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In the Abbott backyard, Kyle asks Summer her favorite memory of the day. If Summer has to choose, the top moment would be Harrison walking her down the aisle. Kyle laughs, “Me too.” They talk about how special this day was having all the people there who couldn’t be in Milan. They recap their first year of marriage and Kyle insists when he looks back on this day, he’ll conveniently forget that Tucker McCall crashed it. Summer figures the Bentley he gave them is cursed. Nearby, Nikki tells Phyllis she’ll try to get Victor’s people to make a connection between Diane and Tucker.

At the GCAC, Diane stalks into Tucker’s suite hollering about the insanity of landing a helicopter on the Abbott lawn. He chuckles that he likes to make an entrance. She fumes, “This wasn’t just about you.”
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Elena walks into Crimson Lights and Nate asks how she’s settling in at the hotel. She’s feeling decidedly unsettled. Nate reminds her she’s the one who wanted distance. She reminds him that he ended up agreeing with her. He didn’t want them to say things they’d regret. Elena feels it was healthy to take a step back. Nate asks if her time alone has allowed her to see where he’s coming from. Elena has realized that something in him has changed… and she doesn’t like it. “This job has brought up a side of you that is power-hungry, destructive, and has the potential to hurt a lot of people.” Nate argues making big things happen takes guts and vision. “Sometimes it requires sacrifice.” Elena would love to hear exactly what he’s willing to sacrifice — his morality, his family… his relationship? Nate really believes in what he can accomplish. He’s not doing it to try and get ahead; he wants her to see that and understand him. Elena really does understand him and that’s what makes this so hard. Just then, Devon wanders in. “Everything okay?” Nate says everything’s fine. He tells Elena he’ll call her later and heads out. Devon tells Elena she looks like she needs to talk to somebody.
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Elena tells Devon it’s hard to discuss this with him. He just wants to help if he can — even if it’s just a chat with an old friend. Elena sighs. She doesn’t recognize who Nate is anymore. Devon questions if it’s really that bad. Elena claims he’s lost his center; his goodness and compassion, and just wants to excel no matter what. Devon feels things have been better since he came back to work, so what’s really going on? Elena cryptically says it’s not just about what Devon’s done, it’s much bigger than that.

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Victoria and Nick greet Victor in the Newman office and he asks about the vow renewal. He then reports he secured the financing for the Chancellor-Winters buyout. When he snarks about Jack, Nick reveals he’s not the one he needs to be concerned about right now — another of Genoa City’s elites made a surprise appearance and caused quite the stir — Tucker McCall. Victor muses, “I’ll be damned.”

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At the vow renewal, Phyllis is confident that Victor’s people will find a connection between Diane and Tucker. Nikki wishes Deacon had gotten a good look at the man she rode around with in the Bentley. Phyllis asserts, “We’re getting closer to the truth, Nikki.” The Newman agrees. Across the way, Summer wonders to Kyle what her mother and grandmother are up to. He kisses her and toasts his beautiful bride.

In the suite at the GCAC, Diane can’t believe Tucker pulled such a stunt. Tucker points out she was just another horrified guest and should be thanking him for preserving her cover. Diane snarks that he did it all for Ashley and she wasn’t even there. He smirks, “It was worth it just to see all those friendly faces. As for Ashley… all in good time.”

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At Newman, Victor recalls Tucker was last known to be at an ashram and had given up his worldly goods. Nick remembers Devon saying he’d tracked him down and he was playing the spiritual advisor to the hilt. They all agree it was an act. Victor points out he’s never let go of McCall Unlimited and won’t until he dies. Nick wants to know what their next move is with Chancellor-Winters. Victor wonders if McCall’s return is connected. Victoria feels it must be and questions if Tucker’s working behind the scenes with Devon. Victor muses, “Or Jill. They were in bed together in more ways than one.” Victoria doesn’t fear Tucker McCall; they’ll just outmanoeuver him. They have an ace in the hole — Nate.
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In the Abbott living room, Allie and Noah are looking at photos from the wedding on the camera when she realizes he took a bunch of shots of her. She’s moved and asks if that’s really the way she looks. That’s how he always sees her. Allie feels they belong in a gallery somewhere and muses that the photographer must have really liked his subject. Noah husks, “I’d say he loves her.”
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They’re kissing when Summer and Kyle interrupt. Talk turns to Tucker and Allie thinks he’s a business legend. She learns he is not only Devon’s dad, but was married to Ashley, involved with Kyle’s mom, and Noah’s mother too. Jack wanders in and Noah explains they’re filling Allie in on McCall. Jack feels the less she knows about him the better.

In the GCAC suite, Diane warns Tucker not to contact her. Tucker grunts, “Are you saying I’m dead to you?” He chuckles, “Isn’t that ironic.” Diane has kept him up to date on the Abbotts and Ashley and wonders what else he could possibly need from her. She wants to say goodbye. Tucker informs her it’s a little too soon for that.

