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In her office, Sally sits down to work. Nick appears in the doorway and asks, “S’up?” He wanted to congratulate her on the latest reports. She plans to build on the momentum. He grins, “Carry on then.”
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After he exits, Chloe walks in. She guesses their boss is the reason for the look on Sally’s face. She explains he congratulated her on something she and Adam launched back when they were in sync. Chloe urges her to keep moving on. If she cracks open the Adam drawer again, she’ll be looking for trouble. “Now that he knows the truth, things could get really ugly,” she warns.
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Adam walks into Crimson Lights and confronts Chelsea with, “What the hell were you thinking?!?” Chelsea guesses he’s mad that she talked to Connor. He says the kid called him really upset. Why would she tell him Johnny’s half-brother without him being there? Chelsea reminds him he was stuck in a meeting. Adam assumed she’d wait for him for something this monumental. Chelsea argues the clock was ticking and she was worried Johnny might tell him. Adam reiterates that he should have been there for his son. Chelsea says it was something she had to do. Adam asks, “Why? Because things went so badly with Johnny?” Chelsea can’t believe he’d throw that in her face and insists she’s trying to be a good mom to both boys. Adam argues that she seems to only be thinking about herself — neither of the boys had questions about their family history. Chelsea reminds him that Billy and Victoria agreed to this. When she refers to herself as Johnny’s mom, Adam tells her she really needs to stop doing that. Chelsea stands up and shouts, “I am technically Johnny’s mom! I gave birth to him!” He reminds her from that moment on, Victoria was his mom. Chelsea has a son, Connor, and she should be focused on him. Chelsea is hollering that things have changed when Nick appears and asks, “What is going on here?”

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At Noah’s club, he tells an employee how he wants things to run. Behind him, Allie teases, “Can I speak to the manager, please?” He kisses her and admits he’s anxious. She assures him the place is great but he feels tonight is the real test.

At the ranch, Phyllis wants to know what Nikki’s found out about Diane. Nikki reveals that the Bentley saw Diane tooling around in is the exact same make and model as the one Tucker gave Kyle and Summer. Phyllis points out that can’t be a coincidence and wonders what it means — did Tucker and Diane hook up in LA and rekindle a romance? Nikki isn’t sure but she’s been thinking about this — Tucker had completely abandoned her in the lead-up to her death, so she can’t imagine her reaching out to him. Phyllis reminds her she’s desperate. Nikki remarks, “That’s true.” Phyllis grimaces. “Tucker can do so much better than her.”
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At the GCAC, Diane wants Tucker to ignore Victor but he doesn’t think that will work. He walks a protesting Diane to the other room to hide as she pleads with him not to make a game out of this. He reminds her she’s in no position to tell him what to do. Striding to the door, he opens it and greets Victor. He remarks on him wasting no time in seeking out his opponent and invites him in.

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At Newman Media, Sally assures Chloe she’d never underestimate Adam, but she can’t live in fear of what he might do. Chloe asks if she’ll focus on Nick now. Sally has no idea where it will go. Chloe votes for Nick over Adam. Sally marvels at how different the brothers are from each other. Chloe muses that she’s in the middle between then and that’s not a good place to be.
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At Crimson Lights, Adam tells Nick this is a private matter. Nick won’t leave until he knows Chelsea is alright. Chelsea tells Adam what’s done is done and storms out. Adam turns to ask Nick why it’s suddenly his mission in life to interfere in every aspect of his life.

In Tucker’s suite, Victor wants to know what he’s doing in Genoa City. Tucker reminds him his late mother used to live here and he has a fondness for the town. He wants to meet his first grandson and spend some time with Devon. Victor chuckles. If he cared about his family he’d have visited them first instead of crashing Jack Abbott’s celebration. “What’s your real agenda?” In the other room, Diane eavesdrops nervously.

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Tucker tells Victor he’s spending less time on hidden agendas since he went on his spiritual journey. Victor’s highly amused. Tucker thinks he’s skeptical and could use some enlightenment. Victor knows who he is. He remarks on Diane showing up and says he believes her transformation about as much as he believes Tucker’s. Tucker claims he knows nothing about it or her for that matter. He assures Victor his family has nothing to worry about from him. Victor guffaws about taking his word for it. Tucker will tell him the truth. “I’m here because I want to reconnect with my son. And the reason I haven’t approached my son is because I don’t know how to go about it.” There’s some distance that needs to be broached. Victor advises him not to do it in a helicopter. Tucker observes that Victor knows better than anyone how tricky can get with one’s son.

