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In the Abbott mansion’s backyard, Summer and Kyle’s vow renewal begins with Noah, Tessa, and Mariah officiating. Kyle tells Summer she is more breathtaking than on their wedding day. She was just about to say the same thing to him.

In a suite at the GCAC, the mystery man who confronted Diane earlier strolls out of the shower in a robe and muses, “The countdown begins,” as he puts on his watch.

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Back at the ceremony, Noah says he gets a good idea of what love should look like by looking at Summer and Kyle. Tessa can’t sing today but she’s been writing and she wrote some lyrics about today. She recites them. Mariah announces that Kyle and Summer have written their own vows and prompts Summer to go first.
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At the park, Chelsea and Connor wonder why Adam’s late to meet them. Chelsea checks her phone and learns that Adam’s stuck in a meeting at Jabot and won’t make it. Connor suggests the two of them do whatever they were going to do without him. Chelsea thinks he’s right and explains this is about something that could change his life… hopefully for the better.

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Chelsea tells Connor that he’s the greatest joy in her life and no one means more to her than he does. “You know that, right?” Connor is starting to feel scared. Chelsea reassures him; she just needs to tell him something about her past. Before she met his father and he came along, she was pregnant. She couldn’t take care of the baby, so made sure he was raised the way he deserved to be raised. Connor asks, “He?” Chelsea nods, “Yeah, I had a boy.” She knows she did the right thing, because the little boy she’s talking about is his cousin Johnny.
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In the GCAC suite, the mystery man contemplates which dress shirt to wear.

At the ceremony, Summer tells Kyle she’s loved him for as long as she can remember. He was always a part of her and now, as his wife, she loves him more every single day… for being her best friend, for making her laugh and surprising her in all the best ways… like coming up with this idea. He believes in her as much as she believes in him. “I love you.” Kyle takes his turn and thinks they were meant to be. Living in Milan was glorious but now their journey has brought them home again and he can’t wait to find out what’s next. He knows for sure it will never be boring. Everyone laughs. Kyle tells Summer he will love her forever.
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In the GCAC suite, the man says into his phone, “Are you ready to go? Hell yeah, I want to make an entrance.” Laughing, he disconnects.

At the park, Connor asks his mother, “You were pregnant with Johnny?” Chelsea says, “Yes.” Connor tries to get his mind around her handing him over to Billy and Victoria and asks if Johnny knows. Chelsea explains that he learned the truth a couple of days ago. He and Johnny are half-brothers and she’s hoping that this will bring them all closer. “Like a family.”

At the vow renewal, Mariah invites the bride and groom’s parents to speak so Nick goes first. He is happy to have been at both of their ceremonies and has some advice. When you choose to spend your life with someone you can never tell them enough how much you value them, how much you appreciate everything they do and that you are always on their side. They promise to remember that. Nick is awed by his daughter and tells Kyle he’s a lucky man. He’s happy to have him as a son-in-law and is sure they’ll find a lot of joy in the days ahead.
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Phyllis goes next and tells Summer and Kyle that they inspire her. They’ve grown so much as a couple and have overcome every obstacle. The kind of happiness they share is what everyone wants for themselves. She chokes up, “Your connection is profound. It’s beautiful. You inspire me. Anything is possible, the sky is the limit, so keep on soaring, you can achieve anything. I love you.”

Jack takes his turn and says the very best love stories happen inside the marriage when you venture into the world with your partner by your side. He’s watched them working and living together and they make it look so easy because they’re so completely in sync. It means the world to the Abbotts that they chose to have the ceremony there and that the memory is part of Abbott history. “Thank you.”

Diane stands next. She wasn’t at the wedding in Milan, which is one of the most painful regrets she has about staying away as long as she did. Today is about renewed hope and love. She’s gotten to know Kyle all over again and started a relationship with Summer, and their willingness to give her another chance is a testament to who they are as individuals and as a couple. Phyllis and Nikki make faces as she concludes, “I love you.”

Mariah takes over and has Summer and Kyle say their traditional vows. Noah says, “We now pronounces you husband and wife…again.” They kiss and everyone cheers and claps… until a helicopter blows in with a lot of noise and wind. They all look up.
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In the park, Connor worries that Chelsea wants to be Johnny’s mother now and asks if he did something wrong. Chelsea assures the kid that he’s the best thing that ever happened to her — she thought he’d see this as a good thing. Connor doesn’t see what’s good about it and asks if she didn’t need to be with Johnny before, why she needs to be with him now. Chelsea doesn’t need to, she just hoped and thought… Connor interrupts her to exclaim, “How come you never told me about Johnny before now.” He doesn’t understand and demands he take her back to the ranch right now. “I want to go home!”

