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At Newman Media, Sally sits in her office thinking of falling for Adam when Summer interrupts. When Spectra claims she’s busy, Summer invites herself to sit down anyway. She demands to know what is going on between her and her dad. Sally claims nothing is happening but Summer has seen them in each other’s arms and knows it’s not innocent. The redhead insists they are only friends. It’s news to Summer that she has any of those. They may have managed to stay out of each others’ way lately, but Summer still doesn’t trust her. It’s beyond disturbing to imagine her dating her dad.

Sally claims she’s not the same person she used to be. Summer asks if she is using her dad to make Adam jealous or if this is a power move. Whatever it is, it must be low and conniving. Her dad deserves better than that, something clean and honest. He has an overwhelming desire to save broken people but Sally is more than broken, she’s a train-wreck. Sally sarcastically says what he really deserves is more credit from his daughter.

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Nick goes up to the roof of the Grand Phoenix and discovers Adam has been there all night. Adam suggests he turn around and head back down the stairs. He hopes they aren’t stuck up there because there isn’t enough food or champagne for both of them. His brother demands answers about why he tricked Sally into coming there last night. He makes it clear they are not going to put her in the middle of another brother against brother feud. Adam says she’s not in the middle of anything and sarcastically tells him to keep playing the superhero role. Nick gave them space to sort it out last night but does he need to protect her? His brother explains he’s not a glutton for punishment. He won’t beg anymore and she can do as she likes. He’s doomed to lose out to one sibling or the other. It’s the curse of the black sheep. Nick asks if he is really going to accept this or blame and punish everyone else for a situation he created like he usually does. Adam assures him he can go and tell Sally he saved the day again.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Devon tells Lily that Tucker was shocked when he suggested that he would try to take over the company. At first he didn’t believe him but now he has to admit he has no clue. This is the kind of thing his father would do. He has no idea who to trust after what Nate did. Sitting down, she admits she’s in shock about what Nate did too. She can’t concentrate on work. He understands but that’s exactly what they need to do so they can push ahead. Lily explains Nate didn’t give any hint of who he is working with. Devon thinks they should pull the plug on the IPO but she’s not ready to do that yet. They debate it but he refuses to let anyone else have a shot at screwing up a company that is half his. If Jill has an issue with that, she will have to face him.

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Nate meets with Victoria in her office at Newman. She assures him there is no setback they can’t overcome. He explains that their plan has been exposed and he was the one responsible for that. “Why on earth would you do that?” she asks. He explains that he had convinced himself they were making the right move… but then Elena walked into the office to break up with him. She’s sorry to hear that and worries she may have played a role in it. The Newman tells him about her conversation with Elena and how she must have made things worse. Nate assures her this isn’t her fault. Elena’s move just clarified things for him. He was fooling himself when he thought he could make this work. Deep down, he knew Elena was right. He didn’t want to lose her or his family but has lost them both.

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Victoria is sorry for the mess he’s in and is sure Devon and Lily will be after her. Nate assures her that she wasn’t exposed and the suspicions have already fallen on Tucker. This leads her to think their takeover plot is far from dead in the water. With them looking at Tucker, she won’t be a suspect. If Nate has already lost everything, what does he have to lose by selling her his shares? He explains he never legally owned the shares. Besides, he’s decided he doesn’t want to be the man who would sell them. Neil left him a seat on the board because he trusted him. If he acts now, he may have a chance to get his family back. She can’t be upset at him for trying to be true to his family. It means a lot to her that he’s protected her and offers to reward his loyalty by finding him a suitable position at Newman. He smiles.

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At Jabot, Kyle makes a call to stock the jet with strawberries. He notices disheveled Adam drifting in and wonders what’s wrong with him. He warned his father the Newman would be a liability and he keeps proving him right. Adam is sure he will go off and tattle. He’d explain but it would go over his head. Men like Kyle will never understand him. Kyle hopes that’s true. He’s not about to stop him from digging a hole for himself and walks out.

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Summer meets with her father at Society. She asks him to tell her he’s not getting involved with someone dangerous like Sally. This could be a disaster. She’s a viper and not over her ex. She doesn’t want to see him go through what he did with her mom. Nick insists there is nothing for her to worry about and he can take care of himself. He changes the subject to her honeymoon plans and she changes them to her worries about Phyllis and Diane. Kyle arrives and Nick takes off, his daughter warning they will have to continue this conversation.

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After Kyle sits down, his wife tells him that she’s confronted Sally and Nick. She senses there are “benefits” to their friendship but it’s too disturbing to contemplate. He adds that Adam showed up looking wasted. They decide to drop this and just concentrate on their honeymoon.

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Sally wanders into Crimson Lights and finds Connor sitting alone. He wonders if she’s come to take him to his dad. He guesses she and his father aren’t back together. As she sits down, she sends a text to Adam and Connor tells her his dad was always in a good mood after seeing her. Now he’s back to not smiling. They chat about his hockey and his parents. She tells him that arguments with parents are only temporary. He explains that his mom thinks they are fine but they’re not anymore. Adam arrives.

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Nick meets his sister in her office and guesses something has gone sideways. She explains the takeover deal imploded after Nate had a change of heart. Nick’s glad to hear it. Victoria feels bad for Nate and has decided to focus things closer to home. She wants to replace Sally with Nate at Newman Media. Her brother thinks this is a knee-jerk response and points out Nate has already proven he has very flexible loyalties. Victoria insists he’s proven that he’s loyal to her and she trusts him. He’s shown her that he could do a great job. Nick suggests they offer him a different position but she claims that Sally has never had the right background for this job. A CEO should be a graduate of more than the school of hard knocks. Nick doesn’t like this move at all so she agrees to table the discussion for now.

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Nate heads to his empty penthouse. No sooner has he put down his keys than Devon shows up at the door. Devon demands to know what is wrong with him and he wants a full explanation. There is no reason for either of them to hold anything back.

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