to hear about this from Tucker or anyone else. Diane tears up and her voice cracks as she explains that she feared he would think less of her. He and Harrison are the most important thing to her. Her love for him is endless. “Please tell me you know this by now.” Kyle tells her being a family with her means just as much to him as it does to her, but he needs time to sit with this. He can’t ignore that she carried around this huge secret and acted like she was wronged when she was questioned. When she finally admitted it, somebody else forced her hand. “I don’t know how I can believe the things you say anymore.”
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At Society, Ashley finds Tucker’s alliance with Diane shady as hell. Tucker explains they were in a very unique position to help each other out. She concedes it makes sense. “I believe you.” Tucker’s glad to know this and even happier when Ashley admits he’s been taking up space in her brain. He worries, however, it might be a little too soon for such a big turnaround from her.

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis can’t believe Jack still wants to make allowances for Diane. Summer points out he did the same for her. Phyllis claims she never did anything as bad as Diane and fumes about her using Kyle as her trump card. She wonders if Summer still thinks it’s a good idea to keep the woman around. Summer really wanted Kyle to have peace, but now that more secrets have come out, from where she sits, her mother is right. “Diane needs to go.”

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Phyllis arrives at Noah’s club and greets Nick. She’s surprised he’s there in the middle of the day. He’s not in an office frame of mind today. She’s not either. Phyllis sits and asks to run something by him. Nick says, “Of course. What is the topic du jour?” Phyllis replies, “Me.” She wants his honest opinion — does he think she’s destructive, vindictive and innately a bad person. Nick hesitates to mess with her. He guesses this has to do with Diane. Phyllis, emotional, says she won’t get into it. Nick hopes she and Summer are okay. Phyllis shakes her head, “I don’t know. But I do know that I’m really, really tired of being the one that is blamed for the mess. I’m not the villain here, Nick. It’s not me, I’m not the bad guy.” She tears up, “It’s starting to get to me.”
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Jack’s surprised to find Diane at the house. She says Kyle invited her there and they got everything out on the table. He left but she stayed to see Harrison, who is still asleep. Jack has to get back to work. Diane’s surprised he doesn’t want to hear how it went with Kyle. Jack would rather hear it from his son. Diane asks where they stand. Jack isn’t sure, and isn’t ready to discuss it right at this moment. He exits.
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Summer greets Kyle at Jabot and relays that she walked in on a tense conversation between Jack and Phyllis. She warns Kyle that her mother won’t give up; she’s still going to go after Diane. Kyle marvels at their happy vibes not even lasting a day. He relays that he talked to his mother, who made all the excuses you’d expect. Summer asks how he feels and what he wants to do.
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Kyle and Summer go over what Diane did in L.A. Summer says she committed a few felonies, Kyle argues she didn’t do anything malicious and just wanted to come back home. “I get it.” Summer knows how much he wishes he could overlook all of this so they could go back to the way it was, but as his wife, she has to tell him that she doesn’t think they can run the risk of trusting her again.
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At the Abbott mansion, Harrison comes downstairs and tells Diane that he doesn’t feel good. She feels his head. “You’re burning up with fever!”

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At Society, Ashley calls Tucker a malcontent. He can’t help but wonder if she’s trying to lure him in. Ashley wonders if he’s actually doubting his animal magnetism. Tucker wonders if she’s planning to use his feelings for her to try and uncover his real agenda. Ashley shrugs, “What if I was?” She points out that if he has nothing to hide, he shouldn’t care. Tucker sees this as a test to prove himself and says, “Challenge accepted.” They toast.
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