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At the nightclub, Audra sighs, “It’s so good to see you, Noah.” Noah bluntly asks, “What are you doing here?” She says a business acquaintance recommended the place and she did some research and discovered it was his club. She wouldn’t have missed his opening night. Noah snarks, “That’s a real change of attitude on your part.” Allie interjects, “Hi, I’m Allie.” Audra thinks she’s adorable. Allie asks how they know each other. Noah blurts, “This is just someone I used to know.”
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In the corner, Nick tells Sally he thinks they both enjoy each other’s company. Perhaps they’ve been too focused on the “now” and not the ramifications. Sally isn’t sure what to call what they have other than a “situation” and she wants to know where his head is at — she’s worried they might be driving blindly off of a cliff.

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Chelsea wanders into Crimson Lights looking out of it and ignores Sharon when she asks, “How’s it going?” She snaps out of it when Sharon places a tea in front of her. “You looked like you needed it.” Sharon asks her what’s going on.

At Society, Billy texts Lily to meet him. Abby walks up and asks how the vow renewal went. Billy says it was great, though he had to take off a little early for a family issue. Billy asks about Dom; he knows she couldn’t make it because he was sick. Abby says his fever’s gone down and he’s resting comfortably. She wants to hear all about the scene at the Abbott mansion. Billy says there was flowers, cake, and even a helicopter. Abby responds, “What?” Billy reveals there was a party crasher. “You’re not gonna like this.” Abby says, “Tell me.” Billy replies, “Tucker McCall.”
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At Chancellor, Lily gets Billy’s text and she and Devon decide to meet him there now that they’re finished up their work. They discuss Summer and Kyle’s ceremony. Devon’s sure it was a lovely afternoon. Tucker appears and says it was — he was there. “Hello, son.” Devon asks what his father is doing there and when he got into town. Tucker says, “A few hours ago.” He wanted to surprise him and maybe take him out to dinner. Devon says it’s good to see him. Tucker agrees. “You have a son.” He chuckles about being Grandpa Tucker. Turning to Lily, he remarks on them merging companies and invites her to join them for dinner. Lily is meeting Billy and opts out. Devon agrees to have dinner with his dad.
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At Society, Abby gawps, “Tucker is back in town?! And he showed up at the house?” Billy complains she’s glossing over the whole helicopter bit. He knew there was a vow renewal going on and wanted to make an entrance — he even gave Kyle and Summer a Bentley. Abby exclaims, “Who does that?!?” He’d have to know nobody wanted him there. “What was he trying to prove.” Billy thinks the whole thing was for an audience of one — someone who was stuck in Paris. Abby vows if Tucker wants to get near her mom again, he’ll have to go through her. “And I am not going to let that happen!”

At the nightclub, Noah tells Audra to enjoy her time. They can’t hang out as he has lots to do. “It was nice to see you.” He and Allie walk off.
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In the corner, Sally tells Nick that whenever she’s been in a situation like this it’s always crashed and burned and been incredibly painful. She tends to fall hard and take others with her, and then she behaves in ways she regrets, which always makes things worse. She adds, “And there’s also the shadow of Adam.” Nick asks if there’s something going on with them. Sally thought what they had was the real thing, but once again, she didn’t see the end coming. That’s why she’s convinced this will end too… it always does. What she’s afraid of is the fallout.

