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At the Abbott mansion, Mariah freaks out over everyone focusing on Mrs. Martinez’s eclairs instead of the tasks they need to complete ahead of the vow renewal. Tessa is telling her to relax when Kyle enters the room and declares that today is a party. He tells Mariah to lose the clipboard and slings his arm around Aunt Traci as Noah and Allie laugh. Jack appears as Nikki arrives at the door with the dress. Phyllis comes down the stairs and thanks her. She invites the Newman to join them but she has to get back to the ranch. Jack heads to the kitchen with the others and Phyllis tells Nikki she wants to hear all about her trip. Nikki demurs, “It was very successful.”

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In her suite, Diane huffs when the man who has been texting her arrives at her door again. She’s ready for the vow renewal and reminds him this is a big day for her. He says it’s a big day for everyone and starts hollering so she’ll let him inside. Diane then warns him that if the Abbotts get one whiff of their connection it’s all over for her!
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At the ranch, Victoria, Nick, and Victor discuss buying a majority stake in Chancellor-Winters. Nick is against it. Victoria thinks his objections are emotional, but he argues that they’d be putting themselves in conflict with Lily and Devon and there could be legal consequences to using Nate’s information. Victoria thinks it’s worth the risk. Victor agrees but questions if Nate Hastings will be able to deliver what they want him to do. Victoria is confident that he can do it. Victor knows there will be ruffled feathers when it happens, but the company will be better off. Nick argues that as far as they know, they’re structuring the IPO so that the family retains a controlling interest. Victoria says it’s up to them to consider every scenario. Nate has every right to sell them his shares. Nick throws his hands up — he’s done talking about this and is going to go watch Summer and Kyle renew their vows. Victor says to give them his love. He urges Victoria to go with her brother — he’s not going to spend all afternoon at a party given by Jack Abbott. Instead, he’s going to Chicago to sort out the finances. Just then, Nikki arrives. She gushes about the dress. Victoria asks about her other reason for the trip. Nikki will fill her in later. She learns Victor’s not going to the ceremony and tells Victoria she’ll see her there later. Victoria exits and Victor asks Nikki about her meeting with Deacon Sharpe.
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Nate greets Audra at Society, and she asks him what there is to do in this town at night. “Is Genoa City all work and no play?” Nate tells her you have to know where to look — there’s a new club with an art theme. Audra suggests they go and check it out one night since she’ll be in town for a while. Nate’s not so sure that’s a good idea — they’re supposed to be working together. Audra complains he wouldn’t say that if she suggested golf. She thinks it would be a progressive way to do business. Nate tells her he’s sorry, he can’t. “I’m actually in a relationship.”
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Devon spots Elena at Crimson Lights and tells her he’s excited about her starting her podcast. He’s sure she’s heard that things are better between him and Nate. Elena nods, “Yeah, it’s great to hear.” Devon relays that they’re all glad that he’s back. Elena says, “I’m sure he’s glad to be back.” Devon senses she’s off and asks if everything is okay. She says, “Actually, no.” Elena explains that Nate’s transition into the corporate world has been difficult for her. It’s like he’s a completely different person. Devon says they all want him to be a part of the family business. Elena notes Devon has always been forgiving toward him… she hopes that continues. Devon says of course, family stands by each other. Elena drops her hotel key, and he realizes she’s moved out. Elena tells him she has to do and leaves.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack helps Kyle put on John’s cufflinks and tells him he’s so incredibly proud of the man he’s become. Harrison runs into the room and Kyle picks him up. Jack reminds him he has a very important job today.
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Upstairs, Phyllis gets emotional over Summer being a bride again and says she’s really happy for her. They talk about how different this is from the wedding in Italy — this is their home, where everything began for Summer and Kyle. Summer hopes nothing will erupt between her and Diane. Phyllis won’t do anything. “Nothing will happen today. Nothing will ruin this day for you.”

In Diane’s suite, the man reminds her that he’s the one who gave her the chance to come back to Genoa City. “I gave you the key, Diane. We had a deal.” Diane insists she’s sticking to it, she just needs a little more time before he reveals himself. The man thinks today is the perfect opportunity to make his presence known to the Abbotts. Diane panics and pleads with him, “No, no, no!” The man tells her to relax; he won’t blow her cover or reveal their connection. “Trust me. I’ve got this.”
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Devon walks into Society and sees Nate with Audra. He learns they ran into one another, and Audra’s been looking for things to do in town. Nate says he wasn’t much help and mentions the work schedules he and Elena have. Audra coaxes him that he can’t work 24 hours a day.