At the Abbott mansion, the man from Diane’s suite has emerged from the helicopter and booms that he hopes he didn’t miss the festivities. Jack fumes, “Tucker McCall, what the hell are you doing here?” Nikki whispers to Victoria, “Thank God your father isn’t here.” Tucker heard about the glorious occasion and thought it would be nice to say hello to as many people as he could. Jack informs him it’s not the time for a meet ‘n’ greet and he’s not welcome. Tucker wanted to bring good tidings to the young couple and marvels at the gorgeous settings.
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Diane complains about Tucker McCall barging in where he’s not wanted and Phyllis snarks, “That’s rich after she’s insinuating herself into Jack and Kyle’s life.” She wants Nick to get rid of McCall, but he’ll let Jack handle it. Tucker strolls over to Diane, whistles, and says, “Diane Jenkins. I read about your return from the dead. I’m very glad to see you looking good.” Jack warns him to back off. He assumes Tucker is there to see Ashley, but she’s stuck in Paris. “Now get off my property.”

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Tucker asks Jack to be patient while he gives Summer and Kyle a gift. He hands Kyle the keys to a vintage Bentley, which leaves Nikki’s jaw dropping. Kyle and Summer won’t accept the gift, but Tucker presses the keys into Kyle’s hand. He tells everyone they’ll be seeing a lot more of each other from now on because he’s sticking around. Tucker asks for a private word with Jack.
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Once they’re around the corner, Tucker tells Jack he really wants to speak to Ashley and make amends. Jack angrily suggests he get back on the helicopter and walk away… right now. Tucker goes.

In the backyard, Kyle and Summer marvel over the extravagant gift from someone they hardly know. Tessa notes he has a reputation for being a colorful personality in the music business. Mariah muses that’s not the only thing he’s known for around here — he’s also Devon’s dad. “Do you think he’s back for Dominic?” Noah says it still doesn’t explain why he felt the need to literally drop out of the sky and crash the party.

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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea agonizes and makes a call. “Pick up, please.”

At the Abbott mansion, Billy takes Chelsea’s call, and she tearfully asks if he can meet her at Crimson Lights. Billy says he’s at a family function but the main event is over so he can sneak out. He’ll be right there.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea tells Billy she completely blew it with Connor. She can’t do anything right. Billy didn’t realize she was planning to tell him so soon. She thought it was the right thing to do since Johnny knows. Billy thinks she’s letting her emotions make decisions and she needs to slow down and take a step back. She should talk to someone about it. Chelsea cries that she’s ruined her relationship with both boys now. Billy assures her they just need time to process. Chelsea asks, “What do I do now?” Billy does have an idea as to what might help int the moment.

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At the Abbott mansion, the reception is underway and Nikki compliments Jack on how he handled Tucker. He asks about her trip to LA. She wonders if he has doubts about Diane’s time in Los Angeles after all since he’s asking. She excuses herself. Diane joins Jack and asks if everything is okay. She can’t believe the nerve of that Tucker McCall. Jack relays that he wants to know when Ashley will be home. He knows there’s more to it than that. “He’s up to something, I’m sure of it.”
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Nick and Victoria stand together and wonder about Tucker’s timing on showing up in Genoa City — right when Chancellor-Winters is going public. Victoria muses that either way, they need to warn their dad.

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In the parlor, Nikki tells Phyllis that Deacon turned out to be very helpful… despite her claims of living a modest life in LA, she was being driven around town in a Bentley. Phyllis gawps, “A Bentley. That’s the car Tucker gave Kyle and Summer.” Nikki levels, “One hell of a coincidence, isn’t it?” Phyllis grins. Nikki says when Tucker gave the kids the Bentley she about fell over. She relays that Deacon said he would sometimes see a man in the car with Diane, so it could have been Tucker. She’ll keep looking into it and Victor has his people on the case of the company, Private Image Limited, and shows Phyllis some of the investors. Phyllis doesn’t recognize any of them but says Diane is definitely keeping a secret. Nikki levels that whatever it is, they’re going to expose it… and her.

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Billy brings Chelsea to the rooftop he goes to whenever it feels like the world is caving in. She wonders why they’re on the roof of the Grand Phoenix. He tells her she can start to take control right here, right now. She asks how. Billy tells her she needs to get it out. He demonstrates with a loud yell. She startles and then laughs. Billy urges her to give it a try. Chelsea’s skeptical but lets out a scream.
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At the Abbott house, Victoria asks Traci if she’s seen Billy. Traci says he left a while ago. Nearby, Noah takes photos and then Jack suggests he take one with him and Allie in it. The kids pose and Jack hands the camera back. Nikki appears with Harrison, who has something for the bride and groom. The kid hands over a card he made them with coupons inside for hugs and kisses. Kyle and Summer smother him with love and then the little family poses for a picture.

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Back in the GCAC, Tucker texts Diane, “See? Your secret is safe. All you need to do is let me know the minute Ashley is back.”

Outside the Abbott manse, Diane reads the text. Phyllis creeps up behind her and asks if it’s something important. Diane says it’s a minor work thing and nothing is more important that Kyle and Summer’s day. She walks off and Phyllis and Nikki exchange a look and raise their glasses in alliance.

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