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Nick has had his fair share of failed relationships, so he understands Sally’s fears. It’s never fun when it ends. Sally muses that the beginning part is fun — they have to determine if that’s what this is. Nick opines that if they decide it’s just fun, they could put an end to it and stop the fun. Sally counters that they could continue, but it might end in pain. They could put the brakes on and go back to being strictly professional and end things before it gets messy. “Agreed?” she asks.
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At Society, Lily is followed in by Devon and Tucker, who go off together to a table while she joins Billy at the bar. She relays that Tucker appeared in their office out of the blue — it was awkward, and they seem a little unsure how to connect, but they’ll get through it. She asks why Billy didn’t come back to the office. He explains he got an urgent call from Chelsea, who had a breakdown. She told Connor about being Johnny’s brother and it didn’t go over well. He advises her to find someone to talk to about it. Lily hopes she’s feeling better. Billy has his doubts.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon explains to Chelsea that Rey seeing the good in her allowed her to do the same. Chelsea hasn’t had much hope since he died. It’s like anytime she tries to do the right thing, it blows up in her face. Sharon asks what she’s referring to. Chelsea says she convinced Billy and Victoria to tell Johnny she’s his biological mother and it backfired. He wants nothing to do with her. She then told Connor, and he was upset with her too. “They don’t want anything to do with me. Why can’t I do anything right?”
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At the nightclub, Audra watches Noah and Allie. Noah tells his girlfriend to ignore her. Allie says she seems pretty determined to get his attention. She grills a purposely vague Noah about how he knows her and where he knows her from. Noah irritably replies, “I don’t really want to get into it. I haven’t talked to her in a long time.” Allie calls him out for being evasive. He snarls, “Look, I’ve got a lot going on tonight, so if we can just not get into this.” Allie informs him that it doesn’t say a lot about their relationship if he can’t talk about something as simple as a woman from his past. Noah apologizes. He just wasn’t expecting to see her, and he isn’t sure how to handle this. “Audra is the woman I was seeing in London.” Allie recalls, “The one who broke your heart.” Allie looks over at Audra and exhales. Noah declares that Audra didn’t break his heart — it just felt like it at the time. Looking back, they just weren’t meant to be. He had to get away from her to realize how toxic their relationship was. Allie wonders if she’s there to rekindle things with him. He doubts it, which is why it’s so weird that she’s here pretending to be happy for him. “If she’s trying to get my attention it’s too late. I only have eyes for you.” He pulls Allie into a clinch. Audra watches them from a chair.
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In the corner, Nick tells Sally they can put an end to this right now, and go on living their lives avoiding any chance of heartbreak or pain. She thinks that sounds grim. Nick isn’t happy when he plays it safe — he really likes the good stuff. He’s hopeful, not cynical. Sally muses that they could see where this takes them. Nick nods, “Yeah. We don’t second guess this or overthink it. We just jump into the deep end and start swimming.”

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At Society, Devon shows Tucker photos of Dominic. He’s chuffed and thinks Devon must be so proud. He’d love to meet him. Devon thinks they can arrange that — he shares custody with Abby and Chance. Just then, Abby storms up to the table and Tucker stands to greet her. He says they were just looking at pictures of the little guy. Abby warns him not to try and ingratiate himself with her. “Nobody wants you here.” Devon interjects, “Abby, we were just having dinner.” Abby continues, “And don’t get near my mom. She wants nothing to do with you.” Tucker thinks if he has a face-to-face with her, she’ll understand things have changed. Abby tells him he’ll be wasting his time. Tucker also wants to reconnect with his son and meet his grandson. The only thing Abby hates more than the idea of Tucker face-to-face with her mother is him anywhere near her son.
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At the bar, Lily thinks Billy always wants to help Chelsea because the two of them are cut from the same cloth. They’re smart, ambitious, and attractive but always seems to get in her own way. Billy asks if she thinks that about him. Lily feels that’s what he thinks about himself. Billy concedes he’s genuinely worried about Chelsea.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon advises Chelsea that she’s only seeing the boys’ initial reactions. Over time, they could react very differently. Chelsea’s unconvinced. Sharon wonders if she ran into Johnny what she’d say. Chelsea would tell him that she’s not trying to replace Victoria as his mom, but if he ever needs someone, she’ll always have his back. Sharon thinks that sounds good. Chelsea recalls when she hated Sharon, nearly killed Rey, and framed Adam. She helped her back then and now she’s helping her again. “Anytime I try to be a better person, I mess it up. But you… you’re a natural. How do you do it? What’s your secret?”