At the ranch, Nikki tells Victor that Deacon tried to apologize but people like him never really do. She did get some information — Diane was being chauffeured around in a Bentley while in Los Angeles. She hands over a photo given to her by Sharpe. It’s not great but you can see the license plate number. Nikki adds that Deacon would see her riding in it with a man. She found out the car is owned by a company called Private Image Ltd., which is based in London. It’s entertainment and arts-related. Victor is impressed with what she’s dug up. Nikki feels Diane is clearly hiding something.
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Diane arrives at the Abbott mansion, where Kyle answers the door and laughs that everyone is off following Mariah’s orders. Phyllis watches, unseen, from the stairs as they hug. Nick arrives next and is greeted by Traci. Nick says a delivery man dropped a package from Ashley and Traci explains she couldn’t get away from Paris. Traci walks off and Phyllis comes down to see Nick. They hug and compliment each other. She asks if he’s okay with not walking her down the aisle. Nick’s fine with what they have planned. Phyllis tells him he’s been an amazing father and he returns the compliment before going in search of pastries.

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Diane spots Jack heading outside and follows him. Phyllis notices. Outside, Jack and Diane chit chat about Allie becoming an integral part of the family. Diane apologizes again for kissing him. She’s just been feeling disconnected from other people. “I did feel a connection between us and I guess I just got caught up in the moment.”

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At Chancellor, Billy tells Lily he’s going to head to the house for the ceremony. Lily can’t join him, she’s too busy. She notices he keeps looking at his phone. Billy admits he’s worried about Chelsea and is rethinking the way he’s handled this Johnny situation. “It is gnawing at me.” Devon arrives, looking to speak with Lily, so Billy takes off. Lily asks Devon what’s going on. He tells her that Nate and Audra have been spending a lot of time together outside the office and he ran into Elena, who is staying in a hotel. Lily doesn’t think it’s their business. Devon feels Nate needs Elena’s positive influence so he can be in a good headspace for the IPO. Lily feels that Devon needs to have more faith in Nate.

At the Abbott mansion, Mariah tells Traci that everything is ready to go. Traci asks who the officiant will be. Noah, Tessa and Mariah all wanted to do it and Kyle told them to figure it out amongst themselves.

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Outside, Jack tells Diane she misread his words of encouragement and it’s no big deal. He feels she should be proud of what she’s built there and says he admires her taking ownership of her mistakes. Diane doesn’t want what happened the other night to come between them. Their relationship as parents and grandparents means everything to her. Jack assures, “It won’t.” As they’re smiling and talking about heading inside, Phyllis appears and gives them a knowing look. She tells Jack that Abby just called — Dom is sick so they can’t make it. He’s sorry Abby and Chance won’t be there. He heads inside. Phyllis tells Diane her daughter expressed concern about them having a blow-up today. They agree nothing will spoil the day.
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In the bedroom, Summer looks outside at the setup and smiles. Nick appears and asks if she’s ready to do this. He jokes, “It’s not too late.” She thinks she’ll keep Kyle around. Summer asks if he’s okay with not walking her down the aisle. Nick still gets to be the proud dad and goes over all the things she’s overcome because she’s so strong. In honor of today, he got her a little something. Nick gives her a bracelet with an ‘S’ on it… for Supergirl. They embrace.
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At Chancellor, Audra and Nate arrive arguing about omelettes. Devon greets them and says Billy’s gone to a family event and Lily went up to legal about the IPO. Nate wonders if they should drop the price a bit. Devon thinks it’s priced just fine. Nate thinks a discount could spur more buying. Audra agrees with Devon — they don’t want others to think it’s a bargain basement offering. She walks out and Devon asks Nate how things are with Elena. He admits there’s been tension and is taking some time for herself. He’s certain they’ll work it out.

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Billy arrives at the Abbott mansion and greets Jack, Traci, and Diane. Phyllis watches as Diane offers to go help get Harrison ready and keep him busy. Nikki and Victoria arrive next and make Victor’s excuses. Phyllis pulls Nikki away to talk about Summer’s dress and warns her Diane is there insinuating herself into the family. Nikki mutters about it being a sham. Phyllis says it’s got to stop and hopes Nikki found something in LA. Nikki found proof that she lied about her time there. Noah calls everyone to gather. Nikki says to Phyllis, “A reckoning is coming.”
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Outside, Mariah, Tessa, and Noah thank everyone for joining them today and welcome them all to the vow renewal. They explain that they’ll be sharing the officiating duties. Everyone applauds.
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In Diane’s suite, the man who was texting her looks at photos of Ashley, Traci, Billy, Kyle, and Jack as he sips tea.

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Back at the ceremony, Kyle says he loves the idea of the trio officiating as he takes his place at the front. Just then, Summer appears in her Forrester original gown. Diane whispers to Harrison, “It’s your turn.” The boy joins Summer and walks her down the aisle to his dad. Once there, he hugs them both as everyone titters. Mariah prompts Kyle and Summer to join hands and she, Noah and Tessa begin the ceremony.

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