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At Crimson Lights, Billy fawns over Johnny, who feels he and his mother have been reading the same ‘How to’ book… “How to Help Your Child Accept His Bio Mom”. On the patio, Chelsea perks up her ears and listens as he tells Billy that Victoria stuffed him with food before he came there — it must be part of the handbook. She listens as Billy explains why they feel protective of him. The kid insists he’s over Chelsea being his birth mom and just wants things to get back to normal. Billy warns if you don’t deal with things, they fester. “I’m really not freaked out about it,” the boy says, as he tells Billy he won’t scream or cry if that’s what he expects. He just wants to drop it. Billy promises nothing will change and no one will force him into anything. Johnny doesn’t want to keep talking about this all the time. “It’s done now, right.” Billy agrees, “It’s done. It’s your call.”

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Johnny grabs his bag to head to meet his classmates and doesn’t want Billy to walk with him. Billy says, “I love you,” and watches him leave. On the patio, Chelsea grabs her coat and walks out.

At the nightclub, Noah is poring over paperwork when Allie stops in to see him. He says the numbers were better than expected but not as good as he hoped he comped a lot of people to build loyalty. Allie tells him not to beat himself up, he had a great opening night. The place is amazing. “And so are you.” They kiss. Allie and Noah continue to go over how successful the opening night was… she’s sure the people who came from far and wide to check it out would also agree. He guesses she’s referring to Audra. Noah reiterates he didn’t expect her to show up and hasn’t been communicating with her. Allie’s not concerned about her and insists she hasn’t given it another thought. Noah assures her she’s no threat to them.
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At Society, Chance is distracted by his phone as Abby tries to talk to him. She notes he got in late last night. He insists everything is fine. Abby’s concerned about Tucker being back — she doesn’t want him around Dominic. Chance thinks she’s overreacting. How will Tucker negatively influence a toddler? Abby fumes, “You need to back me up on this. Under no circumstance is Tucker McCall allowed around our son!” Chance still thinks she’s overreacting and Abby’s annoyed that he’s not supporting her on this. Chance feels she’s taking it too far — just because someone’s made mistakes in the past doesn’t mean they can’t be a good parent or grandparent. She huffs, “So now you’re talking about my family.” Chance’s priorities have to be work and his family. Abby fumes, “It’s good to know your family at least made the top two.” Chance pleads with her not to start with that again. Abby argues that it hasn’t felt like family is that important to him. Chance just wants her to be honest about whether this stuff about Tucker is based on personal alliances and rivalries or if she actually has their family’s best interests at heart. “Think about it.” Chance says he has to go earlier than expected, and she frowns as he leaves.

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At Newman, Victoria worries to Nikki that they made the wrong decision by telling Johnny about Chelsea. Nikki thinks she’s handling herself with poise despite the situation. Victoria’s been trying to compartmentalize. “Everywhere I turn there’s an avalanche of complications.” They agree Tucker’s return is troubling — he’s always working an angle and right now, Victoria has no idea what that might be. She recaps that he’s gone after every major company in Genoa City. She’s not worried about Newman, but he always has an agenda. Victoria reveals she has another plan in play that might be affected. She fills her mother in on Nate giving her inside information about Chancellor-Winters going public. Nikki hears that Victor is on board but Nick thinks it’s risky. She concedes it’s an ethical grey area. Nikki feels it’s a legal grey area as well. Victoria is most concerned with whether Tucker has come with the same goal.

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Adam walks into Crimson Lights and Sharon asks if he’d like his usual. He smiles, “You know what I like.” She asks how he’s getting along with Sally these days and he says nothing’s changed since they last spoke about it. “It looks like things are over between us.” Sharon thought they had potential and is sorry to hear it. He thought so too. Sharon doesn’t want to alarm him, but she had a disturbing conversation with Chelsea last night. She won’t break her confidence, but she told her she should get back into therapy. It didn’t go over well. “She might be more open to you.” Adam explains he already tried and she’s pushing him away. He relays that Chelsea told Connor that Johnny’s his brother without waiting for him. They agree she’s in a downward spiral. Adam feels responsible and wants to help her. Sharon feels he can’t take all the blame. Adam can’t shake the feeling he’s missing something about this new fixation with Johnny. Sharon asks him not to repeat this to anyone, but she gets the feeling that Chelsea is adrift and is looking for something or someone to make her feel whole. She needs to fix what’s going on inside. They agree that it’s not fair for her to cling to Johnny. Sharon isn’t sure she knows what she’s doing. Adam’s primary focus has to be shielding his son.