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At the nightclub, Noah asks Audra what she’s doing in Genoa City. She swears she didn’t come looking for him and isn’t trying to win him back — she was hired by Jill Abbott to do some consulting. Noah’s sorry he was rude earlier; he was caught off guard. Audra thinks it’s nice he seems happy — his friend is cute, and his club is amazing. Noah is happy to be back home and Allie’s a part of that. Audra is genuinely pleased for him. Across the way, Allie watches them with a concerned expression.
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In the corner, Nick advises Sally if she tells him she has more chapters in her story with Adam, he’ll back off. Sally asks, “You would do that?” Nick would do it for her. If this isn’t what they both want and need, it’s not good. Sally feels labeling it could ruin it. They decide not to define it. Sally says, “So we’ve decided to do nothing.” Nick chuckles. He’s good at doing nothing. Turning serious, Nick assures Sally he’s learned one thing from this conversation. “Whatever this is… I like it. I don’t want it to end.”

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At Society, Tucker tells Devon not to worry about Abby; he’s had worse things said to him. He muses that maybe they’ll become friends. Devon asks how long he’s planning on staying. Tucker says, “Long enough to get back on Ashley’s radar.” He loves this town. Devon asks what he’s been doing since they saw each other at the ashram. Tucker didn’t find what he was looking for there, so he became a thrill-seeker, skydiving and racing cars. Devon asks if he found what he was looking for. Tucker found it when he woke up in a hospital bed in Monte Carlo. He was there for weeks and after all the years of searching for answers, he realized there’s no bigger thrill than just living every day to its fullest. He vowed to himself if he recovered, he would do that. “This made me re-evaluate who I am fundamentally. What I want and what really matters to me.” Reconnecting with Devon is at the top of that list.
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At the nightclub, Noah excuses himself from Audra to make a beeline for his father. “What were you doing with Sally Spectra for so long?” Nick says she’s the CEO of Newman Media and they had a lot to discuss. Noah isn’t buying it was all work. Nick confesses, “It’s a situation with no name.” Noah hopes he knows what he’s doing. Nick replies, “I do.” Noah warns that Summer will have a lot to say about this. She was supposed to be there tonight but she and Kyle canceled at the last minute.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon gives Chelsea a pep talk about what a good mother she is to Connor. Chelsea marvels that it’s no wonder Rey was in love with her — they were made for each other; both so forgiving. Sharon thinks she needs help and offers to make some phone calls. Chelsea’s stunned. “You think I need help… tonight?!?” She stands up and erupts, yelling, “Is that why you got me to open up? So you can imply I’m unstable and pathetic?!?” Sharon urges her to sit down but Chelsea rants that she never should have trusted her. “Everyone in this town wants to assume the worst about me and you are no different!” Sharon protests, “Chelsea, don’t go!” as she storms out.
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At the nightclub, Nick thinks the bad blood between Sally and Summer is in the past and tells Noah not to make problems where there are none. He leaves and Allie joins Noah to toast to a good night. Noah watches Audra before asking Allie to dance. They both look worried as they dance.

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At Society, Lily tells Billy it’s suspicious that Tucker’s showed up out of the blue when the company’s about to go public. They walk out. At Devon’s table, Tucker goes on about how proud he is of his son. Devon asks if he has business in town. He recalls there was a time he was trying to take over every corporation in Genoa City. Tucker feels the power plays were just an excuse to stay in town. He now has better reasons — Devon, Dominic and he hopes Ashley. Devon asks him not to interfere with the Abbotts or insert himself into Ashley or Abby’s lives if they don’t want it. He’ll orchestrate him meeting Dominic. Tucker holds up his hands, “Of course. I have no interest whatsoever in forcing myself where I’m not welcome.” He’ll take his best shot and accept defeat if it comes to that.

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