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In the Abbott living room, Jack and Ashley welcome Kyle and Summer home. Ashley breaks the news that there have been some developments with Diane and Tucker.

At Society, Diane enters and spots Tucker. She hesitates before approaching and telling him to save his threats. There is too much at stake for her to give up now. He looks amused.

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At Newman Media, Sally is packing up and leaves Chloe a voicemail that there are developments there they need to discuss, and she’d like her to hear it from her. She disconnects as Adam sticks his head in looking for Chloe. He’s shocked when she refers to her “successor”. Sally tells him she and Chloe have been let go. Adam finds this crazy. Sally worries about not being able to get a hold of Chloe to tell her. She’ll give her a message for him if he likes. Adam just wants to know if Chloe has heard from Chelsea, he’s concerned about her. Sally will let her know.

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Adam wants Sally to know she’s done an excellent job at Newman Media and it doesn’t make sense for them to let her go. Sally shrugs that he knows it’s a waste of time trying to figure out the Newmans and their motivations. It wasn’t a total shock even though she jumped through every hoop with heels. Adam says she deserved better and admires how she’s taking it. He wonders how much say Nick had in the decision.
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In Newman’s main office, Nick crabs to Victoria about her terrible decision to fire Sally and replace her with Nate. Victoria airily informs him that Nate’s accepted her offer so he needs to get on board. Nick still thinks she’s doing this to erase all traces of Adam from the company. Victoria calls him out for being aggressively vague about his relationship with the redhead and asks him to just admit they’re involved and that’s why he’s upset. Nick insists this is about a talented employee being ousted for no good reason. Victoria muses thinks he’s angry because he just gave his girlfriend bad news. She asks, “How serious are things between you and Sally?” Nick complains she’s making all sorts of assumptions and that has nothing to do with work. Victoria argues that a relationship with Sally will pit him against Adam. She thinks this is why he’s keeping it a secret and is so defensive — his thing with Sally is problematic at best.
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At the ranch, Nikki and Victor greet Ashley, who learns he’s playing chess with Faith online while she’s away at college. Talk turns to Tucker’s arrival. Ashley asks if Victor is aware that he and Diane were working together in Los Angeles and that every move they made was carefully planned. Victor will leave it all up to Nikki to deal with. Nikki tells Ash he knows they have a plan but isn’t all that concerned about the details. Victor and Ash mock Tucker trying to impress people by landing a helicopter and he warns his ex to be careful. Phyllis arrives as Victor’s chuckles over the unlikely alliance brought together by Diane Jenkins and wishes them luck before leaving the room. Nikki and Phyllis want to know what Ashley found out about Diane and whether it will send her packing for good.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack has filled in Summer and Kyle on Diane’s association with Tucker in Los Angeles. Kyle fumes that he can’t believe Tucker was the one who found out about Allie and dangled it in front of his mother. Summer gasps, “Oh my God! Do you remember how shocked and outraged she was when Tucker crashed our vow renewal? That was all an act? Wow, she’s good!” Jack says she claims to have only wanted a relationship with Kyle and he believes her. Tucker wanted information on Ashley. Kyle asks if his father’s source is reliable. Jack levels that his source is Diane, who admitted it.
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At Newman, Nick doesn’t appreciate Victoria using his relationship with Sally to justify hiring Nate. Victoria declares it was a smart move, much savvier than keeping Sally and her allies in place. Nick thinks his perspective is clearer than Victoria’s. Victoria tells Nick he’s free to keep seeing the redhead if he desires. Nick snarkily thanks her for her permission. Victoria insists she’s done what’s right for the company. Victor appears and says, “I agree.”

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At Newman Media, Sally warns Adam he can’t use this as a way to trash Nick, who did everything he could to change Victoria’s mind. It was her decision alone… not that it’s any of his business. Adam argues it is, in a way, because the only reason they’re letting her go is because of her association with him. He offers to try and get her something at Jabot despite her tension with Summer. Sally doesn’t want any favors and urges him to continue on his quest to get in touch with Chelsea. He wishes her luck and leaves, pausing in the doorway as he goes.
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At the ranch, Nikki and Phyllis can’t believe that Tucker was the one who told Diane about Alllie. They’re pleased that they backed Diane so far into a corner that they had to come clean. Phyllis raises her mug, “We got her girls!” They all beam.

