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At Society, Jack and Tucker banter. Jack’s protective of Ashley and Tucker insists his wanting to make amends with her is genuine. Jack tells McCall to respect Ashley’s feelings. Tucker says it’s between him and Ash, but he hopes Jack will keep an open mind in case she changes her feelings about things. Jack asks Tucker why he showed up in town now — is it a coincidence that it was right after Diane resurfaced? Tucker snarks as Jack says there’s a rumor out there than Tucker was in touch with Diane in Los Angeles.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon greets Nick with, “Hey, stranger!” They talk about Faith settling into the college lifestyle and Sharon gets him some tea. She asks if everything is okay when she notices his demeanor. Nick tells Sharon he’s been seeing someone new… he wasn’t sure when to bring it up. Sharon is glad he’s feeling social again. They establish it’s in the early fun stage… but not so much tonight. Sharon asks if he wants to talk about it. Nick says, “You should know who it is first. “It’s Sally Spectra.”
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Sharon guesses she should be shocked, but she recalls having a conversation with Sally a while back and Sally mentioned his name even back then as someone who could be relied on. Nick admits he had spotted her too. He wasn’t planning on this, but they became friendly, and it turned into something else. Sharon can understand why someone would be drawn to him, and Sally’s an interesting and spirited person. Nick asks, “What are you not saying?” Sharon wonders how much of the relationship is really about Sally… and how much of it is about Adam.

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On the hotel rooftop, Adam tries to convince Sally of his sincerity. Everything he said about how much he still loves her is true. He understands her being scared and trying to push him away. “I’m putting my heart in your hands and that is scary as hell,” he sighs. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, there’s no risk I wouldn’t take to prove myself to you.” He implores, “Please, Sally. We can get past this.” Sally doesn’t think they can. All she wants is for him to unlock the door so she can leave.

Adam regrets bringing up Nick and Sally reminds him he accused her of using him in some desperate attempt to get over him. He can’t stand that she’s with his brother. Adam says of course he can’t stand it; it kills him to see her with someone else. She thinks it’s all about the competition with his brother. He has to win. Adam tells her she’s important to him; he doesn’t care about anything else. Sally can’t do this. She’s heard more than enough tonight.
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At the coffee house, Nick insists to Sharon that his relationship with Sally has nothing to do with Adam. Sharon asks, “Are you sure?” and points out there’s a pattern here. Nick argues if anything he’s attracted to her despite her being Adam’s ex. His brother regrets letting her go and he’s trying to give them space to work things out. Sharon guesses he’s wanting to protect her from the pain Adam’s known to cause. Nick says she’s no damsel in distress and is tough. Sharon thinks he’s invested in this relationship. Nick assures her he’ll be fine no matter what happens. Sharon knows he will.

On the rooftop, Sally can’t do this. “It hurts too much, Adam. You need to stay away from now on. It’s best for both of us.” She leaves through the door and Adam calls out, “Sally!” before giving up.

At Society, Tucker understands how it looks, him showing up a few months after Diane. Jack asks if he did or didn’t connect with her in Los Angeles. Tucker finds the questioning beneath him. Jack volleys that he still hasn’t given him an answer. Tucker wonders why he’d want anything to do with a woman who made him a murder suspect. Jack muses, “Why indeed?” and notes he’s still dancing around the subject. Just then, Diane appears. She’s surprised to find them together. Jack says they were actually talking about her and invites Diane to join them. Tucker and Diane exchange wary looks.
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Jack tells Diane he just told Tucker there’s a rumor out there than they crossed paths in Los Angeles. He hasn’t denied it, so she’s interested to hear what she thinks. Diane is so tired of some people constantly trying to dig up dirt on her. Jack just wants the truth. Diane insists she was surprised to see Tucker and genuinely upset about him interrupting Kyle’s vow renewal. Jack notes she’s not denying it. Diane declares that until Tucker dropped out of the sky she hadn’t seen him since her “death”. She hopes her word is good enough for him. Jack says it will have to be and stalks out. Outside, he pauses to think.

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At Newman Media, Chloe tells Sally that Nick came looking for her after she left. They realized the invitation must have come from Adam. Sally confirms he tricked her. Chloe was worried about her but Nick was a rock. He said that whatever his brother was up to, she’d be able to handle it. He thought it might be good for her and Adam to talk things through. Sally concedes they had things to sort through. They had a conversation, reminisced, and it was good. Chloe sighs, “Aw, crap.”

