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In the park, Billy comes upon a distracted Chelsea who fills him in on her run-in with Johnny and Victoria and tells him that his ex banned her from seeing the boy, which is probably for the best. Billy’s surprised Chelsea is on board with Victoria’s demands, but she explains that she saw today how upset Johnny is about the situation. She wants to put him first as well. Chelsea laments that she misjudged the situation and shouldn’t have pushed. Now she’s opened a Pandora’s box with Johnny and Connor, but she can’t undo her mistake or turn back the clock. Billy reminds her they had no way of knowing how he’d react. Chelsea will back off and says today was a wake-up call. She’ll be patient and maybe Johnny will change his thinking a few years from now. Billy finds that logical, but emotions are involved. He wants her to be careful not to set expectations high. She shouldn’t pin her hopes on Johnny accepting her. Chelsea assures him that her hopes are grounded in cold hard reality. She just got excited about the idea of Johnny finding out who she was, so she pushed for something that wasn’t meant to be so soon. Billy was probably right that she was reaching out because she was lost. She claims she’s thinking clearly now and is ready to put it all behind her. Billy thinks that’s best. Chelsea asks him to assure Victoria and Johnny she won’t bother them again.

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At Society, Devon and Lily arrive to Abby complaining that her and Chance’s Halloweeen plans with Dominic were canceled because of her husband’s stakeout. After she walks away, Devon tells Lily that he’s concerned about Abby and Chance — he’s been working a lot lately and keeps getting called away. Lily feels that’s not Chance’s fault. Devon just fears Abby’s resenting his commitment to being a cop. He hopes they can work it out because he cares about them. Lily pivots the conversation to other couples with work issues and reveals that Billy’s leaving Chancellor-Winters. Devon is stunned that of all the times to leave he’s picked now. Lily thinks the company was more her dream than Billy’s, so he’s going to go pursue something else he’s passionate about. Devon complains about losing another COO. Lily explains he offered to stay on longer but having a COO that doesn’t want to be there is more a hindrance than a help. Devon wonders if she’d ask him to stay on if he weren’t her boyfriend. Lily wants what’s best for Billy and for her. She wishes he could have stayed on and she’s hurt it didn’t work out, but it’s probably best for their relationship. Devon concedes what’s most important is that they’re happy. Lily asks about Amanda. There’s been no change in her mother’s condition, and he doesn’t know if she’s coming home any time soon. He admits he’s not sure if it’s the distance, but things have been a little strained between them. Lily takes off to meet Billy and Devon says he’ll hang there to check on Abby.
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At Crimson Lights, Connor and Johnny spot each other. Connor says he’s there with his dad and Johnny explains he’s waiting for his mom. They establish that they both know Chelsea is Johnny’s birth mom and the older boy tells Connor it’s not his fault. They agree it’s weird. Johnny confides that Connor’s mom seems to be following him. Connor says she’s been acting strange lately. Adam spots them together and ends his phone call on the patio to join them.
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Victoria arrives and Johnny asks what happened with her and Chelsea in the park. Victoria assures him she settled things with Chelsea and suggests they focus on Halloween. Connor reveals he’s not going to the ranch tonight; he’s sleeping at a friend’s house. Victoria teases the kids about grandpa having a secret candy stash. Adam and Victoria step out to the patio, and he asks what exactly happened with Chelsea and why Johnny’s upset. Victoria tells him, “Because the woman doesn’t know when to quit.”
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Inside the coffee house, Johnny and Connor establish that they want to hang out together as cousins… or brothers. They agree it’s weird and they just want things to go back to how things were. Johnny suggests they hang out together tonight and he can go to the sleepover. Connor agrees, “You should definitely come.”

On the patio, Adam and Victoria discuss the distress Chelsea’s reveal has caused Johnny and Connor. Victoria explains she’s kept pushing and she had to tell her to back off. Adam figures she was probably deeply hurt by that and asks Victoria to have some compassion. Victoria tells him it’s not possible right now. She claimed that she was doing this for Johnny, but she wanted a relationship with him. She feels sympathy for her, but it’s far outweighed by her concern for Johnny. She suggests Connor should be Adam and Chelsea’s sole focus right now if he’s upset as well. Adam nods in agreement.
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In her suite, Chelsea breaks into tears.

