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At Noah’s club, Lily and Billy make out on the dance floor and she teases about wanting to take him home. He jokes with her, but is distracted and asks Lily if she saw the way Chelsea bolted out of there. Lily sarcastically says she didn’t, she was busy enjoying their dance… obviously he was watching Chelsea. Billy feels something is wrong and says he would like to know that she got back here safely for his peace of mind. Lily sighs, “Yeah, okay fine. Let’s finish our drinks.” They take to a sofa and Billy looks over at Adam.
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On the rooftop, Chelsea perches on the ledge and looks down at the traffic below before looking outward, seemingly calm.

At Newman Enterprises, Nate knocks on the office door and says, “Trick or treat.” Victoria laughs and invites him in. Nate forgot it was Halloween and says they can do this tomorrow, but she assures him the kids have other plans. She hopes he came to tell her yes, he wants to be the new CEO of Newman Media. Nate relays that he actually came to say no, he can’t accept her offer. Victoria’s surprised but guesses he’s patched things up with Devon and is heading back to Chancellor-Winters. Nate says that hasn’t happened although he sought out Devon to try and talk about things, but his cousin no longer trusts him. Victoria asks why he won’t join them at Newman. Nate’s worried that if he accepts, people will know she was the CEO he was giving information to — he doesn’t want Devon, Lily, and Jill to put a target on her back.

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Victoria’s unconcerned — business is a contact sport. Besides, hiring him won’t prove anything, in fact, it may make her look innocent because why would she hire someone who just wrecked her plans. She wonders if Nate is the one who’s worried about being found out. Nate says his family already feels he betrayed them. He doesn’t see reconciliation happening anytime soon. Victoria urges him to take the job then. Nate wonders why she’d offer him the job after he blew up the deal of a lifetime.
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On the hotel rooftop, Chelsea closes her eyes and opens them, startling a little. Her purse falls to the ground on the roof as she contemplates her surroundings.

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In the club, Billy’s convinced Adam said something to Chelsea to cause her to run out of there, but Lily points out he doesn’t even look upset. She’s sorry Chelsea is struggling but he really hopes Billy’s not going to spend his newfound free time interfering in other peoples’ lives. Suddenly, Billy realizes he knows where she might have gone. He pecks Lily and takes off. Adam notices him leave. He approaches Lily and needles about Billy leaving her with the check. She asks where Chelsea went. Adam says she went to the restroom. Lily saw her go in the other direction and looked upset. Adam says they were having a positive conversation and complains about Billy trying to be her knight in shining armor. Wherever she is lately, he’s never far behind. Lily doesn’t know — they have a long history and he’s been concerned about her behavior. Adam wonders if he feels guilty about the podcast, or Johnny. “Is he trying to make up for something?” he asks.

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On the hotel roof, Chelsea looks around and gasps, “Oh my God. How did I get here?” She stands on the ledge and starts to tear up again as the criticizing voices echo in her mind. Chelsea screams, “Stop! I don’t want to hear this!” But the voices continue hammering at her. She holds her hands over her ears and cries. Stepping back against the wall she whispers, “Stop,” but the voices return. When they go silent, Chelsea walks back to the ledge and looks out before stepping on top of it. Just then, Billy appears. “Chelsea…” She closes her eyes.
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Chelsea tells Billy to stay back. He thought she might come to their spot and wonders if Adam said something to upset her. She warns him to stay back as he suggests coming closer. Billy asks if she’s upset about the conversation she had with Victoria. They can talk about Johnny; they can talk about anything. Chels doesn’t want to talk. Billy takes off his jacket and orders her to step back from the ledge and put it on; it’s cold up there.