On the rooftop, Adam throws his jacket down in frustration and swigs champagne.

At Newman Media, Sally learns Nick left a little while ago and feels bad. Chloe thinks he’d appreciate an apology. Sally thanks Chloe for being concerned about her and says she’s heading home. Chloe watches her leave.

At Crimson Lights, Nick gets a text from Sally asking, “Where you at?” and lets her know he’s at the coffee house.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack asks Traci if Ashley’s home. Traci thinks she’s turned in for the night. She admits she’s a little worried about her. She claims she’s immune to Tucker’s charms but she’s not so sure about that. Jack has the same concerns but will take her at her word she has no interest in rekindling anything with Tucker. She seems more worried about getting the truth about whether or not Tucker and Diane hooked up in L.A. Jack will fill her in on what he knows.
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At Society, Tucker tells Diane she’s very bold for lying right to Jack’s face. Diane has built a life there and that matters to her. Tucker doesn’t think the suspicions are a real threat but he’d like to know where the rumors started. Diane says it was Nikki and Phyllis, who want to run her out of town. Tucker notes Jack had no truth. Diane fumes if the harpies had one shred of evidence they’d have used it against her by now. Tucker urges her to take a deep breath and assures her they can handle these suspicions; they just have to keep their cool. Diane says she plans to put as much distance as possible between them. Tucker reminds her of their deal. She thinks their agreement has concluded but Tucker disagrees.

Tucker tells Diane she didn’t hold up her end of the deal — she didn’t tell him Ashley was back from Paris. Diane hisses that she isn’t psychic. Tucker fumes that she’s not off the hook until he says she’s off the hook. She’s going to do exactly what he says. He gets a text and says he’ll be in touch as he walks out.
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In the Abbott living room, Traci is now up to speed on the rumor about Tucker and Diane and asks what Jack intends to do about it. Jack says Diane looked him in the eye and said they had no connection. He didn’t mention the Bentley. Traci wonders if her answer would have been different if he had and asks if he believes her.

On the coffee house patio, Sally confirms to Nick that Adam set her up for a dinner on the roof — she thought she was meeting him. She decided to hear him out and he made a heartfelt pitch for one more chance. Nick figured that — the last time he spoke to him he said he was still in love with her. Sally says it makes her feel confused.

At his suite, Tucker asks Audra what’s so urgent. She says there’s a big development with the Chancellor-Winters IPO. He says Devon came to him about someone giving away information — for a minute he thought she gave them away. Audra reveals it was Nate. Tucker now understands why Devon was so emotional. Audra warns that Nate’s actions will have a big impact on Tucker’s plans.
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On the rooftop, Adam dozes off and dreams that Sally returns and ask if he still loves her as much as he says he does. Adam tells her that he felt complete with her. “We fit together perfectly, Sally.” Sally wants to know what he ended things. He says he was scared. Sally takes his hand, but Nick appears and fumes, “Leave her alone! You’re dangerous and you destroy everything you touch. That’s not going to happen to Sally because I won’t let it.” Adam wakes up with a start and stands looking out at the sky.

On the patio, Sally tells Nick that she and Adam had something special before he blew it up but he still used trickery to get her on the roof. How can she ever trust him? Sally feels weird talking to Nick about it. “I can’t get you out of my head.” Nick thinks it’s getting messy. “We should probably just pull the plug and go our separate ways before this gets out of hand.” Sally agrees; maybe they should just walk away. They embrace. Just then, Summer walks in.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci assures Jack that Diane is innocent until proven guilty. Maybe there’s nothing to Nikki and Ashley’s suspicions. Jack thinks that’s sage advice and thanks her. Traci adds that if there’s something to all of this, it will come out. “The truth always does.”

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In Tucker’s suite, he tells Audra they’ll have to be patient. She warns there’s a larger problem. Tucker knows there’s another CEO interested in taking over Chancellor-Winters. He thinks it’s Victoria Newman. Audra finds that to be a reach, but Tucker muses that there’s history there. Audra doubts they have the liquidity for that, but Tucker says she’s a fighter and wonders if she’s as formidable as her father. Audra muses, “It sounds like you’re about to find out.” Tucker grins.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Summer gives Sally a warning, Nate and Victoria adjust their game plan, and Devon and Lily do damage control.

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