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At Newman, Victoria tells Nikki she just offered Nate the CEO position at Newman Media. Nikki is floored. What about Chancellor-Winters. She guesses things blew up with his family. Victoria reports that they know what he was up to but they don’t know he was working with her. Nikki questions her rewarding his loyalty with a top-level position. Victoria knows he doesn’t have much experience, but she feels he’s up for the challenge. They have a great rapport and she thinks he’ll be a great fit — even if he doesn’t take the job, Sally’s out. Nikki is sure Victor will be pleased but asks about Nicholas. Victoria says he fought her on it but ultimately agreed and is with Sally right now breaking the news. Nikki wonders why he wanted to do it. Victoria relays their relationship is no longer strictly professional. Nikki’s stunned and hopes it’s not serious. “Of all the women out there!” She rants about all the complications of the relationship and hopes Sally takes the news with a modicum of grace. Victoria shrugs that it wasn’t Nick’s call; it’s not like she can blow up at him. Talk turns to Johnny and Chelsea. Victoria tells Nikki it’s been a struggle but Johnny is starting to come to terms with it. He doesn’t want to see Chelsea, however, and Victoria can’t blame him. She feels the exact same way.
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At Crimson Lights, Sally makes note of Nick taking her to a private area to talk. He confirms he has difficult news to tell her. Nick struggles before finally informing her that Newman Enterprises has decided to replace her and Chloe at Newman Media. Sally takes a moment and then asks, “Is this coming from Victoria… or you?” Nick says it’s a management decision but, off the record, it was Victoria’s call. She already has someone in mind to take her position. Sally sighs. She shouldn’t be surprised, she was never enthusiastic about her running Newman Media. Nick hoped this wouldn’t happen. He tried to change her mind and is opposed to this. “I fought like hell for you.” Sally tells him that means more than he could possibly know.

Nick feels terrible. Sally points out it was a trial run. She’s disappointed but will be okay. This is nothing compared to some of the stuff she’s had to deal with. Nick confirms she passed expectations. Sally says the title is on her resume and no one can take that away. She worries about Chloe being fired. Nick’s sorry he couldn’t persuade his sister and will do what he can to get her another position. Sally tells him he’s not obligated. Nick knows this is coming at a bad time for her emotionally and that’s a whole other conversation. Sally will figure it out. Nick takes her hands.
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On their honeymoon, Kyle snaps photos of Summer and Harrison. They’re thrilled that the boy has arrived and look forward to hiking in the rain forest. The family heads outside to hit the beach.

Kyle, Summer, and Harrison are soon chased inside by rain and Kyle and Summer decide to give the kid his Halloween treats. He runs off to show his stuffed animal, Zippy the Fox, and Summer tells Kyle they’ll take him trick or treating next year. Kyle tells her the honeymoon is perfect and they kiss.

In her suite, Chelsea mopes and looks out the curtains before picking up her phone. She calls Chloe and asks if she’d like to get together. She learns she’s away with the kids and urges her to have fun before disconnecting. Looking around her room, Chelsea sighs, grabs her keys and heads out the door.

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In the park, Phyllis comes upon Chelsea, who asks how she’s doing. Phyllis complains about seeing Diane Jenkins’ face every day. She tells Chelsea she understands why she had to get out of Fenmore’s. “It’s for the best.” Edgy, Chelsea wonders what the hell she means by that. Phyllis clarifies that it’s Marchetti’s loss — Chelsea’s really good at her job. She talks about selling her hotel to work with her daughter. She insists it’s gratifying — there’s nothing like working side by side with your child. Chelsea is sure she’s busy and says, “Don’t let me keep you.” Phyllis tells her that her podcast with Billy was great. “Why did you stop doing them?” Chelsea shrugs. It was time to move on from that as well. Phyllis is sure she’ll find something that’s the right fit very soon. Chelsea thanks her and wishes her a Happy Halloween. Phyllis returns the sentiment and walks off.

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On the honeymoon, Kyle, Summer and Harrison finish playing a game and enthuse about the sun coming out again. They head back outside.

At Newman, Victoria tells Nikki she’s taking off to meet Johnny and go watch Katie’s Halloween parade. Nikki asks about her plans for afterward. Victoria will spend one-on-one time with her son and will talk with him about Chelsea if he wants to. She has to repair the damage that’s been done. Nikki reminds her that the family is there for her if she needs them. They embrace.

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On the honeymoon, Harrison is asleep and Summer has an idea what they can do next. Kyle suggests “nap time” for themselves. Summer kisses him and teases she’d like a massage. Kyle kisses her shoulders, and she turns to pull him down on the bed when Harrison appears. Zippy woke him up. They cuddle with the boy who wants to live together forever.

Chelsea is sitting in the park when she spots Johnny. She says hello and Victoria appears. “What’s going on here?” Johnny asks Chelsea if she’s following him. She denies it. Johnny tells Victoria he wants to leave. She sends him to Crimson Lights to wait for her — she needs to talk to Chelsea.
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At Newman, Nick complains to Nikki about having to fire Sally. He thinks it’s a mistake full-stop. Nikki won’t take sides. Nick asks if his mother condones her letting Sally go and giving Nate her job. Nikki’s not as personally invested as he is and wonders if he’ll deny they’re involved outside of work. Nick guesses Victoria shared her thoughts with their mother and says it’s none of her business. Nikki points out it’s not just any woman they’re talking about. Nick’s not in the mood for a lecture. Nikki asks, “Did you not think about how Summer would react?” She’s also concerned about the ramifications with Adam and points out Victor detests Sally. Nick snarks, “That’s his problem.” Nikki wonders if he thought about this giving Adam a reason to resent him — or did he think about it and just didn’t care? Nick’s not worried about Adam, he’s worried about Sally and Chloe who deserve better than this — frankly, so does Newman Media. Putting Nate in charge is not in the best interests of the company. Nikki assures her son that Sally will land on her feet.
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At Society, Sally flashes to her first day as CEO of Newman Media and wonders what more she has to do to prove herself. She phones Chloe and leaves her a voicemail saying that thing they’re always afraid is going to happen has happened. Phyllis overhears and asks, “Hey Sally. Bad day?” She says she looks like someone who got rocks in their Halloween bag and continues, “Problems at Newman Media? That’s too bad.”

Sally suggests Phyllis take a table across the room, but she parks herself right beside Sally at the bar. She guesses she’s having problems at work and isn’t surprised she’s in trouble. Sally says her track record speaks for itself. Phyllis says she only got the job because her ex-boyfriend got it for her, and she didn’t have enough experience. Sally suggests she get out of her face. Phyllis continues that Sally’s alone and doesn’t have anyone to blame but herself. Sally could say so much, but she won’t. Unlike Phyllis she’s a class act and will walk away.
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In the park, Chelsea assures Victoria she wasn’t there to ambush Johnny. Victoria says it’s time she was clear with her. Johnny is having a hard time and she needs to stop exacerbating his pain and confusion. She keeps pushing even though the boy has made his choice clear. If she runs into him again, she should just walk away. Chelsea nods her understanding.
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