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At Crimson Lights, Johnny and Connor convince Adam and Victoria to let them hang out together at the sleepover. Adam offers to pick up the boys in the morning and Victoria agrees that her son can go. The boys run off happily. Billy arrives and tells Victoria and Adam that the two of them smiling at each other is definitely the scariest thing he’ll see this Halloween. Victoria says she and Adam were making a plan for the boys and agreed for once. Adam says it felt pretty good and suggests Billy take a cue from them. Victoria halts the ensuing snarkfest and fills Billy in on Johnny and Connor’s plans. Billy hopes they have a good time. Adam leaves with the boys and Billy tells Victoria he ran into Chelsea at the park — she was on board with the rules she put into place. Victoria’s grateful. Billy can’t shake the feeling that something’s not right. “There’s something about her demeanor that is off.”
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In her suite, Chelsea agonizes as the voices of Billy, Chloe, Victoria, Connor, Johnny, and Adam ring through her mind. She shakes her head, pulls a pillow over, and lays down.

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At Society, Abby rejoins Devon, who asks her what’s really bugging her. Abby guesses she’s not hiding it well and admits this isn’t the Halloween she envisioned. “I’m frustrated and I think I’m the most frustrated with myself.” Who gets irked by a police officer doing his job? Devon assures her she’s not a bad person. Sometimes they want the person they care about to be a certain way and it hurts when they can’t do that.
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At Crimson Lights, Billy and Victoria rave to each other about Katie’s Halloween parade. They go over it being a hard day for him because of Delia and talk turns to Johnny. They figure they will have to deal with teenage angst at a certain point. He thinks it’s great he and Connor can still be friends. Victoria takes it as a sign he’s making peace with all of this; she just wishes he’d talk to her about it. Lily appears and says Katie’s costume was amazing. She misses the twins being that age. Victoria gets a text from Nate that he thought about her offer, and takes off. Billy asks Lily if she’s still mad at him about visiting Nate. She wants to move on. They decide to go to Noah’s club.
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Adam arrives at Chelsea’s suite and says he just dropped off Connor and Johnny at the Halloween sleepover. Chelsea’s glad Johnny’s not holding it against Connor, the news about her. Adam thought they could go grab a drink at Noah’s club. Chelsea agrees. She’ll clean up a bit and meet him there. Chelsea goes into the washroom and looks in the mirror.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria texts Nate, “Eager to hear your response. Can you meet tonight?”

In the bathroom of her suite, Chelsea is haunted by voices in her head and begins crying as she looks in the mirror. She tries to pull herself together but the voices in her head are unrelenting. She finally screams, “Stop!” as she holds her head.

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At Noah’s club, Allie goes to get them a drink and he welcomes Billy and Lily. They walk inside and encounter Adam before continuing on to find a seat. Lily tells Billy she told Devon he’s leaving Chancellor-Winters and he wasn’t too happy. They watch as Chelsea arrives and joins Adam. Billy’s concerned he’s the last person she should be spending time with but Lily chides that she seems fine.
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In the corner, Adam urges Chelsea to stop beating herself up. She thinks he’s right; she should focus on the future. She recognizes now that it was a mistake to push for Johnny to know she is his biological mother. Adam hopes she continues to take steps forward — he only wants the best for her. Adam suggests she consider counseling and Chelsea surprises him by saying he’s right. “I need help. I have to end this cycle of anxiety and depression.” Adam predicts things will get better for her. Chelsea zones out as he talks about Connor and his Halloween costume. She watches Noah and Allie kiss and Billy and Lily dance together. Chelsea struggles to pay attention to Adam, but the voices in her head return. She excuses herself to go to the restroom. Billy watches with concern as she stalks out.

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On the rooftop, Chelsea gulps in the fresh air, but is soon battling the voices in her head again. “Please, I can’t take it anymore. I just need the pain to go away.” She makes her way to the edge and looks down at the street and cars below…

If you or anyone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts please call 9-8-8 in the United States or 1-833-456-4566 in Canada for help.

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