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On the coffee house patio, Lily informs Billy that she won’t tell Jill yet about his decision to step down. There’s enough to focus on with the IPO and that will only be a distraction. They notice Adam and Connor arrive inside and Billy sympathizes with the kid finding out his cousin is his half-brother. He sighs that Johnny won’t even talk about it.
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Inside, Adam wonders to Connor, who is dressed in a Halloween costume, where his mother is — she was supposed to meet them there. Sally appears and listens as Connor says she’s late for everything lately; waking up, going to school, dinner. He complains she’s upset about Johnny constantly so there’s no time for anything else. “Including me,” the boy adds.

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In her suite, Chelsea ignores Adam’s calls as she lays in bed.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria tells Nick to come in and close the door before informing him that she’s moving forward with her decision to replace Sally at Newman Media, hopefully with Nate. She thought he should be the first to know. Nick isn’t pleased with this and questions if Sally’s personal life was a factor. Victoria doesn’t love it. She’s afraid it will impact his judgment. Nick argues the point and reminds his sister she’s been loyal to them. Victoria wonders if he’d be so passionately defending her if not for their personal connection.
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Nick is offended that his sister doesn’t seem to think he can separate business from his personal life and insists the numbers and facts back up his position where Sally is concerned. Victoria says it’s her call and she wants someone she can trust as CEO. Nick points out that Nate had no qualms about turning on his own family members for his personal ambition. If he’s willing to do that to his own relatives, what will he do to them? “Please, explain to me how hiring him makes sense!”
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At Chancellor-Winters, Devon avoids a call from Nate, who leaves a voicemail saying they said a lot of things in the heat of the moment. They got it out and now they can deal with it. They’re family and need to find a way to mend this. “I know we can figure this out.”

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At Crimson Lights, Lily and Billy talk about Connor and Johnny being at difficult ages. Billy wishes he could make his son feel better and remarks on Lily putting the kids first. Talk turns to the transition and Billy suggests he act as a go-between with Jill. Lily insists she’s ready for him to step back — she just wants him to be happy. Lily will soon find his replacement — someone who wants to be there. She gets a text and has to go back to the office. She encourages Billy to stay behind.
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Inside, Sally tells Connor his costume is fantastic. Adam pretends she’s talking to him and teases. Sally chats with Connor about his Halloween plans and mocks Adam for barring the kid from watching scary movies. Connor learns his mother hasn’t called back yet and feels she won’t bother to come. “She just doesn’t care anymore… about anything.” Adam suggests they go to check on her. This worries Connor.
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In her suite, Chelsea wakes up after dozing, sighs, and sits up looking sad.

At Crimson Lights, Adam assures Connor his mother is fine and turns the conversation to joking that the ranch is giving out toothbrushes for Halloween. He asks Sally to sit with Connor while he “goes to the drugstore.” She agrees and Connor asks her top three Halloween candies.
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Billy pays Nate a visit at home and tells him he made a terrible mistake but could make it right through Devon. It’s what he’d like to see happen. Nate wonders why — what difference could it possibly make to him? Billy recalls the battles he had with siblings and how he had to decide Jabot wasn’t the right place for him. The difference is Nate loved being at Chancellor-Winters and he’s good at it. He and Devon can get past this, and Billy wants to see that happen. Nate regrets his actions and admits he was blinded by his desire for power, but Devon won’t even concede he played a part in it. Devon won’t return his calls. Nate guesses he and Lily hate him right now. Billy says Lily was hurt but he can earn their trust back. Just then, the phone rings — it’s Devon. Billy advises him to answer and say, “I’m sorry.” Billy leaves. Devon and Nate plan to meet.

At Crimson Lights, Connor tells Sally he can wait for his father alone. Sally promised his dad she’d hang out with him. Connor wonders why she’d do anything for him. Sally insists they’re still friends. Connor opens up about a friend at school he briefly had difficulties with, and they go back to enthusing about Halloween, which is Sally’s favorite holiday. She gives him an anagram puzzle to solve, which reveals she’s going to dress up as a vampire.

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Adam knocks on Chelsea’s suite door. She slowly makes her way to the door and realizes she’s late to meet them. Chelsea opens the door and Adam asks if she’s okay. Chelsea says she was feeling under the weather. Adam tells her Connor is waiting for her to see his costume — they were worried about her. He feels she’s pulling away from him with all of this stuff going on with Johnny. Chelsea is really sorry and won’t let it happen again. Adam reassures her. Chelsea asks for a minute to make herself presentable before they go to the coffee house. Adam says, “Sure,” and looks concerned.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nick and Victoria continue arguing about Nate. She says he displayed the kind of loyalty she can appreciate. Nick reminds her of Sally holding back out of loyalty to the family. “She’s proven that she can do the job, Vick.” He rants that Victoria hasn’t even bothered to ask about Sally’s plans for the future or consider what ideas they might be losing. Nick asks, “So you tell me — who’s thinking about what’s best for Newmand and who’s reacting out of their own personal feelings?!?”
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Nate lets Devon into the penthouse and expresses hope that they can talk without anger and accusations. Nate says he’s sorry. He was so busy defending his actions that he didn’t apologize for what he did. What he planned was reprehensible and unjustifiable. He’s owning up to what he did and would never do anything like that again. His hope is that Devon will forgive him, and they can find a way to get past this together. The only way that can happen is if they’re completely honest. Devon admits he’s given a lot of thought to what he said about Neil. There may have been some truth to it. They talk it out. Devon can’t understand how he could have screwed his family over. Nate told himself it would lead to a bigger, better Chancellor-Winters but it was just to justify proving he could be a great leader. Devon wonders who was blowing up his head with these ideas. Nate argues the identity of the other CEO doesn’t matter. Devon questions him protecting this CEO instead of his family. He’s leaving them vulnerable to another attack. “If you’re truly sorry, give me a name.” Nate remains silent. Devon walks out.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Billy updates Lily on his conversation with Nate to try and facilitate the end to the family drama. Lily reminds him Nate is her cousin. Billy explains that he told Nate it was up to him to convince her and Devon that reconciliation is possible. Lily can’t understand why he took it upon himself to do such a thing. She thinks this is because he feels guilty about walking away.
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At Newman, Victoria’s instincts tell her Nate will surprise all of them. Whether he likes it or not, Sally’s out and Chloe as well. She wonders if he’d like to deliver the news himself. If Nick can’t change her mind, he’ll be the one to tell Sally. He walks out. Victoria picks up her phone.

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At Crimson Lights, Connor and Sally are talking Halloween movies when Chelsea and Adam arrive. Chelsea stares as they laugh and high-five. As they make their way to the table, Chelsea tells Connor his costume is incredible and politely greets Sally. Connor’s not overly receptive to his mother, but agrees when she suggests they go outside and take pictures. Nick appears as they exit. Nick tells Sally they need to talk.
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At Chancellor, Billy says he is trying to make his transition smooth. Lily snaps that his attempts to help are having the opposite effect. He shouldn’t put himself in the middle of her and Nate. It’s her company and her family, she’ll handle it the way she sees fit.
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Nate arrives at Newman Enterprises where Victoria asks how he’d feel about taking over as CEO of Newman Media.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Nikki gives Nick some tough love, Sally tries to take the high road with Phyllis, and Victoria sets boundaries with Chelsea where Johnny’s concerned.

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