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In the penthouse, Elena asks Nate, “You confessed everything… because of me?” Nate was trying to do the right thing and admits he’s lost. He was excited to move over to Chancellor-Winters and had big plans for the future but in one fell swoop it came falling down. “Devon fired me.” She’s sorry. Nate says he gave it all up for her. “Elena, you’re worth it.” Elena tells him she’s sure he’ll work out his next steps, but there is no “us” anymore.

Jack spots Ashley at Society and is surprised to hear she’s waiting on Tucker. The kicker is, she thinks the bastard stood her up.

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At his suite, Tucker asks Devon where he got the idea he came back to go after Chancellor-Winters. Why would he do something that would hurt his own son? Devon wants a straight answer. Someone has been receiving information that could benefit them in a takeover and he wants to know, “Is that person you?”
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At Newman Media, Nick tells Chloe he didn’t set up a dinner with Sally tonight. Chloe panics as she says she doesn’t have a very good feeling about this. She explains that Sally got a fancy invitation delivered by courier. Who would go to those lengths to deceive her? They both say, “Adam,” at the same time.

On the hotel rooftop, Adam pleads with Sally to stay; he just wanted to spend some time together. Sally rants at him about manipulating her. She tries the door, but it’s locked. Sally warns him to open the door or she’s calling the cops to say her crazy ex lured her to the roof and tried to kidnap her. Adam admits it was wrong to deceive her. He’s swallowing his pride and just asking for a conversation. Sally asks, “Why all the bells and whistles.” Adam didn’t want to bare his soul at the coffee house and wanted them to have privacy. He’s hoping Sally will give him one last chance to plead his case, but she can go if she wants. Sally isn’t sure what she wants.
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In the penthouse, Elena tells Nate she didn’t tell him to do this. Nate argues he wanted him to prove he wasn’t all about power, so he pulled the plug on his career! She’s glad he came clean and thinks he will be in time too, but she didn’t want him to do it to save their relationship, but because it was the right thing to do for himself. Betraying his family for a business deal is a mistake. She senses he still doesn’t think what he’s doing is wrong. “I don’t recognize you anymore! You are not the man I fell in love with,” she exclaims. Elena fell for Dr. Nate Hastings. Nate says he ceased to exist the night Devon punched him. Elena says he’s right — the man he was is gone… maybe forever. It’s not in her best interest to stick around and find out.
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Nate asks if she’s still planning to leave. Elena won’t put her life on hold to sit around and wait to see if the man she loves will disappoint her. She’s taking that interview. Nate fumes that she won’t pump the brakes on her career but forced him to. Elena retorts that she didn’t force him to do anything! They argue as he accuses her of forcing his hand by showing up at Chancellor-Winters. He confessed because he thought he was making the choice for both of them, but her leaving is about her and her alone.

At the GCAC, Tucker tells Devon that he’s not the CEO he’s talking about, but this talk concerns him. He’d like to try and protect his son and offers to put his people on it. Devon says they have their own people to do that. “Thank you, but we’re all set.” Tucker urges him to identify the leaker. Devon says the leak has been plugged. Tucker senses he’s not entirely sure and again offers to be there for him if he just says the word.

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At Newman Media, Chloe encourages Nick to go try and stop Adam from sinking his hooks back into Sally. Nick doesn’t move so she says she’ll go. Nick doesn’t think either of them should interfere. This may be what Adam and Sally need to either get closure… or to reconnect.

On the rooftop, Sally agrees to hear Adam out. He helps her into her chair and she muses, “This is kinda nice.” She feels they should get down to it because she may leave soon. Sally doesn’t know if she can ever let him back in. Adam finds this fair but hopes deep down she can feel they have an honest connection. He’s shared more with her than he’s ever shared with anyone, and he thinks she feels the same way. Sally says, “I did.” Adam asks if she’s really so attached to someone else so soon. “Was it really that easy for you to move on?” he asks.
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Sally tells Adam this isn’t about her feeling for anyone else, that has no bearing on the way she feels about him. “You made me feel used, manipulated, and lied to. And I thought we had something special.” Adam insists, “We did have something special.” Sally warns there may be no going back after everything that happened. Adam vows to prove her wrong.

At Newman Media, Chloe protests that Adam and Sally don’t need to reconnect, not now, and not ever. Nick agrees, but it’s Sally’s call. Chloe warns Nick that if he breaks Sally’s heart, she’ll break his legs. Nick’s got it and tells Chloe she’s a good friend. Chloe worries Adam will successfully work his voodoo on Sally and warns Nick his thing with her won’t be going anywhere if that’s the case.
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At Society, Ashley tells Jack she’s more convinced than ever that Tucker had a connection with Diane in Los Angeles. Jack gathers that she’s going to use his need for attrition to achieve her ends.

