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At Noah’s club, Adam tells Lily he found Chelsea. She asks if Billy was with her. Adam says yes, they were on the roof and Chelsea was really upset. “There’s no telling what Billy said to her.” Lily is sure he was being sensitive. Adam’s unconvinced and complains that Billy hurried him out of there. She was really upset and Adam feels he has a right to know what happened. Lily hasn’t heard from Billy and isn’t sure what he wants her to do. Adam asks if she knows where they might have gone. Lily doesn’t know and wouldn’t tell him if she did — she doesn’t trust him. Adam reminds her this isn’t business, it’s the mother of his child. Lily can’t help him and walks out.

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In Chelsea’s suite, Billy eases her onto the couch and takes her boots off. She watches as he takes her phone from her purse and explains he’s muting it… unless, of course, there’s someone he wants to talk to. Chelsea shakes her head no. Billy suggests a taking a drive or getting some food. She’s not interested in either and wants him to leave her alone. “Let me go, Billy. Just let me go!”
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At Crimson Lights, Chance sips a coffee on the patio and rubs his forehead wearily. Abby appears, spots him, and approaches. Chance tells her he’s just relaxing. She asks, “What about the stakeout.” Chance explains they finished early. Abby sniffs, “And you chose to come here instead of going home?”
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At Society, Victoria goes over Nate’s benefits. He asks about parking and would like a spot near the elevator. Victoria can make that happen. Devon walks in as she says, “Congratulations, you’re now CEO of Newman Media. Welcome to the company, Nate,” and they toast. Devon gawps, “You have got to be kidding me.”

In Chelsea’s suite, Billy won’t leave, and she rages at him for stopping her on the roof. “You had no right!” She’s in pain and figured out how to stop and he took that choice from her! Billy knows it’s not the choice she would have made two weeks ago… or two weeks from now. He wasn’t going to let her do that to herself or to her son, so she’ll have to work through it. Chelsea doesn’t see a way and cries that it’s like she can’t keep her head above water. No amount of time will fix this. Billy doesn’t believe that. Chelsea, exasperated, asks, “Why are you here?”
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Billy admits he doesn’t know how to handle this but he’s staying put. Chelsea sighs, “I keep hearing voices.” He asks if they’re telling her what to do. Chelsea says they’re memories of people reminding her how she failed — he’s one of them. She recalls him telling her how the kiss was a mistake, and he was saying she’s a mistake. Billy doesn’t think that and feels everything is forgivable. She has things to live for, including Connor. Chelsea protests, “Don’t say his name!” She feels Connor and Johnny are better off without her. “The world is better off without me!” Billy asks her not to say that. Just then, Adam knocks on the door and calls out her name.

On the coffee house patio, Chance tells his wife he was just getting a little peace and quiet by himself. Abby asks, “And you don’t get peace and quiet at our house?” Chance doesn’t know what to tell her — he just wasn’t ready to come home. She asks, “Chance, what is happening with us.”
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At Chelsea’s suite, Adam keeps knocking and calls, “Chelsea, will you just let me know that you’re alright?” Billy and Chelsea remain silent. Billy’s phone rings and it’s a call from Adam, who then texts to ask if he’s with Chelsea and whether she’s alright. Billy shows Chelsea and says, “The whole world can stay on the other side of that door.” Right now, the only thing that matters is her.
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At Crimson Lights, Chance tells Abby that relationships have their ups and downs. She wonders if they’re on the downside or somewhere in the middle. Chance doesn’t know. They rehash their Halloween plans being canceled for his job. Chance muses that she didn’t get angry but she was clearly unhappy about it. Abby was upset but that doesn’t mean she loves him any less. Chance doesn’t love her any less either. Things between them are pretty good until he has a work obligation. Abby complains about him having to run off and be super cop, which seems to be a lot of the time. Chance feels she’s resentful because he can’t put her ahead of his duties. Abby sniffs, “Resentful.” She stands up and says she’s going home, but he wants to hash it out there instead of pretending it never happened.
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At Society, Devon is surprised that Nate is the kind of employee that Victoria would want. He guesses this is the payment for what he was doing — it’s pretty damn obvious that she’s the person his cousin was colluding with this whole time.

