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Billy and Sharon usher Chelsea into a room in a facility, and Sharon steps out to thank the therapist for helping them get Ms. Lawson checked in and for understanding that she needs to be around familiar faces right now. The woman assures her that she and Mr. Abbott can stay with her as long as she needs to get settled in. Sharon rejoins Billy in Chelsea’s room and updates him. She assures Chelsea she’s in a safe place and will be looked after there. Billy feels it’s important that she realizes what is happening. Suddenly, Chelsea panics. “No, no! I can never be in a place like this ever again!”
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Devon joins Lily at Chancellor-Winters and she asks, “What’s going on?” Devon prepares her for stunning news and reveals that Nate took a new job — running Newman Media for Victoria. Lily gawps, “I guess we know who he’s been sharing his information with.” Devon relays that he won’t admit it, but it’s pretty clear. He still thinks what he did was unforgivable. Lily asks if Devon thought about what Nate said about his motivations and Neil. Devon did, and he decided it was an excuse for Nate to let himself off the hook for what he did. Lily sighs and tells her brother there’s a chance it could be a real possibility.

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Devon argues that whether it’s true or not, how his connection to Neil ties into his role as CEO is irrelevant to the fact that Nate did what he did. Lily wants to set Nate aside for a second. It’s hard for her to let go of Neil too. He had flaws but she still always sees him as a superhero. They marvel that he loved being a father. Lily regrets being such a rebellious teen, though she came to realized what a wonderful man Neil was. She recalls not wanting to leave Paris to return to Genoa City and flashes to Neil telling her how much he missed her. Lily laments being cold and distant to him when he only wanted her love.
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Devon remembers giving Neil a hard time in the beginning — he was too scared to let him in. He flashes to Neil telling him he was at a crossroads and urging him to let his life be driven by purpose. “Everything that I’ve accomplished and everything I have in my life is because of Neil. It was his belief in me that inspired me to be the man I am today.”

At Nate’s place, he’s surprised when Elena lets herself in. He tells her how happy he is to see her. “I missed you a lot.” He asks how things went in Baltimore. Elena replies, “I didn’t take the job.” She couldn’t make a life-changing decision like moving to Baltimore without at least seeing if they could work things out. Nate hoped that was the case, but didn’t dare to hope. He tells her so much has happened since she’s been gone.
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At Crimson Lights, Connor asks Adam, “Where’s mom? Don’t you have to work today?” Adam does. He didn’t realize Connor had a day off from school. The kid wonders why he can’t spend the day with his mother. Adam delicately tells Connor that he’s been trying to get a hold of her but she’s not answering her phone. Connor asks to go see her — he has something to tell her. Adam asks what he has to say. Connor reveals that he and Johnny talked a lot about her being his bio mom and realized they made a bigger deal out of it than it is, and they agreed it was better that they know the truth. He’s keen to let Chelsea know.

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At the facility, Billy assures Chelsea she’s in a much better place than before. The help she needs this time is different. He’ll be with her every step of the way. “You can lean on me for anything.” Chelsea doesn’t think he can promise to always be there. Billy vows he will do this with her.
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At Crimson Lights, Connor worries that his mom is avoiding him and wishes he could make things up to her.

At the facility, Chelsea is embarrassed and worries, “Oh my God, who else knows?!” Billy assures her no one, but the important thing is that she is there, safe, and came willingly to get better. Sharon promises the process will go at her pace. She can take as much time as she needs, and they’ll keep everything confidential; it’s the law. When she wants to share what happened, they’ll help her do it in a way that works for her. Billy assures her that Connor will be well taken care of and loved and urges her to focus on getting stable so she can enjoy Thanksgiving with her son.

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After leaving Chelsea in the room with the therapist, Sharon suggests that she and Billy get going. She says they need a strategy for handling the situation with Connor while honoring Chelsea’s confidentiality. By necessity, that’s going to involve Adam. Billy complains that he’s responsible for her misery. Sharon reminds him he can’t blame it all on Adam. Billy shrugs that he makes every situation worse. Sharon states that he’s Connor’s father so he’ll have to be involved in what they tell the boy.
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At Nate’s place, Elena asks him what’s been going on. He reports that he reached out to Devon to apologize and try to make things right, but Devon couldn’t get there with him. He even told him he thinks his connection to Neil might be behind his inability to allow anyone else to hold authority over what they built. He’s not just blaming Devon — he had to admit that he never really forgave him for the punch that ended his surgical career. Nate now sees what Elena was trying to tell him. Now, he has to live with the guilt of betraying his family. Elena hopes he’s on the road to forgiveness with Devon and Lily.

