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Ashley arrives at the Abbott mansion where Jack complains about her not answering his messages. She figured he could tell her in person and asks, “What happened?” Jack says, “Brace yourself. Tucker McCall’s back in town.” Ashley’s jaw drops. After learning what he did at the vow renewal, Ashley calls it “outrageous and over the top even for him.” Jack warns he plans to stay around for a while. Ashley thinks that makes sense given he’s a grandfather now. Jack explains the only person he asked about was her — he seems convinced she’ll want to hear what he has to say!

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At Jabot, Phyllis asks Diane how her pictures from the vow renewal turned up. Diane says they turned out great. Talk turns to Tucker’s vulgar display and Phyllis remarks on him giving the kids a Bentley. “I couldn’t figure it out, can you?” Diane thinks it’s obvious why he chose it — John Abbott had a Bentley, so he was trying to score points with the family. Phyllis still thinks it’s a weird car to give two young kids. Diane has never driven one. Phyllis suggests she ask the kids if she can slip in and take a drive. Diane isn’t after their car or money and wonders what he’s implying. Phyllis is sorry she offended her. Diane’s sorry she overreacted. She walks off and Phyllis whispers, “Liar, liar, liar.” She and Nikki will get to the bottom of this and everything will blow up.
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Tucker approaches Nikki at Society and she remarks on him making a spectacle of himself at the Abbott place. He’s surprised when she asks him to join her. They spar about McCall’s meeting with Victor and Nikki says she’d like to share something of her own. If he’s planning on putting roots down there again, there is something he should know. When Ashland Locke crossed their family, they dealt with him… in fact, had he left them alone he might be allowed today. There is no place in Genoa City for people who want to do harm to the respectable families. Just then, Diane walks in. Tucker calls her over. Diane wonders if they want her to referee. Tucker remarks on him and Diane both being back from the dead and recounts being pulled from a burning car in Monte Carlo. Nikki sniffs that Diane FAKED her death. Diane defends herself and Tucker notes she’s made a lot of inroads since she returned. Nikki exclaims, “You’ve barely been back two days. How would you know that?!?”

At Crimson Lights, Audra sees Noah walk in and comes up to say hello. She remembers how he takes his coffee and congratulates him on his club. He asks her how work is going and how long she’s staying. Audra will stay until the job’s done and then decide how worth her while it is for her to stick around. She thinks Noah’s uncomfortable around her and apologizes for the way things fell apart for them in London. Audra remarks on his cute little friend and Noah defends Allie. Audra thinks it sounds like he’s in love. Noah asks her to keep her distance and let him enjoy the happiness he’s found.
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In the park, Victoria questions Nate about Audra Charles. She needs in-depth knowledge of what she’s doing for the company. Nate’s been gaining her trust but warns she’s sharp. Victoria learns she knows her stuff but likes to have fun off the clock. She’s glad she’s a known entity unlike Tucker McCall — if anyone can throw a wrench into their plans, it’s him. Nate relays that Lily told him Devon was taken off guard by his father’s arrival, so he likely hadn’t told him about the IPO. Victoria feels they should assume that he knows so as not to be taken off guard if he makes a move. She’ll sit down with Tucker to suss out his plans. Nate’s in awe of her business acumen.

At Chancellor-Winters, Billy tells Lily and Devon he dug into Tucker’s recent actions and he’s not happy about what he found. Tucker has been on a selling spree to increase his cash reserves. Devon realizes that it’s pretty convenient timing since they’re about to go public. He feels they should keep a close eye on the man. Nate arrives and Lily says they’re just waiting on Audra. Devon’s surprised she didn’t show up with Nate and suggests his cousin spend his free time trying to make things right with Elena. Audra arrives and Lily announces that it’s come to their attention that someone is taking advantage of the stock offering with an eye to taking controlling interest of the company. Audra asks if this person has a name. It’s Tucker McCall, Devon’s father. Lily warns he’s capable of anything. Devon proposes putting the IPO on hold, but Lily balks. Nate suggests they go public sooner than expected. Devon’s still not comfortable with the situation but feels that could work.

After the meeting adjourns, Devon invites Audra to join him at Crimson Lights. Lily asks Billy to stay on top of Tucker and whether there’s any connection to the IPO. Billy says, “Yeah sure.” Lily questions if he actually wants to do this. She feels he’s disinterested in his work. He argues, “I’m doing my job.” Lily knows, but there’s something fundamentally wrong. He’s doing what she wants him to do rather than following his own bliss. Lily presses him to be honest. Billy thinks she’s right. He’s trying to be her right-hand man but it’s just not working. “It’s getting pretty tough to try and fit into this world and feel a sense of fulfillment.” Lily asks, “What do you think is your path?” Billy wishes to God he knew.
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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley can’t understand why Jack’s so adamant that Tucker needs to leave town. Jack is appreciative that he sold the family business back to him, but he treated Ashley terribly. Ash recalls that he treated on her with both Diane and Harmony. She worked hard to overcome the pain and loss of all that. Whatever she felt for him burned itself out. “There’s nothing left.” Jack is surprised when she then decides she should see him. Ashley can handle him just fine. She knows he’s up to something and thinks there’s a connection between him and Diane, who also just returned. Jack reminds her they couldn’t stand each other. Ashley thinks stranger things have happened than adversaries working together. She’s the perfect person to find out his agenda. Jack wishes her luck.

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At Society, Tucker tells Nikki he assumed Diane had made inroads with the Abbotts or she wouldn’t have been at the ceremony. He thinks Diane could give him some tips, but she has no time for that. Nikki muses that they might bond over all kinds of shady things.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria takes a call from Nate, who warns her that everyone is on high alert about Tucker and won’t see her coming. He suggested they go public sooner, so she needs to be ready. Victoria thanks him for keeping her posted.

At the park, Nate disconnects from Victoria, and turns to see Elena, who overheard the end of his conversation. He knows what she’s going to say. Elena asks him to hear her out. She doesn’t want him to stop this because of her, or because of them… she wants him to stop it for himself. It could hurt him too. The Newmans always put family first — no one breaks into that inner circle. Nate trusts Victoria. Elena argues if her needs change after she gets what she wants from him, she’d let him go. Then where would he be after betraying Devon and Lily? “Is it really worth the potential downside?”
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At Crimson Lights, Devon and Audra sit on the patio and he explains he wanted to get to know her outside the office the way Nate’s been able to do. Audra gets the sense he’s concerned about something and asks if there’s a problem between him and Nate.

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Phyllis gives Jack a business update in his office, but he’s distracted and asks her to just send an email. She senses something is on his mind… or perhaps someone —Tucker? Jack relays that Ashley is back and has decided to meet with him. He thinks she’s making a terrible mistake. Phyllis wonders if he has a plot brewing. Jack says he’s up to something alright. It bugs him that he thinks he can win Ashley back. She doesn’t have time for his asinine games. Phyllis always hangs onto the hope that forgiveness is possible.

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At Society, Diane won’t continue defending herself to Nikki and leaves with her takeout. Just then, Tucker gets a text from Ashley saying she’s home if he wants to meet. Tucker takes off.

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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley opens the door to Tucker, who thanks her for agreeing to meet with him. He tells her she looks beautiful and hasn’t changed a bit. “I missed you. I dreamt of this day for a long time.” Ashley just wants to know why he’s really there.
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