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At Chelsea’s suite, Billy checks the hall to make sure Adam’s gone. Chelsea guesses he’ll be back. Billy’s unconcerned about what Adam thinks. Chelsea and Billy resume discussion about the voices in her head. Billy advises she doesn’t have to listen to them and recounts how he learned to shut it off when Delia would show up and it wasn’t so good. He found it helped to talk to someone. Chelsea nixes the idea of talking to Chloe or Anita and tells Billy he can go — she just wants to sleep. Billy says that’s a good idea and tucks her in. He then sits on the end of the bed and agonizes.
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At Society, Victoria feigns innocence and isn’t sure what Devon is accusing her of. Devon will make it clear then — she’s the CEO that Nate was going to sell his shares to. Victoria isn’t following his logic… he thinks that she’d offer him a job for a failed scheme. Nate doesn’t think it matters who it was; he was honest before it happened, and Chancellor-Winters wasn’t harmed. Devon says he damaged his family. He marvels that he thought it was Tucker this whole time and didn’t even think of it being a Newman. Devon shames Victoria for angling to take the company that Neil left behind. “That’s how you honor his memory?!?”
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At Crimson Lights, Abby denies that she resents Chance’s job. She’s bent over backwards to accommodate his call to duty. She rants about him going missing in Spain only to return to be consumed by grief and nightmares. She accepted his decision to go back into law enforcement even after all that. Chance thinks she tried to accept it, but she isn’t being honest with him or with herself. Abby is affronted. Chance thinks they need to be open about what’s happening. He loves her so much but there is resentment building on both sides. They revisit being on opposite sides when she expected him to protect her father. Chance feels she wants an ideal, not a real man with actual flaws. Abby gasps, “Where is this coming from?” Chance thinks she likes the idea of being married to a federal agent or a cop, but not the reality. Every time this stuff comes up, she gets upset. Abby fumes that he doesn’t get to tell her how she feels. She walks out as Chance protests.
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At Society, Victoria claims she’s never disrespect Neil’s memory. Devon thinks dismantling his company from the inside out is pretty disrespectful. She tells Devon that if she did what he’s accusing her of, Neil would realize that it was just business, nothing personal. Devon counters that she had Nate lying to his family; how is that not personal? “Do you think Neil would ever have done something like that to your dad while he was working at Newman? You know he wouldn’t.” Victoria concedes that’s true, but she and Devon don’t owe each other anything professionally. Nate asks Devon to leave Victoria out of this. Devon informs Nate he’ll never forgive him. Nate is trying to forgive himself, so he needs to go out and find his purpose somewhere else. Victoria thinks it’s best for everyone he’s no longer a part of Chancellor-Winters. Devon tells Victoria to watch her back, he’s not loyal. Nate might decide CEO of Newman Media isn’t enough one day and go after her job. “So, good luck.”
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In Chelsea’s suite, Billy checks that she’s asleep and steps out to make a call.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon brings Chance a pastry — it looks like he needed it. Just then, she gets a call from Billy. It’s late and she wonders if everything is okay. Billy tells her no, it’s Chelsea. There’s been an incident and he’s not sure what to do. He asks her to come to Chelsea’s suite and to keep it confidential. As she disconnects, Adam walks in, leaving Chelsea yet another message asking her to call him and let him know she’s okay. He asks Sharon if he’s seen Chelsea tonight or if she and Billy Abbott came through there. Sharon says no. Adam is worried that something happened with Chelsea and Billy may be responsible. Sharon is sure everything’s okay and reminds him Chelsea is strong. Adam just wishes she’d return his calls — she’s Connor’s mom and can’t be unreachable. Sharon has to go and rushes off.

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At Society, Nate apologizes for his cousin. Victoria understands that he’s hurt and figures it’s better he knows. Nate doesn’t think this is over. Victoria says it is for them and doesn’t regret her decision to hire him one bit. He’s relieved. As they walk out, Devon watches them, smirking. He pulls out his phone and brings up Amanda’s number, but Abby has a meltdown behind the bar. Devon gets up and asks, “Abby, what’s the matter?”

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In her office, Lily takes a call from Billy, who tells her it’s good to hear her voice. She can’t believe he left her at the club and asks if everything is okay. He says, “Not really.” Lily relays that Adam seemed concerned after seeing him with Chelsea and wonders if she should be too. Billy sighs, “Not in the way you’re thinking.” Billy relays that Chelsea had an incident tonight and is in a really bad place. He’s going to stay with her until she gets some help. Lily asks, “What is going on?” Billy isn’t sure but says Sharon’s on her way. He’ll call her as soon as he can.
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Billy disconnects and steps outside the suite to greet Sharon, who asks, “What happened?” Billy says he found Chelsea on the roof, ready to jump. He got her down safely but she’s not happy with him. “She wanted to end her life, Sharon.” Sharon knew she needed therapy but didn’t realize it was this extreme. Billy hopes she knows what the hell to do now because she wanted to end it all and her feelings haven’t changed.
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At Society, Devon learns that Abby and Chance had an argument. He’s sure they’ll make up and move past it. Abby feels it seemed fundamental and is worried everything Chance said about their relationship might be true. Devon gets her to smile and they embrace.

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At Chelsea’s suite, Billy tells Sharon that Chelsea is still sleeping, after checking. Sharon wonders if drugs or alcohol were involved. Billy says she may have had a drink at dinner. Sharon tells him they have to get him into a facility. Billy warns it will be a struggle. Sharon tells Billy he’s been a good friend. The best way to help her now is to get her into the hands of professionals. She asks if he’s alright. Billy recalls that the night Delia died, he held her in his arms waiting for the ambulance. All he could do was hold her and tell her she was going to be okay but he knew she wasn’t going to make it. “I had the same feeling tonight.” Sharon says he handled it perfectly. Billy couldn’t save his daughter… he won’t let the same thing happen to Chelsea. Just the, Chelsea calls out to Billy, who brings Sharon into the room. He hopes Chelsea understands why he had to call for help. Sharon explains that she wants to help her understand the love that people have for her. “Trust me. And if you can’t trust me, trust Rey.” He saw the good in her and gave her another chance. “Don’t throw that away.” She and Billy will help Chelsea find answers. “Will you let us help you?” Chelsea nods.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts please call 9-8-8 in the United States or 1-833-456-4566 in Canada for help.

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