At the ranch, Nikki tells Phyllis that Tucker could be the financier behind Private Image Ltd, which funds young artists — the fund is named Wild Beauty Incorporated. Phyllis muses, “Beauty. The nickname John Abbott had for Ashley.” Nikki says she’s apparently the reason that he crashed the vow renewal. Phyllis and Nikki puzzle over his name not being on the investor list since he’s a braggart. Nikki thinks he has a secret agenda. Phyllis feels they need to put these pieces together. Nikki thinks Noah might be able to help them. He was a young artist in London and may have heard of this charity to give them some clues.
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At the nightclub, Noah checks on Allie, who assures him she’s fine and is people-watching. He wants to dance with his beautiful girlfriend, so they take to the floor.
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In Crimson Lights, Nick insists to Adam that he’s not trying to interfere. Adam guesses he wouldn’t care about his life enough to meddle in it. He sighs. He wants to talk like they were able to do in the past. They sit. Adam explains the situation with Chelsea. Nick exhales. “She shouldn’t have done that.” He advises Adam to give Connor some space and talk to him in the morning. They agree this must be overwhelming for Johnny and Connor. Nick apologizes for assuming Adam was in the wrong. They agree Connor’s a great kid. Adam broaches the subject of Sally. Nick doesn’t want to talk about it, but Adam says they have to. Nick asks, “Why?” Adam replies,. “Because I’m still in love with Sally.”

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Adam’s feelings for Sally haven’t changed just because she’s hurt and is trying to push him away. “I still love her.” He can still see a future with her and doubts her feelings for him have just evaporated. Nick thinks she’s made herself pretty clear. Adam argues people don’t always say what’s in their hearts. He has to ask, “Do you think you could ever love Sally?” If Nick hasn’t considered a future with her, then he’s asking him to back off. A future is what Sally deserves. “Just think about it,” Adam tells his brother. With that, he walks out.
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At Newman Media, Sally describes her feelings for Adam as remnants of a relationship that never would have worked. Chloe reminds her to think about Nick being their boss. Sally says it’s too late for thinking… feelings are already setting in. Chloe urges her to figure out where things are headed. Sally asks why they have to be headed anywhere. Chloe sighs over being a lovestruck dummy. She gets that a fling with Nick is a welcome escape from pain but she’s heard her say more than once that she doesn’t even know what’s happening with Nick. She probably hasn’t even had a chance to ask herself the tough questions… but now is the time. Just then, Sally takes a call from Nick. She answers, “Hey, s’up?” He grins on the other end and asks if she’s free tonight.

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In Tucker’s suite, Victor declares this was a waste of time. He won’t tell him the real reason he’s here. Tucker admits there is someone else he needs to see: “I want to make amends with Ashley.” Victor wants to be there for that and muses, “How many times have you cheated on her?” Tucker will find a way to make it up to her. Victor suggests he go back to where he came from — Ashley doesn’t need his BS. Tucker muses that Victor’s as protective of her as always. Victor suggests he remember that and take what he said seriously. They shake hands and Victor exits. Diane emerges and bellows at him for goading Victor. “Why are you playing with fire?!?” Tucker hasn’t had this much fun in so long.

At the nightclub, Noah and Allie greet Nick at the door. Noah thanks him for showing up solo to support. Nick says he’s not alone actually. Just then, Sally walks in. She and Nick head to a sofa. Noah tells Allie he hopes this is work related. They worry about Kyle and Summer being on the way. On the sofa, Nick tells Sally about the romantic vow renewal. She’s happy for Summer and thinks their issues are water way, way under the bridge. Nick’s glad to hear her say that and believes her. She thanks him for giving her the benefit of the doubt; it means a lot.
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At the ranch, Phyllis is excited to hear what Noah has to say about the charity. Victor walks in and Phyllis makes a beeline for the door. Nikki tells her husband they’re honing in on a connection between Diane and Tucker. Victor hopes they can kill two birds with one stone.

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In Tucker’s suite, he and Diane argue about whether or not this is a game. She won’t have her footing in this town destroyed because he wants to goad the big dogs. She accuses him of being cheeky and brazen with the Mustache and Tucker smirks. “I like that.” Diane warns that Victor is suspicious. Tucker assures her he doesn’t know about their connection. Diane argues he has the power to find things out. Tucker counters that he has the money to hide things. Diane yells, “Well I don’t! My life is hanging by a thread here!” Tucker finds this dramatic. Diane cannot be associated with Tucker and will not lose the progress she’s made with her family. Tucker suggests they make a deal.
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At Society, Adam sits alone drinking.

On the hotel rooftop, Chelsea steps outside in the dark and takes a deep breath before letting out a scream. Tears run down her cheek as she kneels down.

In Tucker’s room, he just wants Diane to let him know when Ashley returns from Paris, then she’ll have fulfilled her end of their bargain and will be free.
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At the ranch, Victor fears Tucker will make Ashley’s life a living hell. Nikki says he’ll try but Ashley can handle herself. She’ll focus on Diane.

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At the nightclub, Noah and Allie are chatting and he asks her to dance again. They hit the dance floor as, in the corner, Nick sniffs Sally’s perfume on her neck. She tells him she’s enjoying this, but they should maybe take a moment to look at what’s going on between them. On the dance floor, Noah and Allie turn, hand-in-hand to go check on something and come face-to-face with Audra. Noah’s face drains of color as she muses, “Noah… it’s been a long time.”
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