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At Society, Tucker tells Diane he was caught off guard by her coming clean to Jack; he didn’t realize honesty was part of her repertoire. Diane is capable of a great many things. Tucker muses, “So it seems.” He continues that confessing seemed like a good move for her because it seems now, he has no leverage over her. He alludes to part of his dream being dead. Diane wonders what he’s getting at. Tucker cryptically says that she did what she had to do, and he’ll have to accept it. Diane won’t take his forgiveness at face value and wonders about the other half of his scheme aside from winning Ashley back.
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At Newman, Victor says he’s in favor of letting Sally go and hiring Nate. Nick points out he’s a traitor to his family. Victor argues he’s been loyal to them. Nick touts Sally’s record in the position. Victor senses there is more to Nick’s point of view and says he blames Sally for turning Adam against their family. He doesn’t want that to happen to Nick. His son argues there’s nothing to criticize about her performance as CEO. They’re the ones who are letting their personal feelings color their business decisions. “Me. Nope. My personal life is exactly that — it’s personal.”
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At the ranch, Phyllis still can’t believe Diane was able to convince people she’s a kind, decent person. Nikki thinks they’ve performed a public service by getting rid of her. Ashley thinks there’s still more to the story — she doesn’t buy that Tucker only wanted information from Diane about her. Nikki agrees that’s a pretty small ask. Phyllis wants to know if Jack screamed at Diane and kicked her to the curb. Ashley muses, “No, nothing like that.” Nikki asks how he did react. Ashley reveals he’s more conflicted about Diane’s actions than she ever thought he’d be. Phyllis and Nikki are scandalized. They decide she’s playing the victim. Ashley thinks Jenkins has given him a very sanitized version of the story. Phyllis and Nikki worry that Jack will let her get away with this and Kyle will be convinced to as well. Ashley figures Diane will dig in deeper. Nikki fumes, “We cannot let that happen! We have to find a way to get her out of our lives for good!”
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle complains about his mother worming her way into Harrison’s heart — it’s unforgivable. Jack feels it’s not that simple. Kyle and Summer hope he’s not still defending her; she’s lied about what she did in L.A.! How could she do that to her son and her grandson?!? Jack replies, “Because she had no choice.” Jack fills them in on Jeremy Stark using her as a courier to launder money and Tucker later blackmailing her. Kyle feels this doesn’t negate the lies she told him. Jack tells them they now have all the information he knows so they can decide if they want Diane to be a part of their lives.

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At Society, Diane realizes Tucker wanted Jabot. She reminds him she was never in a position to get her hands on Jabot’s financials like he wanted. She questions what he would have done with the information if she’d been able to get it, and asks why he’d want to take Jabot from Ashley— he seems serious about wanting her back. Tucker confirms he’s serious about his ex and asks, “Who said I’m trying to take it away from Ashley?”

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Adam leaves Billy another voicemail about Chelsea’s welfare. He spots Nick inside and approaches to complain about him destroying Sally’s hopes and dreams. Nick’s not in the mood for a fight and says the firing has nothing to do with him. Adam accuses his brother of sleeping with her to get under his skin. Nick says he never crossed his mind once. Adam wonders if he’s had his fun and now, she’s disposable. Nick counters that he’s the one who discarded her. Adam can’t believe he ever had real feelings for Sally and tells his brother that underneath they’re not that different; they’re both capable of anything in the heat of the moment. Sally walks in says, “Gentlemen! Is there a problem?”
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Nick asks how Sally’s holding up and Adam chuckles that he’s the one who hurt her and used her to hurt him. Nick denies it’s true. He says Adam’s having a lousy morning and he’s a convenient target. Adam takes off. Sally tells Nicks she realizes that Adam lashes out when he’s hurt, she doesn’t believe anything he was saying about them. Nick tells her he admires her resilience and is sick about how this all played out. He’ll help her in any way he can. Sally has something to say that won’t be easy for him to hear. She doesn’t want his help or Adam’s, or anyone’s. Whatever comes next, she will find it on her own. Nick nods, impressed.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack asks Kyle and Summer to keep the news about Diane to themselves. Kyle doesn’t want to spread it around town. Summer wonders why she shared this information now. Jack grimaces, “Diane learned that Phyllis continued to talk to Talia Morgan.” She realized that people like Phyllis and Nikki would never give up and the story, or part of it, would come to light. Summer fumes about her mother, “Looks like Diane wasn’t the only one lying.”

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At the ranch, Phyllis agonizes over Jack forgiving Diane. Nikki’s shocked and Ashley finds Jenkins’ machinations disgusting. Nikki muses that they have an “in” with Diane’s co-conspirator and wonders how it’s going with Ashley and Tucker. Ash relays that he claims he and Diane are just two lost souls looking for forgiveness. Phyllis looks at Ashley’s sympathetic face and decides this is all on her now. She’s going to go and make sure that bitch doesn’t wriggle off the hook.

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At Society, Diane wants to know what Tucker means by saying he doesn’t intend to take Jabot away from Ashley. “What are you planning?” Tucker doesn’t think the details are her concern now that their collaboration has come to an end. He muses, “Poor, poor Diane. Always looking over your shoulder wondering where the next threat will be coming from.”
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At the Abbott house, Kyle tells Summer that on one hand he feels for his mother, who was used by two powerful men, but on the other, he doesn’t know how he can ever trust her again. Summer is less conflicted — her mother lied to her, and she’s pissed! Just then, Phyllis shows up on the doorstep looking for Jack. She notices they don’t look so happy. Kyle says they know why she’s looking for his father. Phyllis is glad they know about Tucker and Diane. Summer fumes that they also know she never stopped digging up dirt with Talia Morgan even after she swore she wouldn’t! Phyllis isn’t the bad guy here. “Don’t come for me!” Diane can’t be trusted just as she warned. “So… what are you going to do about Diane now kids?”
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