In the club, Adam talks to Lily about Chelsea being overwhelmed lately. She’s been struggling since Rey died, has lost friends and not been able to make new ones, and now she’s dealing with the Johnny and Connor stuff. He’s been supportive and suggested counseling and thought she was feeling better. Lily guesses Billy didn’t know that. Adam can’t understand why he thinks he’s more of an authority on Chelsea than he is. They should back off because he knows what he’s doing when it comes to his ex-wife. Lily smirks. “I’m glad to hear it.” With that, she walks out.
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At Newman, Nate and Victoria recall how Ashland played them both for fools. Victoria assures him this is nothing like that; her family supports this offer, though Nick would have preferred Sally keep the job. Nate marvels that she values family more than anything else and he just betrayed his — why would she want him anywhere near her business? Victoria says he was loyal to her and he’s a good and decent man. She wants to surround herself with people just like that.

Nate sighs over ignoring Elena’s warning and not listening to his family members’ appeals to slow down and learn the job. Victoria shrugs that he’s having regrets, which is not a reason to turn down her offer. Nate isn’t so sure — he endangered the company Devona and Neil built. If Victoria wants a good man running her company, he’s not the ideal choice.

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On the hotel roof, Chelsea won’t take the jacket, so Billy climbs up on the ledge beside her. She panics, “Let go!” He asks her to get down with him so they can talk. She just wants to be alone. Billy will stay up there with her because this is their place. He wants to know what’s going on with her. She sobs, “I don’t have to tell you anything.” Billy reminds her how many people love her and need her. “Let’s talk about Connor right now.” Chelsea turns to look at him and says it hurts all the time. It’s like she’s floating and she can’t keep her head up. “It hurts every single day when I wake up. I don’t want to wake up anymore.” Billy thanks her for sharing that with him. He suggests they get off the ledge and talk more. Chelsea says she failed at everything and can’t seem to do anything right. Maybe this is payback for living such a selfish life. “I’ve hurt so many people. I don’t think I deserve happiness. Maybe I’m just not meant for this world.”
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Billy knows she’s in pain right now but so many people love and care about her. Chelsea shakes her head; she’s alienated everyone. Billy reminds her how much she’s overcome and the profound love she has for her son — both of her son. Chelsea recaps that Johnny wants nothing to do with her and Victoria ordered her to stay away. Billy tells her the boys are together at a sleepover tonight as brothers; that is because of her. They’ll get past this. “Can we get down.” Chelsea kisses Billy’s cheek and thanks him. “You’re a good man. Tell Connor I slipped.” She jumps as Billy screams, “No!”

Billy manages to grab Chelsea and pulls her down from the ledge as she protests. He insists she’ll get through this as she cries.

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At Newman, Victoria knows Nate feels remorse and she understands it will take time for him to work through his situation with or without Devon, but he’s always been loyal to her family. He’s strong, brilliant, creative, and resourceful. She won’t let him dismiss those qualities because he feels guilty. She wants Newman to be a part of his future and asks, “What do you want?”

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In the club, Adam leaves Chelsea a message wondering if she’s gone back to her room. “Just call me and let me know what happened.”

On the roof, Billy covers Chelsea with his coat as she puffs that she’s tired… so tired. He assures her she can turn things around. Chels says Adam wants her to get help, and therapy, but no one really wants to hear what she has to say; they just want to ship her off. Billy isn’t going anywhere and is there for her. Chelsea can’t understand that. Billy tells her walking away from the podcast had nothing to do with her and she was right — he’s not made for the corporate world. He should have listened to her because she’s smart and insightful. Billy promises her she will get out of the murky water she’s in. Chelsea nods as he vows to be there for her and holds her.
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In the club, Adam walks to the door and texts Chelsea that he’s going out for air and hopes everything is okay.

At Newman, Nate tells Victoria he’s having a hard time seeing himself properly; she’s persuasive. Victoria makes another pitch for him to sign on and says they like big ideas around there. Nate thinks she’s one of the strongest people he knows. “I trust you, and that means a lot.” He wants to be there… running Newman Media. Victoria beams. “That’s great.”

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On the roof, Billy wants to take Chelsea inside to get some tea and warm up. She’s exhausted and just wants to be alone and get some sleep. Billy won’t leave her. Adam appears, sees them embracing and asks what’s going on. Billy tells him he needs to go away; he’ll explain it to him later. He guides Chelsea past Adam and inside. Adam looks up at the sky.

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