In the GCAC suite, Devon says he’s just taking Tucker’s word for it that he’s not the CEO in question, so he won’t be pulled or pushed into any corners. He appreciates him wanting to help, but he’s going to take care of this himself. Tucker understands as a businessman, but he’s also his father.
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At the penthouse, Elena tells Nate this is something he needs to do alone. Nate thought their relationship meant more to her than this. Elena says it used to, but this has been excruciating. It’s time she realized that the man she’s been holding onto, is not the man standing in front her of her. Nate tells her he’s sorry things have gotten so contentious between them. He still believes they can fix this. Elena can’t see how. Nate insists he’s the same man she fell in love with; the man who wants nothing more than for her to come back home. Elena tears up. “I don’t know, Nate.” He kisses her and says, “Remember us? You’re all I have. Don’t go. Please stay.” Elena cries. She’s not doing this because she wants to; she feels like she has to. Elena tells Nate he has to figure out who he is. Everything that’s happened is a direct result of his choices and he still doesn’t understand that. What matters is that he saw that what he was doing was wrong. Nate wanted to work together as a team. Elena says they haven’t been a team in a long time. “I just don’t see a future with you anymore.”
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At Society, Jack and Ashley bicker about her digging up dirt on Diane. He asks what she’s found out. Ash says Nikki told her Diane was in the company of a wealthy man in a Bentley in L.A. Isn’t it a little coincidental that Tucker then shows up and gives Kyle and Summer a Bentley. Jack complains about her working overtime to ruin someone’s life. Ashley asks, “Wow! How deep has Diane gotten under your skin?”
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On the rooftop, Sally and Adam smile and toast as they enjoy their meal, champagne, and conversation. After they eat, she compliments him on choosing the filet mignon. He misses this — the friendship. He could always count on her as a confidante. Sally misses their friendship too. He saw things in her that no one else ever did. Adam finally found someone he could trust, and he was filled with a desire to protect her — so he pushed her away and hurt her in ways he has spent long nights regretting. “I am truly, deeply sorry for lying to you, for hurting you, for loving you.” If he’d never fallen for her, they wouldn’t be where they are right now. He’d give it all up to have never caused her a moment of pain. Sally wouldn’t trade a single day they spent together despite all of the pain. “I could never regret anything that gave me so much, and felt so good.”
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At Newman Media, Nick realizes the Sally and Adam chapter isn’t completely closed. Chloe sniffs, “It should be.” Nick knows Sally has to work through it — if they’re relationship is ever going to another level, she’ll have to be sure it’s only him she wants. Chloe worries about Adam’s powers of persuasion. Nick argues she may not be giving Sally enough credit.

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On the rooftop, Sally and Adam share another toast. He tells her that she may think she has feelings for Nick, but he’s just a way to make her forget what they had. She fumes, “So this is about Nick.” She fumes. Is this even about her? Or is it just a power move to win her back from his brother like some kind of prize?!?

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At Society, Jack denies Diane’s gotten under his skin, he just doesn’t see the connection between Diane and Tucker over a Bentley. Kyle finally has a decent relationship with his mother and he won’t let that implode over some unfounded accusations. He warns, “Don’t do anything to hurt my son!”

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At the GCAC, Tucker hugs it out with Devon and mentions Dominic. Devon wants his word about Chancellor-Winters. Tucker simply says he would never make any kind of business move that would harm him or Chancellor in any way. Devon nods and leaves.

In the penthouse, Elena tells Nate she’s made up her mind — she’s going to Baltimore. It’s the best thing for her right now. Even if she doesn’t get the job, she needs to be alone right now. He probably should be too. She’ll call when she gets back into town to arrange to get her stuff. “I’ll probably do it while you’re at work.” Nate reminds her he was fired. She says, “Not because of me.” Elena takes her things and exits. Once alone, Nate pulls out his phone and calls Victoria. “We need to meet. There’s been a development and it’s not good.”

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At Society, Jack and Ashley are bickering when Tucker appears to say there was an emergency with Devon. Ashley announces the dinner would have been a disaster anyway. She grabs her purse. Jack wonders if this means she’s letting go of what they discussed earlier. Ashley says, “Not a chance.” She goes and Jack tells Tucker his sister is out of his league. Tucker makes a move to leave but Jack informs him they need to talk.

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On the rooftop, Adam complains about Sally moving on. She reminds him she moved on because he dumped her. She can’t believe she almost got sucked into this. Adam only wants to make her happy. Sally fumes, “No you don’t, you just can’t stand the fact that I’m with someone else, and the worst part is that person is your brother.”

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Jack grills Tucker about his past with Diane, Sally makes a decision about Adam, and Sharon gives Nick unsolicited advice.

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