In the park, Johnny puts down his bag to wait for his classmates. Chelsea appears behind him and strolls up smiling. “Hi Johnny! I didn’t expect to run into you here.” Johnny looks wary. He moves his bag to another bench and gets on his phone. Chelsea rambles about what a good time Connor had with him at the pool the other day — he always has such a good time with his older “uh, cousin.” She tells Johnny that Connor looks up to him and she appreciates how sweet and patient he is with him. Johnny tells her she can stop — he knows the truth about Connor and her and it’s not going to change anything, “Because you are not my mom.”
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Chelsea knows Victoria is his mom and she would never try to force anything on him. He says, “Good.” Chelsea just wanted him to know because they were already in each other’s lives and she didn’t want to keep a secret from him. Johnny snaps, “So, it was you. You are why my parents tried to force this on me now?” Chelsea stammers that they decided together. Johnny realizes it was her idea in the first place. “You are why my world feels like it was flipped upside-down!” Chelsea is sorry, that wasn’t her intention. She just wanted him to know she cared about him and always will. “I thought you and Connor could have a deeper connection as brothers.” Johnny hollers, “We’re cousins, okay?!?” He asks if Connor knows the truth now too. Chelsea admits she told him shortly after Victoria and Billy spoke to him. Johnny can see from her expression it didn’t go over well and reiterates that this was a terrible idea. He wants to pretend they never had the conversation and go back to the way things were. Johnny gets a text and sneers, “Sorry, I’ve got to go. I’m in the wrong place.”

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At Newman, Nikki and Victoria talk about Kyle and Summer refusing Tucker’s Bentley. Nikki’s glad as the gift would have come with strings attached. They wonder if he has a mole at Chancellor-Winters. Nikki doubts that Devon told him about the public offering. Victoria agrees. He knows exactly the kind of person his father is. Nikki muses that he’s a corporate raider… like Victoria. If he knows anything about the IPO, he’ll try to make a move. Nikki advises Victoria to have her guard up and her eyes open.

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Devon arrives at Society, where Abby’s got a faraway look in her eyes. They hug and she jokingly asks if Tucker took her hint last night and left town. He mutters that she wasn’t subtle. She apologizes. Devon says the rest of the dinner went well but he doesn’t know what to make of him showing up. He’s planning to stick around and put down roots. Abby asks how Devon really feels about that. Devon’s not sure how he feels about it. There’s nothing bad between them, just distance. Abby wonders if he’s wished for a closer relationship with him. Devon would love that, especially with Neil being gone, but it’s hard to trust his motivations. With Chancellor-Winters doing so well right now he has to wonder what his real agenda is.

At Newman, Billy arrives to fill in Victoria on his morning with Johnny. He feels they’re making progress since his sarcasm is back. “He feels less confused and less angry.” Victoria’s relieved. Billy says he promised him nothing would change. Victoria told him the same thing but she’s concerned about how Chelsea will react when she learns this little scenario of her isn’t going her way. Billy admits she seems a lot more fragile than he’s seen her in a while. Victoria wants to keep her far away from Johnny — he has to be their top priority. Billy agrees but can’t help but be a little worried about Chelsea. Victoria suggests he worry about her from afar. Chelsea needs to pull herself together and stop using their son as her crutch.

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In the park, Chelsea is looking emotional when Chance walks up. They watch the kids playing and he remarks on how carefree they are. Chelsea says adults yank all that away. Chance asks if something is wrong. Chelsea says the world’s a cruel and unforgiving place. “Why bother trying to make things better?” Chance asks her to join him at Crimson Lights.

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Nikki enters Noah’s nightclub and interrupts him kissing Allie. She tells him the place is beautiful and he’s done a fabulous job. Nikki explains she came by to ask him something about his time in London. Allie leaves them to it.
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Nikki was wondering if he ever heard of a company called Private Image Ltd. He says no. Nikki recalls that the fund was actually called Wild Beauty Incorporated. Noah looks downward, “Why do you ask?” Nikki says it’s related to Diane’s time in Los Angeles. Noah finds that odd and admits he knew someone who worked for Wild Beauty. “It was the woman I was seeing in London. Audra Charles.” He reveals that she suddenly showed up in Genoa City and was right there at the club. Nikki asks if she came all the way from London. Noah relays that she said she was in town for another reason, but with Nikki now bringing up Wild Beauty, it all seems odd to him. Nikki agrees, “Yes. Very weird… and very interesting.”
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Chelsea arrives at Crimson Lights with Chance and spots Adam. She asks where Sharon is and accuses them all of conspiring against her. She turns to Chance, “Is that why you brought me here?” Chance says no and Adam tries to talk her down. He admits they’re all concerned about her. Chelsea doesn’t need his concern or pity. All she’s trying to do is spend some time with her other son. “I want to be a part of his life and I want him to be a part of mine!” Chance’s eyebrows go to the ceiling.

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