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At Crimson Lights, Adam tells Connor he doesn’t have anything to make up to his mom — he wasn’t trying to intentionally hurt her. Sharon walks in as Adam assures the boy his mother will always love him.
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At Chancellor, Lily remembers Neil talking to her before her second marriage to Cane and sharing a touching moment. “He supported us no matter what.” Devon remembers one of the last conversations they had about the company. He shakes his head. “God, I miss him.” The pain is always there. Neil’s memory will always have a hold on them and Devon doesn’t want to let that go.
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Billy enters Chancellor-Winters and asks Lily and Devon if everything is alright. They assure him it’s fine. Devon queries Billy about his decision to walk away from the company. Billy says Lily has it handled, and they agree it’s the best time for him to move on. Devon will refer to her but doesn’t think it’s the best for the company. He wishes Billy the best and exits.

Billy tells Lily that Chelsea had a psychotic break and needs more time to recuperate. He can’t give her more details, but he and Sharon are trying to help her through this ordeal. Lily is sure she’ll be grateful for what he did when she comes out the other side. Billy tells his girlfriend she doesn’t understand — his part in this isn’t over. He promised Chelsea he would be there for her every step of the way. Lily feels for Chelsea but it’s frustrating that he has this endless mission to save every woman in his life — first it was Victoria and now it’s Chelsea. How much time is he going to dedicate to her? Billy can’t answer that, but he can’t in good conscience turn his back on her right now.
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At Nate’s, he tells Elena that Devon still views him as a traitor and won’t forgive him because he won’t reveal the identity of the CEO. He’s still a traitor in Lily’s eyes too. Elena questions, “So, why not give Victoria up if that’s what it takes to get your family back?” Nate says Victoria didn’t owe anything to Lily, Devon, or Chancellor-Winters. “I did. I’m the one who betrayed them. It doesn’t make sense to drag Victoria or Newman Enterprises into a battle.” He isn’t even sure it would make a difference. Elena hopes he’ll keep trying with Lily and Devon. Nate isn’t sure it’s possible, but he can hope. In the meantime, he’s moved on professionally. “You’re looking at the new CEO of Newman Media.” Elena thought that was Sally’s job. Nate says she wasn’t a good fit. Elena guesses this is the reward Victoria offered up as a consolation prize for almost selling out his family.

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Nate’s’s irked that Elena sees Victoria’s job offer as something negative. Elena feels Victoria has now used him twice. He’s her justification for firing Sally, who she wanted to get rid of. Nate argues that maybe she just believes in him. Elena declares it’s a pat on the head for staying quiet about her part in a hostile takeover attempt. Nate simmers, “Are you serious right now?!” He wonders what else he has to do for her to see him as the man she fell in love with. How is this not enough?
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In the facility, the therapist wants to hear what Chelsea has to say about herself so they can develop a relationship based off more than notes that others wrote about her in the past. Chelsea’s ready to get started. They run down a list of questions and Chelsea reveals she has two biological sons and once had a miscarriage. She explains about Connor and Johnny briefly. The therapist asks about the last time she was hospitalized. Chelsea explains she tried to hurt a really wonderful man, who is no longer with them. The woman realizes she feels guilty. Chelsea doesn’t think she wanted to die, she just didn’t want to be in pain anymore. She felt alone, unworthy and like she was ruining everything for everybody. The therapist asks about supportive people in her life. There may be others besides Billy and Sharon she may not even realize are rooting for her. Chelsea wants help, and to get better, but she doesn’t know if that’s possible.

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At Crimson Lights, Billy arrives, and Sharon tells him the facility let her know Chelsea’s intake is going well so far. She thinks she’ll get the help she needs there. Billy can feel Adam looking at them and asks if she’s thought of a way to tell him and Connor about Chelsea. Sharon thinks they should take their cues from Chelsea, but they’ll have to tell them something. She suggests Billy head back over and check on her.

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At Society, Devon texts Amanda to call when she can. He adds that so much is going on right — Nate now works for Victoria, and he really misses his dad. Amanda starts texting back but doesn’t reply.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily texts Billy to meet her for lunch at Society.

At Crimson Lights, Adam approaches Sharon and tells her he would like to know exactly what she and Billy are hiding.

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At the facility, Billy watches Chelsea sleep. His phone dings and he starts to read Lily’s text but Chelsea awakens and places her hand over his and says, “Thank you.” Billy puts it away and holds her hand in his.
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