Nate arrives at Chancellor-Winters and spots Esther in the lobby. They exchange pleasantries and she explains she has a meeting with Devon. He asks, “About what?” She’s not sure. He escorts her into the office and Esther thinks Mrs. C would be so proud. Nate marvels at her once running the big company. Esther explains she inherited it from her husband and back in the day people tried to say she wasn’t competent. Nate understands the feeling. Esther says one of the naysayers was Jill. Nate’s never had a problem with her. Esther does kind of wish Jill was in Genoa City full-time — she and Katherine made up toward the end. Nate asks to hear more about Katherine and Esther says she’d love to tell him.
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At Crimson Lights, Elena understands why Devon is putting Nate through his paces but the only thing he cares about is making his mark. Devon wouldn’t have hired him if he didn’t think he could handle the job. Elena thinks he’s frustrated. Devon asks, “He still feels like that?” Since he’s come back, he’s making an effort to respect the hierarchy. Elena can’t accept with the way Nate’s handling his feelings. Devon asks if they’re talking about more than the way he’s struggling with transitioning into the corporate world. Elena gawps, “I’m sorry, Devon. I’m going to head back to work.” She leaves Devon puzzled.

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Devon arrives at Chancellor and greets Esther and Nate. They talk about Katherine’s motto, “Live until I die,” and Nate thinks they’re words to live by. Esther asks why Devon wanted to see her. Devon was thinking about a conversation they had recently about Miles and Bella growing up and her not taking care of the Chancellor mansion anymore — he recalls they wanted the company to be a family enterprise and points out she is part of the Chancellor legacy. Devon would like to have her there if she’d like to be. Esther asks if he’s offering her a job. Devon is absolutely offering her a job — the receptionist had to go… Esther jumps up and accepts, beaming from ear to ear.

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At the Abbott mansion, Noah tells Summer and Kyle there’s an after-party at his club tonight. They kiss, Noah kisses Allie, and Noah heads out. Jack thinks it’s a great idea after Tucker nearly spoiled their day. Summer quips, “Who?” After Allie’s left the room, Summer and Kyle tell Jack about their honeymoon plans. He assures them Harrison will be well taken care of and they can video chat with him every night. At Marchetti, they can lean on the great staff. Kyle worries about leaving their mothers without supervision. Jack notes they’re not currently fighting, “take full advantage of that.”
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At the GCAC, Tucker needs Diane to continue to be her eyes and ears inside the Abbott world. If not for him, she wouldn’t be where she is today. He needs her help until he gets a foothold. If she can overcome her obstacles, so can he. Diane snaps, “To what end?” She feels protective of the Abbotts now — they’re her family! She demands to know exactly what he wants from them.

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At Chancellor, Devon tells Esther that she can start tomorrow morning and Nate welcomes her aboard. She has to find something to wear and hustles toward the door, stopping only to tell Devon that Mrs. C would be so proud. Nate tells Devon it was a good move taking her on. He muses that they look after family, speaking of which, why, when he asked earlier if everything was okay with him, why wasn’t he honest with him?
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At Newman, Victor feels Nate is perfectly positioned to find out if Tucker has anything to do with Chancellor going public. Victoria muses that the more intel they have, the more prepared they’ll be. Nick warns of the SEC. Victor says no regulations have been violated. Nick counters, “Not yet.” Victoria tells them Nate’s also developed a relationship with the consultant, Audra Charles. Victor remarks, “Good.” Nick thinks this all depends on Nate being able to continue to lie to his cousins’ faces.
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At Chancellor, Devon won’t betray Elena’s trust but tells Nate that she loves him and is very worried about him. Nate wishes things hadn’t gotten to this point with her. Devon will help if he can. Nate explains Elena didn’t expect this career change to last and thought he’d end up back at Memorial. She told him to walk away from Chancellor and is looking back. “I’m looking forward.” Nate gets a text and says he has a business matter to follow up on. He assures Devon he’s committed to working things out with Elena, but he won’t allow personal issues to interfere with what he’s trying to accomplish there. Devon appreciates his candor. Nate walks out and texts Victoria back that he’s on his way to meet her.

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Nate arrives at Newman and Victoria tells him Tucker McCall has returned to Genoa City. Nate says Devon didn’t mention anything. Victoria figures this means one of two things — either Tucker didn’t tell Devon he was coming, or Devon is keeping Nate out of the loop. Nate wonders if he found out about the plan to go public. Victoria wonders if he has his own plan to buy up shares. She warns Nate that it’s imperative he find out — if there’s a wild card in the mix it could change the entire game.
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At the ranch, Phyllis meets with Nikki, who thinks it’s a good idea to meet where Summer’s eyes aren’t on them. Phyllis can’t believe she had to swear to her daughter she wouldn’t try to run Diane out of town — she wants her to just stand back and watch this woman worm her way into the lives of everyone they love. Nikki tells the redhead she’s doing a good job of faking it. They hope Tucker will be linked to Diane. Nikki reveals that thanks to Victor’s team, they have a fascinating new piece of the puzzle.
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At the GCAC, Tucker insists to Diane that he’s not out to hurt anyone, he just wants she has — acceptance and forgiveness… especially from Ashley. Diane figures people may already be suspicious about them returning around the same time. If anyone puts the pieces together all the help he’s given her will have been for nothing! She’s worked too long and too hard to lose what she’s gotten back now. She pleads with Tucker to reconsider using her as his spy. Just then, Victor knocks on the door. “McCall? I know you’re in there!” Diane panics and Tucker grins.
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